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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

This reminds me of the South Park episode where the boys get AIDS and find out the cure is cash.....

Found this just on Wiki-

In Christianity gold has sometimes been associated with the extremities of utmost evil and the greatest sanctity.

Gold is also associated with the Sun......

other than that, i can't find anything

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by Josephus23
This is not ourt debt, they spent the money. Really, look at all the money and where it all went. We pay taxes and one example is, the gov't uses this money to buy weapons to sell to other countries in exchange for some other goods or services. Come on people, did we the people actually give permission for this, NO we did not. It just happened and was added to our debt. It is true, that this is not our debt. Did you see them ask us for a vote, where our money should go, NO. They made up our minds for us and spent it on whatever they wanted at the time. You hear it all the time. We helped out so and so. We sent this amount of tons of food to said country. Sure , the food got sent, but less than 5% actually got to the people who really needed it. WHY, because the rest of the money was allocated somewhere else. They send in a video person to video a small bunch of food being distributed, so that us U.S.A peoples can see where the money supposedly went. Other countries do the same stupid tactics and some actually do send all the food. You don't actually think they spend 500 dollars on a hammer do you? This and other stupid tactics are used, because we do nothing about it, and they will continue to do it to you in the future. We'll just pass a law that you have to pay. Pay this , pay that, i would like someone to actually follow where the money or services went and to what end. I beleive it will not be what it was originally intended for. We are supposedly in so much debt,but yet they figure we can give monies away to bail out banks who give CEOS bonuses, give money to charities to help others, buy or sell more equipment we do not need, allot money to institutions,buisnesses,places for lavish spending along with all the other spending that goes on behind closed doors. SO , YEAH ,WE DO NOT OWE YOU A DIME.

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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 02:46 PM
Mr. X- you and your cronies are all swindlers. Give us our money you stole from us. With absolutely no strings attached. Oh and by the way, MR. X--- I want mine in gold in my hand, where i can physically see and touch and examine and test if it is REAL. You swindleclowns.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 02:49 PM

Originally posted by Epiphron
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler


Yes I caught the thread earlier on that.

Part of getting people to support a one world government is going to involve causing them to lose faith in their traditional governments.

Things like the TARP Bailouts, that the tax payers were against, then to turn around a couple years later and see the Federal Reserve just decide to do a similiar one all on it's own without the politicians giving it the go ahead, are all things that are designed to make people lose faith in government.

Schills like Beck and Riley and Matthews are designed to play both sides of the coin, aggravating people, and creating a general distrust in the political parties and government.

StormDancer should have been in 7th heaven chatting up a storm about her own arch nemesis George Soros that she has done threads on before the last couple days instead of spamming the thread with her normal religious nonsense, after Beck went after him on his show.

While Beck tied him into a "Jewish Conspiracy" that wasn't Jewish at all, cause Beck is not "Anti-Semetic" he went to great and elaborate lenghts to cast Soros as a "Puppet Master".

Coincidentally Soros's wealth is from running the Janus Fund, who happens to be a Roman God of commerce.

Also one alleged to have two faces.

So as always you find All Roads Lead to Rome.

Indeed I was a bit amazed last night to discover my own Home State of Pennsylvania that the vania is actually Latin and means woods. Roughly translated Penn's Woods.

Since it was William Penn who was giving a propietary charter to govern the land as the state.

The immediate goals seem to be, getting people to lose faith in the current financial system and the government.

Technically you can't really turn Jews against host nations that they are in, as Jews have always been more or less a people who have considered themselves "Seperate but Equal" retaining their culture and religion wherever they go.

One could argue as such that they are really neither for, or against any of the host nations where they continue to dwell in Diaspora, and yes, the State of Israel considers all Jews living outside of it, to still be in the Diaspora caused by Rome sacking Jerusalem in the 1st Century.

Even though the myth is that this could only happen because they displeased God and broke their covenant with God. That had that not happened, God would have allowed the Hebrews to smite down the Romans.

