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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

Dude i was not offended but wishing to illuminate.

Sometimes you have to play to the crowd in order that your stereotype is lessened by your revelations.

As a jew who wishes to remain true to himself and bypass peoples predjudice the antogonististc question is meant TOO question whilst the content retains that mindset.

Im not offended.

But i know the roots and practices of modern civilisation and archetecture/belief is rooted in Babylon.

Rome is an ASPECT of babylon. A mirror.

Its Shem vs Caanan, Nimrod vs Esau, Rome/Babylon vs Jerusalen.

Yerushalayim vs Babylon.

A tale of two cities where the world is the prize.

Zionism comes from Babylon btw.

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by Yissachar1

So as Jew myself if I go from one country to another then I am not visiting but infiltrating?

Like your ancestors infiltrated or visited where they come from huh?

There are so many moronic statements on this thread that it beggars belief!

You think Rome just happened?

Believe me

Rome doesnt even class as a mirror compared to its REAL origen.

Which is Babylon btw.

Rome is nothing compared to Babylon and the 7 cities!

All rome did was copy babylon.

"Jews" in our (my) context are the "Merchant" class elite that became "stereotyped" probably by choice many many many centuries before "Rome", and was greatly enhanced in Babylon trade and banking.

Some prior posts (by myself) have mentioned that "merchant" class elite groups had "infiltrated" the Etruscan economies (pre-Roman kingdom and empire) and political systems (as Phoenicians) .

The elite ruling class merchants (and / or bankers) that go from one country to another did (and are) doing so for economic reasons. Financial infiltration is (and has been) one method as opposed to military actions.

"Jews" (and "non Jews") that go from one country to another visiting as non merchants are NOT in this category!

"Rome" perhaps was (and is) one of the most successful financial conquests of the ancient ruling class "Merchants" that seem to have invented the base for all modern "religions" including "Judaism". The American Southeast was a later successful conquest. There have been thousands.

The "Merchant" class elite have been on the move (from one country to another) for 1000's of years, infiltrating - enhancing - destroying many economies and nations.

they have used their "invented" religions as one tool of control and deception ...
all while the money funnels remain unclogged and keep flowing in one direction.

I can point to a post that steps into some general theories (Babylon is mentioned).

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 11:48 PM
Traditional Jews are Not Zionists. Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionism and its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews. Zionism was created by Rome and Rome has no links with Babylon.

Google Video Link

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 11:52 PM
::I will re-post the "Hebrew" theories with some enhancements and new links::
for all newcomers (and regular contributors) benefit

Note: Dates are based on “modern” western calendar system…
B.C. and A.D. did not “officially” exist until middle ages (Rome-Vatican).
Different calendars and date systems were used in various areas in ancient times.
The word “Jew” is English – English did not exist in early Roman times.
The word “Jew” came in Middle-English circa 1000 A.D.
“Jews” were from “Judah”, “Hebrews” were from “Israel”.
Today’s English refers to “Jews” from anywhere.
The word “Semitic” is a word used in English to define a group of ancient middle-eastern languages and ethnic groups.
“Hebrew” is one Semitic group.
The Greek word is “Hebraios”.
The name “Phoenician” was labeled in later times by the Greeks and the name
“Phoenicia” was later depicted as the “homeland” of “Phoenicians”, at that time it was within the kingdom of “Canaan” referred to by the Egyptians and earlier cultures.
The Akkadian language was widely used in “Babylonian” times and is a precursor to later languages.

“Phoenicia” not to be confused with “Phocaea”, a city founded by Athenians circa 1000 B.C., in present day western Turkey.

The Akkadian word “Kinahna” means “Canaanites”,
The Akkadian word “ilutu” means “highness, divine”,
The Hebrew word “kena’ani” means “Merchant”.
The Akkadian word “Labnăna” is the “name” of “Phoenicia”, present day Lebanon.
The Phoenician word “hay” means “brother”.
The Phoenician word “habr” means “associate or colleague”.
The Phoenician word “hebil” means “sailor”.

The Babylonian / Hebrew / Roman “Money Funnel” Economies
The quest to control populations (wide-area banking systems).

