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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by serbsta

Serbsta you are right..! It's unthinkable that a group of human being could have been that much Machiavellian and intelligent enough to find a way to secretly manipulate the mass through the years....

We should all listen to you...! instead of Rome, TPTB must probably be extraterrestrial, superior minds from outer space, in partnership with a secret ancient civilisation, probably shape shifting Lizards who are following ancient prophecies under the mind control power of a intergalactic and all powerful supreme God....

Serbsta, I wish I could one day reach YOUR level of INSIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE
Maybe I should wear a tinfoil hat, to obtain your wisdom…


Sorry but... after having read all this thread, ProtoplasmicTraveler have, in my humble opinion, the most interesting anwsers i ever seen to explain the last 2000 years conspiracies and to which organisation is at the top of the pyramid....

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by Isaacland

well you will never reach the level of her insight if you don't read the whole thread. selective learning is good for one thing and one thing only, keeping your paradigm secure in its comfy little enclosure. time to read! not saying anything is written in stone, just saying there's more to the information and broad brush strokes are only good for art

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 04:34 PM

Originally posted by QtheQ
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I am wondering if this is why the treaties with the native americans were so flagrantly broken by the US. While the US was acting under the authority of Rome, presumably none of the native american peoples recognized Rome's authority and the treaties were therefore not brokered by Rome. As a result, the power that the US government answered to, Rome, did not require the honoring of a treaty that that to them was essentially meaningless.

China, on the hand, seems to show some shared allegiance with the US and other nations by the prominent display of the five pointed star on the nations flag. I'll admit I'm not sure of the significance of the five pointed star but I doubt its prevalence and its placement on something as symbolically important as a nations flag is due to accidental whim or stylistic coincidence.

The First Nation's People essentially had no representation through Attorneys, the Esquires who are the Gentlemen who can speak on behalf of and represent the unwashed masses.

Because they were considered inferior their entering into Treaties was always one way, until more modern times when they started using Attorneys to actually enforce their contractual rights.

Judges officers of the Court which is all a Roman based religious system, do not prefer to enter into agreements with unrepresented people or speak to unrepresented people, as this grants them a higher status than Rome likes to give the average person.

For the most part the earliest Indian Treaties were concluded with Army Officers, and basically were just to gain the concessions that the Indians were being tricked into, to give up their legal claim to lands and rights as a result.

So they were basically mechanisms that could use against them, but not to protect them.

Had the First Nations People known to present proper legal representation for them selves in the Treaty of Paris, it might have been a very different ball game. If you read the Treaty of Paris our own Plenipotentiaries were first named to the Holy Roman Court of Versailles, Madrid and the Netherlands, which is what empowered them to actually speak in a contractual sense as persons with extraordinary Plenipotentiary power.

Which if one doesn’t read the Treaty of Paris carefully it might appear that the United States itself named Franklin, Jay and Adams as Plenipotentiaries but it was actually the King of England the prince and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire that named the United States, and thus named them as Officers appointed by the Holy Roman Courts as Plenipotentiaries of it.

So because the First Nations people attempted to represent themselves, the agreements with them were only considered as a binding statement of what they were giving up in writing.

Had the First Nation’s People been able to get one of the Holy Roman Court States and Sovereigns to recognize their own Sovereignty and grant them power within the Holy Roman Empire System then they could have not only negotiated much better agreements but better compensation for their losses and had a truly enforceable document.

Perhaps the most significant part of the Treaty of Paris besides the mention that parts of it were only known to Secret Committee of Congress and under seal as a result and not made public, even to this day, is in the end of the preamble where it is clearly stated that all empowered parties to the Treaty communicated their full and respective powers to one another.

We do not know of course what those full and respective powers were; only the negotiators to the Treaty and perhaps the Secret Committee of Congress knew. It’s safe to say that the First Nations People were not included in this stage and as such had no real power that was communicated and agreed upon by all parties.

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by Isaacland

I think what continues to plague a number of posters not just to this thread, but ATS in general is a real need on their part to make everything fit within the structure of Christianity and Christian Bible Prophecy.

While it makes no specific mention of 2012, people will swear up and down that vague references to this or that in the Bible are clearly talking about 2012.

Not clear enough to say in the year 2012 of our Lord in a yet to be discovered land…

The same is true with another Poster’s Star Gate theories where “A lake of Fire” has been interpreted to mean, God knew all about Star Gates!

It’s in the Bible, not clear enough for them to come right out and say “And a ring of stone is being used as a portal between this world and another”.

Just as many will say that yes, there is a possibility of Extra Terrestrials but these must be the Nephalim or the Fallen Angles discussed in the Bible.