There are still some aspects of World War II that are kept under seal, here in the United States, Great Britan, and I imagine Germany itself. Some of those seals were set for 50, others for 75 and some for 100 years, all of which can be re-sealed by the head of state, when the original seals expire.

Don't be surprised if at some point they unseal some dark secrets of World War II, to effect attitudes that might help propell World War III.


Have you heard the new MSM report about the U.S. offering Nazi’s a ‘safe haven’ after World War II? Why would they release that story? Are they trying to turn Israel against the U.S.?
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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 03:15 PM
Rome and America in Philly Art Museum


someones gotta go to this

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 03:17 PM
damn it, never mind

The National Constitution Center will host the world debut of Ancient Rome & America – a multi-million dollar, artifact-rich exhibition showcasing the cultural, political, and social connections between the lost world of ancient Rome and modern America – from February 19 through August 1, 2010.

Did anyone go to this by chance?

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I have to agree with you 100% on your take on the Times article concerning the Nazi's and the US.
It is a purposeful leak to sew discord.
Although, in "conspiracy" circles this is common knowledge and has been for quite a long while.

I also saw a recent article in the Guardian that stated that modern art was financed by the CIA and used as a "weapon" against the Soviets in the Cold War.

What we are witnessing is the purposeful implosion of the Federal Government.
The only way to truly take down the US of A is to have the people do it.
And when all of the lies become apparent because they are all leaked purposefully, then one of two things will happen and both of those benefit Rome.

1) the initial reaction is similar to that of the big lie technique. people will do what they are currently doing and that is both acting and feeling a state of helplessness.
I mentioned this before a couple of hundred pages back, but in psychology it is called learned helplessness.
I first stumbled onto this idea when I was reading a paper titled Mindwar, which was written by a gentleman named Michael Aquino (I HIGHLY recommend that anyone read about the guy if you are unfamiliar with him)

He is now a retired Lieutenant Colonel who worked in the Psychological Operations unit of the Pentagon; however he was based out of the Presidio and was a major figure in the McMartin Preschool Debacle.
He also happens to he the founder of the Temple of Set.

(I know that this seems like a fantasy, but this is all valid truths about our military)

Basically.... I was pondering 9/11 while I was reading his Mindwar paper, and I was thinking that the entire event was sloppy given the resources that it took to implode the buildings.
I am working on the assumption that someone reading probably thinks that the official storyline concerning that day is bunk.
So I couldn't get over the idea that whomever did this(9/11) made some really amateur mistakes.
It seems as though it was purposefully done in a sloppy manner.

The government knows that a certain percentage of the population will submit to authority and believe and behave in the manner that they are told.
The Milgram experiment on obedience shows that a majority of the population (around 70%) will blindly follow authority even if they are commanded to behave in a way that is completely contradictory to their value system.

So with that in mind, the government purposefully engages in sloppy false flag attacks so that the 30% that does not tow the official storyline will see the false flags for what they are, but yet they will feel unable to do anything about it.
The government rubs our noses in our own helplessness.
It is a way of winning a war without having to fight and it is the basic premise behind Aquino's renaming of Psychological Operations to Mindwar.

2) The people will finally get fed up with the mess and call for a complete restructuring of our government.

In my humble opinion what we will be offered is a democracy. Perhaps a direct democracy and the Constitution will be abolished.
This is what I believe is the supreme goal of Rome.
A world wide democracy where they get to count the votes.
Democracy is constantly being pushed as the ultimate voice of the people, but it is simply tyranny of the masses and it was adamantly opposed as a form of government by the Founding Fathers.
(I know the founding fathers were no saints by any means, but I would prefer to be a pre-14th amendment sovereign than a post- 14th amendment citizen.)

It will be at this point that we will have our last hope for saving the US of A.
Because the tipping point will occur, one way or the other.

