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Venezuelan President Chavez has 23,500+ followers @chavezcandanga after one tweet

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:47 AM

Originally posted by bsbray11

So you don't have any comment on CIA involvement in these countries? Figures.

I'm taking up for his country, and all other such countries, that are victims of CIA operations. If you want to believe going around and enforcing our policies on other countries, to the point of assassinating their leaders, torturing and killing millions of their people, and sabotaging their economies, is the appropriate way of handling foreign policy, then I'd say you would fit right in with the likes of Hitler and Stalin.

As a venezuelan i would say to you that i agreed with you, the CIA involvement had been proved and is something i totally hate.

But disproving that doesnt mean that their "victims" were angels, sweet people who only did good.

If Chavez was screwed up enough to do those same things, we would have outright invaded Venezuela years ago. Yet you turn a blind eye to what the CIA does. You disgust me.

US would had invaded if Chavez stopped bussiness, but he didnt and i doubt he will, so we sell oil, US buy, they speak, fight in the camera and still make bussiness.

Remember, US did support dictatorships in all South and Central America, they did it and they never stop bussiness, so why would it be different right now?

Let Venezuela mind their own business. Get the CIA out of all of this crap, including all the media reporting demonizing Chavez and his country just because of his INSANE policy towards foreign countries. You people hear about this stuff, probably the first generation to ever really hear about it on such a scale, and you don't even give a damn. You're a bunch of Nazis. This is Nazi Germany.

Lol, the problem is that a lot of the demonizing is true
, yes, i dont think he is sending plutonium to Iran, but i do know he is receiving a lot of military help, "advisors", but the iranians are not the worst, i had meet a few in fact, the worst are the cubans, our overlords!

And yes, i agreed this is our own business, and that we must solve it by ourselves.

P.S. Chavez says we the people who oppose him work for the CIA, anybody knows where i can collect my check?

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:56 AM

Originally posted by Kaytagg

Well, you could always emigrate to America/Britain/Canada, if you want a taste of our system.. Admittedly, it would probably be a huge improvement to your current situation, and we're always looking for new workers who are responsible with their money and work hard.

There's not a lot you can do about the situation with Chavez.. If he's going to oppress you, then that is one battle you're going to lose. Find a way out, imo.

I have like 10 or more cousins who already leave, i had a lot of friends who already did, myself i wanna be here because i know that when he falls things are going to get better fast and there will be a lot of opportunities, of course, is hope, but i do love my land, not that im an nationalist or something, but i like the land.

The Cubans lost the battle because a lot of them leave, now they ad decades wanting to go back and nothing yet, if we do the same we are going to loose too, idk if is the right choice to do.

And if i choose to leave in the end, lol, i dont have much love for England or the US, Canada is a good choice but i think i would prefer to go back to the motherland Spain, the lost and rebellious son going back home lol.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 05:00 AM

Originally posted by yellowcard

Man, I wish I lived in Venezuela under Chavez! It sounds like paradise!


Who said anything about it being a paradise? What it is is a poor country with a lot of oil resources, which Chavez is trying to redistribute the wealth of. I wouldn't recommend moving there. However if I was poor and living there I would probably vote for him as it would be in my best interest to do so.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 05:13 AM

Originally posted by MonteroReal

Lol, funny, how many times had you visit Venezuela?

How many times have I visited the U.S? None. Does that stop me from knowing more about it than most of its citizens? The answer is obviously no. When somebody uses the above as their argument they surely have none.

Originally posted by MonteroReal

Let me tell you one think, we we ask for a referendum about his goverment, we had to make a petition, millions of Venezuelan sign the petition, myself included, when i finished my studies and started to search for a job, i introduce my papers in the public administration, and because i signed against Chavez, i was denied the opportunity to work for the administration.

This is a blatant lie and you know it. When you hand in those petitions they become public records. Because of the massive support of Chavez and the massive funding the U.S gave the opposition, people who signed the petition were seen as traitors by many Venezuelans. Someone got the public records and they were on sale on CDs. It is possible that some pro-Chavez boss refused you work in a public office after consulting that disc. But that would be against the law and you would likely never know if that had been the case. I think it's more likely that you were denied for other reasons and you just use that as another reason to slander Chavez.

Originally posted by MonteroReal
I found a job in a private industry, Chavez took control of the industry, first they make us go to his party activities, wear red, and after that i was fired because i was not with the revolution.

You mean he took control of your company? You're being very vague here. Given your prior baseless accusations I would have to assume this is just another one of those.

Originally posted by MonteroReal
He had open hospital? schools? yes, he had, visit one and them tell me why the f.... hospital doesnt have needles, or why the roof of the schools are failing!

Have he redistributed land? yes, he have, so before we export meet, coffee, grains, now we must import them!

Increased the minimum wage? yes, he did that, but the inflation grows more so the increase is futile.

How easy is to be a communist or socialist but not live in a country that try to do that.

Do you really think if things were so bad, as you describe above, people would still keep on voting for him? Not only do they vote for him, he wins almost every election with a landslide.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by orwellian

Well orwellian my friend, hopefully you put a stop to this nonsense.friended

Venezuela has been a very good neighbor to Cuba aswell. That tiny island with nothing to export but nickel and cigars has done so much with what it has, if a tiny third-world island like Cuba can give its citizens FREE and UNIVERSAL - WORLD CLASS Health Care and FREE right THRU UNIVERSITY Education. You know they must be doing something right.

Why else would the US hate them so.

And before you start talking about boat-people, just remember Big Mac's and Bentlys can be a big temptation if you come from a country crippled by US terrorism.

[edit on 28/4/10 by ghostsoldier]

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by ghostsoldier

Way to go, thanks for the list, In the US people may not know just how popular Hugo Chavez is in Europe, for many European the famous Devil in the UN speech was enough.

To us socialism isn't Pol Pot or Mao on a bad day it's Sweden or Norway and maybe Venezuela and the regional cooperation group Chavez is trying to kick start in the South could be as good if the CIA and Gringo's could keep their rabid capitalist noses out and hands off.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by Thepreye

Haha, I haven't seen that speech in ages.

"It still smells of sulfur behind this podium" - Classic.

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