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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 06:36 AM

Originally posted by denynothing
I dont know if this has already been said, but where do the mongols fit in this equation as they came very close to conquering europe and they conquered the holy land. Also where does the modern belief systems of Budhism, Taoism, and other eastern beliefs are they just set up to by the Romans? I'm not trying to knock what you've researched diligently as it seems, but there are definite holes in this theory as some of the happenings in our world don't fit your theory.

First thanks for taking the time to post and read the opening post. There are some other major and important religions and belief sets in the world but in relations to those I have viewed their existence and relation in the following ways.

These other religions and belief systems and the nations and people that adhere to them and believe in them are not driving world events, and not aimed on conquest of the world, and most importantly not driving the world towards a one world government.

Two in almost every case without fail the nations that follow these other religions and philosophies have at one point or another either been concurred or occupied alternatively by Rome, England, Great Brittan, Germany, France or the United States which are all Imperial or Masonic Nations that derive their power and are beholden to Rome.

Once these nations are contracted into the Empire through Treaty they are contracted into the Empire through Treaty!

Here are the elements one should look for to determine how contracted they are into the Roman System. Do they have an International Banking Cartel Central Bank? Are they signatories to Maritime Law, the Laws of War, the Geneva Conventions, the United Nations? These are the lynchpin logistics that hold the world wide Roman Shadow Government together.

In my humble opinion it does not matter nearly as much per say what illusions of independence, God, philosophy or reality the masses of these nations/states labor and live under as it does what contractual obligations their leadership exists under.

For instance let’s take what is going on with British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico and examine a few things.

If the United States leadership has been talking publicly for decades about limiting America’s dependency on foreign oil, why then would the United States be selling and leasing mineral deposits to Foreign National Corporations inside of United States territory.

Makes absolutely no sense at all, why we would in essence then be giving for a pittance of a flat fee a very rich and lucrative commodity we supposedly desperately need for strategic domestic purposes to a foreign corporate entity.

So right there you can see a very clear example of at the upper leadership strata of actions that not only don’t fit in with the stated national policy, but in fact are detrimental to the nation itself.

Now couple that with a huge ecological and environmental disaster that is going to have a very deadly impact on physical life as well as economical life and ask yourself, why is the United States Government basically just standing back and letting a foreign national corporation manage the disaster, and letting that foreign national corporation use it’s own plans and own equipment and own personnel at its own time schedule to ‘solve’ the problem while it is having a huge ecological and environmental impact that is effecting physical life and economical life.

Once again it makes no sense as to why every asset of the U.S. Government wasn’t deployed and employed to protect United State’s citizens, property, citizen’s property, and lives and the environment.

So once more on an upper leadership level, we see yet again, a clear and demonstrable forsaking of responsibility to national interests to instead favor international corporate interests.

Now keep in mind that incorporate means into the body, a larger body, and the United States itself is incorporated, and as the definition of the very word states, it has been incorporated into a larger body, that we the people don’t actually know what the larger body is.

The foreign national corporation that obtained the right to draw off and use for profit resources of the American people and nation is also incorporated into the larger body.

So there is just one example of how the United States really is not acting in its own interests or its peoples own best interest, but is operating in the best interests of a foreign national corporation, and because it makes little sense for the United States to do that, in these very real cases you have to ask, is it really incompetence of leadership of the Corporate Government or is it because of contractual obligations of the Corporate Government that the people themselves and in reality few in government are aware of, except at that upper most level privy to upholding and discharging the obligations of the Treaties and Contractual Agreements.

The explanations of the Corporate Media on behalf of the Corporate Government really don’t address the deeper underlying issues, don’t speak to those issues, or provide answers to the issues they omit and avoid and don’t speak to.

So it’s all very suspect.

As far as the Mongols and Huns and other various barbarian and pagan hordes that terrorized Europe and Asia I did touch briefly on them in the opening piece, when Rome via the Pope met a delegation of such barbarians who supposedly turned back when they realized via the Pope that Rome had the one and only true God on it’s side.

I theorized it was actually a bribe of Roman Gold that turned them back, and not the Roman concept of God, but two things should be noted, one is that the payment of that Gold likely involved a contractual obligation to Rome in accepting the payment, and two that event provided an enormous Propaganda value to Rome in promoting the power and virtue of the ‘one true God’ concept it was now espousing.

