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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 12:34 PM
I hopped over to another site to check out the NASA crazys and had to laugh at the headline
(Go Anthony)

Bizarre, craptastic theory from the Guardian, Penn State, and NASA: “ET will kill us because global warming will tip them off that we are a bad species”

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Anthony Watts

UPDATE: co-author admits it is a “horrible mistake”, see below – Anthony

From the you’ve got to be effing kidding me department.

First, I apologize to my readers for the headline. Read on and I think you’ll see it is justified. The headline is paraphrased from the article and the paper to give you the flavor. I have reproduced the passage used by the Guardian and provided a link to the full paper below....

Now the paper, peer reviewed and published in Acta Astronautica titled:

Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis
Seth D. Baum,1 Jacob D. Haqq-Misra,2 & Shawn D. Domagal-Goldman3
1. Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University.
2. Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University
3. NASA Planetary Science Division

Acta Astronautica, 2011, 68(11-12): 2114-2129

Here’s the relevant passage:

A preemptive strike [from extraterrestrials] would be particularly likely in the early phases of our expansion because a civilization may become increasingly difficult to destroy as it continues to expand. Humanity may just now be entering the period in which its rapid civilizational expansion could be detected by an ETI because our expansion is changing the composition of Earth’s atmosphere (e.g. via greenhouse gas emissions), which therefore changes the spectral signature of Earth. While it is difficult to estimate the likelihood of this scenario, it should at a minimum give us pause as we evaluate our expansive tendencies.

Words fail me. Truly this is science fiction, and not the good kind. I have a feature called “Climate Craziness of the Week”, this may be the all time winner..... them-off-that-we-are-a-bad-species/

Anthony really nailed with this one!
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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 01:46 PM
AND the promised retraction on the WUWT site

...UPDATE: Former Economist sci/tech reporter Oliver Morton chips in with this in comments, it seems a “horrible mistake” was made by the co-author. Still no word on how this passes peer review.
Oliver Morton (@Eaterofsun) says:
August 19, 2011 at 5:26 am

So here’s the thing. This isn’t a “NASA report.” It’s not work funded by NASA, nor is it work supported by NASA in other ways. It was just a fun paper written by a few friends, one of whom happens to have a NASA affiliation.

But I do admit to making a horrible mistake. It was an honest one, and a naive one… but it was a mistake nonetheless. I should not have listed my affiliation as “NASA Headquarters.” I did so because that is my current academic affiliation.... them-off-that-we-are-a-bad-species/

Now I am going to head off into some speculative fiction.

What if this report was originally meant to be a serious try at grabbing the UFO crowd and scaring them into becoming part of the Pro-Global Warming crowd???

Let's take a look at some recent news that could cause someone high up to call the whole deal off.

91 Killed in Norway Island Massacre, Capital Blast

...Police official Roger Andresen told reporters that the total death toll was now 91 and that a suspect was in custody being questioned for both assaults and is cooperating with the investigators.

Though police did not release his name, Norwegian national broadcaster NRK identified him as 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik and said police searched his Oslo apartment overnight. NRK and other Norwegian media posted pictures of the blond, blue-eyed Norwegian.

"He is clear on the point that he wants to explain himself," Roger Andresen told reporters Saturday.

National police chief Sveinung Sponheim told NRK that the suspected gunman's Internet postings "suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views, but whether that was a motivation for the actual act remains to be seen."....

The island was hosting the youth wing of the Labour Party, which holds an annual summer camp there.

...It has been a rite of passage for Norway’s liberal elite for decades: a summer camp set on a verdant Nordic isle called Utoya, where this week hundreds of young people gathered to meet government ministers, dive into election strategy sessions...

for Helen Andreassen, a 21-year-old aspiring politician, a celebration of bright futures became something horrifyingly different when she and her friends jumped from a second-story window to escape the bullets of a man who was hunting them specifically because of their politics.....

“He shot a boy in the back,” said Stine Renate Haaheim, 27, a member of Parliament who was also among those hiding.....

