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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:16 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

But when all the telephone poles are leaning to the right, the Proto poll automatically leans to the left!

That short statement just got me into trouble with my sainted 91 year old mother ... mainly cause it made me laugh out loud at 1.52am, thus waking said sainted mother up

A superb thread my friend, but I think undo does have a point.

Personally, I think the conspiracy goes much further back than 'Rome', and Rome just happens to have been the ones carrying forward (and furthering) what I believe is an ancient (and not necessarily entirely earthly) conspiracy.

The fact that Rome have been the custodian of this conspiracy for 2000 years might give the impression that it started there. I do think, however, it goes much further back than a mere 2000years

I understand your reasons for wanting to stick to speculative fact, rather than introduce any esoteric aspect to the conspiracy of Rome.... but I suspect (and this is purely my opinion) that by doing so you may be trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with only half the pieces... pieces which all fit together but which only show a part of a much larger picture.

If you have ever read a book called '
The Gods of Eden', by William Bramley, you will then know where my thoughts lie on this whole 'Conspiracy View Of History'.... what you have termed as 'Rome'. Regardless, I suspect that your view of the last 2000 years of history is much MUCH closer to the truth than the 'official' version taught in schools.

A superb thread, a great read, and thank you for the 2am laugh with the 'pole' metaphor.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by Dagar

Please appologize to her for me Dagar my wise friend.

I very much respect other people's religious beliefs. Their spiritual beliefs, I try to answer honestly why I don't always share them, and sometimes people take that as a lack of respect, which I humbly regret.

Right now, the highest entity in the structure I can really confirm, without a doubt is Rome.

Who knows if there is something above and beyond that, inter dimensional beings, other worlders, dieties, heck maybe even its just me.

But if Rome is hiding behind the Vatican and Religion and you take that away, then we are bound to get a much better idea of what if anything is hiding behind Rome!

That's my logic, take the real path that I can really see?

Maybe that doesn't make sense to everyone, but the best way to find out what's out there is to strip away the masks.

The oldest definition of a person by the way is an actor wearing a mask.

And maybe I come off to blunt, or too shocking at times, but that is the real me, I try not to wear a mask, because ultimately at some stage in any relationship the mask has to come off, so if people can't appreciate me from the start for the real me, they sure won't at the end, just because I am a good actor in mask, in role.

I think part of the problem on a deep spiritual level is we have all been trained to put on masks and assume roles.

Maybe I am a prima dona, like Dinero who knows, but I really just want to do a cameo of myself?

If we could get all the masks dropped then we would know. So I dropped mine as an example to others.

I want to unmask Rome!

To find out the real hidden truth, beauty or beast.

Right now, I am leaning towards beast, but of course one never knows until they see beyond the mask.

Thanks Dagar my friend, as always, I appreciate your sage words and advice.

I tried to type softly so not to wake anyone up again and get you in trouble!

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by undo


I agree with PT on this basic sentiment, and that is that the rule of law (religion, monetary, and civil/criminal law) that we live under today was created in Rome.

I am not looking for errors, but what I am looking for is the truth.

I understand why you would talk about Sumeria (and even though you really didn't say it, the code of Hammurabi and the Mosaic Code), but what we experience today is the same continuation of rulings that were originally created by the law of the twelve tables, which was established around 490 BCE.

That would make our current system of law around 2500 years old.

The actual Mosaic Code is not practiced by most Jews today.

What they practice is Talmud based Judaism, which is the basis for Christianity and Islam.

I know of very few true Torah Jews, except maybe these guys.

The Talmud was created during the Roman Empire around 200 BCE in order to interpret the meaning of the Torah.

It is the rule of law as applied to religion.

So it doesn't really matter so much what the Torah says, but what really matters is how it was interpreted in the Talmud.

That is how modern day Jewry applies the teachings of the Torah to their own lives.

I can't speak for PT, but I do not think that there is any denial of history, but what I do see is a strong reference to what is happening today.

And what is happening today is that the religion that was created in Rome, the monetary system that was created in Rome, and the rule of law that was created in Rome is still managing our lives.

It is still managing our lives to this very day.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:43 PM
LOL heavy speed reading for sure. When I have more focus and time I surely will read through this carefully. I definitely got this bookmarked. But from what I read so far very interesting points. I have been reading up on the Anunnaki and the last time they were heard of was during the time of the Roman empire. They had a lot of dealings with the constructions of historical monuments and precise construction.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

of course it matters what torah says. there's all manner of juicy bits of data in torah, particularly as regards our origins and the preflood world. why would you say it doesn't matter? and as far as i'm concerned, being a gentile by jewish description but a jew by christian description, i'm not the talmudic version of a gentile (a cow), although it is entirely possible my ancestors were brought here from the pleiades (in taurus), that's about as close as i get to female cow.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:02 PM

I have a funny feeling all kinds of people and some things that aren't even people, who aren't members, will be seeing this thread! This was the day, I said I would publish it by the way, a couple months ago, when people were asking me, when I would lay it all out in one thread. Thanks for reading it, and posting!
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

You mentioned earlier you were asked to wait until the 25th to post by someone or something. Who or what are you referring to? This is what I'm wondering... I've made it this far inside your thread, but still no answer. Please advise us all...

