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The Global Meltdown is really about keeping you from becoming a "GOD".

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 12:30 PM
The biggest issues of tomorrow are Transhumanist in nature, but the biggest issue of today is the elitist dictatorial system being implemented that is driven by transhumanist ideas of becoming "gods".

Considering the technological stages we're entering, stopping the NWO should be the front and foremost issue facing Transhumanists, and anti-Transhumanists alike. I post this to extend an olive branch to the Transhumanist community (TC), but this call to motivation spares no one. I demand to hear any more devastatingly important set of issues that people should be motivated by, should such exist.

I'm often very critical of TC ideas, but if you seriosuly intend for a future resembling anything ethical then there is no time to waste. Nick Bostrom, head of the World Transhumanist Association, in this video clip states that the major goal of the TC is to prevent the dystopia where only a few have access.

If you are at all ethical then its time to stand up and fight the oppressive forces that are currently at the helm of the international banking system, governments, media and so on who are bent on plundering the world to prevent the masses from participating in your vision of techno-utopia. The video I posted yesterday showed one of these meglomaniacs declaring that they'll wage war if we try to stop them from becoming "gods". I argue they're already waging war on virtually everybody to prevent the masses from taking part. Immediately after the 2008 meltdown I argued that the collapse was deliberately designed to plunder the masses for this very reason.

More recent films, such as Fall of the Republic, detail how this crime is being carried out while naming names. The overall scheme is 3 pronged: phoney Global Warming hysteria, the Global War on Terror delusion, and the in your face economic downturn that is poised for total collapse in the U.S and the world. These false, manufactured "challenges of the 21st Century" has virtually every major world leader calling for world government, to set in stone the system of technological totalitarianism that is hugely motivated by Transhumanist ideas.

I'll never agree that becoming "gods" is the right way. I typically argue that the TC should rejoice that the NWO technocrats are hell bent on developing the "god" technologies ASAP, as I can prove. However, in truth they aren't building it for you, so if you're truly ethical in your intentions its time to man up and get off of the technology issue itself. You should know better than anyone that technology will continue to advance exponentially, it doesn't need to be pushed by government & military initiatives as it will march on regardless. Therefore, the front and center issue should be ending the global dictatorship that is being established to plunder the the global populace. Odds are that you'll be amongst those plundered in this process, and you should know better than anyone whats at stake.

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