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BNP Leader Nick Griffin : 'East London Is Like Nairobi' **VIDEO**

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:59 AM
Link from Sky News

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been secretly filmed out on the far-right party's campaign trail, where he compared east London to Nairobi. The BNP is well known for having controversial policies, but it would appear the party also has controversial opinions when it comes to canvassing voters. An undercover reporter from the People tabloid recorded what happened when senior party member Richard Edmonds was out leafleting in Dagenham. When a woman told him she would not vote BNP, Mr Edmonds' response as he walked away was: "Silly ******* aren't they? Maybe she's got a black kid you see? "Or maybe her sister's got a black kid? That I think is always the explanation around here. "Once they go with blacks, they're part of the black tribe. "Wicked, horrible, stupid. I've seen it many, many times." Mr Griffin was also filmed talking about canvassing in Barking, where he is trying to oust Labour's Margaret Hodge. "Yes, it's something like leafleting central Nairobi isn't it, I'm afraid," he said. A spokesman for the BNP said the remarks were made after Mr Edmonds had been verbally abused in the street. They party did not want to comment further on the filming. At its manifesto launch last week, the BNP insisted it was not a single-issue party.

Unreal isnt it.
Does this mans racism get any worse.
How on gods earth does he get air time on political programmes in the UK ?

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