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The World as a hostage. Part 1

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 01:49 PM

Yesterday I read the most amazing story. It was about the rise and rise of a secret society. This society what has taken the Earth as a hostage.

I was already aware of a large part of the story. I was however amazed about the effort and tons of info I didn't really knew have happened in the past.

My first thought was "I have got to share this with ATS"

Well I was it's an understatement if I told you a was a bit disappointed when I found out that there was no English translation available.

Well... I do not give up that easy. I've decided to translate it myself.
I've only translated the first part but that's more then enough to get you hooked.
His work covers several parts and there are 4 parts done . The 5th is still under construction. I’m going to start with part 1 and work my way up. It’s going to take some time for me to provide all parts to ATS because I’ve first have to translate them from Dutch to English.

It actualy took me all day to do only part one.

Now I've got to mention that I did not did the research. The Authors name is
Jim Beame

This morning I've send him a mail if it was OK if I translated and posted his story .
His answer was yes. So Here I am.

Here is a link to the Creative commons license

I really recommend this work to be read. The author really put an effort on research and he has included the sources he worked with for you all to verify. He basically has done nothing more then wrote down history which has remained a secret for many years.

Ok Before I start. Whenever you see this symbol ~ yes the wafe thing. there is a source in the bottom of the thread.

Part 1:

The world in hostage. Part 1: The house of orange, Temple brothers and Free masons.

“ Whether you like it or not; we will get a global government, through conquest or by agreement.”

( James Warburg, raised in a prominent banker family and member of the Council of foreign Relations (CFR)

The world has been taken hostage. Since the economic crisis banks are rapidly expanding their power, where they now no longer only use the 3th world countries but all nations are now subjected to a suffocating grib of high debt agreement. The phenomenal high debts are placed by authority on the shoulders of their citizens.
The goal is to implement a global army, a world bank and one world currency.
The power of the bank is possible because it’s based on a fantastic misleading trick where only a select few create ‘money’ from nothing and only a fraction of it has to be accounted for in the bank ( = computer) , the so called fractional banking. For centuries have they worked towards a ( digital ) dictatorial world. With the disappearance of small change ( coins) and the linking of every individual and all his transactions ( money ) to a personal number in a central data base, they have finally reached their goal.

To understand the present on must know the past.

The Netherlands has always fulfilled A key role~ in the rise of the present poor state humanity finds themselves in right now, as the author hopes to make you aware of in this multiple part article.

They author wrote down his findings on Europe’s secret history.
Starting from the crusades, passing by the black nobility of Venice to the 17th century power elites of Amsterdam and the ‘glorious revolution’ from the bankers of London ending up right here in the present.

Many of the oldest sources are no longer available do to the deliberate Catastrophic destructionof the library of Alexandria at the end of the 4th century AD or the more resent catastrophic destruction from archaeological sites of ancient Babylon by the American army and the looting of the Iraqi archaeological museum during the war.~

The unimaginable wealth and supreme powerful catholic order of The Poor Knights of Christ and Salomo’s temple, More commonly known as the Knights Templar, fulfill in the present day crusades against Islam, ( again religion is used as a tool for fighting a war ) the role of international bankers in the Holy land.
The crusades are once again fought with the false accusation of terrorism towards the Semitic or Arabic people, who according to the propaganda that they would become a serious threat to Christianity by pope Urbanus the 2th ( 1042 – 1099 ). The unimaginable massacres of innocent men, women and children are legendary. Can it be that the authorities of the past have also given us the false pretence, that it was worth it ? Just like Madeleine Albright. The true goal has never changed and is still for power and benefit of a select few.
According to the words of Sovereign Great Commander of the Scottish rite of Free Masonry,Albert Pike.

There exists an even more important goal. He says about the Templers in his book Morals and Dogma

“The pretended goal was the protection of Christians who came to visit the Holy places: their secret goal was rebuilding the last Temple of Salamo "~

( This Temple is also regarded as Free Masonry most fundamental symbol. )

(Deze tempel is tevens het meest fundamentele symbool in de vrijmetselarij).