Organized by the youth wing of the ruling Labor Party, the camp has become a kind of multicultural incubator in recent years....

This was not just any old group of kids these were the handpicked elite who were to become the leaders in the next ten to twenty years!

This year's meeting of the Bilderberg group was known ahead of time to be on June 9-12 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was nicely publicized thanks to Estulin and Tucker. Given the number of accurate reports that Estulin has managed, it is pretty obvious that the security is not completely "Air Tight"

Additionally you have the incubator for Fabian Leaders, the London School of Economics.

...What is a Fabian Socialist?

Politically Correct Resolution:

A Fabian Socialist is one who deceptively advocates a Marxist society; who seeks to achieve reform gradually, rather than through revolutionary means, by using the capitalistic system to fulfill their ideology of "Greedism"! For the Fabians, exploiting other ideologies is a useful tool!

The Fabian Society was founded on 4 January 1884 in London as an offshoot of a society founded in 1883 called The Fellowship of the New Life. When some members wanted to become politically involved to aid society's "fundamental transformation", it was decided that a separate society, the Fabian Society, also be set up....

The Fabian strategy is a strategy where pitched battles and frontal assaults are avoided in favor of wearing down an opponent ....

The first Fabian Society advocated tenets of social justice to influence the "Spirit of the times" of Liberal reforms (shifting from a laissez-faire system to a more "Collective" system during the early 1900s). These Fabian proposals were considerably more PROGRESSIVE than those that were enacted in the Liberal reform legislation at the time. It continues to this day.

At the core of the Fabian Society were Sidney and Beatrice Webb (Both, socialist reformers and co founders of the London School of Economics and Political Social Sciences-LSE). Together, they wrote numerous studies of industrial Britain, including alternative co-operative economics that applied to ownership of capital as well as land. Beatrice coined the term "Collective Bargaining"!

When the Twentieth Century began, the "Progressives" adopted the "Keynesian" Theory of Economics which continued until the end of the 1970's. In the "Reagan Era" the "Friedman" Theory of Economics was adopted. Beginning with the first Bush Presidential Administration, this nation's economic system returned to the "Keynesian" Theory, with another war of attrition.

In the period between the two World Wars and after the end of the Second World War, the "Second Generation" Fabians became a major influence on social-democratic thought. It was at this time that many of the future leaders of the World were exposed to Fabian thought, which made it much easier to implement an international central banking system in every country of the World. (You know, that International thing called "Globalization")

Successful business people who have studied at London School of Economics and Political Social Sciences include Delphine Arnault, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Spiros Latsis, David Rockefeller, Maurice Saatchi, George Soros and Michael S. Jeffries. All

Remember the guy could have also set off bombs on the island as he did at the blast outside the prime minister's office.

What I find very interesting is it was said "he has some political traits directed toward the right"and "He is clear on the point that he wants to explain himself,"

What if he was NOT a "Lone Gunman" but a "messenger"????

After all TPTB have been pretty darn obvious for the last few years and it would be impossible to have the equivalent of the secret service 24/7 not only on the top tier but also on the managers they must depend on. People like those just slaughtered on Utoya island.....

And then they lived Happily ever after

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 01:56 PM
Alien Invasion.....
Will world population be that dumb...well....Probably if TPTB combine it with a world economic crash, oil & food shortage, inflation, WW3, epidemics, natural disasters, global chaos and who knows what else the prepared to break us down..! YES..they could succeed, it's without a doubt a very powerful conspiracy,

Every countries controlled by TPTB is used to promot the Alien invasion fear. This will be the biggest Hoax of all time, here is 2011 UFO sightings from all over the world.