Likewise the first nation’s people of the Americas were not romanized but in time independent entities are either killed off, subjugated, die off through isolation from the Roman control grid, or eventually sell out through Treaty to the Roman Power Structure like the American Indians did for a little piece and place within the Greater Empire.

Once again as always if they have something of value in the way of technology, resources, philosophies or politics those are incorporated into the Greater Empire.

In fact some of the Indian nations inside the American Continents were made to move again and again from land given to them by Treaty when it was determined later that those lands had valuable mineral deposits and resources.

In my humble opinion it does not much matter if the lower strata of nations are not romanized when the upper strata of their governments and corporations are.

One controls the resources and profits off of that control, while the other simply collects and mines and harvests and manufactures them.

What I have not done is place much importance on and much detailed attention to movements and shifts that have not survived to the present and entities that are not driving the International Banking and Legal Systems towards a one world government.


posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 06:57 AM

Originally posted by Aquarius1
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us Proto, I am still digesting what you wrote and will reply to certain aspects at a later time, it takes a self confident and brave person such as yourself to go out on a limb so to speak, you are right some will believe you, others will think you're nuts or somewhere in between, I for one believe you and have reason to from my own experience which happened in a much different way then yours.

I will leave you with this thought for now, I agree life is stage and we are playing our parts very well, it doesn't occur to us to audition for another part we are too comfortable with the one we have.

[edit on 3-6-2010 by Aquarius1]

As usual my friend Aquarius ATS is a progressive and amazing place, and in part what I have tried to do through my own revelations and sharing is to keep in spirit with Skeptic Overlord’s latest entreaty through the “Stressful Days of ATS” where he invites us to remember that everyone on ATS has something to share that we can all learn from if we but at least are willing to listen to and consider what they are sharing first.

Of course that requires that people first share what they know and feel and have experiences and learned with others so that they then can listen to and consider it.

The truth is the truth is a very subjective thing, and most of us, who have not led sheltered lives, have had experiences in various areas of life that we are sometimes very reluctant to share because we aren’t sure if people will believe that we are being truthful.

Yet how are we every going to arrive at the truth, the truth that will set us free, if people hide the truth if only out of fear they will be rejected and scorned because some might not recognize it as the truth, because of what they have been taught or come to believe, and weren’t there to discover the truths we ourselves have at unique points in time and places and through people that they didn’t have similar access to, to experience?

We hold these truths to be self evident.

There are two kinds of truth, and that is why truth is so subjective, the ‘truths’ that we are taught through others, primarily institutionalized learning centers like Schools and Churches, and ‘official’ sources like History Texts and Gospels. The corporate media would also fall into this category, and so would familiar learning sources like family and extended family that begin teaching us ‘official societal truths’ at birth.

Yet many of those ‘truths’ are not self evident, we are taught to accept these things as truths though even though we were not there when they occurred, and might never find true proof of the existence of these things, yet we are taught to accept the existence of these things as truths even though there is no self evidence.

Self evident truths are the ones we have discovered independently on our own through our own life experiences and interactions. The truth that fire burns becomes self evident the moment you stick your hand in one and realize it burns that is a self evident truth.

Many of us have had experiences in life that lead to self evident truths that are in reality not ‘official truths’ that often contradict the ‘official truth’ that while that truth is not self evident to most people, it is so widely disseminated and accepted as the truth, that we in large part accept it as the truth.

So when through self evidence one or some of us discover these ‘official truths’ are not so true or true at all we do become reluctant to share our self evident truth for fear that people will think we are liars or crazy, or simply made a poor assessment and are foolish.

So we stay silent and we don’t say a word, and we help the establishment bury and murder the real truth because of our reluctance to stand up and potentially suffer some adverse consequence for sharing self evident truths.

The only way we are going to arrive at the real truth, is if people share the hidden truths that they often are afraid to share because it contradicts the widely held “official truths’ that people have been taught to accept and believe in as the truth.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

The Internet though is changing that failure in that it is providing us all a platform to share our own self evident truths and to learn more about the real world we live in through others who are really living in a real world full of self evident truths that the evidence of is not always or even often shared when it does contradict ‘official truths’.

