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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by Mobius1974
I fear what you think is a fantasy hoax... is actually a stars, flags and points hoax.... Cut yourselves off and see how bad they try and jump start the thread!
WOW! If you are worried about this one,

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by butcherguy

WOW! If you are worried about this one, DON'T GO HERE!

I, I went and enjoyed my wrist being slapped by one of the
posters.... I couldn't resist!!

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 06:34 PM
I sat back and thought about it some today. What is more important?
Outing these hoaxer's for lying here and all over the net or sit in the corner and have hot flashes because someone might get a small color thing on their post. If faith in humanity relies on a little color dot on a computer screen, so be it.

But there is an ongoing lie still being perpetrated out there. James/Judy has been hoaxing for over 20 years plus, its time to shut her down and not worry about cartoon atta boys. If I'm wrong I'll stop for good.

I listened to the Judy interview again today from Feb. 13, 2010 and she clearly states that she is in Germany. She also talks about Karne, AENSTRIA, The dome city AMURIS, NUA and ULO (the alien pilots) directly from "son of Andromeda". Which ties her to James Forbes/Van Gruenen. Judy is so busted from her own mouth and from this very year on radio.

Below I have found a lot of Wayne debunkers and listed some from other forums. Have so much more, this is just a fraction.

22nd April 2010, 08:03 AM
They mentioned the city of tawa tiwakan in mexico and that the number and orientation of their pyramids are aligned exactly like the planets in the solar system.

I'll have a stab at that one, is the answer Teotihuacan

Heres a ground map
now the astute amongst you should be able to see that from the number of buildings its possible to draw any conclusion you want as long as
1. you know what youre looking for in advance
2. you can happily ignore all the pieces that don't fit
In other words, that claim is baloney

the example of stonehenge which is way older than the mexico city thing. He says if you use a bird's eye view, you'll see it's based on concentric circles that fit the exact orbits of the planets. The narator says that some archaelogists say that Stonehenge was used as an astronomical calender used to calculate solar eclipses so they must have known about the sun position.

Two things about this
1. Stonehenge consists of an inner horseshoe of bluestones (not a circle) an inner circle of sarsens (1st circle) and outer circle of sarsen stones (2nd circle), then it is surrounded by a ditch (3rd circle). So theres 3 circles in its construction. That is barely concentric,
2. the orbits of the planets are not concentric circles, they are elliptical

The stone city of tikal
The narator says that scientists say that the city was used to help the Mayans with their calculation of their calenders. Then they say that the pyramids in the city are aligned with the pleadise constalation stars.

This claim was taken from the book "Hidden Records" by Wayne Herschel (Mr woo).
heres his illustration
note the red line on the constellation which is supposed to match the outer perimeter of Tikal was drawn on by Mr Herschel to make the image look more similar to the ground construction. It does not appear when you look up. So basically hes comparing a constellation which has a cluster of stars with a cluster of buildings (which dont actually match up with each other), remember now, he had every ancient site on earth to choose a match from. Total baloney again

Then Giorgio says (direct quote)
"I want to be very clear about one thing. Our ancestors were as smart as we are today. However, I don't believe that ancient astronauts visited in the ancient past. I am convinced of it because of all the countless and indications and pieces of evidence we can find in different cultures and mythologies. I know it happened because if you look at all the pieces it's the only conclusion you can draw"

Well ok, we've seen his best evidence and it doesn't support his claims, theres a lot of these woo woos making claims for Aliens, with a few self deluded exceptions the whole lot of them know that theyre talking rubbish, they also know that theyre talking rubbish that sells.

Theres a much better example of this type of Alignment pseudoscience
Did aliens help to line up Woolworths stores?
"Three stores around Birmingham formed an exact equilateral triangle (Wolverhampton, Lichfield and Birmingham stores) and if the base of the triangle is extended, it forms a 173.8 mile line linking the Conwy and Luton stores. Despite the 173.8 mile distance involved, the Conwy Woolworths store is only 40 feet off the exact line and the Luton site is within 30 feet. All four stores align with an accuracy of 0.05%."

Parker used an ancient technique: he found his patterns in 800 ex-Woolworths locations by "skipping over the vast majority, and only choosing the few that happen to line up".


