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ATX POLL - LAbour Liberal Tory - Who would you vote for?

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by Bunken Drum
reply to post by Korg Trinity
What utter nonsense. No UK party would take us into the euro without a referendum, because they'd never get elected ever again.


UK ratifies the EU Lisbon Treaty


Last year the people of Ireland held a referendum on The Lisbon Treaty and they rejected the bill. This opportunity to vote was something the British people were denied by New Labour, which has in turn severely damaged New Labour's popularity and virtually guranteed their ejection in the next national election.

Bit out of date this because after Ireland said no.... they held another referendum that came out yes..... Which is a travesty and an example of the bully boy tactics this Uniited States of Europe is all about.

The Lisbon Treaty comes into force

Care to think again?

The Tories plan is to put money into the richest's hands & hope they invest it in the UK economy. Sadly, that wont happen, because in a risky time, people invest in the safest options, not entrepreneurial ventures. We've seen this happen before, both here & in the USA.

Labour plan to up National insurance by 1% for all workers earning more than £20'000 per year.

Conservatives will scrap this plan. do you think if you earn £20'000 you are rich???

The conservatives plan to raise the inheritance tax threshold from £325k to £1 million, this has been miss interpeted and spun by labour to mean helping the rich...

The truth is house prices rise, i'm not rich though I could recernly afford to buy a house at 155'000, I full expect this property to double in price by the time I sell it... The house I then move into will likely cost more than £350k, under the labour government I would have to pay compound tax on this when I die, Robbing my children of thier inheritance.

If I do all the right things and work hard and save hard exactly why should I be penalised for it??

If you want a nanny state, or you are a lazy person who doesn't want to work then vote labour or lib dem, they will suit you. If however you care for the future of the country and are fed up of paying for the lazy and the over paid over populated public sector then vote for Conservative.


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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by Korg Trinity

Care to think again?
Not at all. There is a massive difference between a treaty which few people understand much if any of & the money in your hand, which actually few people do understand, but they think they do, ie that the pound represents British sovereignty (which is laughable).
Nobody wants to pay even a paltry 1% more NI, but something I want even less is the management of the NHS gutted, so I could live with paying. Its all very well to criticise bureaucracy, but apart from the fact that the last time the Tories said that, they created a whole new tier of it (the quangos they're now sick of), management is actually very necessary. In my own business, we've had to lay off our 2 part time admin assistants, because business is slow & we cant afford to pay them. You know what? My partners & I are not able to work anywhere near as well without them. Frankly, if we have to get rid of our full time office manager, we'll have to cease trading. She is so important that right now we're paying her more than we take ourselves.
You expect your house to double in value? If that happens within the life of the next 3 parliaments, it will be because the govt have massively invested in the economy, otherwise there's no way the price could be supported, so it'd be fair enough for you to pay up. Right at this moment anyone with a million to leave a kid has it off the back of an unsustainable economy, the seeds of which were sown back in the 80s when the Tories gutted British industry & sold our nationalised assets cheap, so they should now pay up too, to help get us out of this mess.
Worth noting the Tory policy of cutting corporation tax. Good for small business, but why for banks etc? Oh, they'll employ more people right? My hole! They'll pay higher bonuses to bosses & higher share dividends. Why? Because you dont employ more people until the market exists for their output.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by Bunken Drum
reply to post by gortex

We don't need to change the government , We need to change the system
I agree, but unless you've spotted an appetite for a revolution in the UK, which I haven't, then the only people offering any meaningful electoral reform are the LibDems.

Which is why on the national elections I voted for them

After 18 years of Tory government, in which industry was decimated and every national asset was sold off... and after 13 years of Labour government, in which a Prime Minister stood in front of Parliament and lied his arse off to take us into a war we had no business or right getting into, and a Labour administration which has out-toried the Tories themselves... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When people talk about 'We need strong government, not PR'... what they really mean is we need a government that can act with impunity, against the majority of it's citizens' wishes, and royally screw the country up at will.

What we need is government that TRULY is representative of the way people have voted, and is checked and balanced at every step of the way. We need proportional representation like yesterday... hence my vote for the Lib Dems... The only chance for any REAL change in this country.

As an aside... I actually voted Labour in my local elections, as the present Tory council wish to demolish the Estate I live in (along with a few others)... It's a really good estate in a great area of London, and I'll be damned if I lose my home of 30+ years just because the Council wants to make a nice profit on some prime real estate.... so I voted Labour, who have promised not to do so.

National Election... I voted on National issues ... Local Elections on Local issues.

Anyway, here's hoping

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