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Need Help Identifying an Orchid Species.

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 06:31 AM

I bought an Orchid from a man who came around selling them out of his car...It didn't come in a pot or anything. He told me it was an Egyptian...something Orchid, I can't remember what he called it. He said to put it in a bowl with some water and that after a few weeks it would flower.... Which I do not believe because we are currently going into winter, so this Orchid would be going through it's dormant stage...From the little I know about Orchids, they only flower once a year, from spring through summer.

I've been searching online, and I cannot be 100% sure on the species. I really need to identify this Orchid because I don't want it to die, and I need to know what conditions such as light, water, feed I need to provide for it to survive. Different species of Orchid thrive in completely different climates and conditions.

Here are some pictures I took....

As you can see, It's unlike your usual Orchid leaves, it has a strange 'base' which the leaves stem from.

The problem I have is that it does not have any flowers on which is what makes it so difficult to identify. Here is another pic.

From what I know, this type of Orchid grows on top of other plants and on trees and it needs a high light area...Those big brown 'bulbs' are probably remnants of the plant it was growing on. It has beautiful moss (two different species actually) growing around it. Some fine roots at the base as well.

I think it might be this... Coelogyne flacida although I cannot be 100% sure. The base of the plant looks almost identical...

Guys, any help would be much appreciated- as said before...I know almost nothing about Orchids, and I just feel I cannot let this plant die.

Thanks in advance.


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