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Truisms in Anagrams or Coincidences? Share yours? Get Ya Thinking?

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 02:55 AM
In my next post i'll provide anagrams for my real name (seems curtious) and anagrams for my screen name (avatar)

Perhaps if you do the same you might find some "coincidences".
anagrams are when you take a phrase or words and jumble the letters around to see what else they may spell out. People have been known to find some erie similarities.

here is a link to an online dictionary. you might need to use it. i did.
here is a link to an online anagram generator. you might want to use it. i did.



Candled Terror West
Worlds Net Cratered
Dwelt Caned Terrors
Scarred World Tenet


The Great Pyramids
A Regard, This Empty
Thy Mastered A Grip!
A Dearest Might Pry
A Raged Priest Myth

A Amputate Older Six
A Data Petroleums Xi
A Data Petroleum Six
A Aerial Detox Stump
A Data Exploiter Sum
A Expatriate Mold Us
A Stalemate Proud Xi
Exult Omits A Parade
A Expatiate Lord Sum
A Adapter Solute Mix
A Diplomata Exert Us
A Diplomata True Sex
A Maladroit Upset Ex
A Saturated Pixel Om
A Admiral Poet Tuxes
A Radial Exempts Out
A Radial Exempt Outs
A Radial Exempt Oust
A Radial Musette Pox
A Radial Expose Mutt
A Radial Tempo Tuxes
A Radial Mutest Expo
A Diorama Pulse Text
A Loadstar Impute Ex
A Adulators Exempt I
A Salad Mixture Poet
A Data Expel Tourism
A Data Exploiter Sum
A Data Premixes Lout
A Data Expires Moult
A Data Expire Moults
A Materials Detox Up
A Aspirate Muted Lox
A Palates Mixed Tour
A Palates Toured Mix
A Palates Detour Mix
A Most Dire Plateaux
A Plateaux Deism Rot

and also....
Smashes Dummies Mojo
Smashes Mediums Mojo
Assumes Shimmed Mojo
Disease Hmm Mojo Sums
Disease Hmm Mojo Muss
Jehad, So Mommies Muss!!!!
Hadjes Mommie Muss So
Mashed Semi Mojo Sums
Jammed He Osmiums Sos
Jammed Hoses Ism Sumo

Where is God?
Wished Ergo
GEE,Words Hi!!!
Seed Go Whir
Seed Grow Hi
Hide Grew So
Hied Grew So
Hired Sew Go
Hider Sew Go
Hiders We Go
Goedes' Whir
Herd Wise Go
Gosh We Ride
Red Woe Sigh
Drew Ego His
Drew Egos Hi
Drew Goes Hi
Greed Show I
Wedge Oh Sir
Heed Grows I
Reed Go Wish
Sighed Wore

Singularity Event Horizen
A Uninteresting Holy Vizor
A Enlighten Vizirs Not Your
A Enlighten Ion Vizor Rusty
A Enlighten Vizir Yon Tours
A Enlighten Ruin Vizors Toy
A Enlighten Ruin Vizor Toys
A Sheltering Unity Vizor On
A Lighteners Vizir Noun Toy
A Lengthier Tiny Vizor Onus
A Lengthiest Irony Vizor Nu
A Tethering Vizir Loony Sun
A Tightener Vinyls Ruin Zoo
A Tightener Vinyl Ruins Zoo
A Tightener Vinyl Ruin Zoos
A Tightener Oil Vizor Sunny
A Tightener Oily Vizors Nun
A Tightener Oily Vizor Nuns
A Tightener Inn Vizor Lousy
A Reenlisting Nth Vizor You
A Reinventing Oh Ritzy Soul
A Reinvesting Thru Nil Oozy

When G Ape Thinks:
Shaping The Knew
Thanks Gene Whip
Agent Knew Pi Shh
Page Hes Nth Wink
Gate Pen Shh Wink
Waken Gent Shh Pi
Hag When Pets Kin
Hag When Pets Ink
Hag When Step Kin
Hag When Step Ink
Hag When Pest Kin
Hag When Pest Ink
Hag When Pet Inks
Hag When Pet Sink
Hag When Pet Skin
When Gape Thinks

Saint Peter's Square
A Retina Press Quest
A Antiques Reps Rest
A Repairs Tens Quest
A Quarries Pens Test
A Raptness Queers It
A Parents Seers Quit
A Entrap Request Sis
A Painters Requests
A Pertains Requests
A Equestrians Strep
A Parquetries Nests

par·quet·ry (pär'kĭ-trē)
n. pl. par·quet·ries
Inlay of wood, often of different colors, that is worked into a geometric pattern or mosaic and is used especially for floors.

