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How To Change The World

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:00 PM
A thought came concerning the many positive messages, the awareness we display, posting online, for those here are the ones who are waking up to the real issues. We know the world doesnt make sense, we can see through the many holes in official stories and are on a search for truth and answers, or share experiences, metaphysical insights, and attempt to shine light. But the key issues, or the way we can really make a difference in the world, is very hard to come up with for us, the ways to try and empower each other and create a true resistance to the matrix around us, and the well organized, web of power that runs every system of this world.

I've had ideas all my life of some of the key ways we can really create our own wealth, prosperity, freedom, economy and grow larger numbers to join until they radically tranform within their entire outer prgrammed behaviors, the ones expected of them, and literally stop casting votes for those running this system, transforming it from within.

We research, search for insight amongst many threads, on the many topics we ourselves are interested in, or drawn to, and post, but we have not found ways to connect to each other in our communities and start to create some alternatives. Partly because, we're ideas people. Large numbers online are introverts, or deep thinkers, and they're not the kind that have the resources to really organize events locally, and many don't have the strong organizational people skills to motivate large numbers. Many of us have had our own family, or aquaintances treat us like we're crazy for even thinking that the world doesnt make sense, those in denial don't want to know, and its hard to convince the average person.

So I feel some of us are posting hoping someone will pick up on the actions needed. Some will be positioned to do more. Lately however I've been suspecting that as far as the world goes, we're it! We're the ones we've been waiting for! That they won't wake up unless the ones well positioned from every walk of life, from all parts of the globe begin to shine their lights locally, and get some local action/organizations/platform to discuss matters going.

We need to challenge ourselves more by breaking the walls between us, realizing that no one really can change the world, but we can explore our own empowerment issues more, form a few connections with others, find that small group of like minded individuals to meet with, to share information, and to problem solve. This will grow, as it makes itself known, locally. More and more will gradually join.

Like the Council of Canadians, it should be organized groups that view presentations, some of the essential viewing documentaries, discuss issues and the many questions the bring up, and most importantly come up with solutions, steps that can be taken, and when it grows, perhaps speakers could be invited in.

In my second post I wish to share some of the ideas I've had, and thought of some solutions to, but alas I don't have the resources and skills to know how to market these ideas either. I would like to make a thread where ideas for promoting or marketing or organizing solutions could be discussed, because these things don't come natural to many of us.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:28 PM
I have long realized that the control over our world was made possible by: the limits in our electorial systems, and how we voted for their representatives, and that politics really was not the best way to get the changes we need. Its not that its not important, it is, very important. And its not that we shouldn't address our leaders, write in and phone, attend demonstrations and find ways to make our wishes known and that there will be severe consequences by ignoring them. We should, must and can do this.

However, the system is rigged and at this point we can't count on the population to be awake enough to not cast their expected votes for these controllers.

So the real way we have of creating a new system, that would eventually springboard into the political as we gained confidence in self, and in each other as well, for we would see we're solving problems and that we're capable of doing this, and this would grow, our abilities to cooperate and meet with everyone's expectations, broaden our viewpoints, budge us from our spoon fed ideas and credos by being exposed to each others circumstances, concerns, needs, experiences, in short we would grow up a lot.

We need to find ways to connect and get out of our boxes. We're always divided and conquered, and our opinions can be very heartless because of this, for we don't understand how the policies are affecting others, and that they count very much and don't have the resources or support system to be safe in a dog eat dog environment.
Meeting with others fosters both self reliance and resposniblity, and compassion, social obligations and more cooperation. Both elements meet in the middle when we open our hearts and minds to each other.

We're the ones we've been waiting for. The way to change things is in each others hands, literally.