Has South African researcher Wayne Herschel correctly predicted the premise of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol by suggesting that mankind was created by an alien “race beyond the stars”? Was Jesus an alien? Or was he fully human and fully God? Herschel reports that he has been sending material to Brown’s agent over the past two years, but never got a response. Was The Lost Symbol delayed to incorporate some of Herschel’s material? We hold fast to the Genesis account of creation and the claim that Jesus was miraculously born as a human of a virgin birth … and recommend that you do the same. Herschel, in our view, is a nice guy but a dangerously false teacher.


On that talisman key, according to Wayne Herschel, is a flattened cross, a symbol which is derived from Orion’s hour-glass shaped arrangement of stars. What makes the symbol so controversial, Herschel suggests, is that the talisman or key on which the symbol appears comes from the Clavicula Salomonis, a grimoire or handbook of witchcraft from the 16th century, which has somehow been credited to the heir to the throne of King David, namely Solomon.


posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 03:01 AM
hi all, im back, i picked up the monkey light signal that you all sent out on my radio, but it took me a while to decipher the extremely advanced signal with just a transistor radio, a commodore 64 and a spoon!.

it also took me a while to escape from the nsa/interpol/fbi/cia/mi5/mi6/dea/dia and other alphabetty spaghetti agencies that judy put on me! but they caught up with me again and im currently under house arrest but still able to use a computer even though im wanted for computer crimes!. im also wearing a nasa cap with a backwards sign just so you all know im in trouble! lol

in all seriousness ive been extremely busy last few weeks and haven't had the time to get into this, had family down from australia that we haven't seen for about 10 or more years so had many family gatherings amongst other things, but im back now, just gotta catch up on the thread and hopefully can join back in the fun!



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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 03:17 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

G'day Rich. Nice to see you're back.

You haven't missed too much, oh except for the part where Judy's life is going to be made into a film.
And that she owns four (or is it five?) radio telescopes now.
And that we're all clowns.
And being sued.
And we're all in stealth mode.
And Wayne is now the messiah - as predicted by Nostradamus.

So yeah, been pretty quiet around here.

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 03:33 AM
I'm sad now - nay, devastated.
All of BIAD's beautiful artworks are missing off the thread.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

Welcome back Rich,
You have missed a lot. NASA Judy was here, she is married to a netintelligence guy and gave birth to 4 radio/uv telescopes that don't show on google earth.

Wayne Herschel is now Jesus and an ex military guy on a super battleship.

He has and is, still conning along and Judy must be giving birth to another telescope as she has gone sort of quite.
Here is a snippet of Wayne from a couple of years ago claiming that someone in England threatened his publicist.

Wayne Herschel (author)
Hi What a coincidence… you have publicised the monument virtually the same time as the book that proposes a solution to the code is launched. (see weblink) There must be higher forces at play here. The monument is part of a bigger story and you are welcome to run with it as it hits the American media. The story is at click on DaVinci paintings (link with flame)see aditional clues and wait for the unveiling next month There are enough additional clues now for the public to decode the inevitable! All one must realise here is that the solution is the same for ALL the artwork. you might be more interested in the ancient star map material relating to this 'code' found at Stonehenge. I fly to London in two weeks time, if you want the obvious solution in advance or an interview I might consider exclusivity. I put the solution in on display at the Westminster Archives a short while ago but someone threatened my publicist and no media came to the event! There are people that are trying to prevent this solution being made public. Kind regards Wayne Herschel (author) wayhersc@iafrica Author


I so dislike a whining messiah.

A little cheese with that wine Wayne Herschel?

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posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by Netties Hermit
I'm sad now - nay, devastated.
All of BIAD's beautiful artworks are missing off the thread.

Thank you, but I don't know what happened!
Hope these help and a big welcome back
to RICH.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 05:43 PM
OMG, does this sound familiar?

Complete with Egypt and a Sci-Fi writer.

SETI Makes First Contact? (2006)

You may or may not have heard the buzz about alien signals coming
from EQ Pegasi... In a nutshell, an engineer named Paul Dore who
bootlegged time on a SETI-grade radio telescope discovered special
alien signals coming from something in the direction of the star
system known as EQ Pegasi. Since then several other observatories
around the world seemed to have reproduced his results, but now the
officials have ruled it all a big fat hoax, and Paul Dore has
canceled his press conference... But was it really all a hoax?

It seems that main thing that Paul Dore did wrong was to go outside
of normal channels. He originally submitted his information to SETI
anonymously, on a mailing list. Of course, he is an engineer, not a
SETI scientist, and he was bootlegging time on his employer's dish.

Could that explain his reluctance to be identified? He did come out
with his identity within a few days of posting his "discovery."
Charges that information about the EQ Pegasi signal came from an
anonymous source are false.

