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It's not their fault

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 11:31 AM
I keep reading these threads where someone in the government is just trashy and they make the whole world worse and TPTB are trying to control the whole population. Enough. First, it's not their fault, it's ours. Everyone is mad because they keep submitting themselves to a system that is designed to keep the rich, rich, free, and above the law, and everyone else under the thumb of whoever is calling the shots at at the time. The financial system, wall street, the banks are just the way they want. The legal, judicial system is just the way they want. The housing and food market is just the way they want it. You are all mad at it because you don't understand it.
The people in the gov. know how it is set up. That's why they stay. It is there to keep them in the power loop. Born Politicians. By your willful compliance in this system you are re-inforcing exactly what they believe you are. Too uneducated to pull yourselves out of their loophole mess. If you will study law vs. constitutional law, you will see we do not operate under the provisions in the constitution. That has been written away and we have voted for everyone that has done it to us.
Voting is broken. You cannot have an accurate count without individual, seperate, countable votes. Anything on the computer is hackable
so when you vote, you empower the counters to fill in who they want, which has been more than obvious once or twice.
If you want to be mad, be mad, but at yourself. Every individual that uses a bank makes the bank stronger. Every person that invests in wall street makes them stronger. If you want to invest, invest in your community. Grow your own food, and make a neighborhood that supports what you stand for.
Anyone who joins the military should know by now that they lie. If you get involved you support the industrial military complex. It's a schooling for murder program. You are probable better off doing whatever you want to do without the wars.
You don't have to be subject to the law as we know it. You just have to know the law, then you can by-pass it like all the politicians and lawyers, who are only busted when they piss-off someone higher than them in the power-loop. You don't have to break the law to not be subject to it. If you want to educate yourself so that you are not the one's protecting their systems by ignorance, please do so, but please quit whining about the law you think they are breaking until you know they are breaking it. I know this link is here already but here is a good place to start.

P.S. I am not saying the law is right, that is another post. But it is up to us to get rid of the laws that are bs and are only there to protect powerful interests.

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 11:50 AM
The people of this planet have lived under the oppressive yoke of the few. This is due to the subjegation of the planets free will by deception. The deception is erroding and will soon reveal the true nature of the exploitation. Free will is a law of the Cosmos. Those who subjegate free will by force or deception will not be allowed to operate, for this would lead to a violation of interplanetary law. The inhabitants of this planet are presently awakening and are in various stages of awakening. It will then be up to the individual to continue to believe the current illusion and thereby attempt maintain the current status quo or formulate a new reality. It is advised that those who harken to my words should choose to formulate a new reality, this is most advisable. This would concure with the transition into the 4th dimension which is at hand. A desire to remain in the present situation in the third dimension will require movement to another 3 D planet. This will require the death process. The choice is to be made by the individual.


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