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Halliburton & the Oil Spill

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 05:08 PM
Halliburton will profit off the USA's two worst moments in USA history over the last 10 years. They benefited from the 9/11 attack, which many of us think was NOT done by terrorists, and now they will make a crap load of money cleaning up this oil spill, which could have been prevented and possibly been caused by Halliburton themselves.

When will the american people wake up and notice who the real terrorists are of the people of the united states? How can people not see this or understand this? Are we so blind to this because most people just don't want to believe something so evil?

What can we do to stop them? I don't know...

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by BeastMaster2012

Great post

Let's get that magnifying glass spotlight back on (spit !) Halliburton (spit ! )

And let's keep our eye on this thread and make sure it doesn't vanish below the radar as these threads are wont to do, sometimes

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by BeastMaster2012

Who is T. Boone Pickens ?

I really don't see how buying stock makes him a conspirator in any of the oil spill mess .

He has been in alliance with Halliburton for several years now , him buying stock doesn't seem that unusual .

He has always been well-respected around these parts .

He contributed to George Bush's campaign fund also , does that make him a conspirator ?

'The most sinister name' you have ever heard ?

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by BeastMaster2012

Thanks, BeastMaster, for posting this. Puts a whole new light on this catastrophe. It just gets worse & worse.

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 09:27 AM
The guy who is doing the Top Kill, Patrick Campbell, had been interviewed on March 8th, 2010. here is what he had to say about the deep sea drilling:

Projects that they would never have thought to undertake – putting deepwater spars in the Gulf of Mexico, drilling in Siberia – they were rising in terms of the risk potential of all of their prospects, and they had not yet become as systematic about the application of risk reduction methodology and techniques.’

Deep, high pressure gas wells are typically the most at risk for a ‘significant blowout event’, he says. ‘In the US, for high pressure gas, there will be events despite all the planning.’ That side of the business could increase as unconventional onshore plays go into production. ‘I cannot personally imagine how natural gas is not going to be a really big player in the future, because of the cleanliness with which it can be used for a variety of end purposes,’ Campbell says. ‘And that’s good for us. Anytime they’re messing with gas, we’re going to get our share of blowouts.

‘We continue to have problem wells in relatively deep water,’ he adds. ‘Not just the Gulf of Mexico – we just finished one in the Bay of Bengal. We have them every once in a while.’ In deep offshore, the hydrostatic force on long open hole sections of a well is ordinarily enough to prevent a major event. But Superior works with many operators during the construction phase of a planned wellbore to minimize the risk.

He pretty much predicts what will happen in the gulf. This guy ran Boots & Coots for awhile. I'm not saying he knew this was going to happen or anything, just thought this was interesting.

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by BeastMaster2012

weeeeeeeeeeee ATS is alive with posts about the 1979 gulf oil spill. Here is some information on it:

Ixtoc I

Ixtoc I was an exploratory oil well in the Bay of Campeche of the Gulf of Mexico, about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche in waters 50 m (160 ft) deep. On 3 June 1979, the well suffered a blowout and is recognized as the second largest oil spill and the largest accidental spill in history.

Mexico’s government-owned oil company Pemex (Petróleos Mexicanos) was drilling a 3 km (1.9 mi) deep oil well, when the drilling rig lost drilling mud circulation…

The oil and gas fumes exploded on contact with the operating pump motors, starting a fire which led to the collapse of the drilling tower. The collapse caused damage to underlying well structures. The damage to the well structures led to the release of significant quantities of oil in to the ocean.

In the next nine months, experts and divers (including Red Adair) were brought in to contain and cap the oil well. Approximately an average of ten thousand to thirty thousand barrels per day were discharged into the Gulf until it was finally capped on 23 March 1980.

Prevailing currents carried the oil towards the Texas coastline. The US government had two months to prepare booms to protect major inlets.

Eventually, in the US, 162 miles of beaches and 1421 birds were affected by 3,000,000 barrels of oil. Mexico rejected US requests to be compensated for cleanup costs…

So who is Red Adair? The two guys who created Boots and Coots used to work for Red Adair and left him to create Boots & Coots in 1978. All of these guys are connected and there is money to be made the longer this oil spill lasts.

I am telling you, people are becoming millionaires the longer this spill lasts. The 1979 oil spill took 9 months to fix and that was in 200 feet of water, this is in 5000 feet of water. It took them 9 months to finally drill the relief wells. They tried the same exact crap 31 years ago, they tried to top hat which failed.

