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monsanto, agriculture, etc. . . why all the hate towards them?

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 04:23 PM
In the case against Monsanto, I submit the thousands of farmers who are being sued by Monsanto because they refuse to participate in their GMO crops program.

Farmers have been sued and lost their farm and have had to burn all of their crops because the wind blew (or birds dropped) some on Monsanto's GMO crops into and polluted their field.

Monsanto took these farmers to court and sued them. Which was easy to do as Monsanto has a $10 million dollar a year budget set aside for these types of lawsuits.

Many grain farmers have been saving and using their seeds for generations. When Monsanto finds them, (it is thought) that Monsanto illegally pollutes their crops with their own GMO in order to take ownership of those seeds and destroy them.

This is fact and has been documented in Canada and the U.S.

Now Monsanto is in the business of creating GMO trees. They have (by their own admission) planted acres of GMO trees that are said to be bug resistant. The only problem is that we do not know what type of forests these sterile trees will lead to. Yet we are allowing Monsanto to populate our earth with plants and trees that are not a natural part of earth's ecosystem and are not in cycle with all the other organisms in our ecosystem.

Notwithstanding the "kill" seeds that Monsanto has created, by the end of the decade, Monsanto will own all seeds for food crops in the United States. Read their mission statement.

I don't know about you, but it terrifies me that 1 mega-corporation will decide what my children and grandchildren will eat.

Monsanto Creed: No Food Shall Be Grown That We Do Not Own!

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by jssaylor2007

Actually, that's all that gets back to the farmer out of every dollar that he makes when he sells a bushel of common crop.

The rest goes for machinery, pesticides, and seeds. With pesticides and seeds getting the lion's share.

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by OnTheFelt

Originally posted by LocoHombre

there are no frankenfoods. again, give me an instance of a corn monster eating thousands of civilians.

If you meet a monsato employee ask them "What is the increased attempts of gene transfer, by naturally occuring bacteria, given the presence of a GMO?
Checkout the list of recent mutated viruses - people are dying infected from these.

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 04:40 PM
I didn't even have to read more than a couple lines before i struck the ignore button swiftly! What a joke. that company is a giant evil monster that should be stopped!

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 05:21 PM
Another point that I did not see made about Monsanto (only skimmed though):

Farmers were having trouble with pesticides killing the crop as well as the weeds. So Monsanto developed a GMO that was resistant to Monsanto's specific brand of pesticide. By doing this, farmers started buying only Monsanto pesticide to spray on Monsanto's patented crop seeds. They cornered two markets at once. (this reminds me of when Jack Donahey on 30 Rock spoke of the guy who invented the nightlite then started a campaign to make children afraid of the dark thereby driving up the sale of nightlights).

As others have said, farmers are NOT ALLOWED to save seeds from Monsanto GMO crops to replant the next year since Monsanto owns the seed. The common practice before this was for farmers to clean and save seeds from the harvested crop and use them for the next crop. They are called heirloom seeds. But they are not permitted to continue this practice once they buy Monsanto seeds.

They HAVE to buy the seeds every year to replant the crop. This causes the cost of the crop to go up (whether it be corn or soy or what-have-you). Then the seeds, by way of wind or the other ways that seeds are meant to spread such as animal droppings, will contaminate other farmers crops who do not use the GMO. Monsanto then sues the farmers for everything they are worth and puts them out of business.

Choosing corn as the crop of choice to produce ethanol further compounds this issue. Even worse, corn is the least effective crop to use to produce ethanol.

Here's some links that touch on other points about GMO's and Monsanto that should also be taken into consideration when trying to understand why there is much disdain for Monsanto:

Monsanto Whistleblower says [GMO] crops may cause disease

Monsanto employees in the federal gov't

--The latter link is from a blog and was the best I could find that conglomerates all the former Monsanto employees in one place. The claims in the blog are easily verifiable.

A documentary worth watching is Food, Inc. This explains not only Monsanto's affect on our food supply, but the very unsustainable practices promoted by agriculture that is destroying our land and tainting our waters.

