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Why should I trust what humans tell me about God?

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:02 PM
99% of organized religions are, IMO, the biggest scams in human history...and are actually taking us farther, instead of closer, to the truth.

OP with all due respect I am getting so sick and tired of hearing this biggest scam nonsense.

seriosuly. Come on, my best friend is a sacristine in our Church. All the money goes to homeless shelters and building repairs in which the roof alone cost 100,000 to repair.

and the fact is that God taught the exact opposite which means the authors who supposedly wanted to create a scam used a blatant hypocritical statement for no apparent reason whatso ever.

and priest make no dough. I know priest at our church. They are mad broke. They give up everything for souls. The good ones.

It's not a scam. The church was created to teach souls about God, which is why Christ came to this earth and will come again, and to setup a sacrafice that leads souls to a burning love that cannot be put into words.

I am a testament myself, as a kid Godless, making fun of communion, but now I realise what it does for the soul.

this is why religion was created and his church. So god can reveal himself to his people./

Ok suppose God is real. What is he supposed to do? leave souls in the dark? Not leave his story in a book? Written word is the way of communication.

and you say.

" why trust humans "

Why not?

I trust them because I know they were just. I wouldn't scam people. why would God allow his souls to be scamed?

where is the justice? Justice is something in our soul installed by God. He wouldn't allow that.

and the real question is.

Why do i trust humans who tell me Christ was fake, God isn't real, Gods an alien, or that make fun of him for no apparent reason?

Why trust them?

At some point and time somebody has to be trusted because the world is owned by God. He aint gonna allow scammers to run everything. Justice will be done at some point.

I trusted and I seen miracles. If you trust I garuntee you OP you will not only see miracles but great ones. You display one ounce of faith and mark my words you will see God work in your life in more ways than one.


posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:09 PM
and think about this statement.

" taking us further from the truth "

That's no possible IMO because there is only one truth and God. he left his story. So if God doesn't leave his story in a book which is common sense.

Than man takes over and creates all types of lies, stuff they don't know about, create a world full of devices, movies that lie, all different, create a society run by machines, wierd ideas, all divided and run by governements who own weapons of mass destruction.

sound familiar?

This age right now like the prophets predicted is the last age. technology and sin and loss of faith are the key indications of the last world war.

peace op.

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