In order for them to incorporate it into their realm of considering it a possibility, they first have to fit it into a Christian framework, and that God knew all about it!

What’s clear if you look at the modern day Middle East is that Jews and Muslims alike bear grudges like forever!

Much of the actual real history of the Jewish people also known as the Habiru and Hapiri had them wondering in and out of every kingdom from Egypt to Babylon as a ethnic group of money lenders, mercenaries, slave merchants, artisans and political advisors, ultimately getting kicked out of each when their power grew to large along with their thefts and intrigues.

Much of the old Testament is about establishing the enemies of the Jews, so we might easily assume many references to Egypt and Babylon were slanders born of grudges and political propaganda, that thousands of years later, heaped with thousands of years of Biblical fiction and fantasy have taken on a life of their own, in people trying to ascertain the mysteries of the Bible.

Like vague passages that they interpret to mean 2012, Star Gates and Extra Terrestrials are mentioned in the Bible.

Which are just basically acts of desperation to include everything else that might be real under the sun into the whole Christian system, because it has to has to has to be all about Christians and the Christian system.

The truth though that the mystery of the Bible is it’s written by Rome as a means to rule over the masses by introducing the power of an unseen all powerful force it defines and thus controls through it’s definition, as a plan to conquer the whole world and bring about a one world government.

What we do see time and time again is the need on some people’s behalf to belief in that system in the face of any and all evidence that it not only failed to incorporate everything under the sun that was happening on Earth, but in the Universe itself, and that it is simply being used as a deceptive method of control.

It is to such people like an umbilical cord attaching them firmly to a notion of reality, that they fear having to let go of, which is why they will try to incorporate things from other non-Christian Cultures like the Mayans and their 2012 prophecies into the Bible.

They are afraid to face the universe and life on their own two feet.

They are slaves to their lord, without even knowing in fact that they are simply as so many long have been, slaves to Rome!

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by undo

Like i told you Sersta...i did read it all, as a matter of fact i found it so interesting, i often go back to read again some posts to even more analyse and research this conspiracy theory.

Is it me..., i have the feeling you have a personal Vendetta agenda, against the author of this thread, It's seems like a obsession.

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by Isaacland
reply to post by undo

Like i told you Sersta...i did read it all, as a matter of fact i found it so interesting, i often go back to read again some posts to even more analyse and research this conspiracy theory.

Is it me..., i have the feeling you have a personal Vendetta agenda, against the author of this thread, It's seems like a obsession.

Undo and her fantastical Star Gate theories are part of a series of E-Books and Podcasts she promotes. She long ago tried to hijack this thread to use it as a vehicle to promote these theories, and appears to be emboldened further to that end, now that her 3 year old thread has become relevant again to a small number of posters finding their way to it after being featured as one of the all time most replied to threads on the new ATS 2010 page dedicated to such threads.

I personally find it all rather scandalous, that is, her insistence that her belief in Egyptian Star Gates and her artful yet absurd tie in to the Bible based on a wide interpretation of what lake of fire means, has her going on months after months in this thread about Rome.

While she has been careful not to promote her E-Books and Podcasts here on this thread, other members have listed how these things can be obtained from her, on her Stargate thread which is why she continues to try to use this thread as a Stargate to her Stargate thread to attract business for her E-Books and Podcasts.

I honestly got tired of all her ranting and pushing and put her on ignore, but those who aren't so inclined who want to know why she persists here, it is for the above mentioned reasons.

She isn't interested in the truth, or making the world a better place, she's interested in producing revenue from the theories others own musings helped her craft and create.

Now you know!

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 05:16 PM

Originally posted by We the People
reply to post by pjl_u2

“Religion is the Opium of the people”, maybe you should take a look at Proto's latest thread.
Economic Manipulation and how it leads to Religious Extremism

Great thread! I love that guy, he's really interested in helping people better get along through understanding the world that they live in, and unlike other's isn't even trying to make a dime off of it!

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

The Son of Man v.2.0 has Nothing to learn from Marx, or any other Jew!!!!
The days of the world living in a matrix of jewish riddles is nearly to it's end.... transmission over, you have been warned!!!
You will see me on the other side!!!

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by pjl_u2

Sure I will, it would be hard to miss that shiney crown you have there!

However I am my own Master and not interested in slavery to failed concepts who serve a priveleged few who manipulate all others through them.

How easy are the masses to decieve. The modern art of dentisty originally used mercury a highly toxic poisonous subtance to fill cavities in teeth!

They assured everyone and one and all, this was good for them.

Well until decades later the studies came back suggesting that using a highly toxic poisonous substance in an area in close contact with the blood stream like the center of your teeth was actually NOT TOO GOOD!