Yes being so revealing and so sharing is a risk that does take some real courage, but it is only the truth that sets us free and the reality is the greatest truths are the self evident ones that are far less subjective than ‘official truths’ that more often than not are not truths at all, but things that serve officialdom and the expansion and perpetuation of their power over us, through guarding and hiding the truth and giving us bad information and bad choices so that we too serve them in a way that expands and perpetuates their power over us.

This is how we are cast into roles, false roles, with false truths and false perspectives, and create a reality through doing that, which while very real, is not based on self evident truths, but the dictums and edicts of our rulers, rulers that horde, are blithely indifferent to the suffering that they cause, are insatiably greedy to the point of violence and murder and theft, and rob of us hope and our humanity in the furtherance of their plans once placing us under the control of their dictums and edicts.

The only way we the people can change this is through revealing the self evident truths that we all know, that they really don’t want shared, and really do hide, and really go to great lengths to hide.

Thanks for posting my friend.

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posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by jackflap
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome experience with us Proto! That was an amazing post and I believe it would make a great thread. There is something wonderful about someone who can deliver to us all the reason for his convictions in such a way. Thank you my friend.

You are welcome my friend and some of the other members have been for a while now asking I make such a thread and I do plan to in the not too distance future.

We all have convictions my friend, but truly how important are they if we will not passionately stand on them and for them?

The sad truth is, is that few of us will stand on and stand up for our convictions in the face of increasingly totalitarian and tyrannical government authority and will submit in the face of that and abandon them to our own and everyone else’s detriment.

As this latest incident with Israel has shown there is a frighteningly large group of people out there that believe we all must always submit to uniformed authority, regardless of whose uniform those supposed authority figures are wearing, or where their authority emanates from and what philosophy it espouses.

They do subscribe to the notion that uniformed authority is legitimate and worse yet preferable, regardless of what philosophy or goals it has, that we all should accept rule of authority, and rule of those in those uniforms authority places its agents and henchmen in, as some kind of virtuous way of life.

It is not virtuous though when that authority is morally bankrupt and detrimental to a quality of life for those it looks to impose authority on.

It is only we that can make such a decision, and while such regimes are likely to bandy words like “we are a democratic society” exactly how many members of that “democracy” had a say in the decision to have that state confront aide workers on a mission of mercy, in international waters, with armed agents of the State?

In reality just the political elite and not the people, so no that is not democracy at work, the same is true when it comes to our own wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, how many of us were given a chance to say yea or nay when it comes to these wars? The truth is that only a very, very small percentage of us have really voted yes, and that would be the very small number of men and women who have volunteered to actually fight the wars in uniform by putting their own bodies and lives on the line to do so.

That by the way is not even every man and woman in uniform because many of them joined before the war, and many of them joined simply for an opportunity for a college education, and others simply because their were no other economic job opportunities in their local communities, so only a percentage of those fighting the war, are there because they actually believe in the war, and it’s goals, and the cause of it.

It is important to understand our illusion of democracy, Israel’s illusion of democracy, England and France and Germany and Russia’s illusion of democracy is not democracy.

Democracy as defined by the Greeks who invented it, requires and only works when, everyone is constantly weighing in on every issue and casting a vote and having a say on every issue.

The only issue we are allowed to vote on is which corporate tyrants will make every other decision on our behalf, good, bad or ugly, and no that is not democracy as it is meant to be or works.

That is an illusion of democracy that becomes an ‘official truth’ but not a self evident truth, because the reality is when it comes to any decision, that the government makes on your and my and everyone else’s behalf you get no say in it at all, and no recourse in it at all.

We need to learn the difference between official truths and self evident truths and the only way we can do that is by starting to be honest through being fully communicative with one another.

Thanks for posting my friend.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 04:29 PM
reply to proto post by maddogron

Nice summary!!! Straight to the horrible point, too.

May I ask a huge favor? I see the Illuminati types starting much earlier than most people, straight out of Babylon, really. And their greatest coup was their over throw of the original Atlantian Egyptians, of the Old Kingdom, and then their over throw again of the Ahknaten and Nefertiti enlightenment system centered in the Great Pyramid initiations.

