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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

great find nettie, i can absolutely assure everyone that our friend Michael Hesemann is not going to be happy with these obviously false, ridiculous and slanderous claims made against him by judy and her invented husband. and as before i have already proved unequivocally that judy faltskog tried to re establish contact with janice fugea(falcus) in 2008, if judy faltskog was truly not james van greunen then why was she trying to make contact with james van greunens ex wife!!!!.

ill post the link again as evidence, this was posted in 2008 by judy faltskog and there is absolutely no way we could fake or cut and paste this evidence as we dont have a time machine or any control over this very public message board that it was posted on, sorry judy but even you cannot remove this evidence from the internet even though you put it there!

and here is the post itself:  Watergate Hall and Skateboarding in Chase Parkby Janice Falcus (Member 10073754) on 22-Jul-2002 Watergate Community Hall, where the youth clubs were run (many years ago) has been demolished. There is no skateboarding (or cycling, or loose dogs) in Chase Park any more (a big notice at the entrance states this). So no more fun!!! Your website obviously needs updating.    Re: Watergate Hall and Skateboarding in Chase Parkby judy_fältskog (Member 10232989) on 23-Oct-2008Hi Janice! Hope you are the Janice that I used to know cause I am looking for Janice Falcus who used to be married to James. The Janice I know also has two girls called (childrens names removed) . If you are that person, please contact me urgently in Germay under the number (number removed)I hope to hear from you soon! Judy.

once again i will issue a challenge to both judy and wayne: first of all wayne herschel all you have to do is read through this thread thoroughly and check all the information, i would be quite happy to engage in conversation with you to prove once and for all that judy faltskog is a fraud and a hoaxer and was once a man called james van greunen, a known and proven hoaxer. i assure you that all the documents are very very real and are not forgeries in any way, i am also in possession of other documents and other things that i cannot post here for various reasons including the website rules which stop me posting personal information. i can and will get much more if needed but i think its already been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

now to you judy faltskog, i challenge you to sue me as i would love to get all the truth out in court and get you in the media and show you for what you are, your silly claims get more ridiculous by the minute and even a school kid could see the gaping holes in your stories and claims!. your claim about the N.S.A wanting us is beyond laughable, you do realise that im english and the N.S.A has absolutely no jurisdiction over me whatsoever unless i went to america and commited some threat to their national security, and i would have to do something pretty serious on the internet to get their attention from england like make a threat to america or hack into an american military or government website.

dont you think its time you grew up a little, i mean seriously haven't you caused enough damage to people's lives in the past, do you not care one bit about your children?.

again to wayne herschel, if you really want to save any credibility and dignity then you should admit that you've been had and denounce judy and this claim as a hoax before its too late. oh and by the way, Michael Hesemann DOES have official documents proving that judy was once james van greunen and official letters, and the passports DO have official stamps on them.

also wayne you have to ask yourself how and why judy and bjorn know so much about mr Hesemann if they dont know him or have had no dealings with him, mr Hesemann is a very very well respected man and is one of the very few people on this planet to gain access to the secret vatican archives, im quite sure someone of such high standing would NOT risk their reputation and career by forging documents or engaging in any of the ridiculous activities claimed by judy.

if judy was not once james van greunen then mr Hesemann would have no need to say anything on this matter because he got out of ufology years ago, why would he suddenly want to make up documents on someone if he is not involved in the subject?, why would judy be of any interest to him if she wasn't once james van greunen?.

mr Hesemann is a best selling author, and a highly respected historian and works for the vatican, he is not some unknown fraudster hiding behind a computer like judy.

if judy owned these observatories as she claimed then she would be able to release any information she pleased, she wont release anything because she has nothing to release and once again N.A.S.A ditched S.E.T.I years ago so judy DOES NOT WORK FOR N.A.S.A!. and also if she owned all these observatories then how come she cannot find the time to look at the stars that you asked her to? the answer is extremely simple but you just dont seem to want to hear it!!!

don't you think that if judy was a real n.a.s.a scientist and we had invented these claims that she would have put a stop to it by now???. any real scientist would have had their solicitor on us and this website like a shot if what we were saying wasn't true!!!



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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:37 AM
hi all, here is a picture of james van greunen and janice fugea, thanks to our helpful friend the anonymous lady:



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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

This is just getting sadder. A sad, lonely attempt for attention that won't die.

All perpetrated by himself herself.

Some cut and pastes from facebook as per in the first couple of dozen pages in this thread (they have all been deleted now from various facebook accounts - unless someone has kept cached copies?)