Could it be that Paul Dore was just trying to get SETI to look at EQ
Pegasi? If it's all just a hoax, it sure was an elaborate one, involving
several amateur and professional radio astronomers. Why was Paul Dore
looking at EQ Pegasi in the first place? All of the radio astronomers
seem to agree that it's a very unlikely place to look.

Some say that he was actually listening to signals from an
interstellar alien probe traveling this way, and so NASA and the
powers that be shut Dore down to keep it all quiet for just a little
bit longer...

Others says that Paul Dore was actually picking up signals from a
special NSA spy satellite... something to do with a mysterious
project known as "Echelon/P415." So they sent out the men in Crown
Victorias to make him shut the hell up.

According to Richard C. Hoagland, the whole Pegasus thing is very
interesting when you follow the connection between the myth of
Pegasus and ancient Egypt. Somehow he's got Mobil Oil involved. Their
corporate logo is, of course, Pegasus.
Will we ever know what happened in this case for sure?


Maybe a bigger conspiracy. Did they want telescopes pointed at certain stars to generate interest from the public?

Besides a certain book, was there a corporate logo involved this time.

History repeats itself. hmmmmm

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 11:09 AM
I departed at pg. 72 only to see yesterday 30 more pages. Well I can't tell what a thrill I got ( right up my leg! ) A couple of questions :

1.) In what way could AnneH be an interested party in all this? How could she possibly file a complaint or sue? How was she hurt or defamed ?

2.) Was Judy/etc. ever prosecuted for Bigamy? Are her ex's looking for her in order to get back child support? Isn't he/she afraid her location will be found out?

Keep up the good work folks, you do ATS proud.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by boomerdude

hi boomerdude, ill answer your questions for you as i have been in contact with some of judy/james's ex wifes family.

1) i suspect as do many others including the family of janice fugea that AnneH is judy faltskog hiding behind a different name, she basically came on here twice under different ids to try and disrupt the thread and probably in an attempt to get it closed down and/or deleted because it contains proof of her fraudulent behaviour.

there is also no way in the world that AnneH aka judy faltskog aka james van greunen aka warlockandjudge can sue us in any way shape or form because i have plenty of legal documents amongst other things that prove all the claims we have made against her in this thread.

also if she even attempted to sue us it would mean that the truth about her/him would come out in court so i very much doubt she would even dream of it and risk more damage to her already damaged and highly questionable reputation.

she has already lost a couple of court cases in germany over these matters and has been deported from england in the past!.

she has also made ridiculous claims that the n.s.a is after me and others in this thread because of what we have done!. but the n.s.a is the american national security agency and DOES NOT persue foreigners for other foreigners over some website claims! lol.

further proof that AnneH is judy is that she claimed she was in england but when she replied to one of my posts although the thread showed it as minutes after my post, the world clock showed it as being an hour later meaning that she was in a different time zone. england only has one time zone so she must have been in a different country , a strange coincidence that germany is one hour ahead of england and that judy lives in germany !!! lol.

2) its not actually clear if judy/james did engage in bigamy.

2b) one of judy/james ex's namely janice fugea is definitely not seeking any child support/maintenance, i know this for fact but cannot discuss the reasons why as i made certain promises to her family that i intend to keep.

2c) i have no idea if judy/james other ex wife namely marion wiegand has made any attempts to sue for child support /maintenance, it may be possible that judy just paid it legally as they all live in germany.

also one last point, the fact that judy has made these claims about the n.s.a and other [insert favourite famous sinister alphabet agency here] agencies wanting me/us should have set off some alarm bells for wayne herschel and so should some of the other things she has recently said, but the fact that it doesn't seem to bother him and he just prints it as truth just goes to show that he either must be completely involved in perpetuating this hoax or he is just a total idiot!

but anyway im still awaiting my court summons from the n.s.a ! lol, but i wont hold my breath!.



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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 03:19 PM
Good to know. Thanks. Ol' Wayne sorta reminds me of an early David Icke before he switched to alien reptiles in the White House and Parliament. As for Judy, the poor sod, he/she probably is locked into this behavior now and doesn't know any other way to behave or earn a living.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 07:15 AM

Originally posted by boomerdude
As for Judy, the poor sod, he/she probably is locked into this behavior now and doesn't know any other way to behave or earn a living.

Hello boomerdude-bloke.