So after first MAKING PEOPLE PAY to be poisoned they then MADE PEOPLE PAY to take the poison back out.

But you are right the average bear is just too smart to fall for any kind of sinister manipulation. Christ will come back and save us, as soon as the Priests stop robbing the collection plates and fork over some bus fare!

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

lol i was a bible researcher way before i developed any theory about ancient stargates. that's one of the many reasons i don't see how the information could all be created by rome. in effect, your theory goes up against the theories of ETs and ancient technology in ancient texts. that's part of the problem as well. i agree that rome seems to have played a major role in alot of world events, and still does, but to the point of convincing scientists in the various branches of geology, archaeology, linguistics, etc, to lie and go along with fake texts and fake artifacts the world over... that's giving rome too much credit, i'm afraid.

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by Isaacland

no vendetta. i like proto's posts for the most part. it's just i think he went off the deep end on this particular thread. the broad brush has been applied too liberally and it's effecting his ability to be even remotely objective about anything regarding this theory of his.

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 08:30 PM

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 08:59 PM

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by Isaacland

it's effecting his ability to be even remotely objective about anything regarding this theory of his.

The important question here is are YOU serbsta, objective, regarding others research results or you will always stick with Horse Blinds

I really think this thread reveiled the greatest discovery in the conspiracy world, i am registered on other conspiracy sites and i never had the impression that we were really close to something but this time, i really think this is it.

ProtoplasmicTraveler is the Spartacus of the 21th century...

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 09:30 PM
link spite of those who try to hijack with religion...

I just find it kind of funny that everything Proto is saying about the role of Rome is already understood by those who read the Bible. Some of us have had our eyes on Rome for a long time. (A false religion,controlling world affairs,and so on and so on.)

Nothing new to me.

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posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by On the Edge

precisely. no one who actually reads biblical prophecy is even remotely surprised, but then that's the premise of his thread. he believes the whole thing is manufactured by rome to make us accept our demise. problem is, the bible was off limits for reading by anyone but the highest ranking members of the roman church and those were hard to come by copies, written out by hand and chained to a wall in the basement. i just don't see how the roman version of the apocalypse (according to proto) could be manufactured for the purpose he says. and 2000 years ago no less. .. it boggles the mind.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by Isaacland

i'm not serb.
serbs not me.

and this is line three

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by Aquarius1

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by Isaacland

no vendetta. i like proto's posts for the most part. it's just i think he went off the deep end on this particular thread. the broad brush has been applied too liberally and it's effecting his ability to be even remotely objective about anything regarding this theory of his.

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Guess the same thing could be said about your Stargate so called theory, seems more credence is given to this thread with 378 Flags in less then five months opposed to your Stargate thread with only 360 Flags in four years.

Proto has been very objective and has worked hard to keep this great thread on track in spite of those who try to hijack with religion at every turn.

Every one is entitled to an opinion but the off topic nonsense really is disgraceful on the part of those few posters engaged in it, in a methodical way.

Posters like Undo who were given ample time and attention to make their points failed to do so, when asked for actionable intelligence and credible references to the things they were trying to incorporate into this thread.

So there really was no lack of objectivity, just a reluctance on their part, to accept that their poorly presented cases, based on wild speculations, often badly rendered at that, simply have no significant part or influence in the scheme of the Roman Matrix that frames our shared reality and drives world events.

So they substitute the more appropriate word discerning with the totally inappropriate words of not being objective to mask the fact that one, their arguments failed to sway anyone beyond a few they asked to come to the thread with them to promote them, and two that they were told I had looked at all these things in my own research and found that they did not fit.

Their reluctance to accept my findings is in fact simply their reluctance to accept my findings because they are in fact promoting another objective that does not fit into this thread.

If I were of the same infantile level, I would simply head over to Undo’s star gate theory thread and start making post after post how it’s all ridiculous while promoting my Rome theory.

Thankfully I have more respect for myself, and for ATS, and the members who enjoy discussing that fanciful theory to mar the discussion with such self serving antics.

I appreciate those who support my findings and theories, and feel inclined to defend them, and me by extension but I truly feel as long as members keep giving attention to people who are obviously trolling the thread to provoke reactions or promote their own agendas, it is just going to degrade the quality of the ongoing discussion and invite such people to continue to attempt to disrupt the thread with such tactics and for such agendas.

Simply put people don’t let the trolls bait you, and don’t feed the trolls.

They didn’t have anything topical of merit to add 50 pages ago, and they still don’t 50 pages later.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 01:01 AM
reply to post by undo

Considering that,yes,the Catholic church forbid it's members to read the Bible for themselves,and now there is this,from a couple years ago!...

