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Emperor Constantine edit the bible to his liking?

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by autowrench

Failure is an orphan, while Success has many fathers, so goes a saying.

It is a common error while connecting dots, to connect them wrongly, more so based upon ignorances.

To understand Mithras, one must understand what he does for the Romans, espacially during Constantine's era.

Mithras was the roman god of war, worshipped only by roman soldiers, from troop to generals, supposed to bring them luck in battles. The rituals were secret, and no one, is allowed to divulge those secrets even upon death. Even his name was so secret it cannot be uttered to non-soldiers.

For Constantine to allude our Messiah, a being witnessed and recorded by many during the 1st century right up to today in personal testimonies, to Mithras would be a hideous joke. Constantine may have guts, but most certainly not to that degree, no matter how much he loved and bowed to Helen.

His soldiers and officers, long held to superstitious traditions, whom had not yet converted to Christianity, would have lynched him when they saw the alluded semblances to their bloodthirsty secret warrior god Mithras being divulged to the general public.

Nor would the pious Helen, who had taken the effort to trek to Jerusalem, had accepted such allusions.

Thus, he would have taken pain to ensure that both were different.
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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

You sound as if your knew Emperor Constantine personally. You speak as if you were there. I have noticed this a lot of late coming from the Christians, they talk like they were right there, listening to every word, and taking notes on what was done. Let's face facts here, friend. You were not there. You have no freaking idea of what Emperor Constantine thought, said, or did, or what his beliefs were.
All you have is what others wrote down.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 07:04 PM
c1138 wrote a post on the previous page with several excellent YouTube videos that have been since removed.

The fact that all of them have been removed should give you a massive clue as to their importance.

Below is a partial copy of that post with updated links to copies of the videos:

reply to post by c1138

Originally posted by c1138
I still believe in a young earth, but not necessarily 6000-7000 years old, nor billions, nor millions. History of Man is about 6-7000 years.

Other accounts/books/accounts that didn't make it to the bible was due to reasons such as of repeats or inaccurate accounts

The Council of Nicaea Myth Debunked

Council of Nicaea myth debunked revised

if you believe the Nag Hammadi Library/gnostic scriptures you WILL believe the REAL NWO and the gnostic view of life of the NWO.

These were written centuries after the true Gospels and are false.

gnostics texts are not the Word of God, so they never were “part of the Bible” its obvious when you read them that they dont belong..

The Bible is the key to everything. It tells how many attempts will be made to deceive.

The Roman Cult did EVERYTHING they could to destroy the Bible. Seriously, learn history.

Here’s a crash course (20 parts) on the History of the Bible. It’s a masterpiece from a multiple award winner director.

"A Lamp in the Dark" by Chris Pinto

Was The Bible Changed By the Illuminati - by Chris White

The King James Version 1611 is perfect.

READ, read The Bible, research history and get your facts straight.

You want some spoon fed ideology?
No wonder people like zeitgeist

And Constantine vision was of a fallen angel or Lucifer telling him to go forth and conquer in this symbol( a vision of a cross in the sun (sun worshiping..false light)

the real agenda of the nwo, the newage, David Icke and other new agers that are pushing people into the one world system/religion

mainly on the whole false light thing.

the false light is Lucifer (new age) in the bible it says Lucifer is the evening star (venus) and jesus is the morning star

both are lights is false and the other is truth

a lot of new agers and occultists,Alice Bailiy, jordan Maxwell,David Ike, zeitgiest, New Dawn ect. are into sun worshiping.

also the nazi worshiped the dark sun. another false light

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