The media is bought off and paid for, most people still only believe what is in hard print or on their televisions. They have been trained, first within their own homes by their parents authority, then by kindly teachers, ministers, and big brothers/sisters, to respect elders, and authority, that no one wishes to harm them, they've been taught to look to patriarchal daddy figures, authorities, for the answers, and even to suffer harsh circumstances for their own good. So the meme is there, the NLP, aside from the carefully constructed NLP in the choice of words, the headlines in the print and the association they wish us to make, but also in subliminal messages and frequencies. Some of the frequencies, light, flashing and sounds in movies and music aren't good, they are actually creating portals or potentials for control by negatives. There's a term for it called: Phantasmagoria and

We've always had the solution. There are many out of work people, why not find the ones that are journalistically inclined, and some students of journalism working with a few disgruntled journalists, to form our own hard print papers, magazines, journals. And many of them in every area. We do have alternatives. The free one in Penticton went out to everyones door, was delivered door to door, was paid for by advertisements.

Why couldn't we all do this?

Also, imagine it like a huge forum, and have the issues brought up with a big section in the middle, where everyone writes in their opinions and suggestions and ideas for making a difference and problem solving. Not very many get their opinions in print, the editorials censor everyone strongly. There are many locally who would like a say. It think developing ways to do this would be excellent.

Also, the funds needed. Groups meeting up can learn how to problem solve, raise money, fund raisers.

There are many solutions. For example, what are the essential foods, goods and services we buy from the corporate pyramid system?

Why not make a list of essential goods, services and foods and pass the hat around and set up small businesses in every area, with those in need of work who demonstrate responsible intelligent service behavior and buy and sell from each other only. Why not export the model everywhere so the soon to be crashed big corporations have pathways for the soon to be out of work people to also join in and get really prosperous. We put our money where it shouldn't have gone. Its time to put it where it should of gone, into our dreams.

There would be no crash possible if the economy was grass roots. Only prosperity.

How do people prove they're responsible? By excluding no one. Encourage those with incomes and education, woodworkers, engineers, medically trained individuals, teachers, in short the more successful people, and everyone else. Learn to see past income, status, race, skin color, and look into ideas, and allow everyone the same input and sharing their insights.

Create groups that: build generators, windmills, solar, and energy devices, and ham radios, telescopes for skywatching, health and nutrition, heritage and good seeds, survival lessons. Have those with knowledge train the young, the teenagers, the poor, children from single mothers who can't show this to their children often, and see what they can be capable of teaching as well. In other words, train up the lay people, and share the skills and tools. Support each other and you'll get to know which people have which talents and can do well in a variety of businesses. Several families could share a business and really spread the wealth around. Some can be co-ops with all members contributing, giving and taking.

There are many solutions.

We need to break down the walls that divide us, and make it really easy to get people to meet up, and accept everyone, the outgoing ones, the shy cranky ones, the rich, the poor, everyone equally, and begin to create a new world, grass roots.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:33 PM
Lets do it! Lets start by unifying ourselves together in meditation. Let the new system be peace and understanding!
May 7th, Group Meditation!

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by onequestion

Yes, I think its the hardest step for us to consider, how to get some of our ideas into small groups locally, and regionally, ideas to export to other areas, but really focusing on the think tank, and actions coming from us, that we can meet up and do it. We can develop and share skills in our garages, for those who have garages, with others, that we're the ones who created this system by our compliance and forgetfulness, and we can carve some new pathways ourselves.

Its the one many of us have the hardest time with, creating a local meetup. For example I've thought of books and magazines and publications, but realized I wasn't a one man show, nor did I have the money to do it, limited funds. Also I knew the publishing industry is highly controlled. So, create a desktop publishing industry?

How to promote it and market it? The pathways are conrolled as well, the companies that push certain materials into store, I can't think of the name off hand, but we would in short need to create our own pathways.

This thread is really to explore some of the things holding us back from starting something, coming up with ideas for marketing, promoting, when many of us don't have a clue how to do this.

For example, anything in print can be sold and can provide through advertisements or other methods income for many people, but the same thing should also be shared freely, ie. online, free versions, scribd ebook form for download, youtube videos made up. Information should be free. So providing it in a variety of means makes sense too. But marketing online for free or offline is a skill many don't have.

Meditation and manifesting pathways, so to speak is a really good first step. Also meditation groups for skywatching as well.

Thanks for the link, I'll look into it.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I have met a few people through It is a useful resource imo. Mybe some of us can look into a or mybe a website, or some kind of campaign slogan we can develop. Unity_99 i would be interested in this type of business venture. Mybe we are creating discussions that can lead us into a positive industrial change.

