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How To Change The World

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:31 AM
Art doesn't require
a committee to produce,
and groups of people have
shown that they are willing to
act on ideas from art occasionally.
Doesn't one usually see a recruitment
message _before_ one wakes up enlisted?

David Grouchy

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 09:55 AM
Street Views.

This is such a big idea, but basically I feel that there are two important ways we can change things, and its really important, for its my belief that disasters are planned, and that they intend to really control a much smaller amount of survivors, with NWO.

The goal is both community work and a larger awareness campaign.

What better way than free local forums, message boards, survival boards, where people can coach each other in bartering/trade, moneyless survival, business startups, looking at alternative systems, be they similiar to the Venus Project, but grass roots, where we involve the real voices of the people, not just the property owners, and invite the native population, the keepers of the way and knowledge to also join, participate, guide, help.

And have local radio interviews/blogs, local alternative street news. Just need some equipment and press kits, but we don't a whole studio capable of streaming it live on Television. Also, even if they mess with the internet, we're capable of linking up computers and even using old computers as super cells, and amplifying connections.

We could find a way to keep and maintain our own internets.

Community involvement, teenagers, college students, media studies, with contests and rewards.

Tshirts, logos, soap box campaigns, and rants. Signatures, writing in/phoning in campaings. Finding the most straight forward talkers and local talents to persistantly be on the trail of interviewering the represetnatives and "leadership", flexing our own muscles at being the leadership, being the councils, being the media, getting involved.

One thing people really enjoy is outlets for their own views, and this is a great idea.

All teh local forums should connect into the bigger ones, have the links.

Not just waking people up, learning from each other, getting a community spirit of truth and research going on, with alternative methods of survival. Ie. garage generators, solar, mods for vehicles.

Most of modeling, lending a helping hand, getting things going to help others.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 10:02 AM
Communities are the answer to so many things. For example, unemployment, even the problems with employment, working for the monopolies/slavery. At a local level its possible to get, forums, alternative media, really give students a voice and minorities too, including the indigenous people, in fact if anything, we should let them lead a lot of projects, or co-create with each other.

But also, to sit down with each other, to problem solve. Such as, making lists of the most important goods and services, businesses we need. And take them back from the monopolies. Support each other in starting them up locally and pledge to buy, and trade only from each other, and this includes our children who we send off, the brightest to become scientist and doctors, technicians. We want them with us, not against us.

Project Share, to find ways to match people up, in the community and really help each other out, with basic needs, and mentor each other for businesses, how tos, advertising. Strong communities could have overseas projects, link up to twin projects in developing countries. Even city blocks could be run like a big eco village. Projects for land and all people to have their own homes, and gardens, the homeless, who are often unable to get medical treatment for mental disorders, everyone could have their own home/garden.
tiny homes on wheels, they could be made out of recylced material, paper/mache/hemp slurries,

30 foot canvas yurt (again anything recycled even)

recylced homes

Homes should a priority, land and gardens, for all, including the most vulnerable citizens.

There should be a visible Council and alternative leadership, and media, where all are invited, everyone is welcome, equality, not elitism and rewarding the biggest rip off artist. Valuing the least among us and ensuring they have a voice too.

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