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by undo

he's talking out of both sides of his mouth. at one hand he's saying it's all a lie, and on the other, he's using the texts to justify his position. his op is a masterful conglomeration of truth and fiction, attached to all the right buzz words. when you back him into a corner on some of his positions, he feints and changes his position just enough to further confuse the issue.

Maybe I can help clear things up a little undo. I know the Bible casts Rome as a villain and that it wouldn't make sense to you for Rome to do this. The Bible goes on further and casts a future revived Roman Empire in a very sinister and evil light as well. It doesn't make sense to you.

Why would they forecast their own demise and predict that a revived Roman Empire would be yet more evil? I was stuck on this for a while myself. First take it from the creation of the State of Israel in forty eight.

If we take what Proto is describing here and think about the circumstances under which that was possible, meaning creating Israel, then how did that come about? Who was involved and where was the decision made? What legalities had to be over come if any? Was it divine intervention fulfilling prophecy or was it a bunch of lawyers working for the elites creating the illusion of prophecy being fulfilled?

Now the next big prophecy that they have to fulfill will be building a new Temple in Jerusalem. I believe before that a peace treaty has to be signed that lasts for seven years. I believe that the Antichrist is supposed to break this seven year peace treaty and place himself inside the newly built Temple as God Himself. Then the fun really starts.

Before all of this we need some kind of event to get it all going. We need a reason that a new Temple can be placed where the Dome Of The Rock is. We need a reason for us to all come together and realize our common humanity. Something like a war that eliminates a lot of people at once and does damage so as to have to re build.

The faithful await a rapture away from all of this so, for most of them, the events in the Middle East are God's way of telling them that He is coming to get them soon. God wrote all of this so how can we fight it? It is coming and there is no way to stop it because it is after all God's will. Subconsciously or consciously they are inviting the turmoil. Adding to the ever increasing war mongering thoughts that coalesce in a greater eagerness to get on with it. Just take me outa here, the faithful think, because they have been beaten into these thought processes.

Now remember, Islam has been just as brain washed as the rest. They know too what the Bible says about a third Temple. Their Book has its own plans for God's little piece of real estate here on earth and no one can stop their God. The Jewish faith as well has a stake in all of this and no one can stop their God either.

So tensions rise and soon enough we have that event causes so much loss of life as the three major faiths clash in a crescendo of horror. Now if we can only take these prophecies as warnings. Step back and everyone pray to their God to show us what He meant to have done with the place because we have lost our way. Would we see the man behind the curtain? Would God do something wonderful? Either way we would get our answers.

Can you see how all of this is playing out? Can you see God agreeing with this? On a lighter note, I just watched Avatar for the first time last night.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by undo

You will have to forgive the way I word sentences.

Sometimes I am not as clear as I should be.

The Talmud is the interpretation of the actual practice of modern day Jewry.

Just as the Council at Nicaea is the interpretation of modern day Christianity.

I know of very few modern day Christians who rely up the Torah for their religion. In fact, if true Mosaic Law was practiced in literal terms by modern Christians then they would most likely be shunned by their fellow believers.

The New Testament, but more so the 4 Gospels, were formed and decided upon at Nicaea in order to establish a rule of law for governing Christian behavior.

The New Testament is similar to the Talmud in that it establishes the rule of law relative to how modern Christians act in practice,

And it is this creed that creates the actual practice of modern Christianity.

The rule of law as applied to modern day Christianity.

I hope that this was more succinct.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:24 PM
Perhaps I missed it in the lengthy post, or there is just no answer, but I must ask... Why?

What is the ultimate purpose?

Yes, one world government. But what do they do when they achieve it?

It seems that even if a guy/group had a vision 2000 years ago, this cabal around today is just trying to fulfill that dream?

It can't all boil down to power. And if there is a relatively small group, it can't be about money, because they would control it all. Being so wealthy, money is no object, thus has no value.

Also, where does the Asian world fit into all of this? They are clearly too many Asian nations with dynasties of their own to let a Roman uber-conspiracy take control of the world.