A Earnest Quipsters

quip   /kwɪp/ Show Spelled [kwip] Show IPA noun, verb,quipped, quip·ping.
1.a clever or witty remark or comment.
2.a sharp, sarcastic remark; a cutting jest.
3.a quibble. odd or fantastic action or thing.

A Aptness Requiters

re·quite   /rɪˈkwaɪt/ Show Spelled[ri-kwahyt] Show IPA
–verb (used with object),-quit·ed, -quit·ing. make repayment or return for (service, benefits, etc.). make retaliation for (a wrong, injury, etc.); avenge. make return to (a person, group, etc.) for service, benefits, etc. retaliate on (a person, group, etc.) for a wrong, injury, etc. give or do in return.

A Persistent Square

Vatican City

Stephen Hawking
Thanks Weigh Pen
Thanks Peg Whine
Thank Gene Whips
Thank Genes Whip
Thank Sheep Wing
Page When Thinks
Washing Hen Kept
Spanking The Hew
Shaken Pew Thing
Phase Knew Thing
Phase Knew Night
Phase Wen Knight
Phase New Knight
Wakens Hep Thing
Wakens Hep Night
Wakens Pen Thigh
Wakens Pent High
Waken Hep Things
Waken Hep Nights
Waken Pen Thighs
Waken Pens Thigh
Waken Spent High
Waken Pent Highs
Gawk Sheep Ninth
Ankh Nephew Gist
Ankh Peen Wights
Ankh Penes Wight
Ankh Peens Wight
Ankh Sweep Thing
Ankh Sweep Night
Ankh Weeps Thing
Ankh Weeps Night
Ankh Weep Things
Ankh Weep Nights
Ankh Hinge Swept
Ankh Neigh Swept
Ankh Hinges Wept
Ankh Neighs Wept
Ankh Nighest Pew
Ankh Shewing Pet
Ankh Hewing Pets
Ankh Hewing Step
Ankh Hewing Pest
Ankh Weights Pen
Ankh Weighs Pent
Ankh Weight Pens
Ankh Weigh Spent
Ankh Spewing The
Ankh Tinges Phew
Ankh Ingest Phew
Ankh Signet Phew
Ankh Twinges Hep
Ankh Stewing Hep
Ankh Peg Whitens
Ankh Pegs Whiten
Ankhs Peen Wight
Ankhs Weep Thing
Ankhs Weep Night
Ankhs Hinge Wept
Ankhs Neigh Wept
Ankhs Hewing Pet
Ankhs Weight Pen
Ankhs Weigh Pent
Ankhs Tinge Phew
Ankhs Twinge Hep
Ankhs Peg Whiten
Spank Whee Thing
Spank Whee Night
Spank Tween High
Spank Ween Thigh
Spank Height Wen
Spank Height New
Spank Eighth Wen
Spank Eighth New
Spank Hinge Thew
Spank Hinge Whet
Spank Neigh Thew
Spank Neigh Whet
Spank Hewing The
Spank Eight When
Spank Eight Hewn
Spank Weight Hen
Spank Weigh Then
Pans Height Knew
Pans Eighth Knew

December Twentyfirst Two Zero Twelve (december 21, 2012)
Detectible Tweeter Vents Frowzy Worm
Detectible Events Wetter Frowzy Worm
Detectible Tweeter Vents Frowzy Worm

father mother brother sister
A Refresher Hit Storm, Be Troth
A Be Referrer Thirst Moths Hot
A Be Referrer Hits Moths Troth
A Be Reformer Hes Thirst Troth
A Be Reformer She Thirst Troth
A Be Threshers Heft Mirror Tot
A Be Threshers Fortieth Mr Tor

artificial intelligence
I A Accenting Fertile Lie
A Clerical Feet Ignite In
A Clerical Feet Tieing In
A Ill Engine Certificate
A Electrician Genie Lift
A Electrician Feeling It
A Electrician Finite Gel
A Certificating Eel Line
A Calcine Fertile Ignite
A Ceca Intelligent Fire I
A Canceler Ignite Lite If
A Canceling Life? Retie It!