According to legend , the Original Templers were nine knights tied by blood from nobility. The Templers have always been free of tax commitments, and they provided financial services to governments on an interest agreements and as tax collectors.
A contradictive moral that interests are a criminal unwanted development from the catholic churge was ignored by the churge it self. The Templers had an almost absolute autonomous freedom and were only the Pope had the power to demand an explanation for their actions. They were with their fleet and trade agreements the predecesors of the first multinationals. As Free Masons of buildings like castles and above all roman charges like the Temple Churge, They became wealthy real estate owners. ~

Malcolm Barber

“They were unpopular and rich and even more with a royal financial treasury control what looks like it was all about removing any external parties all together. Even the Lombarden and Jews were not so involved. From the early 13th century the French Templers were in fact keepers of the royal treasury.”

A royal report from 1202 shows us the order functioned as a centralized money depot, a sort of proto – central bank. ~ The ancient temples probably did function as a bank ~ Bible book John. Vers 13 - 25.
25&id35=1&id17=1&id18=1&pos=0&set=10&lang=nl&idp0=36&idp1=18&idp2=19 Tells of temples that were used buy trades men and money exchangers to the abomination of Jesus. Modern day banks still The Bank of London look a lot like the creations of Albert Speer, who was Hitler’s reichs architect . ( Still they are shaped like an ancient temple. ) Like the and the . The Bank Of England is even build on top of a sanctuary for the praise of the sun god Mythras The worlds light.~

To be continued below thist one

Please hold your reply close to you there is more on the way.

Edit. For adding part 1, to the title.

[edit on 4/25/2010 by Sinter Klaas]

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 02:09 PM
the question is - what can we do about it? If anything...

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 02:29 PM
Ok I'm Back

This is the follow up post of the thread above.

It’s absolute forbidden for members to talk about temple rituals but former Templar Esquiu de Florian , violates this rule and betrays his former way of life to King Phillip the clean of France, telling him stories of crimes against God, devil worshipping and sexual orgies. For King Phillip who is in great debt to the Templars this news is like a gift from heaven. After informing the Pope, the Pope gives the order to dismantle the order. The last grand master of the order, a Nobel called Jacques de Moley dies together with other Templers on the stake where they burn to death for worshipping ‘Baphomet ~

This god that represents the universal union of positive and negative energy and who’s name is linked to wisdom, is supposedly from the Middle East and is the churge depiction of Satan, with the head of a goat, the body of a man, standing on spliced hoofs.
He is however not wisdom it self ( often presented as the forbidden fruit. ) but the implication of wisdom which can be good and evil.
A Jewish bible scholar called Dr. Hugh J. Schonfield writes in his book.
That Baphomet can be found in a Hebrew- Kabbalahism ~ and Kabbalah means revelation what comes from Egyptian esoterica.

The house of Orange and their supposed descendants from King David.

Many representatives from societies higher class citizens in the Netherlands ( Now the Netherlands and the Dutch speaking, northern part of Belgium called Vlaanderen. ) took part in the crusades or they joined the Templers, Like the legendary Gerard van Ruddevoorde who even got all the way up to be a grand master. Examples are : Floris III van Holland (1141 – 1190); Willem I van Holland (1167- 1222); Otto I de Grote, Graaf van Gelre (1182-1207); Rudolf van Seppenrode, Burggraaf van Groningen (gest. 1190); waarschijnlijk Ridder Hertog Jan I van Brabant (1254 – 1294); Willem , Heer van Horn en Althena (1240 – 1304); Dirk VI van Holland, Leenheer van Kennemerland en Rijnland (1114 – 1157); Gerard van Ruddervoorde , Grootmeester van de Orde der Tempeliers (1185 – 1189); Olivier van Paderborn; Gerhard II van Oudenaarde; Ingelbrecht III van Petegem (1030 – 1082); Ridder Hayo van Wolvega and the joining of many others Friezen/friese-krijgers-en-de-kruistochten in verschillende kruitochten; Graaf Willem II van Vlaanderen (1225- 1251); Daniel Danielsz van der Merwede, Heer ter Merwede (1180 – 1226); Boudewijn VI van Henegouwen (1171 – 1205); Boudewijn IX van Vlaanderen (1171 – 1205); de graven (1013 – Robert of Robrecht 1093), Robert II (1065 – 1111) en Robert III (1247 – 1322), alledrie van Vlaanderen/ Zeeland en Graaf Jan zonder Vrees (1371 – 1419).~ Recent onderzoek toont aan dat de Tempeliers in de Lage Landen, vooral in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden, ruimschoots zijn vertegenwoordigd.~ Ook in de Noordelijke Nederlanden zijn echter vestigingen bijvoorbeeld te Zaamslag, Middelburg, Zierikzee, Vere, Oostburg, Hulst, Aardenburg Alphen (NB), Oosterhout, Rixtel, Heesbeen, Kwaalburg, Boshoven, Oosterwijk en Chaam~ en eveneens te Beek (L), Lage-Mierde, Rixtel, op Texel, Zaandam, Beverwijk, Haarlem, Maastricht en Zierikzee~. In the northern Netherlands there were supposingly 20 commands who settled there.~

