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Clinton body count--bush body count /jfk

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:00 AM
I was researching some issues with certain presidencies and cam across the Clinton body count, I have never heard of it before but read up on it and though it was interesting does anyone have any thoughts or factual info on this???

The Clinton Body Count, as it is popularly known, is a conspiracy theory that Bill Clinton, while he was president and before, was quietly assassinating his associates (ostensibly anyone who got in the way of his career, such as Vince Foster). It was started as a retaliation to the Bush Body Count (which ostensibly had various members of the Bush family responsible for events like JFK assassination and the October surprise merrily killing lesser co-conspirators on their way).

he Clinton Body Count is a list of about 50-60 associates of Clinton who have died "under mysterious circumstance".[14] The list began circulating over the Internet starting in the mid-1990s.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:02 AM
Gonna hope the best for you.....never talk about White Water, never. People that kill themselves by shooting themselves in the back of the head are better left alone.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:04 AM
oh well, just want more info........and for the crazies they are always welcome!! not my first rodeo

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:08 AM

We may have some young members here that don't remember/weren't born during this, and the Clintons did a bang up job of covering it up. To you younger members, please read up. This is all I am saying on this particular topic as well, so anyone that wants to bash me, you will get no rebuttal from me. I know when to keep my mouth shut.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:10 AM
Sid Adger: Mr. Adger, a Houston oil supply company executive and Bush family friend, died in 1996 of Unknown Causes. Mr. Adger was the mysterious businessman who approached General James Rose and asked him to help George W. Bush avoid Vietnam by recommending him for a pilot position with the National Guard.

General James Rose: General Rose recommended George W. Bush for a pilot position with the Texas National Guard. He died of Unknown Causes in 1993. He was immediately buried and no autopsy was performed.

Orlando Letelier: He was torn to bits by a car bomb on the streets of Washington DC just before he was to testify about the Chilean dictator Pinochet. After the bombing, CIA Director George H. W. Bush told the FBI that there had been no Chilean involvement whatsoever. In 1991 the post-Pinochet Chilean Supreme Court asked George H. W. Bush if he would submit to questioning. He refused.

Ronni Moffit: She was Letelier's assistant. She and her husband were riding in the car with Letelier when the bomb exploded. Mr. Moffit survived. Ronni didn't.

Amiram Nir: He was a former Israeli agent who was in Jerusalem with George Bush during Iran Contra. He went under the assumed name of Pat Weber. Nir was scheduled to testify to the Senate subcommittee and it was feared he would reveal the truth. He perished, following the shooting-down of his aircraft with missiles from the helicopter of a man called Gene Tatum, 25-year CIA deep cover agent.

Senator John Tower: He was appointed by the Reagan/Bush Administration to chair the bipartisan committee to investigate the Iran/Contra scandals. He directed the Tower Report and had all the Iran Contra documents and knew the inside of the story. He was killed in an uninvestigated airplane crash later in Georgia in 1991. Also killed was his daughter, Marian.

Mario Ruiz Massieu: An apparent suicide. He was facing charges that he laundered money for the coc aine cartels. A Houston, Texas jury had found that $8 million in his bank accounts was paid to him by drug cartels.

Steve Kangas: His web site, Liberalism Resurgent, was meticulously researched and presented such a problem to the "real boss" of George Bush, Richard Scaife, that he hired a private detective to look into Kangas' past. Steve Kangas was found in a 39th-floor bathroom outside of Scaife's offices at One Oxford Centre, in Pittsburgh, an apparent suicide. Mr. Kangas, a very prolific writer, left no note. He had brought a fully-packed suitcase of clothes with him to Pittsburgh. He bought a burglar alarm shortly before he left for Pittsburgh. Why did he need a burglar alarm if he was going to commit suicide? An avowed advocate of gun control, he nevertheless bought a gun. What was he afraid of? Why did he go to Pittsburgh? After his death, his computer was sold for $150 and its hard drive wiped clean. Everything in his apartment was thrown away.