The “Phoenicians” were “pre-Hebrew” Semitic society groups that dominated and “Governed” trade and finance circa 3000 B.C. thru early Roman times. They had strong military alliances and conflicts with multiple civilizations from time to time spanning many centuries. Elite Groups (families) may have formed, descended and migrated from ancient pre-Akkadian trade administrations merging with sub-groups (Indo-European, Semitic nomads (Amorites), pre-Persian, Indus Valley, China, ancient Spain/Saharan, Harifian, Mari, Capsian, ancient pre-Egypt, ancient Egypt, ancient Anatolian, Catalhoyuk, Vinca, Varna, and other super-ancient cultures) into various Semite “Merchant Ruling Class” Phoenician influenced areas, and Greek/Egyptian influenced areas. These merging groups may have invented the myths of pre-ancient “Osirian” origins circa 15000 B.C. and older. Intermingling and local inbreeding produced a unique and powerful wealthy elite financial administrating class of well-educated and “secretive” merchant families by the time Babylon came into emergence circa 3000 B.C.

The Merchant Trade Groups had Multi-Nation influence over City-States and ports spanning the entire Mediterranean coastal areas and many inland outposts as far away as present day Europe, Great Britain, Africa, Egypt, upper and central Asia, India, China and probably limited areas in the Americas.

The trade Groups were private tamkaru (ancient Akkadian language word meaning “trader”) and had infiltrated 100’s of kingdoms, towns, cities, organized groups, and local trade districts. They used all the language and value systems in existence possibly spanning thousands of years. The Groups had no established “national” borders or boundaries (other than perhaps the ancient Baalbek Lebanon location), and no genuine single “ethnicities” or “worships” (other than wealth), and were “independent” within trade routes and outposts.

These “Phoenician” merchant trade groups had also infiltrated the Etruscan economies (pre-Roman Kingdom) by way of their (Phoenician) established trade port in present day Genoa, Italy (a Mediterranean “pirate” base for Phoenician exploits), and ports on Corsica and Sardinia. Early Etruscan settlements were started by Phoenician/Lydian allied groups.

Their “Banking and Finance” and civil systems became the Babylonian code systems, many from Sumerian Ur-Nammu codes.

The Akkadian language was widely used in “Babylonian” times and is a precursor to later languages.

These “Groups” may be the “Forefathers” and “Founders” of modern international trade systems and “secret” political/religious organizations. The ancient ruins in Baalbek may have been the first “World Bank”. Ancient temples within “nations” and “city-states” were used as “depositories (and warehouses)” and may have been the first “central banks”.

1000 B.C. to year 0:

Hebrew / Judea “Faiths” and “Laws” were created by “Elitist” financial and merchant trade groups (scholars and entrepreneurs).

Earlier established “Babylonian-Hammurabi” beliefs were greatly “enhanced” (Especially Financial) and many declared to be “divine”.
Scholars created “Judaism” as a “religion” (sets of beliefs) for economic consolidation purposes, uniformity, and redundancies for disaster management.
The “Hebrew” Calendar adopted (for standardization) from Phoenician / Chinese trade partnerships.

Scholars from these Groups “create” the “Hebrew” (ibritu) Language (from Akkadian/Phoenician-Canaanite (Kinahhu), and possibly Hindu)
AND create a pre-Latin Language (from Greek).

Latin was to be used primarily by the trade and financial sub-groups (from different ethnic populations), and future consolidated military forces.
Latin was to be used to consolidate many Italic languages (mostly of Greek origins) at major trade junctions (City-States), City of Rome, etc.).
Hebrew to be used by “Elite” educated scholar groups (consolidated Semitic language, for “historical” recordkeeping and higher level communications).
Latin / Hebrew accounting systems were to be used by administrators, merchants and scribes.
Attempt to consolidate trade related communication and create redundancy regardless of (then) current political/religious/military structures and disasters.
“Dark Age” (history blackouts) created during trade consolidation periods to mask infiltrations and solidification efforts (usually pre-military).

Pre-“Old Testament Writings” created and written by Hebrew “scholars and scribes”.