universal translator
A Unravels Ratlin Sort
A Natural Revs Nostril
A Savant Stroller Ruin
A Savant Ruler Nostril
A Tartars Veins Unroll
A Installer Savor Turn
A Internal Valor Rusts
A Trivalent Solar Urns
A Trivalent Solar Runs
A Trivalent Orals Urns
A Trivalent Orals Runs
A Interval Lunar Sorts
A Interval Solar Turns
A Unlearns Rivals Tort
A Learns Virtual Snort
A Learns Valor Intrust
A Tarsals Overturn Nil
A Altars Inventor Slur
A Altars Runnier Volts
A Traversal Tonsil Run
A Larval Neutrons Stir
A Larval Neutron Stirs
A Annular Revolts Stir
A Annular Revolt Stirs
A Translators Evil Urn
A Translators Evil Run
A Astral Inventor Slur
A Astral Runnier Volts
A Astral Vintners Lour
A Astral Vintner Lours
A Astral Overturns Nil
A Astral Turnovers Nil
A Astral Overruns Lint
A Astral Overturn Nils
A Astral Turnover Nils
A Astral Overrun Lints
A Narrators Ten Villus
A Narrators Net Villus
A Arrant Solvers Until
A Anal Introvert Slurs
A Annular Slivers Trot
A Larval Sinners Tutor
A Narratives Roll Stun
A Vanilla Sorter Turns
A Vanilla Return Sorts
A Valiant Sorrel Turns
A Arrival Loners Stunt
A Arrival Enrols Stunt
A Arrival Stolen Turns
A Arrival Stolen Runts
A Nirvana Rustler Slot
A Nirvana Surest Troll
A Nirvana Truest Rolls
A Nirvana Utters Rolls
A Nirvana Trues Stroll
A Nirvana Trues Trolls
A Variants Roller Nuts
A Variants Roller Tuns
A Variants Roller Stun
A Variants Rollers Tun
A Variants Rollers Nut
A Variants Stroller Nu

The Great Pyramids
Agreed A Myth's Trip
A Partridges Thyme
A Gestated Myrrh Pi
A Regrade Myth Tips
A Tampered Sigh Try
A Mastered Grip Thy
A Restarted Gym Phi
A Paged Hermits Try
A Paged Rem Thirsty
A Perm Raged #ty
A Tragedy Terms Phi (8 primes?)
A Gyrated Them Rips
A Gated Rhymer Tips
My Hatred A Gipster

and also....
Smashes Dummies Mojo
Smashes Mediums Mojo
Assumes Shimmed Mojo
Disease Hmm Mojo Sums
Disease Hmm Mojo Muss
Jehad, So Mommies Muss!!!!
Hadjes Mommie Muss So
Mashed Semi Mojo Sums
Jammed He Osmiums Sos
Jammed Hoses Ism Sumo

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 02:57 AM

posted bt MaxBlack
I love anagrams. Most are familiar with anagrams, but most don't look for them in common phrases that we see or hear every day. I will provide a few of my favorites from my anagram note book, that have always intrigued me.

•William Shakespeare = I'll make a wise phrase.

•Justin Timberlake = I'm a jerk but listen.

•Year Two Thousand = A year to to shut down.

•Goodbye = Obey God.

•Desperation = A rope ends it.

•Eleven plus two = twelve plus one.

•Listen = Silent.

•George W. Bush = He grew bogus.

•Narcissism = Man's crisis.

•The country side = No city dust here.

•The United States of America = Attaineth its cause, Freedom.

Hope these leave you thinking. There are thousands that we hear daily, but most never realize that what they hear could be interpolated by our brains in any number of different messages or phrases.