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

I believe Muzzle is right on target. Being played by a tag team or more
likely the same person high on sheep dip. Gotta love teenagers!

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 09:38 PM
I have noticed that on ATS, there seems to be a lot of hate towards ag and the like. (speaking of which, SkepticOverlord, could you please get rid of the animal rights ads?) Monsanto being one of the main recipients of this hate.

Are you sure your not a Monsanto drone? Asking for a non profit animal protection organization to have its ad removed from a web site sounds like something a Monsanto drone would do.
Monsanto sucks balls.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 05:02 PM

Originally posted by LocoHombre
there are no frankenfoods. again, give me an instance of a corn monster eating thousands of civilians.

Virtually an entire Filipino village of about 100 people living adjacent to a large field of Bt corn [genetically altered to produce a toxin that kills bugs] were stricken by a disease[.] The increase in the number of people afflicted with chronic diseases in the United States roughly corresponds to the period when Americans began eating GM foods.

Sci Fi Horror Story
Michael Pearl, February 2010

GM crops harm wildlife, as revealed by UK and U.S. studies.

100,000 farmers between 1993-2003, and an estimated 16,000 farmers a year since, have committed suicide since Bt cotton was introduced.

GM food and feed linked to deaths and sicknesses both in the fields in India and in lab tests around the world.

Monsanto has made it easier and more productive for our crops to grow.

After 30 years of GMO experimentation, we have the data to show:

* No increase in yields; on the contrary GM soya has decreased yields by up to 20 percent compared with non-GM soya. Up to 100 percent failures of Bt cotton have been recorded in India. And recent studies by scientists from the USDA and the University of Georgia found that growing GM cotton in the U.S. can result in a drop in income by up to 40 percent.
* No reduction in pesticides use; on the contrary, USDA data shows that GM crops has increased pesticide use

also, there are other companies that create other seeds. people i know by them all the time. hell, some even use their own seeds. never have i witnessed any of these people being screwed over by Monsanto.

Every body is getting bent over by the likes...

KEYWORDS: transgene contamination, glyphosphate oncology, roundup placenta genetic damage, dursban chlorpyrifos, agent orange, frogs genetic damage monsanto, rats genetic damage monsanto, mice genetic damage monsanto, Ethoxyquin infertility, gmo organ failure, ...need I go on?

Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole... I suggest you don't nibble on to many of the blue fertilizer pellets along the way; nor the tempting dandelions either; probably been sprayed w/ roundup...

When you get back to the garden... sign up for a subscription to ACRES magazine and sit on a composting toilet for a while; you'll feel better.

fuzzy warm regards,

Sri Oracle

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 05:14 PM
I suspect by now OP, you'll have a pretty good understanding of why all the hate for Monsanto, given the first page of replies that I read and the length of the thread.

But, I'll chime in regardless.

Food is power, it is as important as the very air that we breathe and there should be no hegemony over it. Monsanto, whether they declare it or not, has the aim of ruling the world, by ruling the world's food supply. This cannot stand.

In my humble opinion, Monsanto represents, perfectly, everything that is wrong in our world today.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by LocoHombre

I'll bet the oak tree you are in is no where near Anniston Alabama. If it were you wouldn't be asking questions like why do people hate monsanto.
Monsanto is responsible for the biggest toxic waste dump in America.

Not only did the contaminate the ground and water they contaminated the people that worked for them and contractors for them. Oh not only these people have ill health and early death but it's passed on to their children they had after they were exposed to the toxins. It even messes with the children they concieved genes also.

Not to worry Monsanto was sued. The average settlement to these people was around 25-30 k The lawyers got rich though. Also in the settlement it released monsanto from further obligation to the children of these people that they contaminated. You can thank the government for that little blessing for monsanto.

They didn't give a rats behind about people way back then why would they change with the gm foods. That's like saying Charlie manson is an alright guy now hasn't killed anyone in years...because he hasn't had the chance unlike monsanto.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 07:42 AM
I heard news of this from Rikriley in the Bees thread (Survival forum) and decided to look into it. The first casualties won't be us, it will be any nature that has a lesser lifespan than we do, or those who have smaller and less resilient systems - especially insects, namely bees. I'm surprised the FDA reported this, it seems a conflict of interest considering how tied to Monsanto they are becoming. Whatever the politics are, GMO crops are such a bad fix for hungry stomachs, and their continuation of use is framing intents.