The ancestors of the house of Orange also played an important role. So the do the counts Robert of Ruprecht 3 van Oranje Nassau the combatable. ( (died 1191) and Walram van Oranje Nassau ( 1146 - 1198 ) took part of the 3th crusade. ~ Raimbaut 2 van Oranje( died 1121 ) was even a commander during the 1th crusade in 1096 to Antiochië and Jerusalem.~ It is René van Châlon (1519 -1544), who binds the two houseses together by heritage. His mother makes him a prince of Orange and his father makes him a count of Nassau.

Willem van Oranje also called Guilhem of Guillaume d’Orange (742-812), is regarded as the first one to to truly be a van Oranje Nassau.
Every single member of the royal family is a direct descendant of him. ~ He was already fighting battles against the Islamic sultan Hisham before the actual crusades start and because of it he has been declared Holy. Twice !.
His victory on the Islamic Mores in Orangeis is chanted in the 12th chanson de geste “La Prise d'Orange ~ “ Willem can speak Hebrew, celibrate sabbat and the lion of Juda he takes it with him in his weapon. Prof. Arthur Zuckerrman publishes a book in 1972 titled “A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France “ Where he cunluded that Willem van Oranje comes from a Jewish origin. Willem is supposed to be a son of Mahkir van Narbonne, A Babylonian - Jewish scholar and leader of the Jewish community that was according to tradition- handed over to the Spanish- Jewish astrologist and historicus Abraham Ibn Daud in his Sefer ha - Qabbalah , An historical chronicl of the Jewish people from 1161- it would directly tune in to the biblical king David. According to prof. Zuckerman Willem would be in deep the teachings of the kabala. Around 792 he supposingly started a academie for spirituality wher they teached the kabbala ~ There is now a n aby churge with a clock tower of Le Cloitre de Saint-Guilhem-le Désert in the village of Montpellier that is named in honor of him.

Baigent, Lincoln and Leigh write in their book. The controversial “The Holy Blood and the Holy grail” that they do firmly believe that Willem was “ a Jew of royal heritage . The authors of this book do also state that there is a genealogical line from the House of David all the way to Willem van Oranje. Queen Wilhelmina gets scientists from Leiden to work on it and they were successful and found a connection between King David and the Oranje family. Unfortunately that the results what may be the truth are stored in the royal archives.

The Templers which were in possession of a fail safe location in the Rhone valley. They apply major influence on the area under control of the Prince of Orange. High class rulers who are tied to the order of Templers, Like emperor Frederik “Redbeard” Barbarosa in 1182, honored the house of Orange with a visit. When in the early years of the 14th century the Templers are the talk of the day when word is out they were accused with sodomy and devil worshipping , They would still find a save haven in Orange.

The predacessors from René van Chalon, Who’s cousin Willem 1 van Oranje – Nassau inherited the title ‘Prince d’Orange and the princedom which has been given the same name and will be in their families property up until 1702, Their descendants leave an historical legacy with firm ties to Templar history. Time and time again the name Chalon comes up as a family name in the inner circle of the order. On the 13 of Octobre 1307 the authorities arrest the mighty Templers in the catholic influenced part of Europe. However, there was one templer who managed to secure the orders treasures and brings them to savety, Amongst this treasure ( according to some historians ) were the secrets of the Holy Grail. The surviving Templar is Hugo van Chalon. Tempelier Hugo van Chalon
( ca, 1258 - 1315 ). According to the sources from amongst others René Zwaap in De Groene Amsterdammer fro the 19th of February 1997, Hugo is a true d’Orange ~. If he is indeed a Chalon from the house van Oranje, Then this Hugo is the son of Jean van Chalon ( ca.1258 – 1315 )~. A Templar by the name of Jean van Chalon confesses after his arrest :

