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Obama is against Illegal Immigration

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 09:06 AM

-Then Senator Obama
We live in a country of laws. We don't do things sort of based on one person's situation no matter how painful."

Watch HERE

Well at least he was until he decided he can break promises without any consequences...

So he has backtracked on raising taxes for individuals/families who make under $250k..

Everything in Washington will be transparent and will be televised on C-Span...

I thought he made promise that he was not going to have lobbyists working for his administration when most of his Czars, advisers, lawyers have Lobbyist & Union ties....

He promised to curb health care costs as his baby the "HCR" was meant to lower costs, but as we just found it is meant to increase costs...

Also he had promised several times that medicare will not be affected but strengthened and no Rationing of Care or DEATH PANELS, guess what Greenspan had to say about that...

How do you zombies continue to defend this fool?

Seriously how much are you guys getting paid to defend this fool and see your very own Country being brought down from within. I guess its unfair for me to even suggest your Country as your allegiance might be with some other entity if you continue to allow this to happen.

Time to kick this Teleprompter junkie and all of those corrupt Dems & Repubs out of office.

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