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Truisms in Anagrams or Coincidences? Share yours? Get Ya Thinking?

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:33 PM
A Declarative Mend Sinful
A Candidate Mines Rev Full
A Candidate Nerve Fill Sum
A Calendarised Fluent Vim
A Advanced Mutineers Fill
A Advanced Nullifies Term
A Advanced Refill Minutes
A Advanced Infuser Millet
A Calendarise Mindful Vet
A Demarcated Live Funs Nil
A Demarcated Live Fun Nils
A Calendared Men Flu Visit
A Radicalised Elm Vent Fun
A Radicalised Men Vent Flu
A Candidate Revels Fun Mil
A Candidate Elvers Film Nu
A Candidate Elvers Fun Mil
A Candidate Levers Film Nu

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:42 PM
an anagram for:
and also ....
Radiates Hung
Data Ushering
Garden Hiatus
Trade Anguish
Had Signature
Unsaid Gather
Audit Hangers
A Reading Thus

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 10:05 PM
Afar Fee In Toy
A Ante Fiery Of
Eaten Of Fairy
Fanfare Tie Yo
Retinae Ya Off
Area Nifty Foe
Nae Ya Forfeit
Aeon Ear Fifty
Afire Yea Font
A Fare Foe Tiny
A Fare Fey Into
A Fare Yet Info
A Fear Fie Tony
A Fear Fine Toy
A Fear Feint Yo
A Fear Foe Tiny
A After Ye Info
A Yea Effort In
A Year Nite Off
A Tariff Eye No
A Tariff Eye On
A Faro Teeny If
A Faro Fine Yet

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:47 PM
riddle of the great sphinx
A Fended Hitler Gorp Sixth
A Expended Forth Light Sir
A Rendered Fix Plight Host
A Refolded Strength Phi Xi

A Deterred Fight Sphinx Lo
A Defied Rents Right Phlox

A Deleted For Right Sphinx
A Depleted Fix Right Horns
A Defender Right Sixth Pol
A Shepherded Rift Ting Lox
A Deed Triplex Fronts High
A Deed Prefix Lights North
A Deed Fixers Plight North
A Defender Rightist Phlox
A Deferred #ting Phlox
A Redesigned Thrift Phlox
A Tenderised Fright Phlox
A Deterred Shifting Phlox
A Refolded Tighter Sphinx
A Deed Fighters Nth Prolix
A Deed Freights Nth Prolix

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:54 PM
The Following Are Anagrams for eachother. All the same letters are used:




posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 03:24 AM
A Launderers Empire
Iran Supreme Leader
A Leader Miser Prune
A Launderer Mere Psi
A Launderer Mere Sip
A Launderer Meres Pi
A Learned Premier Us

A Relapsed Mere Ruin
A Relapsed Enure Rim
A Relapsed Miner Rue
A Relapsed Rime Rune
A Relapsed Mire Rune
A Relapsed Emir Rune
A Relapsed Inure Rem
A Relapsed Urine Rem

