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US Strategic Services leaked Sabotage Manual

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 08:16 AM
Upon searching ATS I could not find any thread regarding this. I came upon a pdf document titled "SIMPLE SABOTAGE FIELD MANUAL". his document was created in 1944 and released in 1963. Here is a screenshot of the said document

You can access the full document at Scribd at this url CIA Simple Sabotage Manual

This manual was possibly prepared for use in the period of WW2. The reason for which I want to highlight this document is the current state of affairs which mirror many steps laid out in the document. This document has steps explaining how to train people to sabotage their workplace, how to motivate saboteur, which tools to use and how to identify targets etcetera. For example paragraphs stating

(a) The ordinary citizen very probably has no immediate personal motive for committing simple sabotage. Instead, he must be made to anticipate indirect personal gain, such as might come with enemy evacuation or destruction of the ruling gov­ernment group. [...]. Abstract verbalizations about personal liberty, freedom of the press, and so on, will not be convincing in most parts of the world. In many areas they will not even be comprehensible.

(b)Since the effect of his own acts is limited, the saboteur may become discouraged unless he feels that he is a member of a large, though unseen, group of saboteurs operating against the enemy or the government of his own country and elsewhere. This can be conveyed indirectly: suggestions which he reads and hears can include observations that a particular technique has been successful in this or that district. Even if the technique is not applicable to his surroundings, another's success will encourage him to attempt similar acts. It also can be conveyed directly: statements praising the effectiveness of simple sabotage can be contrived which will be pub­lished by white radio, freedom stations, and the sub­versive press. Estimates of the proportion of the population engaged in sabotage can be disseminated. [...]
(c) More important than (a) or (b) would be to create a situation in which the citizen-saboteur acquires a sense of responsibility and begins to educate others in simple sabotage.

(2) Encouraging Destructiveness
It should be pointed out to the saboteur where the circumstances are suitable, that he is acting in self-defense against the enemy, or retaliating against the enemy for other acts of destruction. A reasonable amount of humor in the presentation of suggestions for simple sabotage will relax tensions of fear.

The thing to particular note within these lines are they can be used against anyone and also within the own country. It is obvious steps would have evolved since 1944 and would be more refined to suit the current state of affairs. After reading this document it reminded me of Iran's protest and several protests march within USA and acts of vandalism such as sending coffin to a congressman etc.

Just read the manual in it's entirety and answer me don't you think many events mirror the steps laid out in the manual? Is it possible some branch of government of using these techniques within USA today and also abroad?

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