Visit this thread to see the uncanny similarities between the 1979 oil spill and this one:
**Gulf Oil Spill Mirrors One From 1979 EXACTLY!! AMAZING ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 04:46 PM
I found this website,, who had the following headline for this story:

Evidence Points to BP Oil Spill False Flag

Halliburton link, BP is Bilderber, Dumping of Stocks & Shares

- Sales of shares and stocks in days and weeks beforehand

- Halliburton link, acquisition of cleanup company days before explosion

- BP report cites undocumented tampering with well sealing equipment

- Government uses disaster to push for Carbon Tax, Nationalization talk is not run by congress, it's a website where people can get involved and write their local officials about topics like this one. Here is some more from the article:

As the New York Times [3] noted on May 26th, “BP officials chose, partly for financial reasons, to use a type of casing for the well that the company knew was the riskier of two options,”

Workers from the rig and company officials have said that hours before the explosion, gases were leaking through the cement, which had been set in place by the oil services contractor, Halliburton. Investigators have said these leaks were the likely cause of the explosion.”

Gases were set in place by Halliburton that probably caused the explosion? WTF?


And here is another great article talking about the coincidences between BP, boots & coots and goldman sachs.

Needless to say that BP is not the caring and generous corporation that they claim to be on television. That being said let us now move on to the "preemptive" decisions that some of these key power players made prior to the explosion in the Gulf. First off is Halliburton's decision to buy the company Boot's and Coots just 8 days before the disaster, Boots and Coots is well known for putting out some of the largest oil and gas fires in the world. In another psychic and beneficial move, Goldman Sachs dumped half of their BP holdings, 4,680,822 shares, in the first quarter, right before the disaster. This is despite BP posting record gains in the fourth quarter of last year.

Some other intuitive dumping was done by Wells Fargo, who sold off 98 percent of their shares of BP days before the disaster. The Swiss bank UBS also sold off 97 percent of their shares prior to the explosion. In an overtly suspicious move Goldman Sachs placed shorts on Transocean stock, which is betting that a stock will fail, the day before the explosion of the rig. As if all these moves aren't dubious enough BP chief, Tony Hayward, sold off one third of his holdings of BP stock weeks before the disaster.

Guys.. it's wake up time, time to open up your eyes...

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 03:35 PM

Sigh, really? Boots & Coots buys a company that was bought by halliburton who will do the relief well drilling?

BP is prepared to begin the kill operation on the first well sooner if the company intersects the Macondo prematurely. Wells said more than 44,000 barrels of mud were in position should they be needed.

Wells, however, expressed a high degree of confidence in the progress made and in the success of the next phase of drilling, which will require a high level of precision. He pointed to the success rate of one of the lead consultants assisting BP, John Wright.

Wright, who founded the Houston-based John Wright Co. in 1989, which last year was bought by Boots & Coots, has drilled 40 such relief wells over the course of his career, making him one of the world's experts, Wells said. The Macondo well will be Wright's 41st.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 02:17 AM
A few of these Halliburton threads need bumping as I believe their role in the disaster isn't being highlighted enough. 18 out of 39 well blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico are as a result of bad cementing. Halliburton was responsible for the Deepwater well and has just posted unreal quarter 2 profits.

Halliburton has been accused of performing a poor cement job in the case of a major blowout in the Timor Sea off Australia last August.

Halliburton's role in the disaster

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 10:40 PM

Originally posted by Alxandro
Regardless of who is to blame, the fact still remains that this is Obama's Katrina.
I mean geez, it's gonna take 7 days to repair the leak yet it took him 9 days to respond.
This thing could have been completed 2 days ago.

Surely this was meant as Satire, yes?

HOW could this have been completed in two days? Specifically, please?



Boots and Coots contractors working on BP relief wells.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 11:35 AM
i decided to do a google news search for haliburton and found this.. Haliburton is suing BP over the spill, how great.

BP PLC's effort to save money while drilling the Deepwater Horizon oil well led it to withhold critical information from contractor Halliburton Co. in the run-up to the deadly explosion last year that caused the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, Halliburton contends in a lawsuit.

The Houston-based oil-services company said that BP did not disclose that there was a layer of oil-and-gas-bearing rock located several hundred feet above the bottom of the well. Had it known about the area, Halliburton said in the complaint filed in Texas state court on Thursday, it would have insisted on expensive and time-consuming changes to the well to ensure that explosive natural gas did not seep into the well bore.

BP said it could not respond immediately to the substance of the new allegations until it could review the claims. It called the suit the "latest attempt by Halliburton to divert attention from its role in the Deepwater Horizon incident and its failure to meet its responsibilities."

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