It's sad isn't it. I actually am feeling bit sorry for our Judy/James(?). From what I have read so far, this has started early in life for him/her.

I sometimes wonder if these people actually have a day-job.

Hell - I'd love to give up my day-job to go searching for fairies or take a tape measure to some pyramids to make up a crappy map to sell a book. But sadly, I realise that doesn't pay the bills.

Guess that explains the begging though:

steellsco June 14, 2010 at 3:22 am
2. between a rock and a hard place Wayne has to secure and transport these books to a new distributor when found with no return funds this is impossible so I am appealing to you to help with a donation small or large what ever you can give will no doubt be very much appreciated & humbly received friends I do not no Wayne an occasional email or 2 & and in no way do I have anything to do with the book or the websites although I did own the book I sent it to project Camelot in the hope they would

3. help I am still hoping the book & websites of Wayne answered so much for me my children & I have a vested interest in this truth Wayne has brought to light & I will do my up most to help in anyway I can so as from Thursday 15th April I will be donating £20 every 2 weeks its all I can give but its given gladly and for the highest & best good for all concerned Wayne I hope you dont mind the appeal & I hope I have not embarrassed you but my focus on help from others in a position to help like

(Thanks dcmb1490 for the links)

- Netties Hermit

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

Maybe we could start some sort of fund here, for them...
a chance to escape this terrible false quest and begin again
with aspirations for a better life.

As Harrison Ford (Deckard) and Sean Young (Rachel) fled
the nightmare world of L.A in 'Bladerunner' -so our two lost
souls can flee and stare at the night sky with the feel of lush
grass on their backs.

The alternative is to just send them the money and they can
blow it in Tescos at Gateshead.

Remember...Every Little Helps...

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:27 PM
I came across a Czech site with additional info into NASA Judy/James past. Some new info to me anyway. Translated version:

Translate from: Czech
Translate into: English

Czech to English translationShow romanization
In the autumn of 1989, newspapers and magazines have appeared in a sensational revelation: fighter jets shot down a UFO over South Africa!

When fully confirmed that the documents are forged, is the time to examine those who expand - James Van Greunen and Henry Azadehdel. Cyntia Hind of Zimbabwe said that Van Greunen, who is proclaimed as the intelligence officer and helicopter pilot, was not one or the other, but ufologist.

Van Greinen is Dutchman, born in South Africa. At 16, he became interested in UFOs and was a member of MUFON. Over the next life, he lived in Canada became a member of the local ufologické group. After returning to Africa has set up his group called NUFORIN. In 1989 he appeared in a South African TV, talked about their group and invite others to join. There were many candidates, and so Van Greinen, very nice, 26 year old young man spread his group, despite a substantial membership fee (100 USD).

Unfortunately, this very nice young man, soon he deceived his colleagues that the embezzled money on the lecture in the hotel Cynthia Johanesburger. At the same time he bought the book for 544 USD and paid by check, which came as the bank bounced.

Upon arrival in Europe, Van Greinen lived some time in Azadehdela, but then both crooks discomfort. Azadahdel Henry tried his miserable life, so when Van Greinen arrived in Germany, accusing him of spying. German police arrested James, but uncovered nothing suspicious. To avenge his Van Greinen, Cynthia said that Azadehdel is an addict and a former KGB agent.

In Germany Van Greinen began loudit money for Mikhail Hesemann and Johann von Buttlara. To prove seriousness of his allegations and gave them copies of "secret documents", apparently intended for South African President F. de Clerc. A simple test showed that Van Greinen these forged documents, using a stamp from a South African passport and emblem of his birth certificate. It moreover showed that he is not 26 as reported but the 24th

After this revelation disillusioned Van Greinen returned to South Africa and Germany had a fiancee, who promised marriage.

YUFOS then received an anonymous report that he was shot by military authorities for disclosure of confidential information 27th February 1990. However, in South Africa is prescribed the death penalty for soldiers in active service, and therefore Hesemann nepodivil when he heard the voice of Van Greinena live on the phone and told him that his action would destroy ufologické movement.

Henry Azadehdel also emerged as a strange man with a criminal past. He used several pseudonyms - Julian Philips, Armen Victorian, Mr. Scenlon, Alan Jones, and Cassava N'tumba. In 1986 he was arrested at Heathrow Airport for attempting to illegally transport orchids into Britain. Police said that Azadehdela activity could lead to complete disappearance of some rare species of orchids. He was sentenced to 1 year in prison and fined £ 20,000. But within six weeks and a complaint filed appeals, to the astonishment of all, he was freed.

