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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by unityemissions

In my humble opinion a thread on Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and other subliminal technologies would be a great idea and a valuable resource to the members of ATS.

Anything that has to do with the Shadow Government's Control Grid is highly topical and relevant to the thread.

There are some very real sinister and potentially very sinister things that are happening, that are part of the plan to drive us to a one world government.

The thread isn't about defining God, the thread is really about how they are playing God with us, and what they are doing to mimic that, and create an enslaving control grid.

Subliminal technologies are part of that, they tie directly into it, the patents are on file, so are the instances of where the Army has used them, and so are some advertising companies that offer the technology as a way to make advertisements more effective.

It's not theorotical that they exist, they do exist, the only thing theoretical is to what extent they are using them and using them to our detriment, and that makes them very topical indeed.

About two years ago, a company approached me for my services, but when they called, something struck me as odd about their name, so I did a little quick research and it turned out they were the industry leader in RFID Chip solutions.

They had only two main offices, here in Miami, and I will give you three guesses where the main office is located and the first two don't count...


I turned them down and explained to them why, I wouldn't do business for them, or help them in anyway.

The truth is though, in a world where we are all out to make a buck, and there is a buck to be made, most people wouldn't have turned down a generous offer to do business with them.

These technologies are being rapidly developed, and rapidly deployed, and their potential to be used against is, is dramatic and extensive.

Very topical.

Very worth it's own thread too!

Thanks for posting my friend.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by jackflap

That's a bit much right there Dock9. I don't believe that killing ourselves is the key to ending their grip on us.

Lol --- you'll note I did predict the suggestion we all kill ourselves would put the chills right up people's spines and result in objections

Actually, it's the perfect solution

Yet people who're going to die anyway, would prefer to live like this in order to postpone what in any case is their inevitable death

But yeah ... it's not going to happen, perfect or not, so we'll move on

We have to understand what it is that makes us want to follow their plan. What is it that is so appealing that we believe that turning a blind eye to their savagery is alright? Why are we able to have our opinions formed for us so that when their plan is implemented we believe that it is in fact God's will?

They don't persuade me they're speaking on behalf of God or His Will. In my opinion, they wouldn't know God if they bumped into him. In any case, I'm pretty convinced by this stage their their God certainly isn't mine

As to why we want to follow their plan --- I don't. Many don't. But we've been Divided and Conquered so that followers of any movement set themselves up and are set-up, for criticism by the majority. Take the Green parties as an example: some applaud them while other ridicule them as 'hippy-tree huggers'.

Remove ego from the equation and we'd be so much more strong and united. But then there would be far less conflict, wouldn't there ? And it does seem that human-conflict is considered necessary, even desirable --- by something. Of course when we're divided, we're so much easier to control. We can be relied upon to oppose each other and to sabotage each other -- kill each other, betray each other.

So we're our own worst enemies and I can't see anything that will change that, or us. For as long as there are two humans left on the planet, there'll be arguments and both will struggle to control the other, using the vast human catelogue of fighting-styles

We're similar to a flock or birds or a shoal of fish insofar as we easily succumb to ... what's the term, my mind's gone blank .... 'mass emotion', as in 'mass hysteria'. We're empathic, too -- for example we cry when watching others cry, even if they're actors on a screen. There are times when thousands of massed humans move, and appear to think, as one -- just like a shoal of fish or flock of birds appearing to move as a single entity. Now, if we could just hold that moment long enough to make it work to majority benefit -- as in a headlong charge against a corrupt institution, for example

But no. We can't hold it. We break into factions and next thing, we're fighting amongst ourselves

But that's the way we are, it's the way Nature works in us. Various individuals want to stand out from the crowd, want to climb that extra rung on the ladder. Which results in others trying to pull him down, climb on his head and grab that higher rung for themselves.

Sure, it's produced creatures known as 'top of the food chain' and its resulted in some awesome discoveries, creations, etc. But we also pay the price because it results in jealousies and resentments which in turn render people prepared to support an individual or group who promise to bring down those we regard as our enemies and to elevate us in their place. We allow ourselves to be divided. And it's our undoing. Because those we support very often end up controlling us and using us for their own purposes

It's everywhere: this religion versus the other religion/s. This political party vs the other political party/parties. This side of town and its inhabitants are superior to other sides of town. This group of people is superior to other people/s based on half a dozen chosen criteria. etc.