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:15 PM

Originally posted by mick1423

Thanks you all that are still contributing to this awesome thread.
I take my hat off to you all.
I just wish i had something to add other than,,,,,,,
This is one disturbing photo.
It reminds me of the USA presidential inauguration photo's at lincoln memorial. ie, as you have the peoples veiw focused to the centre of the scene and at the centre of attention is their leader with a towering monument behind their "leader". This in itself is a very powerful image to project, as it starts to portray an image from the host to the veiwer the illusion of their immense size and power, and with their human pillars of strength standing beside them, this too gives the veiwer an illusion of their leaders dominance and self proclaimed god like status.
Hitler did this also to great effect.
I think this is another way to manipulate the masses that we have learnt from Rome.
Rome live's on. ( or am i seeing things that aren't there???????

Peace to you all

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:27 PM
I would like to point out a couple more things.

The original paper according to WUWT:

Now the paper, peer reviewed and published in Acta Astronautica titled:

Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis

And as Anthony said "Still no word on how this passes peer review."

For non-scientists "Peer reviewed" means the paper was sent out to three or four other scientists with knowledge of the field for comments. If the English is bad or the science is faulty, the paper gets nixed. My Hubby rewrites papers into grammatical English for peer review. He, as a scientist, will also point out where papers need to be "tightened-up"

Therefore writing for a science journal should not be like writing for the National Enquirer.... Although lately I begin to wonder (See my thread: )

The second point is all of a sudden the MSM, who have completely ignored Ron Paul up til now, is grudgingly starting to pay attention to him.

Curiouser and Curiouser

And now back to the subject of "Religion"

An interesting tidbit I forgot to point out is this: (The whole article is worth the read)

...This website makes liberal use of the We The Peoples Millennium Forum Declaration and Agenda for Action which was adopted last May. This past week, the Millennium Summit convened in New York City and has been called the largest assemblage of heads of state under one roof in all of human history.

What is this Summit all about? Where does the New World Order vision stand today? From above document and others on the website we can glean that the following are on the agenda:

8. International public education: "provide universal access to ‘education for all,’ prioritizing free basic education and skills training…. We call on governments…to reduce the technology gap, and to restructure educational policy to ensure that all children (girls and boys) receive moral, spiritual, peace and human rights education…. Special attention must be paid to the girl child…."

Sure as heck looks like a "New Religion" maybe on the schedule doesn't it?

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by meathed

Thanks you all that are still contributing to this awesome thread.
I take my hat off to you all.
I just wish i had something to add other than,,,,,,,
This is one disturbing photo.

Yes a very disturbing photo. The first thing I thought when I looked at it was the photo was of the "New Religion"

I do not think this is the end of this thread by any means.

I have a tendency to "archive" my more important finds here on this thread because I know there is a good chance they will be read by those who will appreciate them and that I have a chance to find them again.
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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by meathed

I agree this thread is really awesome, but it really miss the courageous, brillant mind that went all the way down the rabbit hole to unmasked TPTB to after expose it in this thread of his.

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet

I really think the New Religion will be base on some sort of Aliens worship, maybe they will say that they discovered that God is a alien entity. Rome fooled us with a God that suppose to live in the sky and it worked for 2 thousand years so creating a new one that live in space could really be plausible.

The Roman Empire really need a new world order to control world population, a new world religion is probably also in their plans.
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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:54 PM

UN Appoints Ambassador to Aliens in Preparation for

One World Religion / One World Government / One World Order

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by mick1423

UN plan for 'alien ambassador' a case of science fiction?

Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman denies Sunday Times report that she is to become Earth's first contact for ETs

This article is the subject of a legal complaint made by Jonathan Leake, science editor of The Sunday Times.

If a Martian, proverbial or otherwise, had landed on Earth in the last 24 hours the media had some practical advice. Or so it seemed. According to the Sunday Times and numerous other media outlets that followed up the story, the United Nations was "poised" to appoint an individual to be the first point of contact with aliens.

Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman was being lined up for the role, the story said. As head of the UN's Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa) Othman would be the "nearest thing we have to a take me to you leader [person]", Prof Richard Crowther, from the UK Space Agency, told the Sunday Times.

