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Water concerns

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posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 12:00 AM
The reason for this post is to express too all, the importance of water in the days to come.

I have survived in the wilderness (off grid) for almost 10 years now, free of any adverse health problems.

I fell very ill last Jan./Feb., and continues to this day. Chronic and acute abdominal, low back, mussel, joint and bone pain! Without going into the gory details, on any given day I may visit the bathroom up to 10 times a day.

Last month I broke one of my own golden rules and paid a visit to a clinic in town to see a doctor, only after exhausting all other resources. As expected they practiced and prescribed, to no avail. I have completely changed my diet 3 times, spent several thousand dollars on remedies and supplements, all to no avail.

This morning I ended up in the ER at the nearest Hospital 60 miles away. Full and complete blood tests, urinalysis, X-ray's and CAT scans (brutal experience), showed no admiralties or problems of any kind. I am currently waiting on a stool culture. I was released with the assumption that I consumed bad water.

I have spent many thousands of hours securing water over the last 10 years, for past, present and future consumption. I cannot express enough concern the importance of good drinking water in the days to come.

Conclusion... Use extreme caution what you consume, what is offered to you for consumption, and how you obtain, secure and store your drinking water!



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