14th 7.1994 were Henry and his wife arrested for illegal connections to the telephone line from which it led international calls, and damaged the British Telecom for £ 10,000. But even in this case, Henry pulled, but his wife, who admitted guilt, was a small penalty.

June 21, 1996 German ufologist Hans Jorgen Kaiborg received an anonymous letter with secret documents about UFOs fall - this time in Lesotho September 15, 1995. (3) From the beginning it was clear that the documents are suspect. Written in them, that the UFOs were captured by three aliens who were taken to the airbase in Pretoria Svartkop. It was said of humanoids who have features "reptiliánů" and the skeleton has not been fully developed.

When M. Heseman learned about new documents, he finished 10th March 1997 visit to South Africa and Lesotho, and found many interesting things. Mainly that the documents fall UFO, sent by fax from the Ministry of Defence of South Africa Lesotho intelligence service, are absurd deception. The form has a title "The Royal Government of Lesotho - Ministry of Defense" and the flag of this country. Lesotho does not have any "royal government." Although it is a kingdom, there just used the name "Government of Lesotho. Also the title "Defense Ministry" is used the word "department" as in the U.S., while here the British used the designation "ministers". Forms of government documents have never wore a flag, the only sign with a picture of a crocodile. Furthermore, the one from which the fax arrived, Abe Lohwell, not anyone at the Ministry of Defence in Lesotho unknown.

Todo sergeant and constable Nandi, who first investigated the UFO crash, as Taka Police Corps in Lesotho unknown. Police chiefs in neighboring towns, where a fall should occur, the incident did not know. Officers who served in that day, had a different name.
Also, even 30 villagers Leion, where the land farmer Peter Lachase UFO were to fall, no man knew the name.

The report also said that the police arrived Lachase mandible in Leribu, 50 minutes - after he heard the explosion at 9:17, arrived with friends at the crash site and now at 10:20 pm was Leribu, remote 87 km away. It is also not clear why the alleged farmer did not go to the police in Leioně, only 12 km.

The document is also interesting that the agent Lohwell Abe, who report on the collapse of UFO Defense Ministry received at 0:15 pm, he could immediately inform the whole government, write a four page report and 0:17 pm to send intelligence service all of South Africa.

Documents from Lesotho were counterfeited using an ordinary computer and color printer.

Mikhail Hesemann immediately suspected Van Greinena that "documents from Lesotho" once again his work because he knew of his intention to come back to Germany. But this was soon extended to all parties, where people interested in UFOs.



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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:55 PM
Excellent find! Pretty much confirms a lot of what has already been dug up and adds a few leads. Good work!

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:00 PM
Found more info that is new to me on James. This time in French. Had to translate it twice, lol.
Posted 11/09/2005 7:15:59 p.m.
Edit Profile message Visit his website Mikerynos Send a private message to Mikerynos


Tony Dodd, as the investigator documented the crash of the Kalahari has resumed all this history with the latest twists in 1998 and has reported in his book which has just Published: Alien Investigator. (Ch. 2), here translated and summarized this literature.

One morning in July 1989, I received a mailing from South Africa. Caller
anonymous told me that a fighter jet had shot down a UFO over the desert
Kalahari, May 7, 1989. He said it contained two occupants, apparently, were still alive. They had recovered the vessel and the two people and brought them to a database of the Air Force South Africa. A team of experts sent to Wright-Patterson in the U.S. were arrived and had brought all the basis of WP, under close supervision. The informing apologized for not giving his name, for safety, but promised to send documents. I was excited but I contain myself and expect more. I showed the letter to one of my best friends, Armen Victorian. It is Armenian by birth, but He arrived in England in 1987 and worked in the Secret Service for England and the USA
He is an expert in military intelligence and led a crusade to reveal the secret weapons manufactured in the West. He assembled a large literature on espionage and spies.

It was very intrigued. Two weeks later, I received a package from South Africa: a letter and five pages documents. This time, the man gave his name: James Von Greunen, and an address in Africa South where it was possible to join. From the beginning, we considered the documents falsified. The errors in vocabulary, grammar, mixed meters and yards seemed suspicious. The symbol of the Air Force of South Africa, placed on the header of each document was in any Clearly, superimposed (perhaps by copying). But some important details we accosted.
We decided, Armen and me to get in touch with Van Greunen. On the phone, he insisted confirm that the documents were authentic. Furthermore, we learned of an officer U.S. Secret Service, that the crash had occurred and that he had seen pictures of ship and killed its occupants. He added that a telex had been sent from the base of WP to African government, with instructions on how to retrieve the device and process occupants. The base W.P. was where the Roswell debris were sent one, and those of the crash, near Aztec, which was held in 1948 in which a good number of aliens were
5 years later, another incident occurred in Arizona. The bodies had been recovered, refrigerated and then taken away, still at the Wright-Patterson. Some of these individuals have testified crashes, sometimes on their deathbed.