Attempt to control all “religious” and worship beliefs and consolidate into one belief - for trade and financial control over populations.
Consolidate different Semite languages and beliefs (into Hebrew).
Promote Anti-Paganism anti-cultism, and perhaps mask and retain Royalty Elitist scholars Antonism (later Mithraism) political leadership agendas.
Used (and enhanced) ancient Egyptian and Semitic mythology and exaggerated “Paganistic” stories and myths and folk lore to fit agenda and spread “Hebrew” influence (“religious” and financial).
Create new mythical characters and new mythical territories and establish mythical ethnic groups.
Jewish (Latin: Ludaeus) “expulsions” and “exiles” created with agreeing ruling governments to allow non-military and post-military Jewish “colonizing” in “open” territories (infiltration of economies).
Create new and manipulate known “historical” “records” to fit the “Jewish” agendas, based on fears and legends and explain the “un-explainable” as “divine”.
Create and install new local “leaders” as “divine” and “godlike” figures into financially conquered territories.
Hebrew “envoys” and “scouts” (well-educated and multi-lingual) contact “target” territories and attempt “Judea” conversions (religious and economic goals) prior to military invasions (by mercenary groups and military allies, some success). Mercenary groups (land and sea forces) were slaves from conquered territories, escaped prisoners and slaves, deserters and traitors from rival kingdoms with Hapiru/Habiru commanders and some volunteers for profit.
Jewish “cloaking” begins as an effort to conceal true agendas and to gain confidence in expanded territories.
Calendar manipulations begin to coincide with fabricated “religious” and “historical” events.
“Old Testament” eventually produced (by Roman/Hebrew historians/scholars) from writings over a period of hundreds of years.

1st thru 3rd Centuries A.D.:

Pre-“New Testament Writings” created and written by Hebrew “scholars and scribes” by secret Hebrew/Roman agreements.

Hebrew Anti-Pagan efforts were failures in many trade areas.
Hebrew beliefs were not widely accepted by general (conquered) populations.
Hebrew efforts create “anti-Jewish” (hence, anti-Semitic) rivalries to set stage for “new”, more popular “religions”.
Hebrew scholars create “new” un-provable “history” from mythical events and stories and “new” fictional characters and territories.
Roman govt and Hebrew Scholars “align” and “invent” the appearance of being “rivals” (included military expeditions).
Roman govt accepts and begins codification of “Jewish” financial influences (banking systems) and create “new” religious leadership groups and figureheads to promote new and existing “religions”.
Hebrew scholars consolidate and re-invent a Latin alphabet, for common use by populations (west).
Hebrew scholars begin mass writings of “religious” books based on newly created history and myths.

Paganisms and cults were predominant at the time.

Latin became predominant language (easily understood by conquered populations) in Roman Empire (west).

Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic were widely spoken (Roman east and west).

Many Roman “Leaders” may have been “Hebrew” envoys cloaked as non-Jews. Early Roman “Leaders” had very little if any, traceable “bloodlines” (other than Etruscan) and were made out to be (usually by proclamation) of “divine” “Godlike” images (similar to ancient Greek and Egyptian legends). Late Roman “Leaders” had bloodlines traceable only to earlier “Leaders” and some may have descended from Cleopatra VII who was of Semitic bloodlines.

There are no known surviving Roman records of the First Century that refer to, nor are there any Jewish records that support the accounts in the Christian gospels except for one book allegedly written by one Jewish scholar – Josephus Flavius. In fact, other writings by Josephus Flavius have many conflicting styles which may indicate that Josephus Flavius may himself be a mythical character created by group scholars over long periods of time.
Ancestral and life accounts of Josephus Flavius including His bloodlines and family name were authored by Himself, offering no proof or verified sources. The alleged writings by “Josephus Flavius” and other scholars from the Roman Piso Family contributed heavily to the modern day Christian/Judea beliefs (early Roman versions of Old and New Testaments). The only existing “evidence” may be in the secret possessions of The Vatican.

2nd thru 5th Centuries A.D.:

Roman efforts to control society with a “new” belief (Christianity").

Establishment of “culture – counter-cultures” (divide and conquer (and in some cases also destroy), Hegelian dialectics, dog chasing the tail, etc.) agendas are continued.
Establishment of new separate religious authorities was to continue in all financial agendas.
“Laws” enacted to promote “Judaism” and demote “Christianity.
“Laws” enacted to promote “Christianity” and demote “Judaism”.
(Both at the same time in various areas to create confusion and diversions as trade continued to move forward and monies collected into group monopolies continued to grow).
Continue “religious” writing manipulations to fit religious/financial agendas (Judea and Christian).
New “Historical” Myths of “Hebrew” slavery and mass discrimination were created to enhance the “anti-Semitism” agendas.
More historical “events” are created of Jewish massacres, expulsions, exiles, etc. (some truth) (perhaps as sacrificial “investments”) allowing more “Jewish Expansion” (some open, some disguised) into new territories (established new trade routes and new merchant sub-groups under various names).