A Unmarried Sleeper
A Espaliered Rem Run
A Relearned Prime Us
A Resealed Prime Run
A Resealed Primer Nu
A Serenade Lemur Rip
A Emailed Reruns Rep
A Emailed Rerun Reps
A Lipreader Mere Nus
A Lipreader Mere Sun
A Lipreader Meres Nu
A Lipreader Seem Urn
A Lipreader Seem Run
A Lipreader Nee Rums
A Lipreader Sneer Um
A Lipreader Sneer Mu
A Lipreader Seen Rum
A Lipreader Em Nurse
A Lipreader Em Runes
A Lipreader Me Nurse
A Lipreader Me Runes
A Lipreader Men User
A Lipreader Men Ruse
A Lipreader Men Sure
A Lipreader Men Rues
A Lipreader Menus Re
A Lipreader Menu Res
A Lipreader Serum En
A Lipreader Ems Rune
A Lipreaders Mere Nu
A Lipreaders Nee Rum
A Lipreaders Em Rune
A Lipreaders Me Rune
A Lipreaders Men Rue
A Lipreaders Menu Re
A Remained Eel Purrs
A Remained Lee Purrs
A Remained Leer Spur
A Remained Reel Spur
A Remained Lees Purr
A Remained Eels Purr
A Remained Else Purr
A Remained Peer Slur
A Remained Ere Purls
A Remained Ere Slurp
A Remained Sere Purl
A Remained Seer Purl
A Remained Pules Err
A Remained Pulse Err
A Remained Pule Errs
A Remained Rules Per
A Remained Rules Rep
A Remained Lures Per
A Remained Lures Rep
A Remained Lure Reps
A Remained Rule Reps
A Remainder Eel Spur
A Remainder Lee Spur
A Remainder Leper Us
A Remainder Repel Us
A Remainder Leer Ups
A Remainder Leer Pus
A Remainder Leer Sup
A Remainder Reel Ups
A Remainder Reel Pus
A Remainder Reel Sup
A Remainder Reels Up
A Remainder Leers Up
A Remainder Pee Slur
A Remainder Ere Plus
A Remainder See Purl
A Remainder Pules Re
A Remainder Pulse Re
A Remainder Pule Res
A Remainder Slue Per
A Remainder Slue Rep
A Remainders Leer Up
A Remainders Reel Up
A Remainders Pule Re
A Dreamier Eel Spurn
A Dreamier Lee Spurn
A Dreamier Peel Urns
A Dreamier Peel Runs
A Dreamier Leper Nus
A Dreamier Leper Sun
A Dreamier Repel Nus
A Dreamier Repel Sun
A Dreamier Repels Nu
A Dreamier Lepers Nu
A Dreamier Sleep Urn
A Dreamier Sleep Run
A Dreamier Peels Urn
A Dreamier Peels Run
A Dreamier Leer Puns
A Dreamier Leer Spun
A Dreamier Reel Puns
A Dreamier Reel Spun
A Dreamier Reels Pun
A Dreamier Leers Pun
A Dreamier Nee Purls
A Dreamier Nee Slurp
A Dreamier Peen Slur
A Dreamier Seen Purl
A Dreamier Lens Pure
A Dreamier Rules Pen
A Dreamier Lures Pen
A Dreamier Lure Pens
A Dreamier Rule Pens
A Drearier Mules Pen
A Emerald Seine Purr
A Emerald Reprise Nu
A Emerald Respire Nu
A Emerald Eprise Urn
A Emerald Eprise Run
A Emerald Rerise Pun
A Emerald Sirree Pun
A Emerald Ensurer Pi
A Emerald Ensure Rip
A Emerald Enures Rip
A Emerald Enure Rips
A Emerald Peer Ruins
A Emerald Spree Ruin
A Emerald Peers Ruin
A Emerald Pine Surer
A Emerald Ripen User
A Emerald Ripen Ruse
A Emerald Ripen Sure
A Emerald Ripen Rues
A Emerald Sniper Rue
A Emerald Ripens Rue
A Emerald Purines Re
A Emerald Unripe Res
A Emerald Punier Res
A Emerald Purine Res
A Emerald Supine Err
A Emerald Rein Purse
A Emerald Rein Super
A Emerald Siren Pure
A Emerald Rinse Pure
A Emerald Reins Pure
A Emerald Resin Pure
A Emerald Risen Pure
A Emerald Urines Per
A Emerald Urines Rep
A Emerald Ursine Per
A Emerald Ursine Rep
A Emerald Inures Per
A Emerald Inures Rep
A Emerald Insure Per
A Emerald Insure Rep
A Emerald Inure Reps
A Emerald Urine Reps
A Emerald Sine Purer
A Emerald Pie Nurser
A Emerald Pie Reruns
A Emerald Pier Nurse
A Emerald Pier Runes
A Emerald Ripe Nurse
A Emerald Ripe Runes
A Emerald Pries Rune
A Emerald Prise Rune
A Emerald Piers Rune
A Emerald Spire Rune
A Emerald Pies Rerun
A Emerald Pise Rerun
A Emerald Ire Prunes
A Emerald Sire Prune
A Emerald Ires Prune
A Emerald Rise Prune
A Emeralds Enure Rip
A Emeralds Peer Ruin
A Emeralds Ripen Rue
A Emeralds Unripe Re
A Emeralds Punier Re
A Emeralds Purine Re
A Emeralds Rein Pure
A Emeralds Inure Per
A Emeralds Inure Rep
A Emeralds Urine Per
A Emeralds Urine Rep
A Emeralds Pie Rerun
A Emeralds Pier Rune
A Emeralds Ripe Rune
A Emeralds Ire Prune
A Pleasured Rein Rem
A Dealer Ermine Spur
A Dealer Empire Urns
A Dealer Empire Runs
A Dealer Premier Nus
A Dealer Premier Sun
A Dealer Premiers Nu
A Dealer Empires Urn
A Dealer Empires Run
A Dealer Premise Urn
A Dealer Premise Run
A Dealer Emprise Urn
A Dealer Emprise Run
A Dealer Repine Rums
A Dealer Repines Rum
A Dealer Seiner Rump
A Dealer Ensurer Imp
A Dealer Ensure Prim
A Dealer Enures Prim
A Dealer Enure Prism
A Dealer Mine Purser
A Dealer Mien Purser
A Dealer Miner Purse
A Dealer Miner Super
A Dealer Miners Pure
A Dealer Mines Purer
A Dealer Miens Purer
A Dealer Prime Nurse
A Dealer Prime Runes
A Dealer Impurer Ens
A Dealer Simper Rune
A Dealer Primes Rune
A Dealer Rime Prunes
A Dealer Mire Prunes
A Dealer Emir Prunes
A Dealer Emirs Prune
A Dealer Miser Prune
A Dealer Rimes Prune
A Dealer Mires Prune
A Dealer Mise Pruner
A Dealer Semi Pruner
A Dealer Ripen Serum
A Dealer Unriper Ems
A Dealer Purines Rem
A Dealer Unripe Rems
A Dealer Punier Rems
A Dealer Purine Rems
A Dealer Urines Perm
A Dealer Ursine Perm
A Dealer Inures Perm
A Dealer Insure Perm
A Dealer Inure Sperm