Mohammed Zia al-huk: Dictator of Pakistan, and knew all about Iran/Contra, the training, funding, and arming of narco-terrorists such as Osama bin Laden. In August 1988, the same day George Bush got the Republican nomination, his plane crashed into the ground with all engines running. The Pakistanis kept the bodies around (in violation of Islamic custom) for weeks, awaiting US experts. They showed up three weeks later and never checked the bodies. Why?

Malcolm Baldridge: Commerce Secretary May 1987. Baldridge was familiar with the Bush family ties to the Communist Chinese. He died in a mysterious horseback riding accident.

Karla Faye Tucker: She was executed in spite of enormous protest from the public, even those religious groups that advocate the death penalty. Even Pat Robertson thought that Karla was truly repentant and asked George W. Bush to spare her life. He refused. Afterward, in a Talk Magazine interview, this stalwart of the Republican Party made fun of the woman whose death warrant he had sanctioned. How compassionate! As of August 1999, George W. Bush signed his 93rd death warrant.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy: An internal FBI memo reported that on November 22 a reputable businessman named George H. W. Bush reported hearsay that a certain Young Republican had been talking of killing the president when he came to Houston. The Young Republican was nowhere near Dallas on that date. According to a 1988 story in The Nation, J. Edgar Hoover said in a memo that Mr. George Bush of the CIA had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. George H. W. Bush has denied this, although he was in Texas at the time and cannot account for his whereabouts at the time. Bush Killed JFKjr

George de Mohrenschildt: A rich Russian oilman, who was described with his wife as being the two people friendliest to Oswald at the time of the assassination. De Mohrenschildt was the man who moved Oswald to Dallas. In the late 1970's, shortly before the first meeting of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, de Mohrenschildt started seeing a new doctor in town. He quickly became mentally unstable, at which time his wife convinced him to stop seeing the doctor. They moved away and left a false forwarding address. On the same day that the Committee tried to contact him about testifying, he was found dead of a gun shot wound. In his personal address book was the entry Bush, George H.W. (Poppy) and Zapata Petroleum Midland (the oil company owned by G.H. Bush).

Barry Seal: He was supposedly murdered by Medellin cartel members, but a 6-month investigation by Sam Dalton, attorney for three of the accused murderers, into Mr. Seal's life and death uncovered some interesting points. The accused's cartel connections were well known, but not their association with Oliver North's enterprise. Mr. Seal was a drug smuggler, up to his armpits in smuggling coc aine for - guess who? - the CIA. During the penalty phase of the Columbians' trial, testimony by one government witness on the activities of Mr. Seal was so damaging to the government, that 2 of the jurors wanted to change their verdict to "not guilty". The personal telephone number of George H. W. Bush was found in the trunk of Mr. Seal's car.

Florence Martin: She was Barry Seal's bookkeeper and was found in October 1994, sprawled across her bed, shot three times in the head through a pillow. Nothing in the house was taken, including her billfold (in plain view) or her late husband's gun collection. There was no evidence of a robbery.

William Colby: This former CIA director disappeared in an apparent boating accident, and a body was later discovered (minus the life jacket Colby's friends insisted he always wore while boating) and buried promptly. John DeCamp, a lawyer from Lincoln, Nebraska, and Colby's close friend and confidant, said Colby's death was not an accident. He stated that Colby was prepared to disclose that missing P.O.W.'s were working for a dope smuggling operation orchestrated by General Colin Powell, Pentagon official Richard Armitage, and George H. W. Bush.

Mrs. E. Howard Hunt: In December 1972, while George H. W. Bush was at the Republican National Convention, a United Airlines flight carrying Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, CIA operative and wife of Howard Hunt, (CIA operative and suspect in the Kennedy assassination) crashed. Believed to be carrying $25,000 in "hush money", she died in this crash.

Danny Casolaro: He was working on a book that tied together the scandals surrounding the presidency of George H. W. Bush. He told his friends he was going to "bring back" the head of the Octopus. Instead, his body was found in a hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on August 10, 1991, an apparent suicide.