Good story though.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:31 PM
I think your thread is incredible. I wish more people would wake up to the truth. Everything has been manipulated for a very long time. People are just going alone and hoping things will get better by themselves. I have seen the greatness of our nation, but it has been a very long time. I wish i knew what the answer was to all of this. Is there a key or some knowledge that could stop this path? Are we destined for this fate? Is there still time to change course? I wish i had the answer to a lot of these and many more questions. All I can say is this thread is a very good start. Hopefully everyone will take the time to read it and understand. We are on the edge of a great time for us. We can either watch our world end, or we can change direction before it's too late.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by Wolf321

well if you were to listen to the rantings of eric phelps, he claims the "black pope" (jesuit general, military arm of the vatican. he claims the jesuit general runs the cia as well. he has the jesuits doing everything from killing jfk to financing stalin and hitler's genocides) started communism and supported hitler's rise as well, so that two groups could rid the planet of enemies of rome, including sephardic jews, protestant christians and mystics like gypsies.

not sure how accurate that is, but it is a curious thing as it would fit the prophecy of mystery babylon religion riding on the back of the antichrist government system. whether it is or not, is the real question, or if it's just more guesstimates.

[edit on 25-4-2010 by undo]

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Wolf321

The truth is though that they already have, The Bank of China is a Rothschild/London control Reserve Bank, so is the Bank of Japan.

It's all about treaties, signed between sovereign entities, you and I are not soveriegn entities, the Queen of England is a Sovereign Entitiy that by the way can call out England's army any day she wants to, does she bother herself with the day to day rule of England, no, and I am sure she is just as happy about that as anyone else, but come the day she wants to bring the full resources or might of the English people into play, to effect the outcome of some world event, she has the power to do it.

People shouldn't kid themselves on that score. Other sovereigns would include the Emperor of Japan, the King of Spain, the King of the Netherlands, the Prince of Monaco, the King of Jordan, the Persian Prince, etc., etc.

All sovereign human beings, are basically above the law, but they also derive that power from the Pontificus Maximus who was established by Treaty as God's legal representative on Earth.

Any legal document that says God, or any Legal Proceeding that says God is just a confusing way to say the Vicar of Christ, God's sole legal representative on Earth.

So when you say one nation under God, in your pledge of alegiance, you have just in fact made a pledge to the Pontificus Maximus, the Vicar of Christ aka the Pope.

When you or an officer of our government place a hand on the Holy Roman Bible and says so help me God, you have made an oath to the Pope.

When you pull out a dollar from your wallet that says, in God we Trust, you are spending the Pope's script good at any company store for goods or services with the permission to give them to you granted by the Pope!

When a treaty says by the Grace of God it means the Pope has approved of it.

All soveriengs serve by the Grace of God too, in other words, the only person who has any authority over them is the Pope!

Sovereigns and Heads of State, who swore an Oath to the Pope when they take office, in fact swear a good many oaths you don't know about.

These comprise what are termed as their full and respective powers.

In fact you have no idea, what a Judge, or a Police Officer, or an Attorney or a Congressman, Senator, or President's full and respective powers are unless you ask them.

They are bound to disclose them if you ask, but they are not bound to volunteer them.

Now does it really matter what the people of England think the limit of their Queen's powers are as they go about their day to day life, when she does in fact have the power to commit the two most important thing that England has, men at arms, and money to basically any thing she chooses.

Who know's the Queen of England's full and respective powers? the Pope, who knows the President of the United States full and respective powers, the Pope, who knows the Pope's full and respective powers, anyone whose powers are so significant they can only be granted by him.

It's all legaleese in treaties most people never read or care about, or pretend mean nothing when they read them.

Trust me when I say they mean everything.

They are happy, to have you or I, imagine they don't have so much power, and that you or I, have a lot more power, than we actually do.

You in fact won't exercise much of your imagined powers because you are too busy surviving day to day trying to take care of yourself and your loved ones. She in fact doesn't have to exercise her real powers, because you do a pretty good job of doing what's expected of you.

What's expected of you, pay your taxes, destroy no property, pay any fine levied on you, and kill no one, unless ordered too by someone with the respective power to command you do that, like an officer in the military.

What you don't know in this world, could in fact hurt you, and maybe even worse.

Thanks for posting.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by Wolf321

Maybe a 'break and remake' world ? With all who're left initially broken and dispersed and led to accept the fabled 'mark' ?

After that, humanity would truly be a branded herd, producing, obeying mindlessly like the 'animals' subject to us right now ?

No more welfare: those who're of a certain age or stage or unable to turn a profit, to be systematically destroyed and reduced to bio-fuel ?

Or, maybe humans produced in factories -- so many males, so many females in any one batch, or even created for particular uses ?