Christianity and Judaism seemingly rejected by Arab/Persian factions - Roman East.
Christianity generally accepted - Roman West (after centuries of efforts).
Hebrew scholars “create” and write Islam beliefs to counter Christian and Judea beliefs,
using some popular Zoroastrianism influences along with some Judea and Christian.
Mass infiltrations (some military) begin in areas of “Paganisms”.
Arab/Persian factions accept Islam and eventually adapt to “Jewish” financial systems (centuries later).
The “New Testament” is eventually compiled by Roman/Hebrew “religious” group from “more recent writings” (spanning hundreds of years) and written in more than one “language” to “accommodate” conquered populations and becomes “Christianity” as “Catholicism”.

6th Century thru middle Ages to present day 21st Century:

Sub-Latin languages and “spin-off” Hebrew languages (and some Cyrillic) are created and enhanced to allow better (religious and economic) “manipulation” of localized populations.

Establish strong “ethnic” groups (new nationalities and languages) through local inbreeding after intermingling (infiltration) and continuation of “culture – counter-cultures” agendas (religious and economic) among “financially conquered” territories.
Continue “Hebrew suppression” myths and Jewish “suffering” to further the financial and power agendas.
Continue “Governments’” public anti-Semitism, anti-Christian, anti-Islam agendas to further the “Jewish” privately controlled economies and expansions.
Solidify Political / Business / Religious alliances (treaties, etc.).
Continue “Jewish migrations” and dominance of financial systems regardless of political/religious/military climates.
Establish economic diplomacies based on political/religious grounds regardless of political/religious climates.
Continuation of attempted “Judea” conversions (religious and economic goals) prior to military invasions,
(some disguised as “Islam” or “Christian” or “new” political ideologies) (some non-military success).
Continue “Dark Age” (history blackouts) created during trade consolidation periods to mask solidification efforts of major “religions” (the ‘Big Three’) and to backdate, modify and solidify “historical” records and illusions.
Continue language and calendar manipulation for economic (and legal) control agendas.
Continue manipulation of religious writings based on mythical illusions (economic control methods).
Continue “Judea” – “Christian” – “Islamic” modifications to fit new agendas (economic / political).
Establish “higher learning” institutions for further development of economic agendas and “Illusional Maintenance”, hence economic, religious, and political dominance through “education”.

Today’s “Judea/Hebrew/Jewish” financial establishment is all based on ancient trade group ideas that have been greatly modified through time to fit agendas including “religions”, “economics”, “politics”. The “true to heart” religious beliefs are not reflected in the big financial pictures. The original Groups evolved into a powerful organization that is using the (self-made) Judea/Hebrew “front” and all subsequent “religions” as the shield to keep the wealth flowing into the monopolies.

ALL comments and criticisms and counter-opinions are welcome.

THIS THREAD has become a "Learning Experience" for EVERYBODY !!!

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:11 AM
what a crap BS post to be ATS's biggest flagged post.
Poo.. I've just added to it!
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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:21 AM

Originally posted by manmental
what a crap BS post to be ATS's biggest flagged post.
Poo.. I've just added to it!
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As you see, many have contributed to the thread and it is still a regular haunt for several of us.
Hopefully, you can find the appropriate thread for yourself.
One where short meaningless comments are the "gold standard".

Thanks for your addition.
I hope that you enjoy your time at ATS and meet others of like mind.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

That was a lot excellent research xuenchen.

It will take me a minute to sift through it all in order to get a grasp on it.
If you haven't taken the time to look at the link on enterprise corruption provided by nycchinee then I would highly suggest it.

Great comment as always.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 12:30 AM

Originally posted by Josephus23
reply to post by xuenchen

That was a lot excellent research xuenchen.

It will take me a minute to sift through it all in order to get a grasp on it.
If you haven't taken the time to look at the link on enterprise corruption provided by nycchinee then I would highly suggest it.

Great comment as always.


I have been browsing that enterprise corruption page too ...

lots of useful info ... especially the references to Roman times and earlier.

takes time to grasp everything today!

p.s. I also think it's possible that the Vatican may have written all the religions in the year 500, but only THEY know for sure!

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by nycchinee

we are seeing some good topics on this great link you provided!

but, how can we get a password ?

if anyone knows, please share or quote.

thanX in advance.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

That is a part of his personal history book that he writes which he charges for a fee. I never pay for anything on his website and the basis of understanding his theory and the history behind it are free. He writes in a cryptic manner and I would be happy to answer any questions.