According to the paper, Othman is due to tell a Royal Society conference that as the detection of extraterrestrial life is more likely than ever, the UN needs to be ready to co-ordinate humanity's response....

Seems they can not make up their minds! It is probably to keep us guessing.
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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet

They are playing with us, they surround us with stories, documentary, interviews with suposed Aliens specialists and scientists, it's clearly a mind game, the majority will let their subconscious get reprogrammed to accept the unbelievable..!

TPTB always pre conditioned the population first to increase their chance of succeed.
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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 04:21 PM

UFO in London 2012 Olympics Promo Video and the official mascots are Aliens one seing eye caracters, it could mean that we will have a big and spectacular Aliens suprise show in 2012.

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 04:50 PM

At the top center of the tablet is written: The Georgia Guidestones Center cluster erected March 22, 1980. On the Julius Caesar reborn birthday, March 22 ( 322 ) in 2013 the years of the presume big changes, it will be the 33th birthday of the Georgia Guidestones...coincidence..

Aliens, the economy is falling, we are close to another war in the middle east with syria and who knows where that could lead, One thing is for sure, the next 18 months could be very bumpy..

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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by mick1423

Aliens, the economy is falling, we are close to another war in the middle east with syria and who knows where that could lead, One thing is for sure, the next 18 months could be very bumpy..

OK what other information is available that can shed light on the subject of "Alien Invasions"


There is a ton of material showing that the "Population Explosion" is of concern to the "Elite"

Obama's Chief Science Advisor wrote (along with Paul and Anne H. Ehrlich) in their 1973 book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions.

“A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States. De-devolopment means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation. Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in overdeveloped countries to filling the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries.”

“The need for de-development presents our economists with a major challenge. They must design a stable, low-consumption economy in which there is a much more equitable distribution of wealth than the present one. Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided for every human being.”

And Holdren has not changed his mind one Iota in his 1977 book.

John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet

....These ideas (among many other equally horrifying recommendations) were put forth by John Holdren,.... In a book Holdren co-authored in 1977, the man now firmly in control of science policy in this country wrote that:

• Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
• The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation's drinking water or in food;
• Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
• People who "contribute to social deterioration" (i.e. undesirables) "can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility" -- in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.
• A transnational "Planetary Regime" should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans' lives -- using an armed international police force....

The idea of returning the USA to a "Nature Preserve" almost made it through Congress.

MAP Humans allowed in green areas only.

Info on the bills brought to Congress:

The Project is still alive and well: Scientific American Article
The Rewilding Institute
The Wildland Research Institute, a new institute at the University of Leeds


If you do a search for "DNA Baby"
You get thousands of hits for things like:
The government has your baby's DNA - CNN
DNA database created from babies' blood samples - Telegraph UK

So there are now banks of human DNA and Genetic testing has developed enough so that doctors can often pinpoint missing or defective genes.

Therefore the ability to select "Healthy human breeding stock" is a reality.

The Brain Washing of the student:.
I do not have to do more than mention PETA. But it is more than just that group.

.....the Texas Academy of Science held its annual meeting. The keynote speaker for event was the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist, Dr. Eric Pianca, who currently serves as the Cooley Centennial Professor of Zoology for the University of Texas....

After arranging for the videographer to turn off his camera, the Professor stepped to the podium and began his remarks by castigating anthropocentrism (the idea that human beings hold a privileged position within the universe). He proceeded to say that people are “no better than bacteria” and that mankind holds no superior status among the biological byproducts of evolution. Finally, he claimed that by virtue of our overpopulation we are guilty of destroying the planet. Dr. Pianca declared to his audience that the earth will likely not survive unless drastic measures are taken to correct this problem. If the earth is to endure, the present human population must be reduced by as much as 90%....

I am sure each of us has met angry young people who look at humanity with nothing but contempt. Recruiting enough fanatics, who also fit the "Healthy human breeding stock" should not be a problem. PETA has been doing it for years.


Is there control of resource needed to pull it off?