May 3(?) (quote from Judy)
That is if we want to get the Truth out to the Public which I feel is important

May 5 (from Wayne's page)
She then started chatting with a very excited tone as well as describing all ... She was nervous but said ... this is important and must not be covered up... she bravely kept the dialoge going until she said she needs to delete her facebook and internet and will contact me later... poof!

May 6 (quote from Judy's page)
# Happens! Everything Happens as it Should. Put a Plaster on and get Over it!
Hey Boys! Judy is Back!

Then on May 7 - Jimmy Fältskog and Björn Fältskog make an appearance here:
Lorenzo ThePrince Silvestri:
See MoreAlso Jimmy Faltskog is now instigated in this so beware...I would definitely send the authorities round this guys house as it appears he has something to do with her dissapearance..Wayne if you need clarification of this I can pass this on to you. THIS IS NOT JUDY PEOPLE FOR SURE NOW!!! ( Björn Fältskog can clarify this ) I would continue as if she is missing until we know 100% she is ok! I have reported Judy's page as a FAKE PROFILE and I suggest people do the same.

I think that she added the Jimmy Fältskog and Björn Fältskog characters in herself.
I think she lives in a fantasy world and it is in my humble opinion that we are dealing with a slightly unstable mind here.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:58 AM
hi all, just by coincidence, or is it? lol, i came across this rather nice bmw with this fantastic registration plate yesterday while on my way home, has judy really got the N.S.A after me?, if so then i got them sussed! haha.



posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:03 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

Very funny!
Maybe it refers to 9 regular posters on this thread!
We should all watch out for a MIB 8 rego plate
Then we know they've got to nenothtu in his undisclosed location!

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:08 AM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

hi nettie, nonethtu has archived everything so far, and if i remember correctly dcmb1490 may have as well, and there is always that go back machine or whatever its called, nothing can be removed totally from the internet, it can all be recovered, only government/military or the internet rulers can remove info without trace!.



posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

Well done Rich,
I can see the resemblance between that and the passport photo.
I thought he had dark hair in the latter, but must be because it is black and white.
Man those are some tight jeans!

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 11:02 AM
Wow Netties and Rich,

Good information. And yes I saved every scrap of information I come across.
Also have a pic of Janice I found online(she was pretty IMO). Didn't post out of respect to the family.

So, Mr. Wayne Herschel is now trying to get out of bed with Judy Falkstog and save face, eh?

I'm still finding NASA Judy on dating sites looking for love. I'm so sorry your wife doesn't like you Bjorg. Please go to the church of wayne, make a donation and get on your knee's. Its called "pay and pray."

I was looking into The ufo network and its founder in SA that Wayne has a close promotion with and the guy still claims the Kalahari crash was real.

Its amazing the circles Wayne and Judy seem to run in and he will never convince me that he isn't part of the original scam.

This is my opinion: Judy you are a fraud, Wayne you are not a "hard core" researcher. You even admit you have no training and your writing proves it. You sir to my mind, are a living room writer and now entering the gray area of con artist.

Once again, my opinion.

Bjor(sp), maybe you can save your marriage by becoming a warlock.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 11:32 AM
And its amazing these two "researchers" with all of their education and scientific methods results to childish name calling instead of facts.

I'll have something for you soon Judy. Wayne here is a real researcher commenting on your tourist visits to Egypt from the Amazon site.

1.0 out of 5 stars Move over Dan Brown another work of fiction........, July 10, 2006
By P. quintel "gatekeeper96740" (Kailua-kona) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Hidden Records I (Flexibound)
Those who love New Age drivel will love this work of fiction. The writing is full of misspelled words, lousy grammar, and poor sentence construction. The research was also poorly done. He uses fiction presented as fact,
His constantly asserts that "THIS IS SO OBVIOUS"---This cannot be a coincidence!
This gave the book the tone that everyone is an idiot!!!!!! And yes, he uses allot of exclamation points!!!
I am so smart everyone else is an idiot!!!
Is the theme of this book.

Does he have a background in any of the fields he "claims" he has researched? No.
He was a tourist in Egypt a couple of times,
Why do I know that?
I have lived in Egypt for four years I know these new age 'gotta- make- a- buck- off the new age lecture circuit guys from 10 miles away.
His "guide"... is a guided tour they have here in Egypt everyday; He might as well go to Hawaii on a bus tour.