“On the night of the razzia ( Thursday the 12th of October 1307 ) I’ve seen three wagons packed with straw, leave the temple in Paris moments before the evening sets in. Along with Gèrard de Villiers and Hugo de Chalon leading up front of a 50 strong cavalary. On the wagons there wer chests that contained the entire treasure from Visiteur Géneral, Hugo de Pairaud, hidden in the straw. They were on route to shore where they would be expected by a fleet of 18 ships from the order who were there to transport them to a foreign country.”~

This statement about Jean van Chalon and the inner circle of the order is part of a number of documents that were after Napoleon conquered Rome in 1809, returned to Paris from the Vatican.

To be continued in the post below.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:04 PM

From the Templars to Free Masonry, the acceptance by our own ‘Protestant’ Royal family

After the Pope dismantled the Knights Order they went on in secret.
In Portugal the Templars simply changed their name to “ Knights of Christ “.
On islands in the Mediterranean sea they settled as “Knights of Rhodes” and “Knights of Malta” with as emblem the Maltese cross.
The last Order still exists. The last Order still exists.under the same name. ( Sovereign and Military Order of St. Jan of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta ) And it’s history can be traced back to 1048 ~.
There members exist exclusively out f the worlds most powerful , most wealthy people, under the joyful rule of diplomatic immunity and they are only responsible for their actions to the Pope as the replacement of=f the Christos, Sun/ Son of God, ‘light bringer’ ( vgl. Lucifer ) and owner of the world.
In present day we can see the abstractions of that light ( The sun ) as typical Maltese crosses. back on insigne's, clothes and as ceremonial decoration at the top of the worlds elite like the Pope The Pope and the Royal houses equal to the house van Oranje. ( picture Picture Prince Bernard). Sun shapes which we now identify as Maltese Cross can be found back in ancient Mesopotamia ( British Museum : from the Babylonian- Assyrian King Shamshi- Ad ad V, 824 – 811 v. CHR ) The decoration awards are part of the Knights Order of Oranje Nassau where the Queen is it’s grand master, are decorated with a Maltese cross. " target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">Maltese crossesback on insigne's, clothes and as ceremonial decoration at the top of the worlds elite like the Pope and the Royal houses equal to the house van Oranje. ( picture ). Sun shapes which we now identify as Maltese Cross can be found back in ancient Mesopotamia ( British Museum : from the Babylonian- Assyrian King Shamshi- Ad ad V, 824 – 811 v. CHR ) The decoration awards are part of the Knights Order of Oranje Nassau where the Queen is it’s grand master, are decorated with a Maltese cross. Beatrix member of the Maltese Order

Some times it’s surrounded by sun rays ~ Just like Wilhelmina, Prince Hendrik and Prince Bernard once were, Queen Beatrix is a member of the Maltese Order. In 1960 she was granted access as lady of the great cross of honor and devotion and she was promoted as Queen on the 30th of April 1980

The Free Masonry related Order of the Roses cross would, with their cross that remembers the knights of the cross, would be the continuing of the old Templar Order according to the highly respected and devoted Honoré-Gabriel de Riqueti, Graaf van Mirabeau

de-Mirabeau who was involved in the French revolution, in his “La Monarchie prussienne sous Frédéric le Grand” ( 1788 ). A free Mason him self.he states :

The roses cross – Free masonry of the the 17th century are only the continuation of the Order of Templars ~

The Templar fleet brings many of them to their last place to hide : Scotland , Where in 1446 the Masons build the early – Gothic Rosalyn chapel churge .The churge is over loaded with symbolism we know from The Order of the Templars as Free masons combined with Christian and Pagan Iconography. The Builders , whose guild would be infiltrated are regarded as the first form of Masonry of the Scottish Rite Scottish Rite , the first Free Mason organization that showed themselves openly in public, After the catholic King Charles the 2th Charles 2 of Scotland and England during his exile in the Netherlands ( 1649 -60 ) is turned in to a Free Mason ~. This Charles would later give his permission for the marriage of his brothers daughter in 1677 with the Free Mason Willem the 3th van Oranje Free Mason Willem 3 van Oranje Bringer of the “Glorious Revolution” ~
The official reason for this Marriage is religion : The Unity within England would remain normal this way and the protestant Willem the 3th would protect the frightened people from the war crazy King Louis the 14th of France.
because of this strategic marriage Willem the 3th van Oranje becomes in 1689, next to keeper of the city of Holland, also King of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Willem 3 is Free Mason
Willem the 3th is a Free Mason just like Charles the 2th ~
and many Oranjes that follow in his foot steps :
Prince Frederik van Oranje which from 1816 even enjoys the highest power within the Order, As an equal Of Albert Pike ; Grand Master of the Order of Free Masonry ( under the big east of the Netherlands )~
Prince Willem Alexander van Oranje – Nassau ( 1851 – 1884 ) Who also a grandmaster of the Order Grand master in the order Of the Free Masons.( 1882 – 1884 ) ~
King Willem the 1th ( 1772 – 1843 ), King Willem the 2th ( 1792 – 1849) and King Willem the 4th (1711 – 1751 ) ~

