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Manuel Noriega in Hawaii in 1996, My Story

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 09:32 AM
I have been interested in Manuel Noriega since a trip in '96 to Hawaii. Because he was in the news recently, I will tell you something that happened to try and find the answer.

My mom and I went to Hawaii for a vacation after her mother died. We went out to eat our first night there. It was at a nice steak and lobster restaurant off Waikiki Beach. We walked in and my mom noticed a familiar face behind us. It was Manuel Noriega sitting behind us. She looked surprised and winked at me. After we left, she told me who he was. I was 12 and didn't know who he was. She remembers the acne scars on his cheeks, and how he brought out a roll of hundred dollar bills like in the movies. He nodded at her like he knew she recognized him. Man, we should of took a picture, of course, discreetly.

It was all strange. There wasn't anyone else in the restaurant other than my mom, me, Manuel Noriega and his dining companion. The food wasn't that good either.

Now I would love to know why he would be there, b/c he was suppose to be in jail in Miami. I have looked for more Manuel Noriega sightings in Hawaii and find nothing. What better place to hide out other than Hawaii, full of Japanese tourists who wouldn't know you.

I am just hoping someone knows something.


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