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illuminarty?? new world order??

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 05:51 PM
hey people sorry if this is going to sound dumb but its really stressing me out why do people allways use the illuminarty in context with new world order? its like whenever they say new world order! guaranteed somewhere soon after they will talk about illuminarty. are theese two names the same thing? because i allways thought that illuminarty was a group of people who became famous for questioning the bilbles beliefs and using science to prove that there was no god.

and i allways thought that new world order was people like the rich, famous, and the goverment, and basically a select few who try to control the everyday persons way of living or thinking. so can someone plz explain how these two allways get brought up together and why people claim such artists as rhianna, jay z and many more are part of this so called illuminarty. well if thats the case that only means then that they dont beleive in god right?

cos after all thats what the illuminarty are known for but yet people make this big deal about it and start saying that they are doing all types of subliminal messaging but that would fall under the catergory of new world order. thats what they do with all the subliminal messages and the whole big brother thing. so can someone plz plz help im confused .com right now ha ha

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 06:37 PM
i think the illuminati are ment to be a part of the NWO and its the one people like to use the most because its a cool word

so yep it the the same thing in most peoples eyes

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 02:23 AM
ok but then if the new world order is same as the illuminarty that would mean all the people who are believed to be in the new world order ie bush,obama,and all theese other stars are sac religeous.

meaninig they dont believe in god because thats the whole thing with the illuminarty they aimed to prove god wasent real by using science. but alot of people who are accused of been part of the nwo are really religeous so how could this be ??????????

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 03:34 AM
OP, unlike the vast majority posting on this sight I believe that "The Illuminati" are an old secret society no longer functioning in the world. This label, along with those involved with the "New World Order", are merely names which make for easy pigeon-holing without properly and critically thinking about the issues at hand. Its disconcertingly similar to the whole "terrorist" brand people keenly apply to anybody heralding from a different religious viewpoint, holding passions and ideas which entirely escape their narrow band of intelligence or understanding.

Catchy names for operations occuring beyond the realm of regular understanding, that is all. My opinion is that "The Illuminati" were disbanded centuries ago, period.

These mechanations, policies, etc ad nausuem which spell doom, disaster, corruption and further poverty for millions are not ALWAYS the concentrated and perpetual effort of closely knit "elites" planning wide-spread destruction and constriction upon greater humanity. Sometimes--dare I say often-times, they are merely a reflection of the absolute selfishness and callous-nature present in the human heart. A reflection of our spirit.
You are the world...never forget that axiom. Remember also that governments have far more to fear from private citizens working at private endeavours...and generally speaking politicians are so paranoid about losing their power that these "almighty, unholy workings" conspiracies only further serve to elevate their invisible strength and utter irrelevance.

What do you think the ever-present injection of vacuity and pointlessness into popular culture means other than the distraction of people from anything approaching critical thinking about the "life" they're "forced" to accept?

You are free. Period. Don't let the paranoia brew until it feels inescapable. Fight for your unhindered operation in your only life...and screw the ensnaring rubbish. That is all.

Muchos love and serenity to you sir/madam.

[edit on 29-4-2010 by Milleresque]

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