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Astral Projection Journal

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:34 AM
1:18 Am
Saturday, May 1

I laid down in bed to attempt astral projection for the first time in three years at approximately 12:30 am. I removed all covers from myself and started with breathing exercises to slow my heart rate.

After relaxing all of my muscles and attaining a calm breathing pattern I began to feel myself almost sinking into my own mind. It felt...bigger, wider, deeper. I honestly do not know how long I laid here but i believe I came as close to astral projection as I have ever come. At one point, different things were firing in my brain, quick snaps of colors and things. I think I even recall some sort of beast like a dinosaur or something...I was snapping in and out of different places or's all so hard to describe and I have no real lucid memory of any of it.

I remember my eyelids..or perhaps my eyeballs, almost vibrating. They were moving so rapidly! The light from the lamp in the room began to illuminate my eyelids and that's when a shadow crossed over them. I instinctively opened my eyes at this. Yet, they continued to twitch and I couldn't control my odd blinking.

I felt as though I were half in my body and half though I could feel the contours of my face...against my face? It was like a pulling feeling as though I were...I can't describe it. I found a focal point on the ceiling and started willing it towards myself, as if I could pull it towards me (as instructed to do) and it felt as though it were working.

However, my experience ended quite abruptly. I just sort of snapped back as though I lost my...I don't know, projection? I don't expect any of this dialogue to be comprehensible. I'm writing with only fragments and feelings, hardly conclusive or hard facts to lay out in plain English. What did I see?

Something a shirt...

A soldier...

Yellow and blue; like colorful flashes of lightning..

A voice...

Someone there? Standing in a doorway?

What a wild trip. The part that surprised me wasn't even necessarily the half oobe, it was the...whatever you call them...images or visions. It was all so colorful and so fast, like moving through a colorful tunnel at warp speeds...and yet, I can't really recall it, and in the end, I was very abruptly kicked back This all occurred just before I started feeling really grounded in my body and attempting to extend myself outwards.

I don't know...

Because of a sense of urgency to expand my mind lately I've been stepping out of old boxes and testing theories for myself; experiments if you will. I'm usually pretty logical but this...

This was beyond...


posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by acapablemind

This is pretty neat and I am jealous. Why? I've been so busy and tired from work recently that I can't do anything interesting. Just crash out tired.

Hope you continue your research and post here!

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by chorizo4

Well thank you for taking the time to read my post. As I [tried] to mention above, this is new for me. I've been a Christian for two years and consider myself a pretty logical and intelligent guy. I read about politics, law, science, philosophy, religion, etc. My point is, I try my best to find the truth in all things and pursue knowledge and wisdom.

With that said I've just been reading too much materials lately, had too many relative coincidences, etc to continue shrugging off some of these practices. Science tells me there is so much about the brain I don't understand. Religion tells me there is so much about the soul I don't understand. They both tell me there is so much about the universe I don't understand. So I'm making an attempt to unlock some doors that have been locked. No matter how crazy the idea (astral projection being a point in subject) I'm willing to research it and experiment for myself.

Obviously I'm not going to start sacrificing goats or communicating with trees, but my interest has been peaked. Again, thanks for reading man and get some rest. As Proverbs says, have the wisdom not to work yourself to death. Find some peace and quiet yeah?

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 06:28 AM
Hi ACapableMind

I'm not sure how much you've read about Astral Projection and the process but i felt like i could add my 2c worth in case you find something in my post you didn't already know.

First of all you have to remember you are consciousness, you navigate the higher dimensions with intention. First of all what your trying to achieve is the transfer of your consciousness off anything in the 3rd dimension and into the 4th dimension, to do this, obviously, one needs to remove the focus off anything that keeps your consciousness focused here. So what does this include? Well, one needs to take focus off thoughts as they stem from the mind, this is why one can't astral project with a rambling mind. Secondly you need to take the focus off the physical body, sleep is what we use to achieve this, so we try to put the body and the mind to sleep while we retain consciousness. Typically an average person would enter the astral plane unconscious, they would start thinking about work for the next day or the family and before they know it they have gone into a daydream but also sent the body to sleep, then their consciousness becomes a silent witness to the process of astral projection and the mind controls the astral projection which means the consciousness only witnesses dreams, sometimes scattered and unclear because the mind is not your consciousness, your consciousness is witnessing your mind creating/expressing itself in the astral plane.