His story is that he lost a ton of money in the stock market crash a long time ago and someone on the inside put him on to the game of enterprise corruption/globalism. His story first popped up when he predicted to the date, the crash of 2008 which was on sept 21st i believe. He posted on a google forum around July 2008.

He attributes it to a Catholic Organization called Legatus which comprises mainly of mega rich catholic ceos. They go on trips or pilgrimages and after the meetings end, some sort of weird news also moves the market to fraud investors. From like late 2008 to 2009, he had around 10 correct predictions with the stock market just by using legatus meeting dates. Legatus was also bestowed an Apostolic Blessing by John Paul II in 2002.

To really understand what he means by enterprise corruption, I suggest you take a tour of his website starting here

Its really interesting how well his theory ties in with Proto's theory while taking 2 different approaches and explaining more in detail the economic portion of how it all works. I highly recommend reading what he means by enterprise corruption and his take on history as one big labor struggle which coincides a lot with what this thread talks about. I think it would definitely help some people here understand the financial aspect of how the elites rule this world and what they do to keep this cycle of globalization going for the past 2000 years.
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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 05:47 AM

I can already see some interesting thoughts coming from there!

thank you.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 06:28 AM

Originally posted by nycchinee

Its really interesting how well his theory ties in with Proto's theory while taking 2 different approaches and explaining more in detail the economic portion of how it all works.

Spurred on by guiding hands from the same body perhaps, I have followed your guys story on a couple of sites, may be a weaker faction in the "Senate" is pushing openness to gain strength as a particular time approaches.

When discussing complex aspects of this history great care should be taken in the choice of words and phrases to avoid unnecessary and wrong offence being caused, for instance neither Catholics or Jews are guilty of anything as bodies of individuals, specific individuals and coteries of insiders may be but they represent tiny fractions of both congregations. Even activists and agents of both example cultures don't and didn't know the ultimate end results of their deeds, they were just trying to get money and or prestige.

Careless heads sink threads, don't let this one sink into a swamp of pointless and WRONG Jew blaming, I welcome Yisschars timely contribution.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by Thepreye

I thank you for your sincere and mature regulation of this thread, however...
I honestly do not think that any participant has intentionally expressed demeaning ideas toward any group of people, not as of late at least.

When discussing the behavior of a group, it is impossible not to label said group as well...
The group to which they express their identity.
And that is exactly how those few leaders of the elite class, who are found in every group, treat those whom they represent.

Cattle to be rounded up and corralled.

Regardless of whether those people are Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Muslim, American, etc...
It is an impossibility to refer to them as anything but the group to which they belong.
People are much more easily swayed when they become depersonalized.
When they see themselves as expressing group values rather than individual values.
This idea forms the foundation of public relations.

Feel free to look at this link on Edward Bernays.
Bernays was "a pioneer in (American) public relations and propaganda".
If you were to look and find him on youtube and listen to him speak about the general populace, then you would see that he has nothing but contempt for the public at large.

His own personal drive for narcissistic pleasure comes at the loss of others.
This is the hallmark of the elite class in my opinion, and if I belittle or demean anyone, it is this elite class.
Because they belong to all groups, while seeing themselves as a separate but BETTER group.

I understand Yisschar's point of view, because I understand that his point of view is that of a Jew and not of an individual!!
I have said about a ba-jillion times that, in my opinion, blanket statements about any specific culture are inaccurate.
But that does not mean that any culture is immune from group think. Quite the opposite!!

Thank you greatly for the contribution/honest regulation. I am in 100% agreement with your sentiment.
I do not want to see this thread get derailed, but I also do not want to see meaning given to innuendo that was not intended.
The only people that have discussed either Jews or Catholics are xuenchen and I, and I think that we have both made it crystal clear that our comments were not intended to be viewed as culturally demeaning; however...

Thank you for keeping us on our toes.
I welcome any and all comments and I want to learn. That is why I joined ATS.
But I also see group behavior as playing a very dynamic role in this debacle and until we can all discuss this issue rationally and with cool heads, then it is the big pink elephant in the room that wants to be seen and heard.


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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by Josephus23

Thank you for your sincere thanks, I know you appreciate that my only concern is for Proto's work and thread coupled with a strong desire not to give ammunition to those who don't share my concerns and would love to see this thread debased and forgotten even if they have to use spurious reasoning to achieve their aims.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by Josephus23
reply to post by xuenchen

That was a lot excellent research xuenchen.