Could it be different ? Could people of various religions and social standing live in harmony in the same street, do you believe ? Could the immigrant family on welfare smile genuinely at their rich neighbours as they drove along the street in their expensive car or announced they were off for another luxury trip ? I don't think it could work for long. Be nice if it could. Be even better if the rich family split everything down the middle and gave half to the family next door. But most probably, the rich family would find reasons not to do so and would claim the best thing they could do for their poor neighbours would be to lead by example -- show them the prizes that result from hard work, ingenuity, acumen, etc. And the poor family would feel even poorer in comparison to their rich neighbours and would justify their position, very probably, by pointing out that the rich neighbours had been provided more and better opportunities, education, contacts, inheritances, etc.

The individual fish within the shoal stay within that shoal for protection and the strength it provides. If one fish finds a morsel of food, the fish on the left might try to take it, sure. But the entire shoal isn't going to split into thousands of individual units, for it did, the individual fish would be quickly picked-off, one by one.

We aren't as intelligent, apparently. Instead of moving in a tightly-knit shoal, we're all over the place, showing-off, advertising our individual markings, shooting off alone because we think we know better than the rest, or forming little gangs and plotting to attack other gangs as well as fighting members of our own gang. We're wide-open to predators and to super-gangs who split and devour and control us. We're more like those fighting-fish which have to be kept in separate tanks to prevent them launching insane attacks on each other.

Doesn't matter what type of group it is: nuns in a convent or brothers in a monastery; employees in a factory or office; children in classrooms; people in pottery classes or book clubs. It's endless. And within each group, one or more will oppose others. Which produces arbitrators .... authority figures whose task it is to sort it out. And of course the authority figures gain power purely by virtue of their position and also because those in opposition seek to gain favour with 'the judge' and to put forth a case which will beat the case put forth by the other

We have those chains of authority/hierarchy in all organisations and religious organisations are no different and cite 'God' as the ultimate authority and judge. Those within the hierarchy gain power and control and can make God into anything they like and in fact use God (their version of) for their own gain and increased power and control.

They get children early and indoctrinate them, just as governments indoctrinate children to feel loyalty to a tune (national anthem) and piece of cloth (flag). Wars are frequent, they're profitable and it suits the purposes of the war-mongers to have a continual stream of indoctrinated creatures on tap and ready to kill and die for that piece of cloth and tune. Same with 'religious wars' --- continual steady stream of creatures on tap to kill and die for certain gods and belief systems

There's not much power and control to be gained from indoctrinating people to believe in a god who's happy-go-lucky and tolerant of basically anything. So the god must be promoted at 'scary'. But not too scary, or people will lose all hope and give up or run to a more attractive god. So the god has to be scary, but with a 'nice' side. Carrot and stick, as always. Be bad and he'll give you hell. Do as he wants and he might let you move on to this really nice place. But don't rest on your laurels or get complacent, or it's the bad place for you.

And then come the rules; believe this but don't believe that -- but sometimes they overlap, in which case no matter what you do, you're automatically wrong. Do this, don't do that. Kill when youre told by the authorities who indoctrinated you to be loyal to that bit of rag over there. We rag and tune authorities are good buddies with the god-authorities, so killing when we tell you to is ok. Kill without our permission and we'll fry you and you'll go straight to hell. And the rest of the time, don't say anything nasty about the people we're telling you to kill, or that will make you racist and you'll go to hell for that too, and to jail first or a fine. Be scared of us all the time and don't question us. Give us your money. Don't use that drug because that's a sin and we'll punish you and god won't like you either. But you'd better take the drug our doctors are shoving in, even if it kills you ... because we said so and we're the law.

One big insane asylum, run by lunatics professing to speak on behalf of dozens of different gods. They might as well use cattle-prods on us. Oh ... wait on ... they do. We scream, we writhe, we're depressed and we're terrified of dying and meeting this god who demands we worship and obey him (all translated by the authority figures) yet for some reason, he never seems to intervene or slap down the god-merchants.

