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Request ideas as to any actual reality of the associations in these different concepts.

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 02:33 AM
Request ideas as to any actual reality of the associations in these different concepts.

In 1931 a large worldwide religious organization headquartered in the USA voted at their large general-once-per-year meeting to change their name to this new name, that they had never been called before 1931 and a name that had never been used prior to 1931: Jehovah Witnesses.

The US Dust Bowl was in it's second year in 1931, beginning in 1930. Does Jehovah Witness sound like Jehovah Wetness ?

Does "Hoover Dam" sound like "Hovah Dam", or rather that is Jehovah God's Damnation against the Rushing Red Communist River ( Colorado River Means Red River in Spanish ) ?

A small amount of construction work did begin on Hoover Dam in 1930, such as building roads, a railroad line, and power lines as this dam was originally located in the middle of nothing. But the majority of the construction of this world's greatest water reclaimation project ( up to that time ) did began in 1931.

Is the real reason that Hoover Dam's official name was not used until 1947, because the Dust Bowl was associated with a dirty trick of the mind involving this dam's name of Jehovah's Damnation ? The dam's name was "unofficially" changed at the start to "Boulder Dam" until 1947.

John Edgar Hoover ( Jehovah ? ) became director of the FBI in 1924, the same year that the great atheist Vladimir Lenin died.

The same year 1933 that Hitler was voted ( concreted ? ) into Germany, the concrete of Hoover Dam also began pouring continuously for two years ( concrete of WWII ? ).

Was the name "John Dillinger" a hypnotic trigger meaning "Jehovah's Deal in Germany" ?

Hoover Dam received its official name back again in 1947, just a few months before a large US AFB that is located near Hoover Dam also received it's new name. The old Army airfield that had been closed was reactivated, and given this new name of Nellis AFB. H and N are almost identical letters, thus Nellis = Hellis > Is = Jehovah and Hell = Damnation which are similar to the name Hoover Dam or the Damnation of Jehovah God. Also the Nevada's above ground nuclear testing was done within about a hundred miles from Hoover Dam and Nellis.

One other connection between Hoover Dam and Nazi Germany is that the Swastika Flag has a symbolical appearance similarity to the water power generators of the dam. The water from the lake goes thru pipes that were placed within the Rock: R Russian C Communist K Kill. I believe that the water was piped thru the rock mainly to make the dam look pretty. If these pipes went thru the dam's walls, then this dam would not look as pretty but fewer people would have died building it.

Was the 1930's US Dust Bowl an act of God bringing justice to the USA for participating in the planning and designing of WWII ?

Did Stalin know beforehand about Hitler's attack, as Stalin's great desire was to use WWII to expand his territory of Russia ? All Stalin needed was for Germany to attack as Germany did. Why did Hitler reject the help of many tens of millions of Russians who would have loved to help Hitler to get ride of Stalin ?

In 1933 the USA first recognized the USSR, and made treaties with the USSR ( that is also the same year 1933 that Hitler was voted into Germany ).

In 1933 the US Prohibition laws were repealed ( the same year Hitler voted into Germany ). Was the real Prohibition laws not against alcohol, but against the Russian Red Communist River ? The first proposal in Congress of the US Prohibition laws occurred immediately after the USSR became a country in 1917 ( maybe Nov or Dec 1917 ). The Prohibition Amendments numbers of 18 and 21 represent the letters R and U or RU for Russia. R is the 18th letter, and U is the 21st letter. Also if 21 becomes BA, then the US Prohibition Amendment Laws spell the word "BAR". Also if R 18 is "AH" then the Amendment numbers spell "BAAH". Alcoholics Anonymous began in 1935,at the end of pouring concrete.

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 02:48 AM
In the first fourteen episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", the chief engineer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D was a guy named Argyle; Geordi la Forge was an assistant engineer.

However, after the fourteenth episode, Argyle disappears without trace or mention, and Geordi becomes the ship's chief engineer- with no on-screen promotion, mention of Argyle's departure, or other addressing of this issue whatsoever.

Now, I know that, at first, this seems a bit non-sequitor. BUT, if you consider that the first three letters in "The Parallelogram" are T-H-E (numerologically summing to 33), and that my favorite breakfast cereal is Cinnamon "Life", it all starts to come together.

Now, what does this have to do with John Dillinger? Well, if you take his great aunt Ethel's middle name (Zanzibar) and multiply it by fifteen, it quickly becomes clear that he has absolutely no connection to the Hoover Dam.

What say you to this shocking new evidence?

(it's really freaking hard to think/write like this. how so many people on ATS do it so regularly is beyond me.)

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