Ahknaten was an Ascended Master and they utterly murdered him, his family, and the enlightened priests who would have ruled our world with love. Their refugees and followers became the Israelites and they were infiltrated also for good and bad, yet still bringing in an enlightened Christ, who was also murdered and the fight continues.

I see an ages long fight here, about how to rule, with Christ being another representative of the Troy method. The Illuminati are essentially a Spartan gang.

Is not this how the Illuminati got their eye on top the pyramid? They killed that true system of personal enlightenment through higher energy that liberates the divine self within, and replaced it with a false system of dictatorships, high priests, monarchies and slavery that was reincarnated later in Rome and within the Church. This same false system of deception and taxation and perpetual child abuse remains intact, but it has gone through several forms and deepened and hidden itself ever more resourcefully.

The Anu overlords are still completely hidden behind the Illuminati and the only way to see them is to get enlightenment and that path has been sorely destroyed and doubly damned burned, buried, and spit upon.

2012 will be the end of this system, in my view, but it will take a serious "world shaking" to pull the roots of this global deception out. This could possibly grow into WWIII.

The favor I ask then is for you to do a prequel on your great insights back to the Anunnaki in Irag, Egypt and Babylon.

Thanks !

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 10:23 PM
okay Proto
I seem to have missed this thread

I have some homework to do it seems

I will read it in it's entirety tomorrow in the AM

Thank You already before even reading it, I skimmed a little but will read it all in the AM


posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

You are welcome my friend, its a big read take your time.

Thanks for posting.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I am not asking for your money, I am asking for your love, and to love everyone, and to forgive everyone, by first forgiving yourself, and everyone to take off their mask, admit what is really going on, and stop playing the game, that is going to destroy us.

Now on the spiritual level that is what Proto is up too, and the Universe would not have given Proto this task, if they thought Proto uncapable of carrying it out!

Then you are going to have to forgive everyone including those you think are at fault or evil.

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.
William Shakespeare

Love is a razor and I walked the line on that silver blade
Slept in the dust with his daughter, her eyes red with
The slaughter of innocence
And I will pray for her
I will call her name out loud
I would bleed for her
If I could only see her now

Living on a razor's edge
Balancing on a ledge
Living on a razor's edge
Balancing on a ledge
Balancing on a ledge
Living on a razor's edge
Balancing on a ledge
You know, You know

The evil that men do lives on and on.....
The evil that men do lives on and on.....
The evil that men do lives on and on.....
The evil that men do lives on and on.....

Iron Maiden

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

False Flag Number Two the Burning of Rome

So Emperor Nero set fire to Rome to kill two birds with one stone. He would place the blame squarely on the Christians and have them all rounded up and killed, and raise the religions stature for the first time to the eyes of the average Roman even while Josephus would be defining the Hebrew myths through his fabrications that would be a parent to the Christian Religion.

But he started the fire of rome in public areas so he could make them private areas for his golden palace.

See this:

See where the streets signs are?
That's his massive pool, the one that was destroyed and then the Colliseum was built there afterwards. And his private golden palace was later converted into public bathing areas.

It was just Nero and his delusions of grandeur that wanted a palace that was "worthy" of him.

After rumors spread that he was behind the fire only then did he burn christians at the stake, this was to shift blame.

Or at least that's how I always understood it.

[edit on 5-6-2010 by ModernAcademia]

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 12:23 AM

Is this..

St Peters Square in front of the basilica.Not to be confused with a wading pool.(Construction was finished in 1667)

Nero died 9 June AD 68 roughly 4 years before the start of construction of the Colosseum.
The Colosseum's construction was kicked off by Vespasian,between 70 and 72 AD,and was completed in 80 AD under Titus.

Domus Aurea (Nero's palace) was gradually covered up by a subsequent line of Emperors,with the final blow by Trajan building his baths over the remainder of the golden palace.Parts of the bath still stand to this day,but are not a part of the basilica.

[edit on 6-6-2010 by Cygnus_Hunter]

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:34 AM

Originally posted by Cygnus_Hunter
St Peters Square in front of the basilica.Not to be confused with a wading pool.(Construction was finished in 1667)

Thank you for that

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 09:12 PM
No problems MA.

