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Dimension versus defining the science

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by IAmD1

Originally posted by polarwarrior
People who have never even been to or experienced these other planes of existance through astral travel or meditation are not qualified to claim the terminology unappropriate........

I disagree with you here...I am confused but does that mean that i have not experienced or been to the 'other' planes of existence?

IAmD1, IMO you are right on this issue.

although most people are not readily cognizant of their connection with the planes of existence that polarwarrior is referring to, we ALL nevertheless participate with these planes of existence actively every moment of our lives. scientists and spiritualists alike.

therefore: an explanation of this experience in scientific terms should be easily understood, correlated, and applied to the experience of any average human being. such an explanation should also be easily correlated with already established scientific principles.

but, as i said in my first post in this thread: EVERYONE is qualified to collect data in this field of study. there are no particular qualifications other than being alive.


for reference, if it may help bring clarification to anything i have posted, here are some links to other information i have authored with relevance to this subject:

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 02:30 AM
OK, as far off as converging mainstream science with metaphysical concepts it ill give it a shot for ya.

The term density describes a density, thats all. The question is then density of what? There is a fundamental energy to the universe ill call the aether. Those in the free energy crowd call it zpe, spiritual people call it kundalini, chi or prana, it has many names but its all basically the same thing. All of the fundamental forces, gravity, electromagnatism, strong and weak nuclear forces all emanate directly from the aeather. So too does all of matter, light and radiation etc. Everthing can be traced back to this one basis from which all else comes....its the missing link in the theories of everything. BTW consciousness is one of these fundamentals that emenates from aether. Aether is not taken seriously at all, possibly because the same term has been used to describe ludacris propostitions in the past.

So this fundamental energy vibrates, the terms you hear such as "raising my vibrations" are talking about increasing the frequency of this loving godlike energy. Essentially where the term density 3, 4, 5 etc come into play or shortend to 4d etc. Is because there exists discrete quanta boundries in octaves, when a boundry threshold density is reached the entire reality you percieve around you changes, essentially it feels as though youve entered another "dimension" in the way sci-fi would use the term. So the density itself has no set amounts it can be anything, but at specific levels all of reality, the fundamental forces, consciousness, matter all changes upon crossing the boundary density. There are seven major levels in our octave...we are on the third. Presumably there are infinity octaves, also there are sub octaves and sub sub octaves within each density. Entities progress through the octave each at thier own pace. There will be a chance to make the jump to the next level up in the coming years which is what everyone is talking about.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 01:15 AM
The inner world and the outer world are the same. We have only to recognize this, as the need becomes realised. There is only One of us.

Density is the rate at which molecules spin. Everything is a wave form manifesting unto itself. Collapsing and Emerging, repeatedly. Dimension is the state of space or bubble which holds reality intact, together, uniform.

Dimension is the state of space which holds matter together. Density is the rate at which matter is being manifested, so you could say that density is us, in a small fraction of who we are. Both of these function almost the same, and are co-related, and co-productive. One effects the other.

Visualize that our reality is One single circle. Now imagine there are many circles overlapping this One single circle. Imagine that there is only One circle and the other many circles are reflections of and within itself reflecting through expression of the outside world, from the inner world.

When the One single circle is aligned with itself, you have full realization. And all the other circles fade away. That it is just YOU, that is has allways been you. And then time stops, and you shift. Because there can only be you reflecting through reality, nothing out of sync with you can exist.

Imagine a line, this line is vibrating slowly and you can see multiple lines, when this line speeds up, it speeds up so fast to a point that you can only see one line, this is your true reality. We live in a place where there are many lines moving so slowy they LOOK like they are seperate and different, but they are the same line! When this line speeds up, it becomes to realise its the single line, and true reality can now be seen.

That line is reality, and everything, including you. You are not just seeing a single line, you are seeing a single line vibrating, when this line speeds up, everything comes into focus, and is more real than you could ever possibly imagine.

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 04:30 PM
When there is one line in singular focus, all of creation emerges and can be understood. I have done this many times. I remember being in a different place than this, and moving through time and space.

I am filled with light, I see my body no longer as physical, I see my body as light, or darkness. I have to work or I don't move. I am affraid of my own light. Yes its coming now~

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