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Watching the NWO unfold

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 07:03 AM
As some of you may have noticed, and probably enjoyed, I have been on somewhat of a hiatus. I have been taking in the sights so to speak, observing the local tea-party movers and the fallout they have created, and done some snooping around gathering other bits of info also. I, along with many others here at ATS have been screaming about what was going to happen if americans didn't act, and then sat back and watched it unfold!

I even went as far as to predict the demise of Poland's President to some friends I have on facebook, and much like some here at ATS, the facebookers laughed at me when I spoke my peace, but in the end, they weren't laughing, and Poland's President was dead!

Obamacare done exactly what I said it would do for those of you who remembered some of my older posts here on the subject, and the good ole Climate Treaty, better known as Cap-N-Trade is right on schedule again, repackaged with both the republicans and democrats on board this time!

The martial law that has been spoken of is ramping up with the now advocation of american troops being screamed for in Chicago, and the new immigration bill in Arizona now being law out there!

Also, as of tomorrow, Canada begins it's new era of the Cap-N-Trade mode, thus losing it's sovereignty, and that leaves only america and australia as the 2 remaining countries to get on board! So, to the scoffers, does all that's happened still seem like a conspiracy theory to ya now?

My fellow americans, we sit on a powder keg that is about to change everything we have known about not only america, but the entire world! The coming food shortages, the new laws being implemented to restrict growing backyard gardens, and the microchipping that was hidden within the confines of the Obamacare reform bill are now surfacing and our politicians are acting like this was a surprise to them?

This train is now just too far down the tracks to stop, and my advice to one and all is to get as ready as you can to try to take care of your loved ones and other neighbors, for there are strengths in numbers! All we have to look forward to now is the return of our Lord, for the damage is already done to the human race!

I know I will be tremendously heckled for this post, and will get trashed for not posting any links to anything, but that's okay, this thread was not about proving anything, it was about reitterating what has already been said, and watching it play out! Since I have been away from ATS, I have personally awakened over 5000 people to the truth about the NWO and what's happening. I just hope that some of ya'll will take heed to what I have said here! God Bless each and every one of you fellow americans!

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 08:43 AM
No laughing here. I agree totally with your assertions. We are heading down a road that only leads to one place and that is not a good place to be. Things will get hard, there will be shortages or food and fuel, costs will skyrocket, the dollar will drop precipitously and the government will step in with a heavy hand to "restore order" out of the chaos THEY CREATED.
Be prepared are wise words indeed. Mentally, physically, spiritually. These will be the times that try men's souls.
2, 3 years tops before it all starts to fall apart. Just my predicition.

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