Not trying to be derisive,just informative.

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 09:23 PM
Dude whether or not anything you said is right aside, you've got a job as a creative storyteller either way.

posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 08:45 AM

On their way to the Crusades, the 7 knights were made an offer by the Prince Abbot that ruled the tiny Roman State. In exchange for their Earthly wealth, they would be dubbed the Poor Militia of Christ, and told the secret of the Abbey, that entombed within it, was the body of Gaius Julius Caesar and the Roman Imperial Scepter and that Christ was but a fabrication invented by Rome to use divide and conquer warfare to conquer the world. That a Council of Eight had long guarded these secrets, and that by accepting one of the Abbot’s monks to ride along with them, that the 8 of them, would help to change the course of the world, and bring about Caesar’s grand plans.

So the entire new world order rested on the random travels of seven knights...

WOW! talk about luck. I mean the story could have ended here so quietly:

"Sadly, while traveling through Spain, they contracted dysentery and all died of extreme dehydration."

or maybe like this:

"But one the knights was jealous of the others and secretly killed them all in their sleep to claim the prize money for himself"

or maybe like this:

"when the monks offered the seven knights this option they said no thanks because they needed to get back home to their wives and kids."

I think this is a great piece of fiction - seriously Dan Brown style. But you need to always accommodate for chaos factor. The best laid plans usually fall completely apart the minute you actually implement them. This is why master conspiracies usually don't rely on single points of failure.

Good read though.

[edit on 7-6-2010 by gncnew]

posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by gncnew

There is one little problem with the “Best laid plans of mice and men often turn out for naught” thinking in relation to this conspiracy.


All the time in the world to gets it right, generation after generation of blood lined oligarchs with a hidden shadow Roman Government working steadily and incrementally towards the final objective.

It’s not a conspiracy to defraud a Savings and Loan or a Bank by such and such date, or to kill an errant lover in such and such way.

It’s not being carried out by overly ambitious people of limited means attempting a do or die power grab.

It’s being carried out by a small, extremely wealthy and connected and protected patrician elite that each make furthering it along the main focus of their family’s life work.

So a little set back here or there is no big deal, you just go back to the drawing board, and wait a generation or 10 or 20 years and try it all over again.

So yes I imagine that the Chaos factor, and Murphy’s Law has set them back, or slowed them here or there through the ages, but yet those core bloodlines hang on, and the core front institutions hang on, all the while new organizations and wings popping up to keep furthering it along, constantly adapting to political movements, technologies and other factors.

Whether they completed the plan in 1805, or 1940, 2012, 2033, or 2195 it doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters is completing the plan and they have all the time and money and resources in a world they pretty much already control in order to do that.

We aren’t talking about Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid here, or Maddoff or Skilling, we are talking about the most influential and powerful people in the world, well insulated in cocoons, either embodied with the divine rights of Kings and placed above the law or in control of so much wealth and resources to begin with, that when chaos sets them back, it is only their agents and not them that suffer for it.

Very different scenario, very different plan.

Thanks for posting.

posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 01:35 PM
Now while some members would clearly like this thread to be about who knows text book history the best, and who can recite the dogmas most accurately, evidence of this conspiracy unfolding as I have outlined exists in the present form all around us, in very telling and very demonstrable ways.

This appeared today in the Jerusalem Post:

Uzi Dayan: Israel must announce Turkish warships casus beli

Jerusalem Post

So here we see from the ancient city of Jerusalem the language or Rome being evoked, Latin for the purpose of signaling an intent and case for war.

Casus belli is a Latin expression meaning the justification for acts of war. Casus means "incident", "rupture" or indeed "case", while belli means "of war". It is usually distinguished from casus foederis, with casus belli being used to refer to offenses or threats directly against a nation, and casus foederis to refer to offenses or threats to another, allied, nation with which the justifying nation is engaged in a mutual defense treaty, such as NATO.[1][2]

It also means that, it is obvious who the spy is in Turkish.

It is sometimes misspelled and mispronounced as "causus belli" since this resembles the English "cause" (and a different Latin word, causa [cause]).[citation needed] "Casus belli" is sometimes pronounced this way because the term is used with the meaning of "cause for war", instead of "case of war" (notice that "case" comes from Latin "casus"). The OED, however, gives the pronunciation above.


