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Cartoons with a message. How they are changing our world

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 04:19 AM
Recently there has been alot of news surrounding cartoons and the muslim religion. Particularly regarding the prophet Muhammed.

Most everyone has seen the stories about Southpark being censored by comedy central and lotsof debates regarding free speech and censorship.
Also there was a story about a seattle artist Molly Norris and her online cartoons depicting images of the prophet Muhammed as well as Everybody Draw Muhammed Day" in which she also censored herself due to fear of retaliation from muslim extremists.

Personally i am disgusted that any american would censor themselves or even willingly allow themselves to be censored due to a climate of fear. I have posts on other forums regarding this and i wont cross post here but a google search of my name will yield my blogs and feelings on this topic.

If we give in to fear then it will only encourage those who use fear as a tool to keep using it and show them that it is a effective one at that. Personally i dont think handing over your 1st amendment rights in order to be safe is right.
As it has been said in times past, Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I recently came across this story of how Hamas has created a cartoon of an israeli soldier and his father.

Hamas cartoon

They are using it in the hopes of getting israel to agree to a prisoner exchange. They obviously believe in the power of cartoons to persuade. This is no surprise to me seeing as how other muslim extremists are persuaded by cartoons and drawings of muhammed to go and kill the artists.

The point to this thread is to show just how important a media cartooning is and how it is having a very real impact on our world.

Finally i came across a article about a new comic book created by a kuwaiti citizen who has created a comic book of superheroes spreading a positive islamic message of tolerance. It goes to show that not everything regarding islam and the muslim religion is bad despite all the negativity in the media. The comic book is called The 99 and seems worth reading. I wonder what the radical muslims will have to say about this. I am sure nothing positive. For those out there that may wish to read up on this here is the link to the article.

THE 99

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