No more elderly. No more physically/mentally handicapped. Production of serf-ranks just as there would production of intellectually superior for specific tasks ?

No more 'mother, father, families' as we know them. Instead, state nurseries, along the line of horticultural nurseries ?

We're too disorganised and troublesome, too idiosyncratic, perhaps ?

With ego removed, we might be considered useful

Or maybe not ? Maybe synthetic is the future, with regular energy downloads instead of food ? Bye-bye sewerage plants, etc. -- hello new, clean, sparsely-populated, well-organised Paradise on Earth for the Powerful Few -- with similar set-ups on other worlds ?

But I just woke up and am sleep-lagged. Probably rambling

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:52 PM
Here is a very interesting Jordan Maxwell video, in which he is explaining that America is an extention of the Roman Empire, the military legion of Rome...

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:53 PM
Very well writen and a pleasure to read. Thank you for the wonderful article that links many points together. Great job star 4 U. Melissa 101

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:55 PM
I leave to enjoy life and come back to another brilliant thread you have created...I have read first part of thread, but must prepare for the coming week..., will read and reply. S&F my friend as it is much deserved.



posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by flyboyscott68
I think your thread is incredible. I wish more people would wake up to the truth. Everything has been manipulated for a very long time. People are just going alone and hoping things will get better by themselves. I have seen the greatness of our nation, but it has been a very long time. I wish i knew what the answer was to all of this. Is there a key or some knowledge that could stop this path? Are we destined for this fate? Is there still time to change course? I wish i had the answer to a lot of these and many more questions. All I can say is this thread is a very good start. Hopefully everyone will take the time to read it and understand. We are on the edge of a great time for us. We can either watch our world end, or we can change direction before it's too late.

Personally I think its real simple; we have to stop allowing our actions to be dictated by God and Country.

Invariably every locker room in every sporting contest has a team, whose coach is sure that God is on their side!

So too in every war, God wants us to win!

People do things for God and Country they would not do for themselves or their neighbor. In part because they believe they have to, in order to appease both God and King, and failure to appease God and King would carry some horrible penalty.

During World War I in the trenches in Europe every Christmas starting the day before to the day after New Years the sides would declare a de facto cease fire.

The French and English would climb out of their trenches and so would the Germans and they would walk across the no man’s land and trade shots of Cognac, Whiskey and Schnapps, and simple gifts with one another, and sing Christmas Carols and tell stories, and show each other pictures of their families!

Every year, and on the day after New Years, they would climb back in their trenches, literally the best of friends and start killing each other again, for God and King, God and Country.

How do we change it? Realizing that when you are of a certain age, and you are no longer a child, you don’t need a mother named God or a Father named Country, but some common sense, self responsibility, wisdom, love and compassion to make it through life and the world a better place.

We act like children because we are so irresponsible and insecure that we seek parents in God and Country.

Me I have been on my own since I was 13, basically rebelling against both, God and Country, because my simple code of do no harm, is really my speed.

We need to grow up and become responsible and stop acting like insecure children is all, and find our centers and some real convictions of our own, and some resolve and then exercise it.

Our freedom has not been taken away, we just don’t want it or it’s responsibilities, we lack faith in ourselves and instead want to put it into God and Country, and get abused for that.

It’s actually very simple, so simple; people believe it has to be harder.

Nancy Regan knew, and she told the kids point blank…”Just say no!”

Thanks for posting.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 10:03 PM

Originally posted by Melissa101
Very well writen and a pleasure to read. Thank you for the wonderful article that links many points together. Great job star 4 U. Melissa 101

Thanks Melissa, I really appreciate you taking the time to read it and to comment too.

Much obliged.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Fantastic thread, haven't had time to go through it yet, in your opening post one thing stuck out for me.

One is that our planet is engaged in nonstop warfare and violence, and has been for thousands of years, and two, that many people around the globe are starving and destitute despite an abundance of resources and technology that makes that unnecessary.

This is something I have thought about for many years and still don't have an answer.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 10:06 PM
That was awesome! If you really look you can tie all the history from different places together, we will see so much more of this as we progress in our multicultural diversity, and learn the proper history, and the other side of the story. The side not written by the winners.

Imagine these people have been ruling for thousands of years. From Egypt to the Aztec pyramids, up the St Lawrence River to the great lakes. Searching for minerals and settling across the globe, dropping slaves and pilgrims behind to colonize and maintain their holdings.

“when this group of nomadic rulers would travel, they could have a hundred thousand people with them (slaves, soldiers, women & children) And that they at some point in their travels they would literally stop and take over an area and take the people as slaves, or condition them to start the colony in the next choice, lush area of the earth”. Micheal Busch

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