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"Nanotechnology and Homeland Security: New Weapons for New Wars"

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 01:40 PM
Posted a thread on this topic back in 03, and it never had one reply.

Perhaps any number of reasons prevent such. I would today, guess that it was because many of the 100 members then, were not so knowledgeable or interested in where it was and or may be going.

The ATS has changed dramatically since then, and so maybe it has a chance of being of interest to more than just me.

New Weapons for New Wars

This important book, will shed the light on many who still think the future is not here. Or perhaps is another means of manipulatig the masses, one way or another they are going to get ya.

Table of Contents
Foreword by James Murday, Chief Scientist, Office of Naval Research.


1. Introduction.
The Great Awakening. The Case for Nanotechnology.

2. Nanotechnology: What and Why?
Comments of David Swain, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Boeing Corp. What Nanotechnology Is Not. Major Branches of Research. Materials. Sensors. Biomedical Nanostructures. Energy. Electronics. Optics. Fabrication. Why Nanotechnology?

3. The New Battlespace.
The Changing Face of War. Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Challenge. Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Solutions. Part I: Detection. Part II: Protection. Part III: Remediation. The Modern Soldier. A Coat of Many Colors. Comments of Timothy M Swager, Professor of Chemistry and Associate Director, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. The Man-Machine Interface. Out of Harm's Way. Better, Faster, Tougher, Smarter. Batteries Not Included. The Tip of the Iceberg. Comments of Debra Rolison, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC.

4. Homeland Security.
The State of the Nation. Hardening the Hearts of Cities. Smelling Smoke. First Response. Clean It Up! Human Repair. The Information War. High-Performance Computing Comments of Kwan S Kwok, DARPA Program Manager. Cryptography. Flexible and Pervasive Computing. System Diversity and Survivability.

5. Environmental and Economic Aspects of Nanoscience.
Fabrication. Remediation of Ongoing Environmental Issues. Transportation. Energy. Comments of Richard Smalley, Gene and Norman Hackerman Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Rice University. The Hydrogen Economy. Domestic Economic Implications. Global Economic Impact. The Economics of Security.

6. Society, Ethics, and Geopolitics.
Comments of Stan Williams, Senior HP Fellow and Director of Quantum Science Research, Hewlett-Packard. Information Tech, Biotech, Nanotech. Public Policy. Intellectual Property. Privacy and Civil Liberties. Education and Training. Amorality of Technology. Vigilance, Awareness, and Responsibility.
Daniel Ratner & Son-

This post and others correspond to a series of nanotech based discussion topics and subject material.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 01:43 PM
I am sure this group is doing horrendous things against human beings, especially outside of america.

Murderers are employed in these groups and thats all they are. What right does any human in these groups have to torture others, no human rights, that is the motto of this group.

I would not be surprised at all about the tech these people are using for there vicious horrendous acts against humans.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 01:47 PM
we do seem to be moving that way...
no longer the stuff of fiction books...
I'll have to google it up but not that long ago I read about a medi, microbot to monitor a solders health... still on the drawing boards, but unlike 03 here in 10 they are making the framework for these little boogers, buckyballs nanotubes... its coming man...


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