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Religion is slavery, and god is obsolete.

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by Kaytagg
Religion is slavery.. It's quite possibly the best tyranny ever devised, because it has survived so very long, and it refuses to be stamped out in democracies and authoritarian regimes alike. It is a system of slavery that knows no political affiliation, prefered economy, or higherarchy of rule. It is the lowest common denominator of tyranny, exploiting the most fundamental flaws in human beings almost as if nature intended it to be that way.

If religion were an animal, it would probably be a parasite -- possibly a leech -- and it would see itself as fortunate, because nature created a host for it to feed off of. It hijacks humanity, and commandeer's our destiny. It is both the source of great achievements of social order, as well as detrimental setbacks, by the decree of cynics and psychopaths who are personified as God in the flesh -- or the closest thing to it.

And what about God, anyhow? Is he really so great? Why doesn't he ever show himself.. Why is he strangely absent when he is needed the most, and why does he become obsolete when uncertainty is be replaced with knowledge? To need a god in the 21st century, one must ignore what is already known about much of the universe. God's role has all but vanished completely, as the only atom of relevance left for a deity is to simply prove he exists at all, just for the sake of existing.

Where does that leave us, as people? What kind of person belongs to religion, and believes in god, in this stage? What purpose does he serve? What purpose do you serve, if you believe in him?

Are religious folk being taken advantage of, or are they doing what they were bread to do; is a worship of "god" inevitable, and what use does it have in the 21st century?

Since I am not sure if you are lumping religion in with believing in God,let me say that religion is bondage without a relationship with God, but a relationship with God brings real freedom, I mean freedom where it matters,
Of course, to a worldly minded person,freedom is only enjoyed through the five senses,and anything beyond that
you could not comprehend.

You ask why God is absent,you hint at why doesn't God prove himself,then you say that God's role has vanished.
But you really need to understand that God will not intervene in the life of one who only seeks to use him a spare tire.Another words you as a selfish human, who has probably said more than a few times,"that's not fair" ..well your concern about something being fair also applies to you.

You want God to perform for you,prove his self to you,be there when you want him, then say"leave me alone,
I want to do as I please". but what about your,"that's not fair mind set"

God would not be God if he proved himself in order for you to believe in him,in fact I would not worship a God
that lowered himself to your standards.

But God will prove himself to the believer and I can honestly say that God has proved himself to me,and he has worked miracles in my life, here is just a short list...God once prevented me from commiting suicide before I came to him, I have even been in a situation when I was between jobs and didn't have my car payment, I humbled myself and prayed for help.

God was the only one who new about my situation,then two days later,a lady at church gave me a check for the exact amount of my car payment, also once I had plantar warts on the soles of my feet,that normally have to be cut out,my husband prayed for me, then sometime later, I noticed they were completely gone.

Three years ago,I bought a house,the very next year we decided to sell.The house was over a hundred years old
and the timbers under the house were infested with termites,I prayed and asked God if he would intervene
so we could get enough to pay off the house and have 10,000 left over for a down payment on another house,
But instead of getting 10,000 more, we got 62,000 more than what we paid just the year before, and that was when houses were not selling.

Yes God is great, yes he shows himself to me, and no he is not obsolete in my life, and he is not absent in my life,in fact he has made my life what it is today.

As far as what purpose I serve because I believe in God, well evidently, to school people like you, for one.

And it is also evident that you have no knowledge of the fact that todays laws against,murder and stealing and such were founded on the Ten Commandments,

So unless your cool with someone coming in and stealing your stuff,and killing someone you love.
Then you better recognize where the laws originally came from.

Oh btw, you can call on God out of a pure heart now, or you can wish you had some day.

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by Kaytagg

Religion is slavery, hence it is referred to as Beasts in the scriptures. There is a diference between religiosity and spirituallity: religiosity is governed by Satan, (hence Luke 4: 5-7), while spirituality is the enlightenment of the Spirit which you host as Life, which Spirit is also referred to as God. Religion is divisive and spirituality is fusion.

You might be a little confused by this, but to understand it better go to it contains 50 pages, which is too long to post on this thread.
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