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Democrats Hid Damning Health Care Report From Public Until A Month After Vote

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by travisirius

Sometimes I'm just amazed at the thinking on ATS. The 'rightwing" thinking comes out & then it's denied as "critical thinking" You guys had your chance to change anything you wanted with your 8yrs & chose entropy. Now you want the next President to do what your guys did, NOTHING. Well step aside, you're going to be run over by progress!
Poet1b has it right when saying:

"Got a reliable source to back up your claim? is just a fake website putting our right wing propaganda.
This thread should go in the hoax bin."

But some of you will present anything that backs your view point. A Rightwing CANADIAN website? Have you just quit thinking for yourself all together?
Well, stand back because Obama's going to use EVERY tool to get America back on track. With the Insurance Companies STILL in charge of our health care you should be ashamed of your education for calling it "socialism" really. Socialist? He gave the banks the bailout but he's a socialist? Educate yourself, you look foolish or maybe you don't mind looking foolish if you can convince a few that you are right. YOUR commentator Glenn Beck calls the Progessive Party, Nazis. Follow his logic now (just because you call something a name doesn't make it so) GB calls GWB a progressive but in the 8 years he was Pres. GB could have spoke out against the NAZIS tendacies & Fascism of GWB but he remained silent. Why? The 8 years the "Tea Party" could have spoken out against: Losing Osama in Pakistan, torture, wire tapping, illegal wars & arrests/imprisonment, rescuing Louisianna, they stayed silent until someone they simply can't stand for is President THEN they get "radical".
There is nothing more Fascist in America than requiring it's citizens to "show us your papers" you would thing the freedom loving Tea Partiers would be all over that bit of blantant UNAMERICAN law! NO! Obama is the fascist! Your logic is incomprehensable! Never before in the history of America could a group gain support against a Fascist government that most of the country could get behind and WIN against but instead it was a Us(rightwing diehards) vs Them(the whole leftwing) what did you choose to do? Call anyone who disagreed with you(GWB) UNAMERICAN!
NOW you're the minority in this great country and should be treated as such. Only 31% of REPUBLICANS will admit they are Republicans, you are shrinking because MOST of America are NOT racists AND are not Republican/rightwing/ignorers of truth. Step aside and watch how it's done. Republicans know how to win elections but CAN'T governor for s#!t and your gang knows it. But like every group of immature kids you can't stand NOT to have your way so you scream louder and scream birther, HC, and socialistic LIES hoping the rest of your ilk will ignore the truth & join you. You lost, get over it, watch how it's done.
You have plenty of voices & outlets to scream your view point but realize you don't have enough numbers to make the rest of us believe you especially after the Fascism you just supported & we just witnessed.
Glenn Beck calling Bush a progressive + calling progressives Nazis= GWB was a Nazi in GB's eyes but only with a Leftwing President does he speak out. You have to ask yourself who exactly are yopu following in this? Or are you just gravitating towards what reinforces your rightwing view point? The majority of Americans have figured you out & ignore your party of NO. Now know your roll (the minority of the population) & present PROOF or you will shrink into the racist party the rest of us know you to be. Now step aside, Progress will NOT be stopped by the minority!!!
What you believe as truth doesn't change what truth is!

Excellent rundown on the left-wing talking points. I think you may have hit each one!

You appear to be deeply embedded in the left/right democrat/republican paradigm.

Enjoy your kool-aid, and have a nice day!

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by xizd1

Funny you would mention exit strategy. I just got done reading an article about American Expatriates relinquishing their US passports because of double taxation while living abroad:
Time Article

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by VneZonyDostupa

do you know what a "super delegate" is? it is a single person that is politicaly chosen BY politicians, not voters. when there is an election in progress and it isnt going the way a certain politician may not like, that super delegate is called in to vote. this super delegates ONE vote counts as 10,000 votes. does that seam fair to you? so if you still think that presidents are elected by the people for the people, then you need to open your eyes. you forget the past so quickly. this isnt the only time it has ever happened with obama, how do you think bush was elected? candidates will win no matter what. bush had more dead peoples names vote for him than any other candidate. that method was exposed so call in the the super delegates to legally sway the count. believe me or not, i dont care. just open your eyes and see the truth. stop believing whats spoon fed.

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