In 1954, President Eisenhower visited the base and saw the body. The comedian Jackie Gleason, who has worked extensively on the UFO, and was a close friend of President Eisenhower, I personally confirmed this story on the eve of his death. Now, we knew that something had happened, although Von Greunen could give falsified documents. The officer of the Intelligence Service gives us additional information: the names of military officers, medical staff, scientists from both Americans and South Africans who took part in the recovery and study of UFOs and aliens (one of
appointed scientists working at W.P.). We managed to reach him by phone telephone available. Surprised, he did not deny
not crash, but said he could not talk longer. Armen also succeeded
contact with an American who worked in an office of the Secret Service, and thought to reveal facts, even at the peril of his life.

He confirmed the reality of the crash. His code name in South Africa was "Silver Diamond", and there was another code name the U.S. "" Project Pantry ". We also had another confirmation by the driver called Goosen, who shot the UFO, according to Von Greunen. It was verified that he was based in Pretoria. Posing for General Brunel

WP Armen telephoned him and asked him if he shot once or twice on target. 'Once, my General "Goosen said. Finally, as we pressed Von Greunen he finally come to see us in England, August 16 1989. He was young, tall, slim, with black hair and a South African accent evident. It produced several documents proving he served in the USAF, September 1984 to January 1989. But we were not sure of the authenticity of these items. He stayed two weeks in Armen staying with England, Nottingham. We knew it was a UFO enthusiast, who was part of MUFON. He could not explain the inconsistencies in the information he had given. He lied on some points, it was obvious, but we saw that someone scared him. Armen witnessed a compelling call, which ordered him to return any Emergency in South Africa.

Conclusion: it was a dubious character, but he had provided us with valuable information. On the other hand, our contact who had seen the pictures of the crash, we telephoned that he had received threats and that he should cease all contact with us. We've done some talks on this case, a Yorkshire, one in Frankfurt. In this last town we met Wendelle Stevens, in great shape, despite his age. He did not know much about the crash of the Kalahari and was very interested. He says an officer Services Secrets of the Navy informed him that the U.S. had given advanced technology in Africa
South in exchange for a UFO and its occupants! At this conference, we also met Russian cosmonaut Popavich Marina. She wanted me speak, but I was very careful, because I noticed that she drank a lot and was told it was
constantly accompanied by a KGB agent.

Von Greunen went to Europe and Canada, trying to monetize their information. He was a liar and interested. He put at risk one of his sources, so that this person had to emigrate to the USA. I myself am always careful not to put the lives of those who are presenting the information at risk. It is a basic courtesy. It also warns us and I qu'Armen were under surveillance. I noticed that my car was often followed and my phone was probably bugged. An electronics engineer confirmed it for me. We are told not to
to France, because we risked being kidnapped by the Secret Service in this country.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:09 PM
(I remembered that commercial and military agreements had been signed between France and Africa South).

Pauline was afraid, but we still went to a conference in Munich from 22 to 24
June 1990. A car chased us from the house with a person inside. This
man did we let go in the airport, and flew with us. He attended the entire conference and escorted us into the journey home. At immigration control, it does not present a passport, but a card like that of a secret agent. James Von Greunen was at the conference Munich. He tried to speak but was suspected of lying. I never seen him since, but I know he is still in Germany.

At the conference I saw two officers of the German Embassy, originating in South Africa. They listened carefully and took notes. They asked me many questions that showed they were aware of many things. In documents Von Greunen, we talked about some Tafelberg. By overlap, we understood that it was a cargo ship owned international advanced technology and could
identify UFOs. Other researchers like Dr. Hurtak and Baron Von Buttar were also very interested. They both went to South Africa, and Von Buttar offered to pay me my journey. I declined supply, but when they returned, they gave me their news. They confirmed that the crash had taken place, but they could not give me any further details.

