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It's Official: Charlie Christ Running As An Independent!

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 12:30 AM

Well, if we need anymore proof that the teapartiers have forced the GOP to purge anyone with a whiff of moderation, here it is. This is potentially great news for the democratic candidate, as the republican vote will be split as it was when Palin stuck her nose into that special NY congressional race that resulted in the dem. upset.

Another race to watch is McCain's seat in Arizona. If his radical primary challenger wins the republican primary, polls show the democrat in good shape to pull the upset. Strictly from a strategic sense, it's my gut feeling that the new immigration law in AZ was like the GOP hitting a beehive, and could be the start of a highly energized hispanic vote that interferes with the expected celebration the GOP is anticipating this November.

Election 2010: Arizona Republican Primary for Senate

John McCain 47%
J.D. Hayworth 42%
Some other candidate 2%
Not sure 8%

Keep it up Palin and Company!


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