It will take me a minute to sift through it all in order to get a grasp on it.
If you haven't taken the time to look at the link on enterprise corruption provided by nycchinee then I would highly suggest it.

Great comment as always.

Interestingly when it comes to the pre-civil war period, where we know in part because of Epiphron’s great research earlier in the thread that many of the states were bordering on financial default on their stock and bond loans, it’s hard to imagine the Civil War was NOT about trying to keep a financial enterprise (the United States Corporation) from total insolvency and exposure.

Let’s compare the United States (a complex corporation) to that of Enron. Ken Leigh was a financial genius as long as his subordinates and he could keep bamboozling and swindling people in their massive frauds to keep the stock holders and the media both happy and impressed.

What happened though once they could no longer write those checks, and honest auditors and accountants were brought in to forensically reconstruct the business to discern how it was really run, and who profited, off of what and why?

The modern equivalent of Tar and Feathering, the “Perp Walks” where the golden boys and rain makers of yesterday are walked handcuffed in government custody to be incarcerated. The reputations are forever shattered the name of the principles and the company forevermore synonymous with lies, theft and fraud.

The Union could not have financially survived without the Southern States and like all pyramid schemes once the money from the bottom stopped flowing up to the top, the Government would have been exposed for what it was and still is, a swindle of the people, based on lies and deceptions, for money, power and control.

When you mention Lincoln and Illinois and the railroad expansion that was bankrupting the State, once again when we hark back to the letters from the Bankers one of the main ones in the 1840’s was Gowan and Marx of London.

Guess what the number one selling and most popular locomotive train engine of the Railroad expansion throughout the United States was named? Gowan and Marx!

Back in the early 1980’s a Navy Petty Master serving onboard a U.S. Aircraft Carrier was arrested and charged with a 3,000,000.00 fraud. He had been for years functioning as the ship’s paymaster and each week he withheld just 1.00 from every one of the 5,000 plus sailors aboard the ship. He had been doing it for years.

You see the theft of just 1.00 per person per week, added up to a lot of money over time!

But at the same time, the theft from each person each week was practically nothing, so it never caused any real suspicion or alarm.

Now ask yourself this, what would hurt more, your ego and psyche, the theft of 1.00 per week to a trusted ‘authority’ or admitting and accepting that someone you trusted had conned you for years and you never knew it and where duped the whole time?

What the Government does is very similar. The people have been trained with the ‘system’ to accept it’s a good system. Much like the sailors serving on that boat believed they had a good paymaster.

People don’t like being deceived. It comes attached with the connotation that they are naïve and stupid.

No one likes being considered naïve and stupid.

Most people in fact have so little materially and economically, the only thing of real value to them is their self worth based on ego, pride, reputation, and identity (often shared) and faith (religion and notions of God and spirituality.)

Because at the point of discovery one has been duped and swindled it’s often too late to undo the damage that has been done to material possessions or economic vitality, often the only way one can then mitigate the replete damage to ego, pride, and reputation, is to become in essence a coconspirator and claim the crime has never occurred, and to protect one’s own reputation, and ego and pride, to decry anyone who attempts to decry the criminal.

Keeping the criminal’s reputation in tact becomes paramount and tantamount to keeping your own ego, pride and reputation in tact, with failure to do so garnering you the label of idiot, naïve, and dupe or stupid.

In part what makes this thread so popular are the two sides of that great divide, those who feel instinctually that something is wrong, that they have been duped and deceived and manipulated and want to know the who, what, why, where and how so that they can restore a sense of vitality and purpose to their life by ending the fraud, that too has very much to do with ego, pride, and reputation, identity and faith versus those who know that should the truth ever be discovered or altered, a truth that they have based their egos, pride, reputation, identity and faith on, that it may be a more bitter pill to have to swallow, than simply loosing or having lost that 1.00 a week.

Speaking of 1.00 that’s all the Tax the Queen receives off of each and every one of all the commonwealth subjects.

Most when asked about the antiquity of the Monarchy and if its purpose and continued existence is wise, valid or sound, will in fact reply “Well it only costs a 1.00 a year; I don’t see any harm in that!”

Go figure.

Welcome to the new members.

@Yischair: Marry this girl from Babylon already or try to get over her man, these intense love/hate drama triangles usually don’t work out well. Can’t you find a nice girl from a Kibbutz?

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 11:51 AM

Hey guys have you read this topic?

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:38 PM

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:39 PM

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:39 PM

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:39 PM

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