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Peer Pressure

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posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 11:27 PM
This is a story that I wrote today. Please feel free to tell me what you think. Your criticism is appreciated.

"Hurry up"
"Yeah, come on Evy"
I took a deep breath of the warm, humid late August country air. 'You're an idiot, its impossible' I thought. I looked down from the seat of my year old CCM bike. It was in pretty good condition for the use I had gotten out of it so far. My right shoelace was undone and hanging. Quickly I reacched down and tightened it as tight as is humanly possible, to the catcalls of my watchers. I didn't care, to pull this off evrything had to be right.
" Are we going to be here all day"
I scowled at them and their annoying catcalls. I pushed down on the right pedal of my bike. I was headed straight for the ramp made of a broken picnic table. Two of its legs had been broken off and now it was tilted on a slant. When I neared the end of the paved outdoor basketball court I turned around. Everybody else groaned. I looped around, gaining speed and feeling the wind fly through my hair. It wasn't enough speed yet. I looped around again, but this time my crowd was silent. I turned back at the ramp and now my legs were pumping wildly. Now I had the speed that I needed; or so I thought.
I didn't turn for another loop, not this time, I flew off of the the pavement. Across the dying brown, trampled down grass I went. Then a horrible feeling went through my mind, I was slowing down. I was pedalling like mad, but all the same, I was slowing down on the beaten path that the kids who went to school here followed every day at recess. I looked up at everybody else and saw the look of awe on their faces. I couldn't stop then, they would definately tease me forever if I did, but I would be a hero if I could just hold on. I started pedaling as hard as could. I wasn't gaining speed, but I wasn't losing any, and that was what mattered. I could do this.
Flying down the final stretch my legs went on me. They were just too tired from the ten kilometers I had just biked to get here. It was too late to stop now. I felt my front tire hit the picnic table, and I thought that I was going to die. My eyes were wide as plates, in fear. The front tire was nearing the end of the end of the jump, I pulled back on the handlebars with all of my might, so that I would the mazimum amount of air I could, I would need it. Then I was soaring through the air. It was the greatest sensation in the world. There were butterflies in my stomachas all of a sudden, I started to fall. The last thing I felt was my back tire nailing the very tip of the picnic table I was jumping over.
Then everything went black. I awoke to find everybody at my side howling with laughter. I was sprawled out on the ground beside my bike. There was a sharp pain in my left leg, but that was nothing compared with how much my collarbone hurt. Its amazing how much more false bravery other people give you. It wasn't something that I would ever think of doing alone. When I look back on it, the points where I was most motivated to go on were when I saw and thought about the others. From that point on I never fell to the peer pressure again

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 11:48 AM
Good story! Did this happen to you?

Peer pressure is something i believe we have all had to deal with at some point,

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

And i hope we get to see more,

Welcome to Ats.


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