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my school of thought!

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 12:29 PM
ok so theres all these threads talking about people are so ignorant and need to wake up but then what ??

what is some kind of peacefull action we could take
im 18 didnt do well at school so pardon my puntuation spelling and delivery

what kind of world does everybody want to live in

i want to live in a loving world where theres no theft because you no everybody and no killings for the same reason

where you dont have to rely on legal fiction to provide you with work housing and nutrition you do things yourself and everybody helps eachother out or a company where the people making money are doing nothing and wasting the prophet and large scale building projects which have no possitive inpact to the people that built it? you could call it communism whos to say thats a bad thing

who wants to live there life working 9-5 and completely controlled 24/7 in every single aspect of your life and everybody seems to be very self centered in everything they do

thing that bugs me is that places like new york or tokyo are big citys but people seem to be the most lonly walking past people probally annoyed with everybody

i dont really know where im goin with this but heres a rap that i wrote

some people think that my random rappin
dont make sense casue only about 8 percent
of people truly undertsand it
ive had enough of these ignorant antics
started hip hop with a brand new canvas
i prayed up stairs and the man there aswered
i told him celibritys sold there soul
intergity is protocol but how am i suppose to cope
cause i feel like i lost it all
is breathig even possible?
been deceived by the obstacles
the government are goin to war over fossil fules
they claim there unstoppable
people are so gulllible
and they try to call me a phyco cause they aint got time to
decode my words and thoughts
my visions like a puzzle im a curse that talks
im not gunna behave as a slave in the working force
just cause you get paid a wage the work is still forced

music or poetry is my best way of getting my point across

i live in uk what would be a good collective idea for affirmitive action

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 03:34 PM
Use force /thread.

Influencing peoples emotions only works if you have the power to do so, you don't want to make people cry or think more do you? Then guess what would happen.

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 04:52 PM
To live in a perfect world we would have to remove greed and the source of greed, material goods, land squabbles etc, which would then (in my opinion) by default, remove true choice and freedom. I'm probably part of the selfish side of things because I don't want to share what I own with everyone else, because I know how people work and I know how much a good deed can be taken advantage of.

Put it this way, I know I'm nice. Other people might think they're nice, but I won't know it, so I don't trust them.

Heh, maybe more mass propoganda to trust and have faith in what's around you rather than what might be around you (religion, terrorism related fearmongering by both sides) might be a good idea.


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