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I Love You - Te Quiero - Je'Taime

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 10:01 AM
You may not know this, but I love you.
I really do.

Although I may have no idea who you are,
or what you have done in your life,
regardless, I love you.

Has anyone ever told you what love is?
Has anyone ever bothered to explain it to you?
Do you have even the slightest idea of what it is?

Love is eternal.
It is all around us, wherever we go.
It can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, and smelled.
But you can not describe it.
No set of words can define love.

I love you because I see myself in you.
I know that deep down, we are one.
We are brothers and sister of the same family.
We are but mere leaves of the tree of life.

It is a feeling unknown to man.
We are unenlightened and disconnected.
We despise all those who are different than ourselves.
We argue over the smallest of things.
We fail to see the beauty in each human spirit.
We are lovers of hate, and we like it.
But not anymore.

There lies within each one of us the key to free ourselves.
The shining sun, dimmed to one percent of perception.
That essence within than is the seat of the soul.
That thing that makes us, us.
The sacred I AM.

Who are you? A student? A person? A musician? A carpenter?
Who are you really?
And what are you doing here?

The answer slips away from the tip of our tongues.
There is a raging desire to know, but we are not there yet.
We do what brings us pleasure, and that's okay.
But what pleasure surpasses all others?
What could possibly be more pleasurable than sex, money, fame, power, and knowledge? What more is there?
The answer is obvious.

So I will say it again, I love you.
Because everyone wants to be loved.

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