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 05:30 AM
i'm outside the box
Bodies Exit Mouth
Bed Timeouts Ho Xi
Exhibited Om To Us
Bushed Item Xi Too
Bushed Time Xi Too
Imbed Use Tooth Xi
Submitted Ex Ooh I
Imbued He Six Toot
Imbued He Xis Toot
Imbued He Xi Toots
Imbued Eh Six Toot

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 07:48 PM
A Credible Poet Hit
the periodic table
A Debit Echo Triple
A Prohibited Elect

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 07:57 PM
I find it to be no coincidence that when I typed in my husbands full name that the word "jerk" was in a VAST MAJORITY of the respellings haha. I'll have to rub that when I get home from work.

I guess I can't say anything though, the first one that came up for my name was: "A Wartime Hellish."

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by angrymomma

OK! But it may ne just opinion. don't be too judgmental.

Anagrams for"
Bars Shamed Junky
Banks Shamed Jury
Abyss Harmed Junk
Junkyard Smash Be
Harkens Jays Dumb
Hankers Jays Dumb
Ankhs Jays Dumber
Jambs Naked Rushy
Jabs Darken Mushy
Jabs Danker Mushy
Jabs Remand Husky
Jabs Yardmen Husk
Jabs Dreams Hunky
Jabs Dreamy Hunks
Drama Be Shy Junks
Drama By Hes Junks
Drama By She Junks
Drama By Shes Junk
Dramas Be Shy Junk
Dramas By He Junks
Dramas By Eh Junks
Dramas By Hes Junk
Dramas By She Junk
Ajar Bush Mend Sky
Ajar Hub Mends Sky
Ajar Bunks Shed My
Ajar Bunk Sheds My
Ajar Numb Shed Sky
Ajar Numb Desk Shy
Ajar Sub Desk Hymn
Ajar Bus Desk Hymn
Ajar By Mend Husks
Ajar By Mends Husk
Ajar By Dunks Mesh
Ajar By Dunks Hems
Bad Ash Rems Junky

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 09:06 PM
A Chrome Unite Ism
A Center Hi Osmium
A Heretic I Summon
A Chimes Rime Unto
A Enrich Suite Mom
A Heroic Nites Mum
A Scheme Omit Ruin
A Reminisce Hot Mu
A Metricise Ohm Nu
A Niceties Hmm Our
A Niceties Ohm Rum
A Niceties Rho Mum
A Meteoric Him Sun

