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Prisoner abuse could be war crime, says UN

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posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 12:51 PM
IN a Report just issued by the UN finds the excesses at Iraqi prison Abu Ghraib may constitute war crimes. It further proposes the appointment of an international ombudsman to report on compliance of US-led coalition forces with international humanitarian and human rights law.

The United Nations' top human rights watchdog warned yesterday that prisoner abuses committed by US forces in Iraq could constitute war crimes and called for "full accountability" of those responsible.

The question is how high does it really go? And will we ever have that question answered? Bush unsigned the Treaty which accepted the jurisdiction of the World Court so any attempt at prosecution/process will not be honored by the US. Did he know something we didnít when he abrogated the treaty?

In a keenly awaited report on the human rights situation in occupied Iraq, Bertrand Ramcharan, the acting High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the ill-treatment of detainees in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison and other US-run detention centers "might be designated as war crimes by a competent tribunal".

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