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The Pro Wrestling Chronicles: Cocky Pins (non-fiction)

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posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 01:48 PM
In a continuation of the Pro Wrestling Chronicles series, I present Part 2.

PWC Part 1: Amusements

If you didn't already know, I'm the only chick wrestling with the MWF. Generally I'm just one of the guys. I share a locker room with 'em, I can hit just as hard as they can, and I can drink just as much.

Sometimes gender comes into play though.

Let's start back in 2002, not too long after I started wrestling pro.
I wish I could tell you the date of the match, but many of my 2K2 match results were lost when the MWF website ops changed hands. But that's another story.

It was a mixed tag match; I believe BoDean was my tag partner, but it may have been Se7en Black. Julie (Butterfly) was still with the MWF at the time, and she was teamed up with Mike Angel (just "Michael" back then). The finish (end of the match) called for Michael to hit me with the Fall From Grace (modified F5) followed by a top-rope splash and pin me for the win.
Michael (henceforth referred to as MS in this story) and I sat down to talk about the finish beforehand. He asked, kinda hesitantly, "D'ya mind if I go for a cocky pin at the end?" In wrestling vernacular, a cocky pin is when the bad guy does something outlandish and overly egotistical for a pin, such as reclining over the person's chest, or pinning them with one foot while striking a pose. "Yeah, go ahead! That'll be awesome!" I was real enthused at the prospect, wanting him to get as many boos as possible. I could imagine it in my head .... he'd hit these two devistating moves on me, put one foot on my chest and flex his muscles. The crowd would go crazy, booing and jeering him at the top of their lungs. I was practically dancing backstage I was so excited about the match and the certain near-riot at the end.
We go out there and do our thing. We kept it almost exclusively me vs. Julie and MS vs. (BoDean or Se7en) through the match in order to make the end as big as possible. Finally me & MS were in the ring at the same time and I'm throwing him around. Clothesline here, bodyslam there, nothing too crazy but at the time it was something our fans didn't get to see that much. They're cheering everytime I hit him and really into the match. Either he or Julie then did something underhanded (hey, I get hit in the head alot, I can't remember some things) and he started beating me from post to post and the crowd was booing like mad. I was getting all geared up to take these two huge moves and still excited at the horrible way he'd get the three-count.
I was dropped on my face when he hit the Fall From Grace, but his finisher wasn't enough for him; oh no! He rolled me over in the center of the ring and came flying from the top turnbuckle with a big splash.
I lay there and played dead. I felt him get up from the splash and I waited to feel his foot on my chest.
I was rather confused when he rolled back on top of me in what initially felt like a normal pin.
Then I felt his groin on the side of my face.
It all came together at that point as I was trying to act like he'd killed me. A COCKY pin. I had to chew on my bottom lip to keep from laughing.

He went backstage first, and when I got back he just laughed & laughed.
"That's what you meant by a COCKY pin?!?" I asked him, laughing.
He couldn't speak he was laughing so hard.
The other wrestlers stood around us. They didn't know what we were on about.
"He asked if I minded if he went for a cocky pin," I explained. "And when he pinned me, he stuck his (crotch) in my ear!!!"

Let's just say this is still something we talk about more than 2 years later with as much glee as the night it happened.

A case in point would be my match on 2/21/04.
I faced Justin Sayne in Lincolnton.
Now, I'll be 100% honest and say that Justin is my absolute favorite person in the MWF to work. He hits hard, he's about the best wrestler we've got, and he's just all-around fun to be in the ring with.
He's also VERY businesslike when it comes to wrestling. Usually. You go into a match with him and expect a serious, well thought out, cerebral match.
So we wrestle. This was the night I effed up my leg at the beginning of the show, so I'm in a crapload of pain already and having trouble moving around. But we made the match work, and (if I do say so myself) it looked good.
Justin doesn't just throw a clothesline. He throws a shoot (legitimate) lariat that hurts like mothereffing get-out. Invariably it flips me over backwards so I either land on the back of my head or on my face. And let me stress just how real it looks. It's one of those things that gets the coveted "Ooooohhhhhh" from a crowd.
So he lays me out with one of these, and I wind up landing on the back of my head with my legs flying up in the air and over backwards. It's not too much of a stretch for me to sell it like he'd killed me, because for a second it always feels like he has.
So I lay there on the mat with my eyes closed, all splayed out. He covers me ... two count. Covers me again. Another two count. Covers me a third time ... 2 and 7/8!
We continue the match and he wins with the Bombs Away (top rope knee-drop). In the back of my mind I notice he looks a bit more smiley than usual, but don't think much of it.

We get backstage and hug and check on each other, and he's just in hysterics.
"I can't believe you didn't crack!" he tells me.
"Huh?" I think back over the match. He didn't do any of his subtle Ric Flair imitations that get me going. He didn't say anything, did he?
"Oh my god, when I pinned you after the lariat, I had my (crotch) right in your face all three times!!!"
My face fell. "You .... but I had my eyes closed. I didn't notice!! My god, that's the most action I've gotten in a week and I MISSED IT!"

The cocky pin had come back to haunt me, only this time I'd missed it!
(and, to be honest, I wish I hadn't. Justin's not hard on the eyes, if-you-know-what-I-mean and-I-think-you-do!)

Some guys get Larry the Cable Guy impressions.
Some guys get cheese in their pants.
I get (groins) in my face.

**Note: edited original writing to adhere to ATS guidelines

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