A Mercies Hi Mount
A Mercies Him Unto
A Mercies Ohm Unit
A Mercies Mouth In
A Mercies Hum Into
A Emetic Humor Ins
A Emetic Mosh Ruin
A Emetic Ohms Ruin
A Insecure Moth Mi
A Rescue Moth Mini
A Rescue Hot Minim
A Rescue Tho Minim
A Heuristic Men Om
A Riches Immune To
A Riches Minute Om
A Riches Minuet Om
A Riches Untie Mom
A Riches Unite Mom
A Riches Memo Unit
A Riches Menu Omit
A Cushier Nite Mom
A Cushier Moment I
A Cushier Memo Tin
A Cushier Memo Nit
A Cushier Men Omit
A Thrice Immune So
A Thrice Mine Sumo
A Thrice Mien Sumo
A Thrice Monies Um

A Heretics Ion Mum
A Chrome Mutinies
A Icemen Humorist
A Minces Mouthier
A Commute Shinier
A Rectum Hominies
A Ethicise Mom Run
A Ethicise Mom Urn
A Ethicise Mum Nor
A Ethicise Norm Um
A Ethicise Norm Mu
A Ethicise Morn Um
A Ethicise Morn Mu
A Enriches Omit Um
A Enriches Omit Mu
A Euthenics Rim Om
A Muches Timer Ion
A Muches Miter Ion
A Muches Merit Ion
A Muches Remit Ion
A Muches Time Iron
A Muches Emit Iron
A Muches Mite Iron
A Muches Item Iron
A Muches Tonier Mi
A Muches Orient Mi
A Muches Rein Omit
A Muches Tie Minor

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 11:38 PM
A Fatal Threesome On
A Afar Element Shoot
A Aloha Feet Mentors
A Shaman Feet Retool
A Atonal Hemes Forte
A Alternates He Of Om
A Alternate He Of Oms
A Alternate Hes Of Om
A Alternate Me Of Hos

A Stalemate Foe Horn
A Alternate Me Hoofs
A Manatees Hero Loft
A Emanates Hero Loft
A Emanates The Floor
A Emanates Ole Forth
A Anteaters Floe Ohm
A Aftermaths Ole One
A Aftermaths Ole Eon

A Aftermath Nee Solo
A Aftermath Sole One
A Aftermath Sole Eon
A Aftermath Sloe One
A Aftermath Sloe Eon
A Aftermath Lose One
A Aftermath Lose Eon
A Aftermath Oles One

A Aflame Thereto Son
A Aflame Threes Onto
A Aflame Enter Shoot

A Aflame Thrones Toe
A Aflame Throne Toes

A Aflame Honest Tore
A Aflame Honest Rote
A Aflame Hens Tooter
A Aflame Hooters Net
A Aflame Hooters Ten
A Meatloaf Hero Sent
A Oatmeal Soften Her
A Arena Leftmost Hoe
A Afloat Ether Omens
A Afloat There Meson
A Afloat There Omens
A Afloat Three Meson
A Afloat Three Omens
A Afloat Thee Sermon
A Afloat Semen Throe
A Afloat Semen Other

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 12:32 AM
anagrams for "your report card" =
Dreary Pro Court

retrod your crap
Carry Proud Rote
Adorer Crypt Our

Rotary Producer
Tracery Proud Or
Courtyard Roper

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:56 AM
Hi I In Quotients
the inquisition
Question Hi In It
Quite Hi Into Sin

Marooned Disk Of
Marooned Skid Of
Marooned Kids Of

Named Id Forsook
Kinda Foredooms
Ad Foredooms Ink
Aided monk's Roof
Faked Doom Irons
Fedora Disk Moon
Aimed Fords Nook
Nomadise Do Fork
Masked Indoor Of
Masked Rood Info
Masked Door Info
Daemon Disk Roof
Soaked Mind Roof
Dream Food Oinks
Dream Food Ikons
Dream Foods Oink
Dream Foods Ikon
Dreams Food Oink
Dreams Food Ikon
Mikados Done For
Domain Def Rooks
Domain Fed Rooks
Domain Forked So
Domain Feds Rook
Domain Desk Roof
Domain Doe Forks
Domain Ode Forks
Domain Odes Fork
Domain Dose Fork
Domain Does Fork
Domain Dork Foes
Domain Dorks Foe
Domains Def Rook
Domains Fed Rook
Domains Doe Fork
Domains Ode Fork
Domains Dork Foe
Mad Fond Rookies
Damn Die Forsook
Nomad Roofed Ski
Nomad Dike Roofs
Nomad Skied Roof
Nomad Dikes Roof
Nomad Rooked Ifs
Nomad Food Skier
Doorman Skied Of
Doorman Dikes Of
Doorman Kid Foes
Doorman Disk Foe
Doorman Skid Foe
Doorman Kids Foe
And Foredoom Ski
And Dime Forsook
Sneak Fiord Doom
Sneak Fiord Mood
Snake Fiord Doom
Snake Fiord Mood
Sake Dodo Inform
Sake Food Nimrod
Sake Ford Domino
Mean Did Forsook
Mean Kiddo Roofs
Mean Kiddos Roof
Mane Did Forsook
Mane Kiddo Roofs
Mane Kiddos Roof
Name Did Forsook
Name Kiddo Roofs
Name Kiddos Roof
Amen Did Forsook
Amen Kiddo Roofs
Amen Kiddos Roof