This is the list of foreign ownership/control of MSM, resources, manufacturing and mining. Mining gives holes in the ground that can be retro fitted as bunkers.

Foreign Ownership

... "Foreign ownership refers to ownership of assets of a particular industry by foreign controlled domestic U.S. Corporations (FDC) 50% or more owned by a foreign entity."[1]

By that definition, the percentage of foreign ownership as of 2002 by industrial sector was as follows:[2]

* Sound recording industries - 97%
* Motion picture and sound recording industries - 75%
* Metal ore mining - 65%
* Motion picture and video industries - 64%
* Database, directory, and other publishers - 63%
* Book publishers - 63%
* Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment - 57%
* Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing - 53%
* Plastics and rubber products manufacturing - 52%
* Plastics product - 51%
* Boiler, tank, and shipping container - 50%
* Glass and glass product - 48%
* Coal mining - 48%
* Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying - 47%
* Advertising and related services - 41%
* Audio and video equipment mfg and reproducing magnetic and optical media -36%
* Support activities for mining - 36%
* Chemical manufacturing - 30%
* Industrial machinery - 30%
* Other food - 29%
* Motor vehicles and parts - 29%
* Other electrical equipment and component - 28%
* Architectural, engineering, and related services - 26%
* Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments - 25%
* Semiconductor and other electronic component - 23%
* Publishing industries - 20%

There are also new cities lying waiting to be occupied:
The ghost towns of China: Amazing satellite images show cities meant to be home to millions lying deserted

Not to mention DNA banks of the best livestock from US State fairs (DNA samples are a requirement for showing) and the Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic Also a Rare Breeds Gene Bank

Government Money for RESEARCH

Here we find grants for designing "Deep Underground" work space AND "Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation"

List of US Federal Government Grant Opportunities

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005 (modified on Jun 24, 2005)
Data sources: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA),
Grant Opportunities: 2257

Homeland Security

* 2005 Homeland Security National Training Program (HSNTP), $214,500,000 total funding
* Department of Homeland Security (DHS Centers) Program, $15,000,000 total funding
* Deep Sequencing and Haplotype Profiling of Mental Disorders, $7,500,000 total funding
* Detecting Suspicious Behavior, $440,000 total funding

* Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory Conceptual Design, $1,500,000 total funding
* Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation (AMLR) Program (Abandoned Mine Lands), $158,600,169 total funding

[NOW we know how the elite got their underground bunkers built!!!]


* Advance Research for Warfighter Interface Technologies (ARWIT), $25,000,000 total funding
Advances in Biotechnology and the Biosciences for Warfighter Performance and Protection, $49,000,000 total funding

* Advanced Development of Optically Hardened Materials (ADOHM), $49,000,000 total funding
* Automated Scene Understanding (ASU) Technology and Prototypes, $5,000,000 total funding
* BAA04-13 - Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN), $7,000,000 total funding

* BAA05-05 - neXt Generation (XG) Communications Phase III, $17,000,000 total funding
BAA05-14 - Integrated Battle Command, $24,000,000 total funding
* Biosciences Technology Support (BTS), $24,000,000 total funding
* CISE Computing Research Infrastructure, $15,000,000 total funding
* Command and Control and Combat Systems Applied Research, $3,200,000 total funding
Computer Systems Research, $27,000,000 total funding
Dynamic Air and Space Execution and Assessment (DASEA), $10,000,000 total funding
Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service, $16,180,000 total funding....

There are tons more computer type grants.

Known developed Technology


The United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the International Standards Organization have been writing TONS of regulations to control every aspect of life. From "Agenda 21" to very specific regs.

FAO GAPs (fruits and veggies)

“What are Good Agricultural Practices?

...A multiplicity of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) codes, standards and regulations have been developed in recent years by the food industry and producers organizations but also governments and NGOs, aiming to codify agricultural practices at farm level for a range of commodities....” [has links]

OIE Good Farming Practices: Livestock

Good Dairy Farming Practice.