I used to liken it to the effect of someone becoming drunk, everything becomes dream like and you seem to not be in control of what you do, you lose a portion of your consciousness and the control then gets handed over to the basic instincts. We are not our thoughts, we are consciousness, if you seperate yourself and observe your thoughts you realise that your the observer, and this observer has the ability to percieve far greater than the person you thought you were, the person lost in thought most of the day (by the way, they call this the "ego" or the "false self")

OK, so when you've taken focus off the physical body and the mind and witness the sleep process you'll notice that you start percieving your astral body, this is because all focus is now off the 3d environment. Then what you'll find is that you can feel this body more and more and more until your consciousness is completely transitioned into it, at that point you've successfully merged into the lighter/denser astral body and are then free to navigate the 4th dimension.

The process of alchemy/sexual magic is to create more higher dimensional bodies for yourself, this allows you to leave the physical body and have enough consciousness when you die so that you do not need to re-incarnate. Because peoples unconscious thoughts dominate them most of the time they don't liberate themselves from the 3rd dimension and their psyche is dominated by the ego, this is why it's important to shed the ego so that when we die we have higher dimensional bodies we can use consciously and we don't have to come back to learn how to leave again.

Good luck with your astral projection!

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 06:34 AM
Me again

I thought this may be useful - Great summary on the false self or the "ego"

I was raised christian but found my truth in Gnosis and also find the law of one text quite useful and intriguing.

Please feel free to PM me if you want to learn more. I certainly don't want to intrude on anyone's faith, this is just the path i've chosen.

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by raiden12

That was an awesome article on 'ego'. Well thought out and presented. It's common psychology but I love the address between the lines. In regards to what you said about Astral Projection; you may need to clarify it a bit more for me. I follow the general concept of what you're saying...but the specifics are lost on me. Perhaps you can respond to my pm with a more detailed break down of the process?

Thanks a lot!


posted on May, 1 2010 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by raiden12

My friend, that was beautifull and very good. I support you 100%.

I could add: try to remember yourself all the day or at least 1 hour before bed.
The problem is not to astral travel, that's easy. The hard part is to remember.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 12:19 AM
Great stuff!!!!!!! I had my second AP so far.

To avoid falling into the trap of being another Clone, you might want to stay away from written literature on beyond 3rd dimensional subjects, I would also stay away from the influence of politics, law, science, philosophy and religion. All things that were created as a coping and understanding mechanism for 3rd dimensional minds. That knowledge does nothing but taint the experiences of the metaphysical and higher realms.

You will find worldly education completely useless in the world of 4th density and above. Instead, tap only into the Ether that is the global consciousness, Quantum mind.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 01:26 AM
Completely agree with you Manbird,

Absolutely nothing assimilated here to do with the society is relevant in the higher dimensions, it's actually amusing what we've created here for ourselves and how it blinds us and keeps us within the "game" that the controllers enjoy manipulating so much.

The universe is absolutely teeming with life, once you step outside the box and realise its all one big joke you can get on with the greater journey which is returning to who you really are which is the universe itself. It's a journey that has been going on for eternity and you join a long line of revolutionaries who recognised the greater truth and decided to seek the self, not just from this planet or dimension but from many many others as well.

The good news is people are catching up to the idea that "all is not what it seems" and are starting to seek the truth, this eventually leads them to this same information over time and once enough people understand the point of being here we can change this society for the better and take it back from the powers that be trying to manipulate us. A revolution if you will.

I believe the next revolution will be so massive it will defy most peoples imagination. I think were in for one hell of a ride and it's already started.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by manbird12000 Instead, tap only into the Ether that is the global consciousness, Quantum mind.

Man, Quantum mind...

This is so far beyond my understanding. I've only begun studying quanta and I have to say, formal education would be best! But I'm curious to ask which theory you mean here? How is that applicable to AP?

I don't mean to sound ignorant, I just don't know yet. Thanks in advance!


posted on May, 2 2010 @ 01:42 AM
When we meditate the idea is to take the focus off the thoughts originating from the mind, the "observation" mode - you can actually do it at any time even right now. There's another "you" that you can kind of "lock" into if you try as hard as you can, simply use all your senses to simply be here in the present moment and start watching the mind intensely, imagine that you are observing your own mind and the world around you, when you see your mind starting to talk and make comments imagine that as seperate to who you are, as if you were directly looking at the thoughts from another perspective.