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:53 AM
Secret Pump Our
Receptor Sum Up
Precept Um Ours
Rectum Purpose?
Cure Uppermost
Comer Purest Up
Comer Erupts Up
Costume Err Pup
Comet Rep Usurp
Comet Per Usurp
Comet Purser Up
Procures Me Put
Procures Met Up
Score True Pump
Escort Upper Um
Source Perm Put

Uppercut Rem So?

Recur Mutes Pop
Recur Mute Pops
Recur Ope Stump
Pope Must Recur

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 04:40 AM
Galactic Alignment
Calling Acting Tame
Calling Acting Team

Manta Gigantic Cell
Enigmatic Call Tang
Gigantic Call Meant
Managing Attic Cell
Magical Tang Client
Claimant Gate Cling
Magenta Call Citing
Glacial Taming Cent
Magical Glance Tint
Climatic Angle Tang
Angelic Tact Malign
Catcalling Teaming
Tactical Angling Me
Tactical Gamin Glen
Angelica Clang Mitt
Cancelling Gait Mat
Cancelling Gait Tam
Mecca Galling Titan
Mecca Angling Atilt
Mecca Tangling Tali
Mecca Tangling Tail
Clinical Magnet Tag
Tactic Male Angling
Tactic Mean Galling
Tactic Mane Galling
Tactic Name Galling
Tactic Amen Galling
Metallic Caging Ant
Metallic Caging Tan
Metallic Acing Gnat
Metallic Acing Tang
Metallic Caning Tag
Metallic Acting Nag
Metallic Antic Gang
Metallic Can Gating
Metallic Cant Aging
Climate Act Angling
Climate Cat Angling

A Camel Act Tingling

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 06:42 AM
Babe Begone Fright
Before The Big Bang
Rabbet Befog Hinge
Breath Befog Being
Feather Ebbing Gob
Babe Been Forth Gig

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 09:52 PM
Our Perfect Utopian
Future Notice A Prop
A Fun Poetic Trouper
A Trice Tuneup Proof
Pounce A True Profit
A Enforcer Pi Putout
A Enforcer Pi Output
A Uppercut Foe Intro
Four Put A Reception
A Neurotic Pope Turf
A Prince Fore Putout
A Prince Fore Output
A Fierce Turnout Pop
A Forecourt Pep Unit
A Epic Future Proton
A Picture Tuner Poof
A Fence Pi Pour Tutor
Tour A Piece Up Front?

A Piece Front Our Put
Utopian Force Erupt

cosmic poetry
Coy Epic Storm
So Optic Mercy

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 11:27 PM
Emergency Transmission
A Reminiscent Sensor Gym
A Insincere Monsters Gym
A Rosy Sentences Rimming
A Screening Moneys Trims
A Tiny Congressmen, Miser
A SEinences Rings Stormy
A Screening Tyre Monisms
A Generics Sentry Monism
A Screenings Memory Nits
A Regency Insert Monisms
A Regency Monsters Minis
A Imminences Engross Try
A Increment Synergism So
A Niceness Retrying Moms
A Niceness Memory String

My Eminence A Sir's Strong

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 11:35 PM
Cosmic Connections
Concoctions Sic Men
Concoction Sics Men
Concocts Menisci On
Iconic Conmen Costs
Comic Innocents Cos
Comic Consent Coins
Connect Comic In SOS

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