Bees the victims of GM pollens WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The die-off of bee populations throughout the world is being caused by genetically modified crops, FDA chief Ralph Roachman announced on Friday.

"Beekeepers and their hives and their bees are being wiped out everywhere," he said. "The consequences for agriculture and the economy has assumed catastrophic proportions, and the loss of bees will end all life on Earth within ten years or so. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more people."

Bee populations throughout the world are fast disappearing, but the situation in the United States is much worse since its bees are dying in such dramatic numbers that the economic consequences are becoming dire.

"Now our experts at the FDA have found that the large-scale use of genetically modified (GM) corn and other plants in the US and elsewhere is the key factor," said Roachman. (more...)

Friday, 23 March 2007

Then there is the infertility issue, and lab victim diseases.

Austrian Government Study Confirms Genetically Modified (GM) Crops
Threaten Human Fertility and Health Safety

Study linking GMO crops to infertility - Gibbon

Major Threat to Human Fertility and Very Existence of Human Life on Earth
- Thefreepatriot

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 08:34 AM
Hmmm - and hmmm... I pondered before posting as this seemed to be a bit pointless to argue at this point.

Most points about Monsanto and "big ag" have been made and backed up. But, I couldn't just leave without a word or two.

First off - much respect to those of you that farm in this thread. In particular the small farmer I saw still hanging on.

Second - Do not presume all of us have no idea where our food comes from. I my day I've grown most everything edible that would grow in my region and taken chicken, pig and cattle from a walking around animal to dinner on the table.

Third - Monsanto is rapidly reaching monopoly status and their business practices are like those of the old monopolies. That's bad. Read up on them in the history of the US. Profit for a company doesn't always equal good for people.

Fourth - They pretty much proved the link between animal parts / feces in cattle food and "mad cow". Ever see a cow eat a big pile of poop if left to its own devices? Ever see one eat meat in a natural setting? Regardless of what you believe - sometimes nature just knows best how things should work.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by jssaylor2007

Starvation is due to poor global distribution of wealth, not a lack of food. Food is available, people just can't purchase it.

posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by jssaylor2007

no one hates farmers. there are plenty of ways to farm soil productively that dont involve rats dying in experiments where they are fed gm products.

rats are mammals; so are we. if the rats die from eating gm stuff and lose their fertility; you are likely to be unhealthy from eating gm stuff and your kids will lose their fertility.

why are small farmers in india committing suicide on mass when big agribusiness comes in? is taht good for the farmer?

why is norway building a massive seedbank in an impenetrable mountain high above sea level and collection NON GMO SEEDS from all over the world?

what do they fear? if GM SEEDS are so great, why go to all taht trouble to store and protect the NON GMO ORIGINAL SEEDS?


because they KNOW that without the NATURAL varieties of seeds that can reproduce how nature intended, the world could face STARVATION if gm seeds fail.

you need this wide natural variety of seeds to guard against a disease that could wipe out one strain of seeds. and monsanto is removing all the natural variety of seeds. their seeds are more vulnerable; - they need more pesticides to survive, dont they?

monsanto is trying to control the global food supply. control peoples food; and you REALLY control them.

so go ahead, let them walk all over you.

or go organic, and save yourselves and your children too.

posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by LocoHombre

I gotta tell you friend...I am a hardcore skeptic and don't often believe alot of the 'truth' that goes on out here but I am VERY realistic and I like proof.

I work in psychology and am working on my Masters in Clinical Therapy. I see starvation and death through reports many times from so-called third-world countries. Social structure is our problem. Waste is our problem and please by all means yell at me because I don't play the hypocritical game. I mess up and am wasteful with food from time to time because I got lazy and stupid. I have a friend who picks up garbage (on a side note he tells me it is a satisfying and relaxed job...good for him)

Anywho...he tells me all I have to do is go on one route...ONE ROUTE to see the unbelievable waste that we throw out; half-eaten burgers, half-eaten corn, leftovers we forgot about. That is HUGE.