Once you master it what you'll find is you get very intense shifts in your perspective, you'll find a new "self" to lock into and this self is beyond the mind. The more you practice this and develop this perspective you'll realize that this "you" is far superior than being in the mind day to day. This new "you" has much more intuition, stability, clarity than the mind. This is also the way you return to your true self, it's through consciousness. Once you start to master it you'll find the mind is a distraction, it's what kept you from being able to see yourself the whole time and it needs to be removed so your consciousness is free to perceive much more beyond the mind. If you persevere enough to remove the ego you'll find that your consciousness can see beyond time itself and it originates in higher dimensions. It's also a return to the "quantum mind" mentioned above.

This is a basic overview, but it's something truly aw inspiring when you realize it's true and see it with your own consciousness, the whole universe around you changes completely.

*Just as an added note, i guess you could say this is the "way out" when people meditate and want to go beyond the mind. It's all about breaking free of the mind and then kind of picking a destination to use your consciousness to navigate to.

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by facedo

Completely agree Facedo,

The consciousness is who we really are, our OBE's and Dreams are scattered and we can't remember them very well because our consciousness was not strong enough to observe the experience. Once we remove the ego we strengthen the consciousness, more of "us" is then able to observe the dreams and they become more clear and stronger. This has the added advantage of showing us exactly what we need to remove as the ego is creating our dreams. Eventually, we'll remove significant portions of the ego and our consciousness will be strong enough to take control in the dreams "aka Astral Projection" or "Lucid Dreaming" and then we are free to navigate the higher dimensions consciously.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 02:33 AM
I believe i've Astral projected two times that i'm sure of. Both times happened because i really wanted them to happen, i layed there and kept saying to myself "I will have an OBE, I will have an OBE" and i kept that intention in the back of my mind aswell as staying as still as possible, thats the only way it has ever worked for me.

The first time it happend my whole entire body began to vibrate and i mean really vibrate, i can't explain it, it was realy intense and it shocks the hell out of you when it first happens. I then lifted my arm and it felt just as real as lifting your arm normaly except there is a sence of wieghtlessness, i then lifted my chest and then finally my head which was the hardest part to detacth it felt like my head was sticking as velcro would but i eventually detatched it. i then stood up and couldn't believe that i was actually doing this but i didn't think about it too much because i didn't want to ruin the moment. i then looked at my bedroom window and decided i wanted to float toward it, so i stomped my foot to push off and low and behold i started floating toward it. This started to freak me out a bit and i noticed myself becomming quiete fearful and as i was about to go through the window i could feel myself being pulled back to my body, and quite quickly i was sucked back into my body, but it wasn't instantanious like waking up from a dream, i felt myself slip back into my body and my head was the last to slide in and as soon as it did i woke.

The second time was similar but more scary, i don't have time to type it all out but if anyone would like to hear about it i'll gladly post it later.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 08:24 AM
Maybe people of this thread would find my thread on journal keeping interesting, maybe not, but il post the link below.


posted on May, 2 2010 @ 06:23 PM
02:30 AM
May 2, 2010

Tried AP again, wasn't very successful. In fact, my meditation was okay at best, and afterward, every thing else just kind of went down hill. Sunny (one of our pet rats) was active and ardent in making noise and it just seemed as though as it wasn't meant for that night.

Lots of noise, getting kicked by my girlfriend in her sleep, etc.

Will try tonight.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 02:41 AM
May 3, 2010

My girlfriend and I put in the movie 'Avatar' and quietly snuggled away under the covers as the night drew to a close. I knew that this would induce a sleep state. My hypothesis: If I could fall asleep and some how manage to wake up again, I could once more let my body fall asleep while keeping my mind awake as needed to AP. It worked for the most part and I felt as though I reached the stage prior to vibrations.

However, an odd factor of all three attempts thus far; it seems as though the room suddenly jumps with activity when I'm reaching any point close to the actual projection. The lamp suddenly becomes brighter, our rats begin climbing their cage and making noise, my girlfriend tosses and ticks and groans, etc. All natural nocturnal phenomena and yet it seemingly culminates in unison and builds into this chaotic distraction. It feels intentional. Of course, feelings aren't necessarily empirical data, but in an experiment like this, every factor counts. By intentional I do not mean I think someone or something wants to hinder me astral projecting. However, perhaps it's a process of the brain in response? Any thoughts?