We're so confused. We intuitively know this is wrong, so much is wrong. But we're scared to say 'To hell with all of this' ... just in case god is as terrifying as we've been told and gets offended. We're scared to even think of rebelling against him, because he can read our minds. So they have us in jail all our lives, like sitting ducks at their disposal any time they want to lauch a war or impose another tax or inject or spray us with something. And all the way through, they surround us with 'enemies' and at the same time they claim their actions and laws are protecting us from those same enemies they invented/created

They're not going to quit. Can we make them quit ? Or we paralysed in fear and confusion

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Dock9

Personally I am not opposed to the notion that 95% of us kill ourselves in protest...providing of course I get to be one of the 5% that does not.

Speaking of which, in everyone's wills, I think it's only right, to leave all your earthly possessions to me!

That's P-R-O-T-O-P-L-A-S-M-I-C...T-R-A-V-E-L-E-R, oh and I would appreciate if everyone cleaned everything first!

I can just see it now, a world full of nothing but accountants, lawyers, doctors, bankers, and politicians!

What would they do, what could they do?

In fact very little with out us, we are in fact the real power in this world, not them!

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Dock9

It's that it is more akin to "cutting off your nose to spite your face." Killing oneself to rob Rome the chance to exploit you is surrender.

I do not surrender so easily.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:22 PM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan
reply to post by Dock9

It's that it is more akin to "cutting off your nose to spite your face." Killing oneself to rob Rome the chance to exploit you is surrender.

I do not surrender so easily.

Alright everyone leave half your stuff to the Big Furry Texan too!

Really my friend, I think they might be on to something here! Let's not dissuade them!

The truth is they couldn't survive without us, we are the real power in the world, we are the ones that do everything for them, they have simply tricked us into doing everything for them, primarily through something called the Laws of Discovery, they claim it, we work it, they get to horde it, and just give us a little fraction of it, in exchange.

They let us own a few things of no consequence they tax us to death on, so we believe in the concept of ownership that they then twist to horde and control everything of vital importance.

We are the source of their power, and we do give them their power, and it really is that simple.

I would have preferred we all just rebelled but I could use a new easy bake oven! Anyone out there got one?


posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by Dock9

Not much more to add to that one Dock9! That was pretty awesome. I believe you see exactly what I see but articulated in a very palatable way. Good post my friend.

I wonder if just not agreeing with the whole system is the key? I see and move inside the system every day. I see the way they form our opinions and I am quick to point out what it is we are seeing is not the whole story. I tell whoever will listen.

This must have an effect on the energy that they derive from the complacency of individuals to absorb and project their ideologies. It must. Why aren't some of these very intriguing ideas and epiphanies not broadcast for all to hear? Why don't the leaders take a stand and admit that we have lost our way? It's because they have to keep that energy flow going that seems to be waning.

They'll turn up the heat and demand more energy soon enough. The question is, will we give it to them?

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Jeepers, I say ridiculous things all day, yet this one little suggestion is the one that grabs attention

Ok. Fine. On the strength of my suggestion that we kill each other, it's clear you were all loading your rifles and on the verge of death.

But as a few of you have expressed a bit of reluctance, we'd better hold fire and think about this some more. Sound reasonable

Maybe next week ?

We're all going to die, folks. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just the way it is, sorry

BigFat --- it can be viewed many way. You choose to regard it as 'surrender'. But that's just a cover-up, right ? To conceal the loosening in the lower-colon brought about by the mere suggestion by a total stranger in one of the hundreds of interweb fora

Relax. Just because a total stranger makes a throw-away remark does not mean you have to die. You'll die anyway, but most likely it won't be a random remark in a forum that will do you in ... so breath out, lol

However, what you choose to regard as 'surrender' can of course be regarded also as 'taking it to them'. Yes ?

As in live like a sheep or die like a lion

As in ' The coward dies a thousand deaths but the brave man dies but once'

Or ... maybe you'd prefer what William Wallace said about ' They can take our lives ---- but they'll never take our FREEEDOM ! ' (or words to that effect ... always good for a tear or two )

I LIKE the idea of causing a traffic-jam at the Pearly Gates

I LIKE the thought of all those angels up there being flustered and trying to hide it by checking their clip-boards !