He goes on into archeology saying that the Neanderthals were "robbed" of their planet by the "from another world" Cro-Magnons. Bunk. Neanderthals were cold adapted and did not survive the climate change. Their tool kits did not change for 350,000 years and the animals they hunted died off.
There have been six other pro to human lines that did not make it either.
If that weren't bad enough he goes down the well-worn trail of the missing link, a term made up by the press during the early 1900's that has stayed in the public eye, but means nothing to any first year archeology student. It is a misnomer.
Luckily I have a goofy new age friend who will buy this book from me for full price. Don't waste your money on this drivel!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know anything about the New Age movement,they always say things "like it can't be a coincidence,manifesting your own reality,being in tune with the universe" is their 'code speak'.
They are also always channeling the Pleiadians.

Funny as it seems the German New Age movement of the 1920's and 30's takes the exact same track as the American New Age movement including channeling.
What a coincidence?

my credentials
PhD archeology/anthropology
Areas of expertize
ancient hist Asian/M.East
sorry not christian

One of many in the old archives.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by RICH-ENGLAND
hi all, here is a picture of james van greunen and janice fugea, thanks to our helpful friend the anonymous lady:



[edit on 23-7-2010 by RICH-ENGLAND]

One thing I have noticed that has always remained a constant in all of the Judy Faltskog / James Van Gruenan photos... Look at the bottom lip. It always looks as though Judy/James has a tremendous dip of smokeless tobacco in his bottom lip. From this photo to the Judy "NASA hat" one, the copenhagen angel look on his lip is always there. Just thought I'd throw that in.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by Netties Hermit
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

Well done Rich,
I can see the resemblance between that and the passport photo.
I thought he had dark hair in the latter, but must be because it is black and white.
Man those are some tight jeans!

On to the communiqae' from Judy and Bjorn... The similarities in writing styles are worth noticing. Even the common spelling errors alone would draw some flags.
Unstable and unbalanced totally agree Nettie. Not from a poking fun at standpoint either, I am also saddened in the psychology of Judy/James.
Judy character always tries to distance herself from this thread when it comes to reading it.
This is not true imo. You're probably on here more than we are Judy. Nobody is buying the lie. It's ok to be bothered by us, you should be.
It appears Wayne is setting himself up to be removed from Judy and may signal an end to this story? I kinda doubt this, but we'll see.
Regardless Wayne, it's pretty evident you're knee-deep in the hoax by anyone with an unbiased point of view.
6 JANSKYS!!!!!!!!

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:37 PM
This article reads like a spy novel. MI5,CIA,NSA, SA intel, the Soviets.
And of course our James Van Greunen. Long article but gives some insights during that time period.
Also notice the threats, sounds familiar. James learned from a pro.


While most of the media attention around Azadehdel's trial in 1989
centred on his activities with rare orchids, it was naturally left to
The Sun to uncover the unique angle to the story: the secret behind
Henry's secret life. Tipped off by rival researchers, who generously
donated their pieces of silver to a well-known environmental group,
the newspaper revealed how Azadehdel had negotiated the sale of
stolen classified documents with a young South African Air Force
Intelligence officer.

Signs of anxiety among the journalists were understandable as Henry announced that the documents were said to include details of the shoot-down and retrieval of an extraterrestrial flying disc in the
Kalahari desert: "This is the most important revelation in Britain
for the last 40 years," he told them.

Others were less convinced. Among the least likely of Henry's
enemies' were Timothy Good, author of Beyond Top Secret, and Graham
Birdsall, editor of UFO magazine. While both may have been inclined
to accept the saucer story, they were rightly sceptical of the
intelligence officer's credentials, particularly after discovering he
was barely out of his teens and had recently left a trail of debts
while foraging through American UFO bookshops.

Henry's influence regarding the so-called 'Kalahari incident' remains
embedded in UFO folklore. With the circulation of bogus alien
photographs, a lively trade in anonymous letters, spurious
allegations and threat-laden telephone messages, the chapter serves as a warning to those looking for answer in the latest Roswell debacle.

Around that time, Tony Dodd -- a former police sergeant, now Director
of Investigations with Quest, a Leeds-based UFO group -- reported
being tailed around his home town of Grassington and across Europe as
he travelled the lecture circuit. At one of his conferences, Dodd met
an "intelligence source -- American ufologist Wendelle Stevens -- and
became convinced that the Paris branch of the South African Security
Service had been contracted to liquidate the former policeman and his
Armenian co-investigator. Generally speaking, rule one for some
ufologists is 'a little persecution lends much cachet to one's work'.