So why then is Israel, whose language is Hebrew, evoking Latin in order to demonstrate a political and tactical and strategic position?

Why not English, why not Greek, why not Hebrew itself, or Aramaic?

Now of course many people will dismiss this as ‘coincidence’ or say because that’s ‘accepted and standard procedure’.

Alright then why is evoking Latin to illustrate a lawful declaration of war an accepted procedure?

Why the dead language of a long dead empire?

A language that is clearly not dead, just not meant for use by the masses, and an Empire that is clearly not dead either.

So yet again we see All Roads Lead to Rome, even when and especially when it is a major element of this conspiracy.

And as I have outlined in my opening peace Israel is a major, major element of this conspiracy.

An Israel that the Jerusalem Post uses Latin as a headline to start outlining a case for war.

Roman rules, for a Roman game, because Rome makes rules, and they could only do that if Rome rules!

Very simple, it continues to be literally all around us, in our money, laws, religion, edifeces of power and architecture and even in times of potential war.

People dismiss all this at their own risk.

Pope's trip to Cyprus has strong ecumenical dimension
Thursday, 03 June 2010 19:46 -When he travels to Cyprus this weekend, Pope Benedict XVI will be making the first trip of his pontificate to a predominantly Orthodox country. In choosing Cyprus as the site for the release of the working document for this October's Synod of Bishops, the Pope is signaling that the Eastern churches are an essential part of any initiative in the region.

Orthodox Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus is welcoming the Pope, and reprimanding those Orthodox prelates who have denounced the papal visit. The trip will provide another sign of the warming trend in Vatican relations with the Orthodox world.

Byzantine Catholic Org

Wow the Pope just visited Cypruss where the aide flotillas sail from, now there is a coincidence!

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:14 PM
So if this all true what happens if a big enough country say China or India goes against Rome?

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by denynothing
So if this all true what happens if a big enough country say China or India goes against Rome?

That would in essence be rebellion against Rome. That would require the oligarchs and elite patricians of that nation rebelling against Rome, since the masses don't in fact know that they are already ruled by Rome.

You can not rebel against, what you do not know exists. That is one of the very key parts of Rome's strategy.

So if you are a Roman oligarch and or elite patrician, profiting off of governing a nation on Rome's behalf, where is your incentive to rebel against Rome.

Your loyalty is to Rome, your power and wealth eminates from Rome, so we are now looking at two improbable and unlikely things to start.

One a Roman oligarch, or elite patrician developing a concsious.

Two them having to explain to the people of their nation that they had in fact decieved the people of their nation on behalf of Rome.

In relation to number two, in the eyes of the masses you have already committed treason by placing an other entities interest above that of the masses of the percieved nation. So they might just hang the patricians and call it a day!

Further, you actually have to convince the people you have already told you are a liar, that they are being ruled by Rome and get them to believe you.

Now if you can get past one and two, here comes three.

Fighting Rome for a nation, would be very much like the War on Terror, in that Rome is not a fixed geographic location, but a system of governance kept alive by a patrician elite, and oligarchs spread throughout the world in control of all the other states.

How do you then route them all out, how do you seperate them from their own decieved and manipulated masses, how do you seperated them from the resources and wealth they control?

In fact Rome for that very reason can not be defeated in that same way that nations imagine that they defeat one another on the battle fields.

Rome can only be defeated when the masses realize that they are being governed by Rome and refuse to participate in those systems any more.

In other words mass, planetary wide civil disobedience, and a mass confiscation of accumulated wealth and monopolies, and putting those back into the hands of the masses, and taking them out of the hands of the patrician oligarchs and elites.

As long as they control the resources, and logistical infrastructure, through title, gauranteed and enforced by notions of law, the people are prepared to submit to in mass, then no they will never be defeated in that traditional military sense.

In fact that just would play into their hands and make them wealthier and more powerful and end up with more control.

Providing any credible attempt could ever be mounted.

The only ruler who ever appears to have tried to take on Rome in modern times was Napoleon.

Destroying the Swiss Cantons and the Banking Headquarters did him no good.