Now that is smaller potatoes IMO compared to the issue of social structure. for those who know me I am pretty well for socialist-thinking. I adore the idea of taking care of each other BUT I totally understand those against me. With that said I believe the issue we have with starvation is not availability of food, rather it is what we MAKE available due to rising costs and how we decide to treat ourselves first and ignore the children with distended stomachs and 4 days with only a handful of rice.

Yes I admit I get emotional with that and that is my misfortune not yours. I do agree that we could use a bit of slowing down with our cement and asphalt landscaping but there is still so much country and world left to raise food. Like you I lived in North Dakota for some time (6 years for me by proxy of my military profession) and have known lots of hay, mustard and sunflower farmers. Incidentally I love watching mustard change colors…anyway I digress.

Living in North Dakota for even one year will give you more than enough ammo to determine how difficult it is to live let alone grow there. Now, I admit freely I am a psych student. I know little about crop ecology beyond the one class I took (BIO 301 – Human Ecology) but what I do know is people. Don’t get me wrong I am not claiming expertise here, I am merely stating I have made it my life’s goal to study people as a group and as a individual. So…I like proof…

Nelson v. Monsanto

I beg you to read this. Why would Monsanto posture like this, spy, sue and then when the suit fails on missing grounds for evidence, throw the equivalent of a 13 year old girl’s dramatic fit afterwards? If you can read this and tell me there isn’t something fishy then I am lost and will help you no further

Look friend I am not upset with you and will call you no names but let me ask this. We have three options as I see it.

1. Monsanto is very helpful and the CT'ers here as well as studies are wrong.

2. Monsanto THINKS they are helping but really hurting.

3. Monsanto is indeed evil and trying to harm us.

Like I said normally I am on the side of the skeptics but please ponder this simple question.

If Monsanto has a fine and safe product, why the smear campaigns and why lobby suits against struggling farmers?

on a side note to the CT’ers here…”There! Ya finally found one Kyo agrees on!” :-p


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posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 09:12 PM

Originally posted by kozmo
Last time I checked, our Creator didn't put animal DNA in corn... but Monsanto did!
Monsanto has infected and infested thousands of acres of good food crops with gentically modified franken foods. Monsanto has created in labs absolute abominations of nature that we do not even begin to understand the dangers of, then they "persuade" the government o allow them to feed it to us before it has been tested.

Just look up what genetically modified soy, or gm corn, have done to lab mice... or people!

Finally, they have seen fit to use their power and money to destroy anyone who dares use any other seed stock other than those provided directly by them - going so far as to sue farmers attempting to use heirloom seeds on the grounds that the seeds had "Cross-pollinated" with their gm seed. In other words, we infected your crops with our poison so now you cannot use that seed... UNLESS you pay for them.

F**k Monsanto!

Hi Kozmo/

Well said!
Did you also know that 'CORN' cannot be found to be a 100 per cent organic produce?
Corn products eg.. ingredients in organic popped corn packets do not have a 100 per cent organic corn.
As for 'soy' products....I would advise it not to be given to young children or women of child bearing age!
Soy is in just about all products that is sold in the supermarkets....why the need to add soy is beyond me!
Why is this?


posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by KyoZero

1. Monsanto is very helpful and the CT'ers here as well as studies are wrong.

2. Monsanto THINKS they are helping but really hurting.

3. Monsanto is indeed evil and trying to harm us.

I'd say its a mixture of 2 and 3, but I suggest that the further you go up the hierarchy - the greater the density of 3.

Its all about the money, and under a capitalistic system - there always has to be growth - other wise you're failing, and your shareholders wont be happy. That growth has to come from somewhere - and eventually it comes from the earth. And this is why it's destined to fail, eventually.

Its gotten to the point now, where corporations like monsanto OWN gene combinations.

Its ridiculous!!

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