You have spawned an idea in my head, mybe we can work out details over U2U.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 04:11 PM
I've been thinking lately that it's time to spread the word and join people together, but like you I just don't know how to go about doing it. Brainstorming is a great/much-needed idea. I do like the idea of an online source...A website would be perfect. For sure.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by LaurenVirgo

we can probably organize a non profit, meditate for change type of group with little startup cost. The tough part for us would be to market such an idea to the already existing groups and finding cooperation. Mybe we could work on locating these current groups and targeting them to bring them together under 1 umbrella. I imagine there being tons of groups, but all working separately for the same cause, which does nothing imo. Lets devise a plan to target these groups and pitch them together under 1 roof.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by onequestion

Certainly there should be several different linked websites, and they can be free, to cordinate this. and are good ways to begin. There is no reason to export cost to local events either. This could be done as a master site where people participated with ideas for local directions, and global events such as meditation as well..

But the most important way to work this through is if people discuss and problem solve solutions, they also need to connect to like minded people locally and make lists, of essential services, food items, etc. that they feel could be duplicated and really start to network even if abroad, to form co-ops and fund raise, whatever it takes to lift off ideas.
Ie. to start alternative businesses.

We don't have to be reliant on their economic house of cards and their controlled media, instead could get it together enough to create our own grass roots system, information and economy.

Its hard to get past the idea stage, but we can't do it here, we need to here ideas from others and just come up with marketing concepts, step by step ways to start something, so we can take the ideas to a local level.

Thought a website where general directions, discussions and meditations even would be needed too.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:20 PM
great points. great truths.

we're being turned into dualistic simpletons.

when i'm accosted by someone on ats i feel sad. all they know is opposition. how can they possibly stop it and simply accept? i cant righteously tell them theyre wrong. duality is all they know. its why buddhists have limitless compassion. the exact reason. we are turned black or white, man or woman, loving or hating, only knowing difference.

but i do fall for it, i have left nasty posts. but i have also asked forgiveness and worked to see the opposing view.

this society is stacked against us physically and psychologically. i feel downtrodden. i know i have the ability to fly, yet i strangely feel heavier than i know darn well i am. like-minded people are important, they take some of that weight.

its mostly true that those who know, dont say and those who dont, always do.

but our electoral system is a different issue altogether. in america, if we apply to vote, and dont vote, our votes are still made! wtf!? look it up. thats no stretch either. so it doesnt matter who we vote for. besides repubs are the same as demos. just different suits. if i'm wrong, then how come this slavery keeps deepening? both sides take us closer to being utmost controlled.

you are correct about divide and conquer. politics, religion, class, race, sex. all tactics. and most people dont realise (true statement, look it up) that fox news only has 3 hours of news per day. cnns probably the same. the rest is entertainment. and those short three hours are all bs. all oil spills and cute kitties. does anybody have any idea how much news is happening out there that we're not being told? on purpose?

we need to get together, all of us. we need to realise there is no one who is different since we all share the human experience. there are only varying degrees of knowledge we have access to, varying degrees of what we're told, and varying degrees of the same truth. life is good. the msm is dumbing us down. but theyve been doing that since msm existed. we're in no danger, they are. if they stopped the lies, they'd be gone tomorrow. they were always playing catch up.

but we are the truth. we the people

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:48 PM
Unity, I always like your posts, your a very intelligent person. I am also down for whatever idea you guys come up with, I myself with brainstorm a little bit and report back.

Edit to add:

Here's a few thoughts that have popped into my head as I finished reading the rest of the posts.

First, you are correct, effectively starting this will be the most difficult task.

second, communication is key. Whether this idea succeeds or fails will rest on this point.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by mav0360

Thank you for your post, I had taken a bit of a break from posting. Today I felt as if I needed to go on, was pulled on. This is something that all of can do, but the inner work is really important. To me, it goes hand and hand with the outer for the outer, flows out of it. So , meditation and sungazing is really recommended. Asking those questions inside and keep asking until you, emerge more fully in you with downloads, this is how you meet your Higher Self, yourself, and its a process thats hard to explain its like a wellspring within you, where more of you flows out of. I can't really explain it a different way, but this is the courage and clarity and peace that we all need, the feeling that yes, life was difficult and we all go off track, but now, we're turning back to the original missions we all had, to wake up and shine our lights, in our individual ways with our individucal talents, and.....anything that happened that was off track was handed into a team in the form of reports so they really know what we're going through.