Rats are naturally nocturnal and my girlfriend's sleeping habits may only seem exasperated by the stillness of my mind in the moment. After all, if I was asleep I wouldn't notice. One remedy I've come up with is to try this during the day. Artificial lighting isn't needed, Sunny and Olive will be asleep, and the girlfriend won't be. This would, in theory, remove the distractions I'm facing by doing my AP attempts at night. Of course I may be forced to avoid new distractions during the day (traffic, lawn mowers, chain saws, motorcycles, you name it).

AP Method: I'm using an old method that I am familiar with. I lay down and remove all distractions (in theory anyways) and cover myself with a thin comforter so as to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Loose, comfortable clothing is worn. I use a breath counting technique that is just a simpler form of breath meditation to calm the waters of my mind. I also try to flex and relax all the muscles in my body (those of which I'm capable of flexing and relaxing). When undisturbed I can usually reach a sleep state with a conscious mind.

Here is my crux in the program: I'm not sure what to do once I've reached this point. I've tried concentrating on floating away, vibrations, willing myself out, a body weight similar to that of a bubble (light as a bubble!), etc. Nothing seems to work. With all of this sudden brain activity I manage to think myself right out of my state and within a few minutes am totally cognizant and awake. My question to everyone is this: When you reach that state of body asleep/mind awake, what do you do? I even tried simply asking for help as mentioned in other threads.

How does one recognize the being upon the precipice of an astral projection? I've heard/read about the wind rushing, vibrations, etc. I would imagine it is an obvious phenomena when experienced. However, I mean prior to. What signals do you look for?

Thanks a lot!


posted on May, 3 2010 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by acapablemind

This is exactly what I was looking for - at least ONE other person who mentions the weird blinking/vibrations and rapid eye movements. I was expecting the body tingling and vibration-like feeling, but not the insane eye movements during my experience.

Today was the closest I feel that I've gotten to AP. However, my entire body and face starting.... convulsing, it felt like... so badly that my eyelids eventually flew open on their own despite my trying to keep them shut so I wouldn't get distracted. I looked around the room as my body still felt tingly and airy, and for a few seconds I actually thought it may have worked. I stood up and walked over to my bedroom door and almost felt like I was floating. Bottom line is, I think something happened like I forgot to breathe or had some sort of anxiety, because I was shaking and my heart was racing. Maybe the convulsion-like feelings were just from a lack of oxygen in my case

Either way, thanks for your story. I don't feel quite as worried now.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by notsleeplessINseattle

Perhaps what you were experiencing was REM sleep? Now, I don't pretend to be an expert but rapid eye movement sleep is exactly what the title infers. Other characteristics are irregular breathing and heart beat. I believe this is a logical explanation for what you experienced, however as I said, I'm no expert.

Maybe you should Google REM and see if you find anything that explains your experience(s)? Thanks for reading the thread! Good luck with your APs!


posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by notsleeplessINseattle

I'm in the same boat as you guy. I've only seriously tried astral projection a few times but now I'm starting to wonder if perhaps its simply one just staying with their consciousness while the mind/body goes to sleep. When I try I start off getting my body completely relaxed in that I focus my best on breathing and from then on it naturally shifts to my mind wandering. More so wandering in the context of its almost as if theres a race with words in my head like a nonstop-flowing river in which the thoughts are perpetual and in a moments past, I already had forgotten what I last thought of, but if I dwell on it then the flow is gone and I'm pretty much awake.

Meanwhile this is going on mentally, I notice a few things occur physically with my body. At the beginning phase as I'm starting to meditate I feel like my body is "testing" to see if I'm asleep or not so I get a few twitches down at the ankle/calf area... cool, then I get a few twitches up the thigh.... cool, then a few twitches on my arms, then my eyelids, and from that point my eyes start fluttering wildly back and forth, to and fro to the point of its difficult to keep the flow in my mind going because of the distraction my eyes put forth, but as well I noticed that it was at that point I started noticing visuals in that it looked like a sphere-like object imploding and reshaping/forming a moment after. Then as a combination to the eyes constantly fluttering, the visuals, my breathing gets a little heavier in that I can't help my excitement that I can't keep my thoughts going and I just wind up woken up a little more frustrated than before.

Any suggestions ACM towards trying to maneuver past that point (if you get the eye movement as well), or anything of the like for us beginners?

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:32 AM
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