At the end of 1989, a close friend who was attending a course to be a diplomat in London, found himself at the table, about a politician from Botswana: Mr. Dthoko Seiso, Minister of Environment of the country.
(Border with South Africa). My friend spoke of the crash of the Kalahari, but they laughed at him. However, Mr. Seiso promised that when he returned to his country, he would inquire. Months later, when he found my friend, he said before witnesses: "I confirm what you told me. The crash did happen. But I do not understand how you knew.

Subsequently, Armen and I were called upon to lecture to military American or members of K.G.B. But nobody took us seriously. Also, we continued our investigations quietly, despite the threats that we were victims. In May 1991, I went to Tucson (USA) for the World Conference of Quest. In the evening, while we were talking with friends, two men appeared and demanded to join us. My American friends all got up and left. They knew who the men were dressed in black. Say you have a seemed to be "Mr. Gentile" and the other, "Mr. Evil". Mr. Gentile spoke alone and said they were part of the U.S. Government, and he recommended me to be very careful in the future. The other looked at me straight in the eye all the time. I replied that nobody could intimidate me, and they made me not afraid. I spoke a calm voice and I smiled. He smiled too. "Make no mistake. We are able to stop! "I told them that their organization was known throughout the world and I friends who would continue what I did if I disappeared. "I'm on this Earth to something and I'll do whatever happens. "Everyone was smiling, and by far, we might have been take a bunch of friends. But an enormous tension prevailed. Pauline was very scared, but trying to hide it. Dr. Evil did not leave me eyes. I thanked God for the training I had followed the police. I knew their American tactics, but was able to do am not intimidated. Before leaving, the "Gentile" changed tack and invited us to
visit the desert around Tucson, the next day. I accepted. The next day they came to fetch us hotel in a 4x4. The conversation was brief. Le Gentil, the only one who spoke, said: "You know many things, but all are not good to say to Mr. Everybody, not just in this country. "I was more anxious than before, but I repeated them that I was not afraid. The man smiled and even

Dr. Evil was acquitted. All relaxed and they told us to enjoy This pleasant walk. Pauline asked questions about everything and was told courteously. Before leaving, Mr. Gentile said: "Try to find cards close to Mars and Venus. "We have not reviewed. Six weeks later we rang at the door. The commission was a young man with hair short, clean and neat appearance. He handed me a sheaf of pictures of Mars and Venus. I had not given my address, but we knew we had found. The young man with an American accent says he was working near Harrogate. I asked: "At Menwtich Hill?" That was the point of impact of ANS, England, 20 km from my home. (The CIA is a choir boy next to the NSA, which oversees all UFO crashes and be retrieved). The young man nodded without seeming surprised. He says with a smile that his interest in UFOs was a hobby. We knew all two he was lying. Then he went away. I knew then where was the oversight that we underwent.

Subsequently I was confirmed the speed and exact location where the impact took place in the weapon and Target: the UFO. They understood that Von Greunen saw all the documents and he had tried to recover. They were false, but the information was correct. Except on one point where his memory had flinched. He spoke of a laser weapon THOR 2, but in fact it was a MASER (Amplification of a microwave by stimulated emission of radiation). Blinding flashes reported by witnesses are proof. I learned that these weapons are set only on F14 Tomcat aircraft or Mirages. Like France and South Africa are the only countries Mirages own, it is logical to assume that weapons were purchased by Maser both countries. In 1997, I had the pleasure of collecting new information very rewarding. I heard about
a friend who worked at Groote Schuur Hospital, at the time of the crash (the one where Prof. Barnard said the first heart transplant). She had attended the autopsy of a body of alien killed in the crash. She said that the biggest differences between this body and ours are: lack genitalia, immune system and digestive system. The description was to be consistent with the so-called "squirrel", smooth and gray, no hair, or hair. Big head huge black oval shaped eyes. She said that she was forbidden to speak, but now she left the hospital and was to change countries. She had tried in vain to recover the file in the archive. She thought he was destroyed. It is now installed in Europe. This case is one of the largest in the history of UFOs, Roswell and with Randlesham Forest.
The survey finally saw its denouement, and the role of Von Greunen is specified. The crash is Authentic.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:33 PM
Great stuff dcmb1490

I had just bookmarked that info by Genevieve Vanquelef and was going to comment to you and BIAD, but found something juicier.

Update from Wayne's old public facebook page where one of his friends asks a question.