The authorities don’t say a word about their role in this secret society of the present Oranjes. A slight opened window on the funeral Of Prince Claus on 12 October 2002, Where in a brief moment there is a condolences of the Order Of Templars , the sovereign military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, decorated with a Templers cross and the life motto of the Temple Order ‘Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis; Sed
Nomini Tuo da Gloriam ~
Klaas van den Urk who on page 461 of his book “the Search For the Holy Grail and the arc of the Covenant” A picture of the of the ad has printed, Makes his readers aware of the the Order where a list of grand masters goes back toHugo de Payens. The first Grand Master of The Templers

Under the rule of Willem the 3th ( 1650 – 1702 ) Free Masonry gets more public attention. Very soon after his death the 4 loges unite in London on the 24th of June 1717, The day of John, St John was honored by the templers Order where there is still a John Order included, to the London Grand Lodge. The first over seeing grand lodge and the most important in the world these days ~
In memorial of Willem van Oranje and his “Glorious Revolution “that resulted in centuries of terror and bloodshet in Northern Ireland. , Where Freemason Thomas Wilson opens The Macconieke and at the same time the Orange orde This secret society which has departments all troughout The British Common Wealth ~ This Order has close ties the order of Malta

It’s almost never known that Willem the 3th ( 1650 – 1702 ) a crucial role played in our current strangle system of a central all powerful world bank, An elite who has the sole right to print money and the further development of the destructive profit gain of corporate companies from our VOC- Legacy. How this has been developing will be part of another part of the article.

Present days the name Knights templars is still being used by a world wide Free Mason orginasation" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">
That presents itself as a filantropic knights Order. Her are also curious ties with King Salomo’s Tempel and Israel clearly visable in theuir much saying alternative title :
The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta).
According the Orginasation there would not be any relationship in existence.~


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xxxviii Schilder, K., ‘De vrijmetselarij’. J.B. van den Brink & Co., Zutphen z.j. [1924], blz. 9.

xxxix Encyclopedia Brittanica, “The Orange Order”.

xl “Grand Encampement of Knights Templar of the United States of America.”

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:09 PM
This is only part one . If there are any question. Please ask.

I've noticed a number of sources are in Dutch. I wil translate them on reply.

Please be nice. This was the first time I've ever taken the effort to do this.

Enjoy !

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:12 PM

Originally posted by markygee
the question is - what can we do about it? If anything...

Knowledge is power. Well that's what they tell me.

I was surprised by the alternative history of my country.

The rabbit hole is much deeper then it should be.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas


Thank's , for putting this together. I hope your efforts are rewarded by many replies. If only 1 more person wakes up to TPTB

Much more reading to do now.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:36 PM
Wow, your task is commendable, S & f for you!! Although some of it is knowledge that i have gained, there is definitely alot more here that needs and deserves some research!!

I sometimes cannot help wonder if the truth itself will be enough to free us from this grip/hold?

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:44 PM
The house of Orange is also a big Rothschild supporter, they helped the Rothschilds take over England.

Interesting topic.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:44 PM
Yep i think teh owrld is in this position, this is why i think teh governments want us all under mind control, so only our governments control us.

Something more is going on. But your right there are secret societies. The spiritual battle is real, and i think there really is an entity what we call the devil running our planet, but i do not know if he is called the devil obviously, but he is what we percieve to be the devil.

Who he gives power too is funny as the people in the positions of power must be driven crazy with it in reality.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by corvin77

Well. it's pretty convincing isn't . It'gets even better.