The metaphysical is our inner strength and then we see everyone as our equals and emerge encouraging others. If we work locally, and cant encourage or nudge others to pay attention, perhaps we put thinking caps on and try new things and they don't work either, then we still love everyone, but in the end, everyone is making choices here, its a giant school. So the most important work is to let people know there are alternatives to the system they're in and the rules the mismangement team have made up, that they are capapable of re-creating their dreams. If this message is out there, and no one listens, then at least we know we're passing the test, and that people have some choice. Currently they don't.

So everything counts, nothing really is lost.

That being said, I think many people want change, but when its just a theory in a book, or an online thread, no one really takes it home. But if something starts in their community and benefits some others, or they form a seed bank or education for self sufficency, then I think more can join in because they see it, its working, its something that is helping. So we need to think of ways to be of some help, encouraging them to pick up the research ball on issues alot more, so empowering others, that they can step out of the lines of the coloring page, or out of the box with their thinking.

A local group, seed bank, think tank even for world issues, something that starts out, maybe springing out of a local forum/message board, could stir the pot a bit in the community.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

I think some would be there to monitor and report back to the controllers in the area, but basically this is not something that can be avoided, except for maintaining calm, well spoken, concern for all. I would be sending love and light to everyone, for those who are being used by the negatives here are also our family. And all we can do is shine and work collectively, if we reach that collective stage, and holding the light over everyone, for safety.
Seeing, and ensuring that everyone is safe. Shaming those who would harm citizens.

Currently it is harm to live in slavery, to pay for lodgings on our home planet because a small group of privileged think they own it all, when they own nothing. They think our votes in a few countries entitle them to ownership of the world, the resources, the land, our dna even, what is produced and grown natuarlly, and us. THEY OWN NOTHING! I repeat that, and would perform a citizens arrest ASAP should any of htem show up. We also need to educate people on FREEMAN, and being sovereign and what not being owned really means.

Its harm to live in a world where billions are starving to death, where a child dies of malnuturion every other second, where millions are bombed and killed in wars to make work and make money and make enemies for the world. The truth is, only the leaders, bankers and corporations are the enemies, and every citizen of every country is our brother and sister.

So while there are risks we need to face who we really are, and who really is in charge of this Hollographic Universe to know that though there is free will and negatives can do some things, they cannot go beyond what is allowed, and permitted, and should we be free of this mortal coil, we're free, we passed, and real life is ever so much more than this school ever was. So overcoming what is holding us back is a good start, not to fear speaking up and out, and really attempting to reach those who would be monitoring us, and invite them in as well.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Ok, and I do agree with that point, I wish I didn't just edit out what I stated before. Although, not to shut down your brilliant idea which does hold a lot of weight, it seems a little too hopeful, but I could be wrong. To say you would like to allow in even the ones who may intend on destroying or interrupting the 'movement', seems very compassionate, forgiving and honest which I like, but may not be stratigically the wisest thing to do. I myself have owned and run a few businesses, as well as helped 'organize' a few 'street groups'
, so I am fully aware of the length 'outsiders' will go through to disrupt and dismantle such an idea. That is the only reason I bring this up.

If you are just intending this to be a basis for shooting around idea's of things people can do on their own locally, than I am all for it staying in the open, and actually have been trying to figure out myself, a way to word what you just have, as elaquently as you did. But if you are intending on setting up some sort of organization, with the intelligent like-minded individuals who are so frequently searching online for answers and solutions as you stated, then that is where I say you/we need to take precautions and use some level of discretion.