And look what transpires:

Evie Manoo
◄◄◄BREAKING NEWS►►►... NASA ASTRONOMER DECIPHERS 'INTELLIGENCE' SIGNAL FROM NEARBY STARS ,,,,, Wayne I just saw this on video, with a warning from you??? Please tell,
Yesterday at 5:47am

Wayne Herschel
What warning?... what video? Something sounds wrong there?

I followed the original claim with the statement and tried to find the person that made the claim who shut down all webssites and went missing for weeks... the story and the person making the claim is now so completely shrouded in mystery now getting many weird counter cliams that I really dont know what to believe on that story any more. Please send me the link to the video... are you sure its a warning?

19 hours ago

Judy Fältskog
Wayne dont tell me those a******s are still at it!? Those weirdos are entertaining themselves with a load of Psychotic fantasies and made up rubbish. My husband told me they are trying to use falsified and fraudulant documents ( cut-and-paste jobs ) to defamate and slander us ( which is fraud ) Most likely the only way these Idiots can get each others attention and admiration. I dont pay any attention to them at all. Life is too beautifull, wonderfull, and worth the living to allow them to get you down. For me this is the happiest time of my life and I intend to take all the joy and happyness the universe has given me now.
9 hours ago

Wayne Herschel
There you are... Hi Judy
. It was around the time you said they were posting all sorts of claims and what was true and its all fake. I want to stand with you and your story Judy but I need links to something that can be worked with. I have absolutely zip!!! I was desperate to have info and any pieces of info that can be explored. There was no radio telescope station to link to... nothing... You broke contact and left me standing there thinking you were in danger too.

Then people started associating me and my 30 years of work on ancient star maps with this story they believed was untrue.

I promise to stand with you in future Judy if you can feed me material to link to. Without it ... its suicide for me and my work.
Keep in touch Judy and please please... consider the data value in this quest.
8 hours ago

Judy Fältskog
These people are totally brainless idiots Wayne. One of them shouts "wolf" and all of them goes running! None of these idiots knows my wife. None of them has ever met Judy! They think they do cause some self made UFO missiah
" Hesemann " claims to know Judy. Hesemann goes and tries to fake a South African passport and claims its Judy`s ! ( No official stamps etc on the fake passport / handwritten + all cut and paste jobs). Mamma mia! Judy is Swedish! My wife has even been in touch with the South African Authorities about this. They are looking into this because its a clear case of forgery. Apparently they even photoshopped my wife`s picture from facebook and montaged a moustage on it to claim that she is a guy! Holy ****! How sick can you get! Would be more believeable if Hesemann went to the South African embassy and get a official letter to confirm it. He hasnt done that because he knows its fake and because he is scared they will arrest him. However all those a*******s hang onto his every word without him really having any oficcially verified facts! I went and did my own investigation and lo and behold! Mr. Hesemann has charges of fraud, assault and even rape of his ex girlfriend against him! He has a long list of people who have sued him for books they bought and which he never gave them. The German government has been extremely helpfull with my requests. Anyway Wayne, Like to meet you sometime too! Judy talks a lot of good things about you. Regards, Björn ( Judy`s Husband )
7 hours ago

Wayne Herschel
Hi Bjorn... gosh... why would someone do that? I wish I had more info on the work that i believe Judy is working with. I would need something to show if I can ever relay a story. for example my claims of ancient UFO's and star maps would sound even more crazy if I just said that with showing something. But my claims are filled with references and a plethora of images and texts and reasoning.

The hardest thing being a hard core science researcher is that any breaking story needs showing of both data and status in this field... (ie. a scientist with a radio telescope etc) will depend on showing articles in journals, newspaper reports, footage of scientist colleagues working with one, but easiest of all some video footage of the person with the awe inspiring equipment etc in action.... even a reference from a top SETI astronomer etc.

I understand if its confidential work then its up to the people in control to release it when and if they release anything.

So .. without the data... its almost impossible for a story to be followed seriously. Thats what bothers me about our world filled with secrecy... it is frustrating that public are not a part of any new light detecting ET signal science both Jill Tarter and Micho Kacko (spelling) have both 'coincidently' started talking about as if its a new idea!!!
6 hours ago

Edit to add: Mods, I'm sorry about the *** censoring - this is a direct copy and paste from the facebook page. Please let me know if you need me to edit - Hermit

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:40 PM
So we have a name. Our Judy is married to Björn Fältskog.
Bit too ABBA for my liking but anyway - whatever pulls your hair back hey Judy.

And that is some statement about Mr Hesemann there.

Need a moment to absorb all this.

Edit to add: looks like Wayne is having second thoughts about his source???

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