You did read it wasn't me that did all the research right ?

Anyway I already knew quite a bit on it.
I've seen a movie once where there was the same link present but then it was all about the British royal family.

Not surprising tho. I felt a lot puzzle pieces found their way home.
Did you know the British royal family changed their name to make it sound more English ? They are originally from Germany.

Did you know the Netherlands , when Willem van Oranje Nassau was still a city keeper. It was because the Netherlands were a republic back then ?

Napoleon after he conquered Europe was responsible for assigning a King. Then again. The house of Orange is French and French still is the language of the royal family.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by Grey Magic

Yeah the Rothchilds. I didn't know this either.
Well Amsterdam was once a Jewish stronghold. Ajax ( the football club ) still are regarded as Jews.

How about 5 december ? You are no undercover Dutchy, right ?

I tend to make more use of my stick then the present I offer.

I like you Pusy Puzzz by the way.
Big cat person here.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by andy1033

I don't think it's the devil working here.
I do agree there is something more to life and part of it isn't pretty.

Humans are very much capable to do what they do. IMO

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

Incredibly well researched and well though out thread. I
will love to explore all the links. Had a little trouble reaching the first one, just below the author.

We go through life missing much that is there and seeing only what our eyes are drawn to and hearing only what has been already filtered through media. Some of them too, with vested interests and blood on their hands.

Thanks for the time and trouble it must have taken to bring this to our attention. A fascinating thread I will star, flag & quite enjoy reading!

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

In these economic recession times, would you bring me presents on December the 5th if I would say that I lived in Austin, Texas?

I hope that answered your question.


posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:28 PM
The problem I see that there are so many levels, organizations, corporations, banks and families forming a web that is indeed taking us hostage.

I don't know what the future holds but I do know this can't go on forever.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 07:35 PM
I tried taking the world as hostage w/o even realizeing that I could, either way it backfired and is real. Either way I am just doing w/e it is I do...

Unfortunatily it starts with one and that one can blame but no blame is more the the moon and the beauty that was seen that night...

It was fate and I am sorry I somehow destroyed the first Universe, to all humans and aliens alike, I really didn't mean it, it was G P, for those that see... How would I have such power! I was a loser for goodness sakes!

First time w/o knowing and I catch something like a sexually transmitted diseses but without sex cause I pre-emptived what was coming cause I knew "it/they" were coming back so I broke up for the future happiness of her... plus I suck at relationship

and yet I am still just me while this nuttyness is happening... It is impossible to stop and I do now know how to stop it. What I am talking about can not stick yet, what I type is fr the future humans not present... we are not ready and neither was/am I.

Just to tell you Aliens can make Universes... even current physicists say it is possible so obviously technologically advanced beings can. Either way all I did was look to the night after a amazing dream, but is it here or am I delusional.

I am not delusional. I tried to not be all my life then this happens and I still look delusional. Either way it is not fair all to much in Fate terms. A term that doesn't matter here cause baddies fates are still fate and experience mean nothing vreating who you are at present of at a point where something happens... right? dont answer, I was just typeing for the heck of it.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:08 PM
I will definitely be reading this thread when I get a chance to take it all in, I won't let all your hard work go to waste.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by Grey Magic

I dunno.

How is the weather in Texas that time of year ? Like, I don't know about any good tourist atraction in Texas . Just a lot of sand, Chuck Norris and Bush.

Arizona would be my first choice. Maybe if you moved. I can get my Pieten to fill up my spare steamboat with presents

Never been to the states before.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by Grey Magic

You are right.

That's just it. A lot of stuff is happening what makes the possibility very much a reality.
Personally, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Then again...

Lets ask ourselves a few questions.

1. Are humans capable of such a scheme : Yes.

2. Are humans prepared to commit these crimes to humanity : Yes.

3. Are there people that think they are better then others : Yes.

Take for example the Bush family.
How big is the chance that two presidents come from the same family ?

Were talking G. W . Bush ( junior ). The way he behaved, I wouldn't even hire him for the post chamber.

I've heard somewhere that Bush junior was actualy related to the queen of England. A distant cousin. The queens family is very much of German heritage by the way.

So now it starts making sense why Prescott Bush was funding the Nazi's only to stop when America joined the war.

See, the web get a bit more unraveled.

[edit on 4/26/2010 by Sinter Klaas]

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