“True Bible-Believers Denounced at Papal Conference”

…The Pontiff told the assembled Buddhist monks, Zoroastrian priests, Catholic cardinals, Hindu gurus, American Indian shamen, Jewish rabbis, and ecumenical clergy that all must join in condemning the Christian fundamentalists who “abuse speech” and whose efforts at converting others “incite hatred and violence.”

…(1) Pope John Paul II was endorsed by consensus as the planet’s chief spiritual guide and overseer; and (2) Religious fundamentalists who refuse to go along with the global ecumenical movement are to be silenced. They must also be denounced as “dangerous extremists” full of hate.

They totally embrace Islam as well.

I tried pointing out earlier,"the enemy of my enemy is my friend",...but you know how it is around here!

(Aren't you on Proto's Ignore list? I should be,too,and maybe after this post I will be! It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all.)

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posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 01:12 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by On the Edge

You know my friend what some people don't quite understand is that what I have attempted to do is show motive, and opportunity in relation to a plan that has a clear objective, that I walk people through from point a, to point b, to point c, that ultimately ends in a conclusion that was the objective from the beginning.

I state clearly what that conclusion and objective is, and how they intend to reach it, and display how it's been a work in process that's involved colonizing and conquering the world under common systems.

What some other people who have tried to bring other outside things that fascinate them or have some appeal to them have not been able to do, is draw an objective or a conclusion as to not only how those elements fit in to the plan, but how they are being used in the plan and what the objective is.

So a stand alone thread like Star Gates are real, authored by a former biblical scholar who for the sake of her own belief system had to validate it in her own mind by incorporating it into the Bible and her religion, can not tell us, how, why, when, where, and to what purpose and objective the supposed Star Gates are being used, let alone tell us as to why Rome would be using them and to what end, and they can't provide a shred of tangible proof such things even exist.

So yes, they really are off topic and don't fit, and because they can't actually present a lucid theory despite being given dozens of pages to do so, in how they would fit, that is plausible, they are in essence simply upset I won't incorporate them and invent how they would be used by Rome and to what end for them.

What they are in fact asking me to do, is to ignore the very actionable ellements and logistics Rome uses to rule the world, banking, law, military and religion, that is very plausible once laid out from start to finish with clear goals for people to evaluate and consider, to instead weave fantastical stand alone elements into it, that would in fact make the whole premise not credible at all except to a very small fringe group who believe such things exist, but have no earthly idea for what, or to what end, other than some wide based fears and speculations.

So once I would do that, just to accomodate people who really are just seeking attention and a platform for stand alone ideas and theories that they haven't thought out to any real sensible conclusion, people will then throw the baby out with the bath water and then ignore the very real ellements detailed in this thread that are behind many of the people's and planet's woes.

Now how do we know Rome has an objective, because it's written right into the Bible, a thousand year reign of a one world government put forward as a Utopian Theocracy ruled by a living God.

Coincidentally Hitler also envisioned a thousand year reign of a one world government called the Third Reich.

So we know Rome has an objective, and why religion does not play a large part in my theory, is we have established many elements from many religions were woven into Christianity.

Because of that, it's safe to say Rome's plan is not for a living benevolent God to rule for a thousand years in a one world Government but for Rome itself to rule for a thousand years a one world government based upon a totaltarian authoritarian society.

That religion is just one of many mechanisms along with banking, law and the military, and media, to steer people to that direction and accepting a one world government.

Because many of us can see this happening, and understand that there is an international elite that has for well over a hundred years been promoting a one world government and we can see they have made tremendous headway to that end, putting little green men into the picture, stargates into the picture, mysterious dieties into the picture, and theology into the picture, really are just brain farts for people who can't complete a whole thought on their own.

I really am serious about keeping the thread on topic, so that people who take the hour plus it would take most to read the opening piece don't get to a back page to find people talking about little green men, star gates, demons, citing gospels or other nonsense, when the thread is about how Rome plans to install a one world government and how.

You can disagree with the theory, it's no sweat off my back, what you can't get me to do is weave ellements that would only be a deflection, from what is really happening, for people like Undo who four years into a thread is still trying to work out how stargates work, let alone being able to prove one exists, who has possession of it, and what they are using it for and how it fits into the bigger picture and to what end.

It's just off topic nonsense, that is topical in the appropriate setting like her thread for that.

Just as their are dozens of threads like the rediculous the Trump will happen in Seven Days posted Ten Days ago, on religion, and religious prophecy.

Some imagines persistence wears out resistence but I can assure you my focus is as eternal as Rome itself when it comes to keeping this thread on topic, for serious posters, who really want to discuss the focus of the thread, which is not star gates, Egypt or Babylon, little green men, or vacation bible school.


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