Even sacking the Vatican and carrying off a good portion of it's treasures to Paris did him no good.

He ended up dying in excrutiating agony slowly poisoned to death for Rome's revenge in exile.

Rome has no geographical fixed capitol, it has many tentacles spread throughout all of the known world including China and India.

Rome is the control grid of laws, and survellience, Rome is the logistical infrastructure and distribution networks, Rome is the currency that allows for the exchange of goods through the infrastructure and distribution network of the life sustaining resources Rome controls.

Rome in fact completed it's conquest during World War I, they just haven't really figured out a way to break it to you yet, so that you don't rebel.

Which is why Rome intends to get rid of most of us, so that the weary and shell shocked people left in that cruel brutal aftermath of one last grand war of divide and conquer, are pretty much ready to submit to about anything.

Thanks for asking.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:21 AM
Well you completely ruined my theory but I think I what I was trying to ask in it, Germany obviously would have won WWII if not for the invasion of Russia that is clear, now what happens if a ruler expectantly goes against Rome. Like Hitler wouldn't have invaded Russia and kept his treaty. Is this why we have had I think 4 assassinated presidents? I'm sorry I just have so many questions

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by denynothing

Well you are basing that all off of a notion that Germany and Russia were ruled by independent entities.

In fact neither was, Rome controlled both their banking enterprises, and the banking enterprises and the resources that they would both use and trade for to fight one another.

Nations are about breaking the people down into smaller easier to control masses, of somewhat like minded individuals, sharing the same racial gene pool, religion, or political philosophy to bind them together.

Yet the herds need to be culled from time to time, to many masses of people might in fact really rebel and displace the oligarchs.

So you need wars of national pride and survival to keep the numbers culled, and allegiance to the oligarchs that run the state.

All that occured was that Hegelian principle, of creating a planned outcome through playing two sides against the other, with no one but the puppet masters really knowing why or for what or to what extent.

Hitler was never trying to win the war, Stalin was never trying to win the war.

They were simply having the masses of their nations, meet on the battle fields, to create a new status quo that would effect not just their nations, but almost all nations in the aftermath.

Hitler fakes his death and goes off to South America to live a life of reclusive luxury, Stalin goes on to transform the Soviet Union into a modern industrialized society, moving it away from its agrarian and peasant past.

The Cold War sets in, because no one really won or lost the war in terms of idealogy and phillosophy, which gives rize to the world wide military industrial complex to heavily tax the people and keep the temporary peace until the next war, in an atmosphere of fear, where people look to their governments more than ever for security, instead of thinking about over throwing them.

Had Hitler forgot himself, or had grander plans, well there is all the armies, assassins and money in the world to deal with that.

Napoleon for instance was tasked with bringing the Czars under the control of the Rothschild run, Papal Banking System, he failed!

So rather then suffer Rome's displeasure he lashed out first at Switzerland, the headquarters of that banking system, and then at the Vatican itself, the headquarter of the Roman Laws.

He militarily defeated both, but the Patricians and Oligarchs were still in possession of a consortium of European nations like England, and Prussia that they simply used to defeat Napoleoons armies in the field finally at Waterloo, where they then ship him off to exile and make sure he died a very notable and painful death, for the next would be rebel in such a position to contemplate.

To win or loose a war is really as easy as turning on or off the credit for the money to buy the weapons and amunition and pay the soldiers.

Rome controls that infrastucture. As I mentioned in my opening piece when World War I was concluded and the head of the Federal Reserve in Washington and the Reich's Bank in Germany sat down to negotiate the all important financial aspect, they were in fact biological brothers, one being a German citizen and in charge of that nation's reserve bank, one being an American citizen and in charge of the U.S. Reserve bank.

The family long allied with Rothschild, long allied and beholden to Rome.

Wars are about drama and spectacle, culling the masses, increasing your allegience and dependence on state.

If you look at a map the only thing that changes much, is people who aren't under Roman control get squeezed out here and there over the centuries.

Germania has never been put out of business, neither has Gaul (France) no matter how many times beaten in a war.

That should tell you something right there.

Thanks for asking.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:46 AM
So is it safe to say that JFK went against the elite and got assassinated?

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