I LIKE the vision of heavenly loudspeakers announcing to the impatient billions at the Gates that 'due to circumstances beyond our control, processing of new arrivals will be subject to delays '

followed by the announcement that all new arrivals will be bussed over to the Heaven Hilton .... on the house

It amuses me to think of extra angelic-staff being called to duty to cope with the unprecedented and unexpected arrival of billions of humans

And it amuses me to imagine those billions of humans complaining about the 'poor service'

Yeah. Let's all arrive at once. Let's remove ourselves from the power-mongers down here and turn up at Heaven's Door

And when we're asked 'why' --- we can TELL them why. We can say we are NOT prepared to suffer conditions on earth any longer

' We're not putting up with it any longer', we can say. ' It's not GOOD enough' we can say We want a refund or replacement we can say. Yeah ?

Meanwhile, down on Earth, the grubs, the liars, the thieves and murderers, the war-mongers and God-merchants will be loooking around with stupid expressions on their faces, followed by
' Waaaaaaa ! Who took the Sheepies away ? Where they gone ? How DARE they go without permission like that ? '

And we, up there in Heaven Hilton, can spit cherry and olive pips down on them

And to keep us entertained and as a form of apology, God might rip the Earth asunder and distribute lightning-bolt rods so that we can personally deliver our own version of End Times to the Once-Were-Elites

C'mon .... don't tell me you wouldn't enjoy that

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by Dock9

Does this mean my new Easy Bake oven is now in Jeopardy...guess I won't be needing this box of brownie mix

Let's not be hasty!

Yes, we are all going to die, in theory, but, let us not go easily into that good night, let us rage against the dying of our nation!

To dream the impossible dream...

To fight the unforgettable fight....

To create a real ressurgence in Frank Sinatra record sales!

I did it my way!

We really can change the world, do you have any idea how truly terrified the Nixon Administration and the FBI was of the Hippie Counter Culture.

There is no weapon on earth that can stop a million people from climbing over a fence.

The real question is can we figure out a way to run the infrastructure quickly without them, so that people don't starve in the aftermath.

There power is not magical, or other worldly, there power is in that they control they infrastructure that makes life possible in densely pacted urban areas.

If you live on a farm out in the middle of no where you will be fine, if you live in Manhattan?????

The real question is not can we take over, yes, we can, the real question is can we provide food and sustinance in the aftermath, and make the existing infrastructure work, to the degree necessary to prevent catastophic suffering.

One of the most effective and devestating types of warfare is seige warfare, and they do use the system, already through things like the staged economic crisis, to fill us with fear, limit us, and prod us towards submission, because we are so enslaved to the system.

The key won't so much be taking over the halls of power, that's easy, the key will be taking over the resources, warehouses, shipping hubs, and distribution points and networks and making sure we all just aren't sitting in the dark starving because they turned off the lights, and locked the doors.

They can escape underground, and are well prepared and well provisioned to do so, and let us starve and fight for the scraps.

So the real question, is not so much, can someone lead us to rebellion, but are their real logistical masterminds that can lead us to survival and then prosperity, once we overthrow them, or will we just degrade into an even worse Darwinian dog eat dog world.

Hanging a despot is relatively easy, figuring out how to feed the masses?

That's a real trick!

It's why I am intent on getting my hands on every easy bake oven and package of brownie mix out there!

I have a plan!

I say if there is no bread....let us eat brownies!

Can you bring the milk? For six billion please?

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Could it be that such an awakening would result in the replay of the fish and the loaves miracle? Just a thought and I know it is annoying you that I continue to prod a spiritual side to it but the fish and loaves scenario was what first came to mind after reading your brilliant post.

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by jackflap

I am thinking the loaf is going to be half baked there my friend jackflap, and the fish full of mercury!

No, these things will not magically appear, but these things are there, what the Powers That Be really do is run a pretty orderly ship and supply line, that does keep the slave planet churning.

So keeping that supply line running in the absence of the rules and laws that have them on top of the chain, and empower them to keep it running smoothly is a key and critical component, and one of the reasons, real reasons it's hard to rebel against them, is because it is a vexing problem.

