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A Novel (Perhaps) Idea Concerning Many ATS Topics

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 01:13 AM
First off I have two disclaimers:

1) I have started this thread in Skunk Works because I really have no idea what direction it will take (so anyone feel free to move it)


2) I rarely make posts and even more rarely start threads. I do read many forums here everyday (mainly UFOs and Fragile Earth but more recently Global Meltdown and 2012) and have done so for the better part of 4 years. But please bear with me through the duration of the thread concerning formatting and length.

It begins with a simple hypothetical question that popped into my head today after reading this thread about the ADL's report on "Anti-Government Extremism." I'll get to it in a minute but first let me backtrack and give you my perspective on a couple things to set it up.

To me politics have become a wasteland. As recently as a year ago I voted for Obama, it was my last-ditch effort to pretend that the ideals that I value are represented at the highest levels of government. I no longer care who is in office, what color jerseys they wear, what promises they make. I am totally disillusioned by the process at this point. I don't care to 'play' their games. I have thought to myself numerous times pretending to be a deaf-mute really would be better than staring in "1984 The Sequel" (kudos to Salinger and Orwell).

I see talk on ATS constantly of people 'waking' up and 'seeing the real truth' for the first time on many topics, political or not. On a board such as this, I would expect that to be commonplace, almost the norm.

After conversing with many people of my generation (late 20s) and asking their views on politics, I am shocked to find I am not alone. Rather, my views are extremely commonplace with regards to politics in this country. Granted, my 'research' if you call it is not very scientific, but striking nonetheless. There are A LOT more 'everyday' people that are questioning the direction this country is taking and there seems to be a low grumble of things stirring in the direction towards REAL change (of varying degrees).

This is where I begin to see the forest for the trees. I have a decent ability (IMHO, and if it's not - well then I still find it mentally stimulating) to look at many data points of different types and have an overall conclusion or theme painted in my head that ties things together. I went to a major U.S. university and even did side research to see what I could use it for but neither physicists nor computer scientists (my major) seemed overly interested. *sigh* ANYWAYS, time for the 'Big Skunky What If? (patent pending)'

What would happen to THE WORLD if there was a major Revolutionary or National (U.S. vs U.S.) War in this country?

Simple question but I had never really thought of it much beyond the secessionist movements I've seen sprinkled in some states.

What would happen if the U.S. became fractured and began fighting itself (for really any number of reasons ... the link above got me thinking about the government attempting to put down coups) in, I dunno, say late 2011? Would China jump in to stop the bloodshed (can't get paid if there's no one left to pay em!)? Would Russia take advantage militarily and play both sides? Would the rest of the planet just quarantine us off and let us come to our own demise?

This is the question that I pose to everyone that reads this thread. Hopefully this makes sense to others ... a lot of topics and predictions we see here daily on ATS (doom and gloom, 2012, Timewave Zero, etc) could really come to fruition/be validated out of this necessity to change the direction the U.S. is headed.

I do not personally believe in destiny or the notion that you can't change the path you're on (whether you call that path time-lines, quantum/Heisenberg stuff, religion, whatever). Yet that forest I described earlier just seems to me to be slowly spiraling on the outside of a deep, dark drain and I want to see if other intelligent members of ATS agree with me/find holes in my hypothesis/think I'm insane etc. (hey, I assume all outcomes are within the realm of possibility).

I do have links and some supporting evidence to my answers to that question and I will post as the thread moves along, but I wanted to at least plant the seed now and get it out there (seeing as I literally had this idea 30 minutes ago so it's still bouncing around in my brain, and also it's well past my eyes wanting to stay open). I will start posting my thoughts/evidence in the next day or two.

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 01:08 PM
For anyone following this thread, I have been pretty busy aside from ATS. Plus I want to make sure I have things down pat before I start posting and I really just wanted to get this idea down before it floated out of my head.

More to come ...

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