As they voiced the concerns of an increasingly sceptical UFO
community, Good and Birdsall began to receive a stream of angry
correspondence, not all anonymous but mostly litigious in tone. One,
signed simply 'J. Brown', warned Good of his imminent exposure as a
CIA informant with alleged connection to a shadowy group known as the
Aviary. Others were more explicit, offering to curb legal action in
return for Good's public apology: "I have seeked the protection of
the law where these type of faul language and insults are involved,"

wrote Azadehdel greyly. "I have employed both firms (of solicitors) to do
their best," concluded the letter. "Since finance is absolutely no
objection on my part, to see this case through as professionally as


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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 03:20 PM
hi all, here is an email from our good friend Mike Hesemann:

Dear Rich, 
thank you, I received the pictures, too, and can only confirm that they show James, although he was about 3 years older when I met him. 

Yes, I read "Björns" wild claims on FB and can only reply (and please post this on ATS): 

What a "conincident" that "Capt"/"Dr." James/Judith/Judy van Greunen/Fältskog's husband has the same name as Abba's Agnetha Fältskog's husband Björn. Do I smell a rat? Maybe.

 Well, I certainly don't believe that she lives with a man in Sweden and since she even claimed Swedish citizenship, I can prove that she lies once again. Since still in 2002 (!) she was a South African citizen who could not get a visa for the European Community, since she wanted to work in Germany (a Swede does not need a visa for Germany!). Well, maybe she solved this problem by marrying a Swedish lesbian, since she calls herself a Lesbian at that

After this is evidence enought that James/Judy is a liar, we can go on:
1. Her claim that I forged her passport by adding a mustache on her picture is just ridiculous, since there never was a frontal picture of "Judy" on the web nor does the photo show a 40 years old woman, but a 19 years old man. That indeed the picture shows James van Greunen can be proven by the comparison with the colour picture which Rich just presented. 
2. Indeed the passports were handwritten, since they represent replacement passports issued by the South African Consulate after James allegedly "lost" his passport (or left it as a guarantee for a loan). Indeed they bear official stamps and seals!
3. I do have a letter of the south African Consulate in Munich of August 6, 1990, stating that the Kalahari documents and military records of "Capt." James van Greunen were forged. I also do have official German court documents proving that he was sentenced for the misuse ofd title and libel and slander - and that he underwent a sex change.
4. All claims he/she/it made about me are not only slanderous and libelous but certainly false. My only police record deals with speeding on the Autobahn (I pleaded guilty on that!). I was never ever in my life sued for fraud, assault and of course not for rape. There is certainly not any list of people who sued me - the only case I was ever sued was by a German Neo-nazi author, whom I exposed in one of my books, but I won this lawsuit, since I proved I was right. His/her/its claims only show once again that James/Judith/"Björn" is a notorious and pathological liar, once again guilty of libel and slander (of which he was already sentenced by the State Court of Munich on 4 July 1991 under file no. 242 Js 55387/90. 

Greetings from Germany,

Michael Hesemann



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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND
Thank you Rich and Mike!

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:14 PM
Thanks Rich.

To Mr. Hesemann:

I am very grateful for all of the information, time, and effort, you have given us here at ATS. I have never believed a word from Judy or her cronies and alias's about anyone's reputation. The more that is reveled into his/her past shows whose reputation suffers.

She is a fraud and a life long con artist and I for one appreciate your knowledge of this very disturbed individual.

Thank you Micheal Hesemann.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:35 PM
Excellent work! In all seriousness, if well written, this could be an international "best seller" in the "True Crime" category. It has everything: a charismatic (if psychotic) criminal who abuses those who love him, cultists who are willing to overlook reality, scams that cross borders whilst evading the forces of law and order.... If I were James/Judy, I'd forget about my current plans and hire a ghost writer to write my memoirs. Ahem. I am available.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by DJW001

Sorry DJW001,
Somebody already beat you to it

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by DJW001

in a way you're correct, it does have the makings of a great story but im not sure there would be an audience for it, i mean wayne can't even sell his own books and i think it would be even harder to sell a book about a sex changed internet fantasist!. lol



posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

hi nettie,
do we have a bigger version of that photo of judy from that facebook post?



posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

I really doubt that was her - looks like stock photography to me.

And anyways, it's been taken down now.

But I'll have a search to confirm ...

Edit to add:
Yeah - stock photo: woman with glasses photo

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