Thanks for the posting. Good find

[edit on 26-4-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 03:00 AM
The Eternal Path
anagram for:
The Planet Earth
Health At Repent

osama ben laden
Badman Sale One
Damnable Aeons
Amebas Loan End
Seaman Able Nod
Anal Bane Demos

incidently, anagrams for my own real name include:

Loaned Hope Jug
A Olden Hope Jug
Head Open Jug Lo
Jehad Lounge Op
Jangle Due Hoop
Angel Judo Hope
A Hooped Jungle
Hauled Open Jog
Jade Eon Plough
Jade One Plough
Jade Open Ghoul
Dopa Jungle Hoe
Jehad Eon Log Up
Haloed En Jug Op
Dean He Jug Loop
Lad Hope One Jug

anagrams for "Esoteric Teacher"

Recreate Ices Hot
imagine that! goes well with the avatar pic.
other anagrams =
i tore each secret
Theocracies Tree
Heartiest Coerce
Earthiest Coerce

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 04:10 AM
Father Son and Holy Ghost
A Honor Ad Thyself Thongs
A Ad Songfest Holy Nth Rho
A Ad Horsefly Ghost Nth On
A Ad Felons Got Shh Thorny
A Ad Flyers Thongs Nth Ooh

All Corporate Money
A Reactor Money Poll
A Central Romeo Ploy
A Rectally Open Room
A Cleanly Rote Promo
A Compare Enroll Toy
A Creator Melon Ploy
A Peace Trolly Moron
A Porno My Electoral
A Cereal Portly Mono
A Central More Loopy
A Oracle Omen Portly
A Larceny Mole Troop
A Larceny Tremolo Op
A Larceny Motel Poor
A Larceny Oleo Tromp
A Larceny Retool Mop
A Larceny Looter Mop
A Larceny Lope Motor
A Larceny Pole Motor
A Larceny Petrol Moo
A Larceny Tole Promo
A Larceny Promote Lo
A Larceny Romeo Plot
A Larceny Moper Loot
A Larceny Moper Tool
A Larceny Metro Pool
A Larceny Metro Loop
A Larceny Metro Polo
A Larceny Trope Loom
A Mercenary Pool Lot
Only Relocate A Romp

The United Nations
Heisted Tint A Noun
A Intention Shut Ed
A Detention Shut In
A Need Nth Tuitions
A Nudities Tenth On
A Indite Honest Nut
A Tented # Union
A Hide Intone Stunt

Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
Madam Curie = Radium came
The eyes = They see
The ears = Hear set
I run to escape = A persecution
The Morse Code = Here Come Dots
The Meaning of Life = The fine game of nil
Slot Machines = Cash Lost in'em
Conversation = Voices Rant On

The Great New York Rapid Transit Tunnel = Giant work in street, partly underneath

Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
The Hilton = Hint: Hotel
The Hospital Ambulance = A Cab, I Hustle to Help Man
David Letterman = Nerd amid late TV
Howard Stern = Retard shown

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 05:13 AM
Here Is Full Disclosure
Cheered Full Iris Souls (*all seeing eye?)
Leeched Sulfur Oils Sir
Edifice Hell Slurs Ours
Edifice Rulers Hull Sos
Fluoresced Heir Ills Us
Schedules Flurries Oil

Schedules Sillier Four
Soulful Chiseled Riser
Schedule Flurries Soil
Fluoresced Issuer Hill
Cede Hollies Sulfur Sir
Cede Relish Soulful Sir
Cede Relish Sulfurs Oil
Cede Relish Sulfur Soil
Cede Relish Sulfur Oils
Cede Relish Sulfur Silo
Cede Relish Sulfur Soli
Cede Hello Sulfurs Iris
Reschedules If Ill Ours
Reschedules If Ill Sour
Reschedules Fills I Our
Reschedules Fours I Ill
Next Meteor Strike
Retirees' Text Monk
Retiree Text Monks
Extremest Ken Riot
Extremest Trek Ion
Extremest Rote Ink
Extreme Strike Not
Sextette Krone Rim
Existent Trek More
Remotest Exert Kin
Remotest Exert Ink
Exert Tike Monster
Extremest Re Ink To

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 05:32 AM
Goldman Sachs
Scams Hand Log
Calm Sandhogs
Cash Damn Logs
Glad Sham Cons

Plug This in the Anagram Generator and SEE What you get !!!
Ufology Ref Suck

Cuffs Key Log Our
Curse Folk Of Guy
Refocus Golf Yuk
Gecko Ruff Lousy
Source Guff Yolk
Focus Fluke Gory
Lucky Rogues Off
Force Of Slug Yuk
Clue Goof Fur Sky
Flock User Of Guy

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 05:40 AM
I've never heard about this`! thx you, yes.. it's definately interesting! I get no anamgrams to my name no matter how I spell it out. I thought that was very very odd.. not sure if it was just a server glitch or not..

flag and star!