I sincerely hope that the people of this country realize what is happening when it happens, because I think that the implosion when it hits will happen so quickly that the people will have little time to react in the correct manner.
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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 04:49 PM

Originally posted by squirelnutz
Rome and America in Philly Art Museum


someones gotta go to this

That is a seriously good find.
I would love to go, but no car and living in Atlanta, GA makes it a bit difficult.

If anyone makes it to the ATL then U2U me and we can go to the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University.

They have an insanely cool exhibit of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

Good post!

I agree with the purposeful sloppiness of 9/11 and i think that is what we are seeing with the MSM and the Nazi's and this Foundation X thing..

I think it was you who said maybe they were seeing how the public would react.. This time with a benevolent 'foundation'; next time will be a 'business entity' but since we missed the boat the first time we wont have a choice but to bow to them..

TPTB wouldn't let something 'slip' like that; especially mentioning of the Vatican Bank in both cases

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by squirelnutz

Thank you!!

Believe it or not I had created an inventory for learned helplessness regarding government corruption and media coverage.
It was a part of a research project that I created for a class in school.

Everyone who saw it, including my prof and the head of the psych department, was totally impressed and thought that my line of reasoning was sound.
That kind of shocked me because the research project was obviously very conspiracy oriented.

But right at the moment when I had everything ready.... guess what?

My house burned down.
For real.
It happened almost exactly one year ago and the cause of the fire was my cell phone that was plugged into the wall charging.


God I hate paranoia.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 05:14 PM

Originally posted by Josephus23

I sincerely hope that the people of this country realize what is happening when it happens, because I think that the implosion when it hits will happen so quickly that the people will have little time to react in the correct manner.

What is your idea of "the correct manner"?

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

That is pretty trippy... Accident? I wouldn't doubt but you should definitely write out a list of reasons why you wouldn't commit suicide, just in case

I think it's a little bit of Learned Helplessness and a little bit of Cognitive Dissonance..
Cognitive Dissonance

A lot of people think, "So, what if we find out the truth? they are just going to keep #ing us." That's where all my friends and Family is with politics.. They think it's ok to vote for the "Lesser of two evils" as they say.. I say, "Why?" "Because no matter who you vote for, we still lose."

But, it doesn't have to be that way.. The grapes still might be good

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by Alethea

I think that the ideal person to quote for a definition of "correct manner" would be Wilhelm Reich.
He wrote a book called The Mass Psychology of Fascism in which he states that fascism is never forced onto the people, but it is an inherent reaction of the people to social chaos.
(the wiki link does not do the book justice)

Reich basically states that people have one of two reactions to complete social upheaval.
Reaction or Revolution.

Reactionary crowds lead to fascism, while revolutionary crowds lead to "change that we can believe in":
(sorry but I had to do it)

The correct manner would be NO riots and NO scapegoating a people (like the Chinese).
But calmly engaging in a revolution that would restore America to a Democratic-Republic and keep the Constitution intact.
We would go back to a loose republic that consisted of individual state power.

I don't think that it will happen, but that would be MY definition of correct manner.
Follow the Law of the Land, which is the US Constitution pre 14th Amendment.

Thank you for asking me to clarify.
My ending to my comment did sound a bit pithy.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I have spent the last 4 days reading your OP and some of the many varied responses to it. To you ProtoplasmicTraveler I go down on bent knee in respect of your mind opening thread that could be the " Thread of all threads"

I feel like the actor as the curtain opens and I see the audience for the first time, or should that be like the pantomime dame who has taken the final curtain call knowing that the show is all but over.

Your thread will without doubt influence many future threads, as it should.

My greatest respects.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by captiva

Thank you so much my friend, as you can see, it's prompted a very spirited discussion that's been going on for a half a year now, and some phenomenal contributions by a lot of outstanding members.

We are still digging up new and relevant information everyday, so please stay tuned, join in yourself or check back from time to time, because you never know what Rome will do next, or what the great minds here on ATS will discover about it.


posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:32 PM

Originally posted by Josephus23

Originally posted by squirelnutz
Rome and America in Philly Art Museum


someones gotta go to this

That is a seriously good find.
I would love to go, but no car and living in Atlanta, GA makes it a bit difficult.