Don McCoy: Mr. McCoy had agreed the day before to turn state's evidence in an FBI investigation that threatened some of El Paso's most prominent business leaders. On February 19, 1988, he took off from El Paso International Airport, banked to the right and headed southwest for approximately 2 * miles before it slammed into the I-10 right-of-way and exploded. With him was his secretary and her 11-year old son. All three were killed.

Olof Palme: He was the prime minister of Sweden, assassinated in 1986. Oliver North, the golden boy of the Bush/Reagan machine, had met with Mr. Palme to discuss the possibility of obtaining false end-user certificates for the plethora of weapons that were being purchased, so that they would seem to have come from a country other than the U.S. Mr. Palme refused to participate, after the plan was presented to him. He was dead within weeks.

Archbishop Oscar Romero: Archbishop Romero was a true hero, speaking out against atrocities by a Bush/Reagan backed fascist government. He refused to appear in public with any army or government personnel, and was a voice for the thousands of tortured, slaughtered and oppressed in El Salvador. He was shot in the back while preparing Mass. The death of Archbishop Romero is one among many. There is not enough space to list the hundreds of thousands who died under Reagan/Bush-backed, right-wing governments.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:12 AM
sorry I forgot to write the list, I want to know your opinions of every one of them, or just a few

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:14 AM
thanks I have already read up on it and was alive during clinton not bush senior, I am just appreciating peoples opinions, no fighting just hard core opinions, and hopefully some facts

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by brooklyn87

This is seriously it for me on this thread. I may have come across as sounding harsh but it is merely how I type.
That said, you should really be careful into the waters you are wading into. Some things are better left buried. These elites in power wish to remain in power. If you are in the public eye spouting stuff off then you can get away with it. You are a lowly conspiracy theorist just like the rest of us though, so please be careful and good luck in your endeavors.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:33 AM
here is the website saying how they have proved it false

The Theory: While Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, with the help of Hillary, was involved in a coc aine smuggling operation and that he's had upwards of 60 people assassinated for threatening to reveal his secrets or for just generally annoying him. Who's to Blame: Richard Scaife, a billionaire who really, really hated Bill Clinton. Scaife was really unhappy about Bill Clinton being president. And not in the "I'll voice my displeasure with his administration with a rant in the comments section of this YouTube video about kittens" way. He preferred the "I'll invest millions of my dollars in a campaign to discredit him" method. "This is the best possible way I can spend my money!" So Scaife created the Arkansas Project, which ran a series of investigations designed to damage and ultimately end Clinton's presidency. A lot of what they looked into was legitimate, or at least believable: shady real estate deals, Bill's raging libido, and so on. And then, there was the suicide of Vince Foster, and they took the project to a new, crazy level. Vince Foster was the White House Counsel (legal guy) who turned up dead. Three separate investigations ruled it a suicide, but members of the Arkansas Project produced a 1994 film that suggested, with the help of sinister music and shadowy witnesses, the Clintons were responsible for the murder of Foster and many more, killing anyone who was getting too close to their secret, drug-fueled past. Well he certainly looks like a Soprano in this picture... So, Why Do People "Believe" It? Vince Foster's death became a huge talking point in Republican circles, fueling speculation about Clinton abusing his power. More importantly, it got people talking about the legitimate, non-fake scandals Foster was connected to, which ended up damaging the Clintons' image. And once something works in politics, you don't drop it until your dying breath. Or until the election is over. A number of people involved in the Arkansas Project would eventually admit they thought the Foster thing was bull#, and Scaife himself would later endorse Hilary Clinton for president, which suggests that either he agreed that the whole theory was retarded, or he had no problems with a mass murderer running the country.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:57 AM
Got one for you well actually 4
Google these names:

* Todd McKeehan
* Conway LeBleu
* Robert Williams
* Steve Willis

See what they had in common.....sshhhhhhhh

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 10:49 AM
I know this has been talked about a few times on ats, several years ago, but hopefully people can show their perspective on this situation

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