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 05:58 AM
A Abhorrent Slob Kiss
A Reabsorb Hosts Link
A Babel Shrinks Roots
A Rabbles Hints Rooks
A Rabbles Honks Trios
A Rabbles Honks Riots
A Rabbet Shrink Solos
A Rabbits Lores Honks
A Rehabs Robots Links
A Rehabs Robots Kilns
A Breaths Brinks Solo
A Sinkable Orbs Short

**all anagrams for:
Torahs Bibles Korans

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:43 AM
NICHOLAS WILLIAM PETER CLEGG, (Leader of the UK LIberal Democrat Party)

Nicholas William Peter Clegg = I'll accept 'n-word' males I howl
Nicholas William Peter Clegg = COWGIRL TELLING A SHEEP A CLAIM

NIGEL LAWSON - Finance Minister Under Mrs. Thatcher

Nigel Lawson - We all sign on


Tony Blair PM = Tory Plan B

BIOMETRIC ID CARD = Credit Raid Combo I

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by airvicemarshal


Tony Blair PM = Tory Plan B


posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:56 AM
This Just In
Hint Is Just

Nth I Is Just

Gain Pa Vines
Gain Pa Veins
vagina penis
Ape Van Sign I

The Holy Bible
The Bio By Hell
Bye Bi Hell Hot
Hobby Tie Hell
He Hit Bellboy

New York Stock Exchange
A Sketchy Neck Oxen Grow
A Cygnet Hecks Oxen Work
A Check Oxygens Network
A Check Oxygen Networks
Chances Grew Next Kooky
Crack Thee Oxygen Knows
A Checks Woken Next Gyro
A Checks Woken Next Orgy
A Regency Knocks Hex Tow
A Execs Ketch Gyro Known
A Execs Ketch Orgy Known
A Execs Knock Gentry Who
A Execs Knock Gentry How
A Heck Cents Oxygen Work
A Execs Knock They Wrong
A Cygnet Crooks Hex Knew
A Cygnet Rock Hexes Know
A Checks Oxygen Network

Ark Mock Test
Sock Market

the stock market crash
Karmas Heck Torch Test
Karma Heck Techs Torts
Checkmate Trash Stork
Checkmates Arks Troth
Hatcheck Takers Storm
Thatchers Takers Mock
Attack Hecks Therms Or
Attack Hecks Her Storm
Attack Hecks Rem Short

[edit on 26-4-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 08:54 AM
Ragtag Nobles
A Longest Grab
A Largest Bong
Satan Berg Log
Bare Stag Long
Naggers Bloat
Barge Snag Lot
Blaster Gag On
A Nagger Bolts
Algebra Tongs
Garble Tags On
Began Gals Tor
Began Tsar Log
Banters Gag Lo
Banters Gal Go
Banters Lag Go
Banter Gag Sol
Banter Gags Lo
Banter Slag Go
Banter Lags Go
Banter Gals Go
Banter Gas Log
Banter Sag Log
Absent Rag Log
Absent Gar Log

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:23 AM
Recite Cost See Is
Recite Cost Sees I
Coerce Sites Ties
Coerce Sites Site
Secrete Iciest So
Critic See Tee Sos
Erotic Cites Sees
Coerce Seise Tits
Coerce Seises Tit
Cecitises Stereo
Esoteric Ice Sets
Esoteric Ices Set
Esoteric Sec Ties
Esoteric Sec Site
Esoteric Secs Tie
Esoteric Sic Tees
Esoteric Sics Tee
Esoteric Tics See
Esoteric Tic Sees
Coerce Site Sets I
Coerce Site Set Is
Recesses Ice It To
Secrets Ice Tie So
Secrets Ice Toes I
Secrets Ice Toe Is
Secrets Ices Toe I
Ice Ices Rose Test
Ice Core Ties Sets
Ice Core Site Sets
Ice Score See Tits