If various people in various regions, don't want to cooperate as they independently sieze things in the vacuum and want to use them for power or leverage themselves, well then we are in an even worse bind.

Crying won't help you and praying won't do you know good. The Powers That Be are sound logistical planners, they view us as nothing but consumers and I don't mean that in a commercial way, I mean that as we are all cows and gluttons, that they feel have to be on a constant diet and ration, or we would devour everything, with no forthought of where our next meal is coming from.

Hoping that a miracle will provide it? Well, that's why they have that kind of opinion of us!

Put your mind to it!


posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 02:19 PM
Adding to my earlier post about rebelling against the system, which we are all born into, I think that it boils down to this:

Self-interest vs. Communism

Let us not forget who created fascism and communism... Rome.

The Vatican set up, funded and premoted the Nazis and Benito Musilini, and the same goes with Bolshevics and the Soviet Union, which were all espousing the doctrines of the Vatican.

I am all for the libertarian ideals espoused by Ayn Rand, thinking logically, rationally within a TRUE capitalist system, based on the rationality of self-interest. Note: that what is touted today as capitalism is actually the exact opposite called fascism. Musulini said that corporateism is fascism, and what we have today are a bunch of giant corporate oligarchs and monopolies that control every facet of our lives, and seeming answer to no one. These companies are all owned by a small group of powerful individuals that are connected to the international banking cartels. This is what is being touted as the evil capitalism of today, whose antithesis within the Hegelian dialictic is communism, socialism, and progressiveism.

What we are all told is that we must conform to society, that we are all inherently flawed (what Proto talks about as Original Sin) helpless little children that must be chided on a regular basis and led by the nose by the State, the Government, or the Pope (church). Otherwise, we will just harm ourselves, because we just don't know what to do.

This goes back to what Hegel thought, in that we are to be cogs in the State machine. Our individuality squawshed, and our spirits broken. What is inherent within the doctrines of statism (fascism and communism) is a certain self loathing. We hate our imperfections, we are helpless, stupid, ignorant, etc., and we need that parent figure to show us the way, which is where the government (State, Church, Pope, dictator, government) steps in.

And this goes with the main doctrine preached from every propaganda pulpit today, from our Churches (Pope), governments, televisions, radios, and movies.... We are to give up our liberty, freedom, and property for the greater good, for the good of the whole, to the Pope, to the State, to God, to your country, to your government, etc., because that is what is good for you. Yet this is illogical at best. How can giving away your autonomy, your freedom and liberty, your sustenance, etc., be any good for you as an individual? It can only do good for those that hoard it for themselves, at your expense.

This is the great lie that we are being told today and have been told for centuries past. This is where they get us! We are to forget about ourselves and only give and give and give, until there is no more self and only "we", "they", or "us", until they have sufficient power over us that they can terrorize us at will, for their will. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." This is the doctrine of Rome, and it has been perpetuated from ancient times to today.

It's a constant process of conning us all into rebelling against ourselves, our very natures, and against nature itself. This system asks us to be irrational in thought, and out of balance with the universe. It tells us the very opposite of natural law, the laws of the universe. It keeps us confused and at war with ourselves (as Proto so elloquently pointed out that we are at war with ourselve with the left/right and higher selves(minds)). We must strive for balance as nature always strives for balance.

Logic, rationality, the laws of nature, of the universe tell us that when are truly in authentic existence, that we are truly interested in taking care of ourselves and the ones that we love, and concerned about those things which concern us, and not someone else, that are being rational, and rationality simply is harmony and balance with the TRUE order of things... the universe. There is abundance in this universe for everyone, so there is no need to hoard, steal, rape, pillage, and kill. Self knowledge, awareness, and self-interest are the doctrine of rationality, peace and harmony.

We must espouse the true doctrines held within the TRUE founding document of the United States of America, that "all men are created equal, and born with certain enalienable rights. of those, Life, Liberty, and Property." Note: that last part was contained in the orginal version, which they changed.

All that we have or will ever need is contained within the five inch space between your ears. Once your realize this, no one, not even Rome can compel you to be that which you aren't.

