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Huge Laser Aims to Create Star on Earth

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by spikey

No, it's not going to be self sustaining. It's going to be fed fuel to keep it burning, most likely hydrogen (as this is what the sun uses). The only reason the sun is self sustaining is because of the huge gravitational forces in operation. No such forces will be seen here though, as it won't be big enough.

As I said earlier, a shot with the Uber-laser to start the reaction and the fuel will keep it going. Or at least that's the ultimate goal.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by TheOracle
How is this great news?
We already have a huge star called The Sun, blessing us with its energy for all for free.

With the slight problem of the sun being 146 million km away from us, the rays losing power on that long journey and then it's energy having to get through the Earth's EM field and then through our atmosphere to arive at our doorstep at a fraction of it's original power. Solar power is inefficient.

Anyway, the title is inaccurate. It's not a star, but a fusion reaction similar to that of a star that they are trying to create.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by RobertAntonWeishaupt

Dear: Robert

Answer to your first question:

Like I said above the article in question is grossly misrepresenting the technology; the laser that they are stating is three football fields long is actually a series of 192 lasers in total; these lasers are directed to a center point within a sphere; at the center point there is an injector that releases hydrogen; the lasers ignite the hydrogen gas; the hydrogen implodes; when the hydrogen implodes their hope is the lasers will compress the imploding hydrogen atoms into a very dense mass and cause the transconfiguration of the molecule into helium which will release a great deal of thermodynamic energy in pulses; not unlike the surface of the sun. The current process of nuclear power leaves many harmful properties behind which we have to deal with later; whereas this process is very clean leaving behind no harmful toxins. Harnessing this energy would be in the form of steam production which then would be used in steam turbine engines for electrical generation. Nuclear power costs an estimated 2.4 cents a Kw hour this process would cost an estimated .7 a Kw hour; with no byproduct to deal with later.
We currently have over 50 Nuclear power plants that need 3.2bil in retrofitting and reconstruction each; the difference in converting these plants with this form of technology over a 10 year span would be beneficial to the US consumer.

The current test is using hydrogen produced through steam reforming from hydrocarbons; this of course is not a very efficient way of producing hydrogen in a sustainable system. The cost of this process alone is very expensive but, companies such as my own are working on much more efficient ways of producing mass hydrogen production in a sustainable manner. Although I have seen and studied many of the other companies methods of production of hydrogen; I can really only speak of my own method of solving this problem.

I have been working on a method of hydrogen production that is very different then the majority of companies that are currently working on the same problem. As a Molecular Physicist, I am focusing on the production of hydrogen through the atomic breakdown of D2O or Deuterium Oxide. The majority of physicists and engineers that have seen my prototype hydrogen generator call it a Hybrid process of electrolysis with some key differences. I am breaking the molecule of D2O through resonating waves of energy disrupting the molecular covalent bond structure of the molecule. In this process much less energy is needed to produce mass quantities of hydrogen roughly 65amps currently producing 175lpm. Although this process is not perfected as of yet; I feel we can achieve the 165,000lpm needed for true energy production. The problem is not the ability to achieve our energy production goals but, having the proper funding for research. It is extremely expensive to work in this field, material costs, lab costs, testing costs, etc… If the proper funding from the public were in place instead of researchers trying to attain funding from University’s, private grants, or Angel Investors who simply are not there, you would all have this technology now.
Although the current establishment speaks so much about creating renewable energy sources, they have built an impenetrable wall around funding for these projects. I have received several hundred e-mails from the EPA, CARB, and even have been visited by other Government Official from other Countries; they are excited about the technology until they realize how far along we have become.

You see it is better for them to use the technology we are working on as a political platform then it is for them to actual solve our current energy crisis. When they realize that we are on the cutting edge of a real breakthrough in energy technology, they begin to create obstacles so that you cannot achieve the real goal of the technology; or they simply try to steal your technology outright. The one major obstacle standing in the way of gaining funding is; the minute you try and go public with your technology to raise research capital they give you one year to patent the technology or it becomes public domain. As it is virtually impossible to achieve this goal unless you are already done with your research no Angel Investor wants to touch your project. This is just one simple example of the types of hoops that we have to jump through in this field of study.

Understand that the article written by the MSM is there simply to buffalo the public into believing they are really trying to solve the real crisis at hand. I assure you they are not! ATS is about conspiracies and theories; if a real group of ATS members were to crack this can of worms open; I can assure you that it would be the biggest story ATS has ever done; even bigger then 9/11 or aliens.

185 Scientist started this research in the mid 80’s there are only a handful of us left, the rest are all dead do to mysterious circumstances. Understand the only reason for L&L doing this research and publishing about it is because the Government is in control of their research. I will not go into detail right now but, my own life story being in this field of technology would scare the hell out of most people. I am saying that not to invite criticism but, only as a single point to my statement above.



posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by MolecularPhD

Thank you, Molecular PhD!

I think you shed a good deal of light on the behinds the scenes nightmare of your field.

Considering what you know about the resistance that the research in this area has met, would you say it is fair to say that no energy source currently in use has been allowed to reach its full potential? The implications of such are vast.

As to all the mysterious deaths you mention, any names that could maybe set out researchers around these parts on interesting paths?

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by RobertAntonWeishaupt

They’re many names that could be listed but there a few that no doubt stand out from the rest.

#1: Eugene Mallove Ph. D. (Cold Fusion Researcher)
#2: Joseph Morrissey Ph. D. (Resonating Sound Wave Technology)
#3: Amy Bishop Ph. D. ( New Energy Foundation)
#4: Shahram Amiri Ph. D. ( Advanced Nuclear Research)
#5: Mahadevan Padmanabhan Iyer ( Advanced Material Engineer)

These are some of 185 scientists that I spoke of; and the list goes on and on. These individuals were involved in a high-classified US Gov. project called “Calypso”; Calypso is a project that’s focus was the reverse engineering of advanced technology originally found by the Germans in 1941 by Dr Hans Friedrich Karl Franz Kammler his team tried reverse engineering the technology when first found and designed a device he called the Di Glocke Machine. The problems found by his team was the design of a catalyst he named “Xerum 525” ; the device could only be run for minutes at a time because it released a massive amount of energy with radioactive properties. In 1945 Dr. Kammler and his team of researchers disappear from record; although there was speculation that he and his team committed suicide to keep the technology a secret. I have been studying Dr. Kammler’s work for the past fifteen years, it is my belief that he and his team were Captured by the US and brought to “Montauk” not in 1945 when the last record is found but prior to that maybe mid 1942. Much of the research that was performed at Montauk from 1942 to 1947 carries many of Dr. Kammler’s signature ideas.

Much of what I know about this project, I will not speak of in a public forum, as my family and I have had many threats made against us. I know how many ATS trolls will come out of the wood work to say “BS” and prove it and many, many other things along those lines but; I have nothing to gain by making this up. Anyone reading my prior posts in the field of Molecular Physics or any subject that I have wrote about here at ATS is welcome to a debate.



posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 05:23 PM
As soon as I read this, I thought of Spiderman 2. Not exactly the same but scary none the less.

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