Short Report of what the S.O.B.s are up to: OIE WORKING GROUP ON ANIMAL PRODUCTION FOOD SAFETY Report to the 77th General Session of the OIE International Committee - Paris, 24–29 May 2009

So are they planning on insuring "Global Governance 2025" ???

The National Intelligence Council.

The NIC is a center of strategic thinking within the US Government, reporting to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and providing the President and senior policymakers with analyses of foreign policy issues that have been reviewed and coordinated throughout the Intelligence Community.....

The National Intelligence Council is pleased to release Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture. The report, produced in conjunction with the European Union's Institute for Security Studies, is a follow-on to the NIC's 2008 Global Trends 2025 study.
Global Governance 2025 provides an informal contribution to an important international debate on the way forward for global, regional, and bilateral institutions and frameworks to meet emerging challenges such as climate change, resource management, international migration flows, and new technologies. While not policy prescriptive, the report shares a strong belief that global challenges will require global solutions. The report's primary purpose is to help policymakers in the US and abroad to chart a course for effective management of international problems. In addition, we hope that it will stimulate a broad-ranging debate among academic and nongovernmental experts.

Global Governance 2025 is innovative in many ways. It is the NIC's first unclassified report jointly developed and produced with a non-US body. The report is a culmination of a highly inclusive process that involved consultations with government officials, media representatives, and business, academic, NGO, and think tank leaders in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and the UAE.....

Project "Blue Beam" complete with the destruction of cities is a very real possibility. As Dan Estulin said

...The idea behind each and every Bilderberg meeting is to create what they themselves call THE ARISTOCRACY OF PURPOSE between European and North American elites on the best way to manage the planet. In other words, the creation of a global network of giant cartels, more powerful than any nation on Earth, destined to control the necessities of life of the rest of humanity, obviously from their vantage point, for our own good and in our benefit – THE GREAT UNWASHED AS THEY CALL US....

The plans are to push forward to a world government within the next few decades. I think they will do it through a complete collapse of the world economy. We are certainly seeing the evidence of that. Would they use a more direct method like Project "Blue Beam" to press the reset button and drastically reduce the number of humans on the planet??? Who knows but I sure would not put it passed them. They have made it very clear they want to severely cull the "Human Herd"

More discussion: Is Project Blue beam the Grand Deception? The ultimate conspiracy - a faked alien invasion

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by mick1423
reply to post by meathed

I agree this thread is really awesome, but it really miss the courageous, brillant mind that went all the way down the rabbit hole to unmasked TPTB to after expose it in this thread of his.

I agree,
I dont think we will ever see another great mind like his ever again on ATS.
He and his thoughts will be missed

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 11:26 AM
so its agreed then?

ROME trying hard on TV to get you programmed for survival, for armageddon, and now again for Alien Invasion

doing all they can it seems last few years to the point where history channel and nat geo are always doing speculative shows, not historical/documentary shows.

. the fear will get some people to be overwhelmed and to stand down from doing anything.

wait. what it Proto was wrong..and there were some good people in Rome. or if another faction...say the ones who are the most ethical. Wouldn't they want to program people on tv for something they knew was coming to better prepare them??

A.J. believes its all new age propaganda to get you to stand down/false flag. some believe we have the advanced tech and could stage our OWN ET threat. lol

what if something IS really coming astronomically and the illumined ones have been tracking this for generations...and now ROME could use the natural changes coming to cash in and consolidate

so many angles to this.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by SuperTripps

wait. what it Proto was wrong..and there were some good people in Rome. or if another faction...say the ones who are the most ethical. Wouldn't they want to program people on tv for something they knew was coming to better prepare them??

A.J. believes its all new age propaganda to get you to stand down/false flag. some believe we have the advanced tech and could stage our OWN ET threat. lol

what if something IS really coming astronomically and the illumined ones have been tracking this for generations...and now ROME could use the natural changes coming to cash in and consolidate

so many angles to this.

I think we have seen some people with a conscience show up in the rank and file from time to time.