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by jackflap

Jack (I'm freezing here and half asleep ... nearly 5 a.m.) but the reason people don't stand up is because our finely-tuned survival instincts make us tuck in our ears and slink down low and let the other fool speak out and pay the price

Ever been the one to speak up ? Noticed how all those who encouraged you to speak out and who promised to be right there at your back --- have suddenly become invisible ? Or worse -- they're now the ones cat-calling and pointing accusingly at you and agreeing with the supposed enemy ?

They say wise men learn by observation, whilst fools learn from experience. And I'm a fool alright. Did the standing up and speaking out. Looked around and all my 'friends' had melted into the crowd. A fool for doing it once. Should have observed the other fools and learned from them. Should have learned from myself. But no ... had to compound my fool-status by doing it again and again

Others are smarter. They'll encourage the fool to do their talking for them. Then they'll get up the back of the room, in the shadows, to see how it plays out. If the out-speaker is winning, his friends will be there, claiming to be the author. If the fool is losing, they'll slink away and pretend they never knew you

And that's life. But we're 'told' that heroes always win, aren't we ? Paul Revere and his ride. The original runner of Marathon. Audie Murphy. John Wayne. We grow up believing heroes are ten a penny. But life teaches us that those who 'stand up' and 'speak out' usually have their heads lopped off. And we don't want that to happen to us, we don't like being hurt and humiliated and destroyed.

So we shut up and take it and tell ourselves, 'Oh, it's not that bad, could be worse', etc. We compromise. The more we have to lose, the fewer risks we're prepared to consider, let alone undertake, and the more we're prepared to compromise

The authorities know that, just as prison-guards know it

And they give us examples, to get the message across. Just as prisoners of war were compelled to watch the brave 'speakers up' suffer torture and gruesome deaths. People kept their mouths shut after that. It works. It's a cost-effective method of control

If (big, massive 'if' ) monopolistic media were broken-down and there was a return to independent media, the 'authorities' might change their current corrupt tune.

But that's why so much effort and money was expended in creating that monopolistic media. Now, no-one has anywhere to run in order to expose corruption etc. There's no-one to alert the individual

And that monopolistic media can make or break anyone

The 'authorities' themselves are controlled. They're fighting to save themselves. They don't give a damn about us. They're caught on the twin prongs of carrot and stick: take the bribe, vote as you've been instructed ... or your sexual deviancies will be revealed to the world and you can kiss your career goodbye and maybe expect to shoot yourself in the head seven times into the bargain

The 'authorities' are mostly criminals, controlled by even bigger and more ruthless criminals. They're compromised early and its recorded and saved until needed. After that, they're simply puppets in the biggest, filthiest show on earth

Decent people, politicians, etc., observe all this. They see no way to beat it. There's no-one they dare trust. And their own and their family's lives are on the line. It's a very dangerous game, especially for the honest. And the honest are sniffed-out early ... and usually get out fast. We ... billions of average humans, are the losers. So are our descendants

Most of us know there's a stink. And we know where the stink is coming from. But what can we do ? This is why we're here in a forum, instead of out there 'doing something' that could get us killed or ruined or jailed or framed or defamed, or ....

So we live with it, we live despite it. We learn to work around it. Because essentially, we don't want trouble. We just want a problem-free existence, some work to pay the bills and some free time to enjoy

We're all waiting for the heroes. Not much point planning to bring down a massive and corrupt system unless there are strong leaders to show us how

But the minute a strong leader pops his head above the wall, he's a marked man, a target. And strong leaders aren't idiots. So they decided not to sav the world and to save themselves and their own, instead. Can't blame them

Which is why the 'authorities' toss us a bone every now and then -- to function as a vent for all that steam built up inside us. They portray someone as a heroic leader with our best interests to the fore

And we fall for it. Because we're so desperate. And because we're waiting not only for a spokesman, but also for someone to believe in

Ron Paul ? Obama ? David Icke ? Palin ? Pilger ? Tea baggers ? etc. Each has believers. The fakes/plants turn out to have clay feet. The genuine end up dead or they voluntarily vanish

But it's not over. And as long as we're standing, we're in with a chance

Thanks to the interwebs, we're becoming more informed. And we're building up a hell of a head of steam

They're scared of us. We need to realise that. They're exposed more than at any other time in history. And society generally is more savvy than ever before. They're scared. They should be. We see through them. And we're angry

Time will tell

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:13 PM
Hi Proto! Nice to see you respond to my post!