Lets continue this discussion, maybe we can come up with some foundation sooner rather than later, for whatever you are proposing. By the way, your U2U replies have been blank. I take that as you want to keep this in the open as much as possible
, cool with me, for now.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

Not allow in, but include all, and in the process, shine our lights to everyone. There is a bit of a difference between recruiting them and knowing some may join. Its not the same thing as saying, come and spy on us, but it is getting to know people and working with people. The actual continually encouraging them to join with the people should be ongoing, thats a movement in itself.

The u2u's I've only answered a few from those I know alot, and have only checked on briefly, been kind of out of this for over a month, or longer, had family issues, and a memorial and had to avoid forums, it seemed to overwhelm me.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 10:43 PM
I personally think groups will never accomplish the goal you and I both seek. The reasons are evident on forums like ATS. Everyone has their own truth of why things are the way they are. I have been part of groups, that erode over time because of differences in opinion. However, there is one way I think we can change this world. That way is individually. Now is the time, to take up a cause of action and pursue it with all your passion. No matter the odds against you if you feel it is justified, reasonable, and will change the world for the better I say do it now. Declare your independence now! It is not time to cower in fear that your fight for justice is insignificant. Expose corruption and shine your truth on it. There is no greater evil in this world right now than deception. Expose it and allow the other the opportunity to change their plight.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I wasn't saying I thought you were intending on 'recruiting' them in,
silly. I am just saying, this is something you have to be well aware of. I like your approach though, it is very MLK like. Anyways, I am here to help in anyway I can. I don't want to see this idea of yours lose confidence or steam. I myself will work on a few ideas of how to implement some of these solutions in a 'real-world' scenario and report back.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by ExPostFacto

Yet without sharing or nudging others in our communities we are always divided. So, awareness is a really big issue, and doing what we can locally is the best way to make changes, it begins in our communities.

Individually there is a lot we can do, I agree with this, our beliefs and attitudes go with us in all our journeys, and meditation, envisioning, writing, work, talking to others, finding a few like minded people as friends, all goes a long way. Also, ho'onoponopono, or working at cleansing, releasing karma, forgiveness of self and others, seeing everyone as whole and inspired again by the Creator or Family of Light/Designer/Creators, depending on your belief and faith.

The thing I don't really think is important is that we perfectly agree. Perception is everything, our lives are based on a well padded limited box filled with norms passed on, and based on individual experiences. We are quite divided on issues, and this is really worked on by our media, and messages, and even by the way the world is run, ensuring that different coutnries and groups within nations have varying amounts of freedom, religious or spiritual freedom, incomes, and opportunities ensures people blame each other instead of the controllers, like they should. So, we need to move beyond the trappings, and look instead at things most people can agree upon. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you or your children, compassion, love, walk in anothers shoes mentally, find solutions that benefit your community and ways to help. Many things are written in our hearts.

Someone wrote that when its political agenda, many will think that bombing Iraq is OK as they harmed us, its been sold to them. But at the same time, just about everyone knows in their heart of hearts that bombing women and children, the elderly and those in hospitals and daycares is very very wrong and doesnt win our freedom or progression, but brings karma.

In the differences between people finding like minded souls to commune with helps I think.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

Thank you. Any ideas you can come up with will be very well received. Maybe we can nudge each other a bit that way. Love & Light!

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes, you are right. I have only found like minded souls online. Many of which through ATS. I am longing to find another person locally that is passionate about changing the same things in this world as me. The only thing I can do at this point is stand up straight and walk forward without anyone by my side. My fight for truth is my own, until someone else recognizes my truth is theirs. Then one become two, and two becomes four.

A few months back a member of ATS began starting a non profit think tank type of group for people like you and I. The interests of the members are all over the board, but the focus is the same. I think that is important.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by ExPostFacto

I've bookmarked this, thank for this link. This is what is needed for awareness. Locally there are more, in most areas, but people are separated, finding a way to start a simple group up, perhaps focusing on an item like seed banks, or environmental, clean energy, or growing food at home, or meditation group, sky watching, movie night with documentary shown, or flyers and an online site with many documentaries listed, might catch a few eyes.
I'm going to work on my forum a bit more and see if it can be promoted. If 5 can grow to 10, 20 or more, things can happen. If a community is limited, seeing the whole region might be needed initially.

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