Dan Estulin gets his info on the what is happening in the Bildeburg Conferences from some where.

The Climategate e-mails released just before Copenhagen global warming conference.

The Danish text leak during the Copenhagen global warming conference.

FDR, (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) my exploited father-in-law by Col. Curtis Dall

The book - link

John Perkins and his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Mr. Budhoo's PUBLIC letter of resignation

"Today I resigned from the staff of the International Monetary Fund after over 12 years, and after 1000 days of official fund work in the field, hawking your medicine and your bag of tricks to governments and to peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa. To me, resignation is a priceless liberation, for with it I have taken the first big step to that place where I may hope to wash my hands of what in my mind's eye is the blood of millions of poor and starving peoples. Mr. Camdessus, the blood is so much, you know, it runs in rivers. It dries up too; it cakes all over me; sometimes I feel that there is not enough soap in the whole world to cleanse me from the things that I did do in your name and in the name of your predecessors, and under your official seal. "

Davison Budhoo is author of Enough Is Enough, and Global Justice: The Struggle to Reform the International Monetary Fund. Budhoo is Executive Director of the Bretton Woods Reform Movement

You can not have a group attempting what this group is attempting without leaks. The wonder is not that there are leaks but that they have managed to hide in plain sight for so long without the public catching on!

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 01:53 PM
In this thread there is hundreds of proven leaks showings Rome, '' the Ancient Roman Empire '', as TPTB. but the propaganda machine to hide the truth have so many power and resources that it's hard to spread it at large. There is those who attacks this thread because they didn't took the time to read it or are simply jealous but there also disinformant agents who wants to harm and hide this thread and his author and also Trolls who wants to have some attention but one thing is for sure, if we don't unite, we will not be able to avoid the chaotic process of the New World Order and the prison planet world that Rome planned for our future..!
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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:37 PM
To help you understand the Alien HOAX and project Bluebeam here is a good Video for those who havn't seen it...

Here is an interesting thread about the

The Real power of the Vatican!

Originally posted by Ariele
Hello everyone,
I raised some questions to authorities in the country I am currently residing (in Europe) about why out of every paycheck I get, 300 Euros are automatically taking out without my permission and God knows where this money goes. Recently I found out it goes to the church (catholic church). It's called "church taxes". Ok, but..what if I don't believe, and never go to the catholic church? I was given an answer, that when I have kids - my kids won't be able to attend just any kindergarten, school or university, because it all belongs to the catholic church, and if i die and want to be buried - I won't be able, because the cemetaries are also owned by Vatican. Wow. i had to investigate that!
Anyway, I don't have any choice about those 300 euros..they still go out of my account straight to catholic church every month..damn it.
Here is what I found in my resource. I am not quite sure if anyone has posted already the fallowing, so forgive me if it's posted twice.
Share your thoughts and experiences!
Peace and Love to all

I do not know if this is true.

1. The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.)

2. The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)

3. The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921. (41 Stat. Ch.214 pg. 654)

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg.113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288)

5. The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States. No more reorganizations. After over 200 years of operating under bankruptcy its finally over. (Executive Order 12803) Do not personate one of the creditors or share holders or you will go to Prison.18 U.S.C. 914

6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the United States government. Even though the "US Government" held shares of stock in the various Agencies. (U.S. V. Strang , 254 US 491, Lewis v. US, 680 F.2d, 1239)

7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF. The Application for a Social Security Number is the SS5 form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 not the Social Security Administration. The new SS5 forms do not state who or what publishes them, the earlier SS5 forms state that they are Department of the Treasury forms. You can get a copy of the SS5 you filled out by sending form SSA-L996 to the SS Administration. (20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2) Read the cites above)

8. There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat. 138-178)

9. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1Stat. 138-178)

10. According to the GATT you must have a Social Security number. House Report (103-826)

11. We have One World Government, One World Law and a One World Monetary System. *

12. The UN is a One World Super Government. *

13. No one on this planet has ever been free. This planet is a Slave Colony. There has always been a One World Government. It is just that now it is much better organized and has changed its name as of 1945 to the United Nations. *

14. New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that "New York City was the capital of the World" and he was correct. (20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2)

15. Social Security is not insurance or a contract, nor is there a Trust Fund. (Helvering v. Davis 301 US 619, Steward Co. V. Davis 301 US 548.)

16. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF which is an Agency of the UN. (Look at it if you receive one. It should have written on the top left United States Treasury.)

17. You own no property, slaves can't own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)

18. The most powerful court in America is not the United States Supreme Court but, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (42 Pa.C.S.A. 502)

19. The Revolutionary War was a fraud. See (22, 23 and 24)

20. The King of England financially backed both sides of the Revolutionary war. (Treaty at Versailles July 16, 1782, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80)

21. You can not use the Constitution to defend yourself because you are not a party to it. (Padelford Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Alderman of The City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

22. America is a British Colony. (THE UNITED STATES IS A CORPORATION, NOT A LAND MASS AND IT EXISTED BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE BRITISH TROOPS DID NOT LEAVE UNTIL 1796.) Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, The Society for Propagating the Gospel, &c. V. New Haven 8 Wheat 464, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774.)

23. Britain is owned by the Vatican. (Treaty of 1213)

24. The Pope can abolish any law in the United States. (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol.1 53-54)

25. A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain. (IRS Publication 6209)

26. The Pope claims to own the entire planet through the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493)

27. The Pope has ordered the genocide and enslavement of millions of people. (Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493)

28. The Pope's laws are obligatory on everyone. (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844)(Syllabus, prop 28, 29, 44)

29. We are slaves and own absolutely nothing not even what we think are our children. (Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten v. Van Koten 154 N.E. 146, Senate Document 43 & 73rd Congress 1st Session, Wynehammer v. People 13 N.Y. REP 378, 481)

30. Military Dictator George Washington divided the States (Estates) into Districts. (Messages and papers of the Presidents Vo 1, pg 99. Websters 1828 dictionary for definition of Estate.)

31. "The People" does not include you and me. (Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore. 32 U.S. 243)

32. The United States Government was not founded upon Christianity. (Treaty of Tripoli 8 Stat 154.)

33. It is not the duty of the police to protect you. Their job is to protect the Corporation and arrest code breakers. Sapp v. Tallahasee, 348 So. 2nd. 363, Reiff v. City of Philadelphia, 477 F.Supp. 1262, Lynch v. N.C. Dept of Justice 376 S.E. 2nd. 247.

34. Everything in the "United States" is For Sale: roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water, prisons airports etc. I wonder who bought Klamath lake. Did anyone take the time to check? (Executive Order 12803)

35. We are Human capital. (Executive Order 13037)

36. The UN has financed the operations of the United States government for over 50 years and now owns every man, women and child in America. The UN also holds all of the Land in America in Fee Simple. *

37. The good news is we don't have to fulfill "our" fictitious obligations. You can discharge a fictitious obligation with another's fictitious obligation. *

38. The depression and World War II were a total farce. The United States and various other companies were making loans to others all over the World during the Depression. The building of Germanys infrastructure in the 1930's including the Railroads was financed by the United States. That way those who call themselves "Kings," "Prime Ministers," and "Fuhrer,"etc could sit back and play a game of chess using real people. Think of all of the Americans, Germans etc. who gave their lives thinking they were defending their Countries which didn't even exist. The millions of innocent people who died for nothing. Isn't it obvious why Switzerland is never involved in these fiascoes? That is where the "Bank of International Settlements" is located. Wars are manufactured to keep your eye off the ball. You have to have an enemy to keep the illusion of "Government" in place. *

39. The "United States" did not declare Independence from Great Britain or King George. *

40. Guess who owns the UN?

here is some more interesting reads, please judge for yourselves: l

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yeah the vatican definetly has a lot of power

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