As for those other subjects,I see those things to be very significant as well.

"Global Governance:A "Done Deal"?"
In this I mention the Jesuit New World Order,the Pope's "World Political Authority",and Trading U.S. Rights for U.N. Goals

"Just TV,or Military Weapon?"
In this I wrote about the S.S.S.S. and the VEIL technology inside the converter box. There is a whole lot more that could be said on that subject!

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by On the Edge

Some great additional resources there for people to check out and take a look at.

The mother of all conspiracies, really is the mother of all conspiracies!

Thanks for posting those my friend!

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 04:46 PM
Wow Proto... I wanted to post on this thread a few days ago, but parental duties and work didn't allow. Now 30 pages deep I find I can either post or read as many of the pages as I can and not post, so I am choosing to post and if I should happen to repeat anyone or am covering ground that has already been covered I hope you will forgive me.

First off I have to say this is an absolutely amazing piece of work! Very few people dig this far under the surface and my little flag and star seem like a rather insignificant show of appreciation.

That being said, I must say I disagree with you on one major point. As I am a "Christian" I'm sure you can guess which one. I fully agree with you on Rome still being in power, but for the life of me I can't fathom why you would say that "Christianity" was created by them and it is their perfect religion. So many of The Catholic church's teachings and actions over the centuries go directly against what is in the Bible and in Yeshua's teachings that I would be hard pressed to choose a place to begin. Why create a religion to control the populace and then teach them something different than what you wrote?

Rome was scared by the rise of Christianity and saw its own end coming if something wasn't done, so they subverted the religion and turned it into a method of control and a veil to hide behind. Like the old saying goes "If you can't beat 'em, join em!"
Now they had the perfect cover from which to run the world. No visible empire, no enemies! Their one remaining enemy after that point was the (unaltered) truth.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 04:57 PM
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Great post, it really adds to the next point I wanted to make.

The success of the American Revolution was not some token victory, it was a major set back for the PTB. The Brits fought extremely hard to hold on to the U.S. colonies, risking all they dared to risk in trying to defeat the revolution. While the armies of the Northern colonies started out fairly ineffective, by the time that Britain surrendered, they had turned into a formidable fight force, that the British were forced to admit that they could not defeat.

It is important to point out that it was the northern colonies which defeated Britain, the southern colonies were the bastion of loyalists, and very little fighting took place there. This leads to the next part of the history that PT describes which is completely incorrect, and that is that the Confederates fought against the establishment, when the exact opposite is true. The Confederates were completely in the pockets of European bankers, as they had continuously been. Lincoln refused to kow tow to the demands of European Bankers for financing the war, which was the plan of European bankers the whole time, in order for them to take control of the U.S..

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It is not the concept of a global government of some kind that is the threat. It is the global banking cartel that is already in place that is stripping us of our liberty.

Government has been the effective tool to use against religion and corporations, which includes the global bankers.

If you really aim to fight against the PTB, then you need to wake up and start using government as the effective tool it can be.

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We need to talk! Particularly about the book you linked me "secret of the ages"
u2u me so i know when you're on the site and are paying attention to your u2us. thanks

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I apologize for losing my composure earlier. I was just unprepared for the possibility that so many people would agree with and accept the notion that Rome created the entire history of the world, all the ancient texts and artifacts. Such a concept is astounding to me and at the outset, seemed like a huge lie. The result was a massive: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME? which kept resounding in my head lol

anyway, I sorry, will ya forgive me?

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posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by undo

I apologize for losing my composure earlier. I was just unprepared for the possibility that so many people would agree with and accept the notion that Rome created the entire history of the world, all the ancient texts and artifacts. Such a concept is astounding to me and at the outset, seemed like a huge lie. The result was a massive: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME? which kept resounding in my head lol

anyway, I sorry, will ya forgive me?

Hi undo. This is a gotcha, right? You've done a 180? That's hard for me to understand but don't let that stop you.

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