If anyone makes it to the ATL then U2U me and we can go to the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University.

They have an insanely cool exhibit of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts.

I think that exhibition in Philly is over, it ended on August 1st if I'm reading that right.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by serbsta

Yeah, i jumped the gun... i need to stop doing that

Anyone go to it, by chance?
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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Metabolic Gold Elixers, drinks made of gold dust are alleged to be the ultimate cure for disease, and to promote longevity.

I would imagine it would be a cold day in hell before any of this would be revealed if it is true. I had a friend who drank some kind of special concocted prescribed formula with gold in it. It was for pain. Obviously it was either not the elites true formula, or the gold myth is not true. He finally committed suicide over the pain.

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
Though if you drink too much of it, it can lead to metal poisoning, in the right amounts it is alleged to do wonders, and could possibly explain why the current Queen of England is actually older than the Pyramids!

You have to admit she holds up well and doesn't appear phased by the generations of wear and tear! If I could ask her one question, I'd like to know if that kind of longevity is a curse or a blessing.

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
It is possible when you consider the Baghdad Battery, an ancient battery that transformed the acidity of grape juice into a an electric current through copper tubes (likely used then for gold plating jewlery and other art) that the ancients at one point might have actually known how to use gold as a conductor also as we do in modern times.

And when you further investigate the use of the Baghdad Battery, you can see how it was used in "magic tricks" such as the Ark of the Covenant. A good website exposing this illusion is

There are hints also mentioned in Kings, (you have to connect the dots) about the olive wood (which was used as activated charcoal) and then gold plated, as well as the doors of the inner sanctum being gold plated. The cherubim on the ark were fashioned of olive wood and then gold plated. The ark was actually an arc. To me, it all appears sort of like ancient HAARP technology.

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
It's also possible that they may too have known metabolic gold could expand out their lives, and armed with some pre-flood technology, and post flood recreations, combined with their extreme longevity actually seemed to have godlike powers and immortality to post flood humans with no pre-flood knowledge of history or technology.

There is also the theory that the planet earth itself is "the ark" and that various species of plants and animals were brought from other planets/galaxies and deposited here to create a paradise world.

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
This is technically what we have been doing. Doesn't sound to romantic or noble, but it's clear some past civilizations tried to live in balance with the host body, and respected it, but Romanization of the world, has basically wiped out all those other cultures that did try to live in balance with nature.

I really wonder if it can be brought back to that condition, or if it has been destroyed to a point of no return now. The dust from depleted uranium is reaching world wide.

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

To the extent that someone anyone knows what is truly behind all this, it certainly appears to me that Rome would know.

Since they do truly appear to be orchestrating and driving it all.

"Rome would know"? Then this means we must personalize "Rome" with actual names. And how to we get them to confess the secrets? The surfboard torture?

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by serbsta

i just noticed that myself. Thanks for pointing it out however.

I suppose that it doesn't matter to me because I couldn't make it anyway, but if anyone went it would be nice to know what was presented.

But i am very for real if anyone is in the ATL.

The Carlos Museum at Emory is a part of the University and the last time I went, no fee was charged for entry.

They accept donations, but at the time they did not charge an entry fee, which is very cool in my humble opinion.

I think that I donated a ten spot when I went, but it is nice to see Universities, such as Emory who have a massive endowment funds, allow the common people to see their literally priceless collection of relics.

I was very impressed with the marble carvings of the Greeks and Romans.
The detail that they were able to reproduce of the human body is truly inspiring.

For as much as Rome is the enemy...
Both the Romans and the Greeks provide the foundation of modern western society and I am very grateful for their contributions to the arts, architecture, mathematics, etc....

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 07:58 PM
here's a few links about Gold treatments:

I know somebody who did this ... minimal effects, and minimal outcome.

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