Gulf Of Mexico
Cog Fuel Of Mix
Come If Flux Go
Cue Flog Fox Mi
Clog Emu If Fox
Cuff Me Log I Ox

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:31 AM
That was fun to see OP I got a kick outta seeing PHOTONS IN MY ORIGINAL NAME AS WELL AS HORNS LOL, nice I enjoyed it.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:31 AM
sorry for the DOUBLE POST

[edit on 4/26/10 by Ophiuchus 13]

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:36 AM

The Richest Man
Merchant Heist
Each Men Thirst

Atheism Trench
Scream The Hint
Theism Chanter
Each Rent Smith
Merchant She It
Merchant She Ti
Merchant Hes It
Rematch The Sin
Chanter Them Is
Chasm Thirteen
Chimeras Tenth
Rematches Nth I
Meant Hitchers
Teacher Nth Ism

[edit on 26-4-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 10:05 AM
Unified Field
Dude Life If In
Fed Lied If I Nu
Nude Id Life If
Feud Id File In
Died Life If Nu
Died Life Fun I
Died File If Nu
Infidel Due If
Defile Dun If I
Need Fluid If I
Def Find Lieu I
Fiend Duel If I
Did Feel If I Nu

Hadron Collider
Rancid Lord Hole
Rancid Door Hell
Rancid Odor Hell
Ironclad Holder
Anchored Rod Ill
Caldron Older Hi
Recall Did Honor
Cane Horrid Doll
Arch Dell Indoor
Hardcore Old Nil
Landlord Heroic
Cradled Horn Oil
Candid Hero Roll

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 05:11 PM
This was posted in the skunk works forum so I guess it's the three interlocking pieces thing from the X-files, not pieces of eight. Seriously though, anagrams would make an almost perfect sublime watermarking system. We hear all the time about the need for for truth and transparency in government.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:06 PM
Manager Agent Roar
Arrange Omega Rant
Arrange Anger Atom
Narrate Mega Organ
A Anagram Green Rot
A Manager Roar Gent

Area Garment Organ
Narrate Gage Roman
Arena Tarragon Gem
Arena Arrogant Gem
A Magneto Arranger
A Arranger Montage
A Arranger Megaton
A Tarragon Germane
Rearrange Manta Go
Gaga Nearer Matron
Gaga Earner Matron
Gaga Ornament Rear
Gaga Ornament Rare
Tarragon Rage Name
Tarragon Rage Mean
Tarragon Rage Amen
Rearrange Mango At
Rearrange Among At
Rearrange Nag Atom
Rearrange Nag Moat
Rearrange Tango Am
Rearrange Tango Ma
Rearrange Goat Man
Rearrange Toga Man
Rearrange Tag Moan
Garage Manna Retro
Garage Arrant Omen
Garage Manner Taro
Garage Remnant Oar
Manana Gage Terror
Manana Great Roger
A Narrate Gage Morn
A Narrate Gage Norm
A Narrate Grange Om
A Narrate Nagger Om
A Narrate Manger Go
A Narrate Engram Go
A Narrate Name Grog
A Narrate Mean Grog
A Narrate Amen Grog
A Tarragon Nag Mere
A Tarragon Am Green

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:19 PM
A Witticism Lock The
A Ethics Mock Twilit
Schematic Kit Ti Owl
A Ice Locksmith Twit
Ecstatic Whilom Kit
Ecstatic Him Kit Owl
Climatic Theist Wok
Catholic Mike Twits
Catholic Mike Twist
Catholic Mikes Twit
Catholic Kismet Wit
Chaotic Kismet Wilt
Coach Milkiest Twit
Coach Wittiest Milk
Cocktails Time With
Cocktails Item With
Cocktails Item Whit
Cocktail Theism Wit
A Chock Elitism Twit
A Theistic Mock Wilt
A Twitchiest Lick Om
A Sickle Twitch Omit
A Tickles Witch Omit
A Tickle Switch Omit
A Tickle Witch Omits
A Tickle Witch Moist
A Tickle Sitcom With
A Tickle Sitcom Whit
Chalice Skim Tit Two
Chemical Kit Its Two
Chemical Kit Its Tow

[edit on 26-4-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

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