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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 08:56 AM

I can see that it is his intention to explain about the prophecies and basing people's knowledge on that. However, for those who are not well versed in prophecy, certainly a citation of the actual source such as the Koran and such quotes leading to that source would be useful as to illustrate his point in connection to the 'hidden' history.

As for wiping billions of people on Earth, well, there's this huge gap of logic when the NWO is concerned. If billions are wiped, what do you think the Corporatocracy will say to that? Let me re-iterate this.

You have Big Oil here. How can they profit off of less than a few billion people? Or just the 400,000? That's not enough revenue there. What about Big Pharma? What about the Military-Industrial Complex?

The greatest power of a nation comes from population. Population is one of the greatest resources in a country. The more people, the more power, but the more it drains the budget and consumption of other goods, however, the smaller the population, the smaller the military size and the smaller the workforce and manpower to get things done. And yes, I'm already aware of the propensity and purpose behind slaves by capturing other people a la The Roman Empire style to do the dirty work.

If the Corporatocracy does'nt like the idea of profitting off a smaller population around the world and they are supposed to be part of the NWO, then there is a problem. If the idea of the NWO is to wipe out billions, which nation is supposed to be first? The Chinese? I don't think they would be very happy about it. The Japanese? The Russians? The Brazilians? What if the NWO accidentally wipes out Hollywood? Guess what?

No more James Cameron movies for you. You get the gist of it.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by undo

Nah i did get that

IMHO (PT gonna clobber me) but he's a person who has been taught all the tricks in the book, but since he doesn't use it for them, needs them all to keep himself sane. A major part is disassociation. If he allows himself the pleasure of belief, he'll get hurt. Whatever he does believe, you wouldn't get it out of him even with the Holy Roman Inquisitors.

In the "Empire" series by Isaac Asimov, he introduces a theory called "humanics". Very simple:

An individual human is impossible to predict
A mass of humans can be predicted with mathematical certainty.

What PT is pointing to, is that BECAUSE of "prophecies" people behave a certain way. If their was no 2nd coming prophecy, then the current world situation would be, just more of the same. The fact that we are waiting FOR something, both makes us open to manipulation AND less likely to do anything directly.

Now it matters not if John of Patmos saw anything more than the inside of his eyelids, we believe he did. It's that belief that operates. And even whether what John saw was a revelation from God, or ergot in his rye, when we see certain events, we make the connection. Thus half of prophecy is JUST being heard. The other half, about bein 100% correct matters not at all.

Add the Roman aspect, where anything is twisted for their ends, even a REAL event / prophecy becomes .... misleading. Hence the OPs position, ignore the lot, and focus on facts.

I disagree that the Romans invented all that. (although my claim is based in "superstition", so we'll leave that for now.) However, they certainly have manipulated it.

It creates a crisis of faith for believers, which too serves their purposes. Confusion and fear are their true currency. And their "tells".

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 10:53 AM
What a great read, kudos to you PT! In my personal opinion this was far better read then the bible (both old and new) if you can compare the two...

can anyone say history repeats itself

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:11 AM
This is an awesome read!

You ever thought of posting this on a stand-alone URL?

(That way, people can link to it, and it doesn't instantly come off as a conspiracy type deal, rather a dissertation)

I'd forward that to everyone!

Well done - S&F

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:21 AM
This is one of my all time favorite threads on ATS. It's an amazing interpretation of historical events that basically ties together everything that is happening today, and the reasons behind current events.

This is truly an amazing work, and I think it should be the basis for a future documentary of some sorts.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I knew you would see eye to eye with me on all of these things.

Haha, no .. not all things, I think we'd still disagree more than we'd agree.. but some stuff, like Ceasar surviving assassination is entirely plausible.. especially considering that the story of his death is most prevently known through a ply by Shakespeare lol.

And when it comes to ancient politics a lot is up in the air for interpretation, as record keeping was not the best by any means.. to much is speculation. It's more or less a conspiracy on the entire notion of how we create history (and I say create not record).. Some things we state as fact when we even know them to be false.. any child learning about Vietnam will be told the Vietmaneese started the war.. we know that's wrong, we know it was a government cover up .. that's factual information.. but it won't be recorded as such.

But anyways.. I still believe you are entirely wrong on "secret societies" .. the most destructive forces in the world are any thing but secret.. simply because it's easier to hide it in plain sight. Like the Bilderbergs, or Committee of 300. We know they exist. We know they are progressive Globalist.. and we know they have the money, power and ability to control. Anything but secret.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by SquirrelNutz
This is an awesome read!

You ever thought of posting this on a stand-alone URL?

(That way, people can link to it, and it doesn't instantly come off as a conspiracy type deal, rather a dissertation)

I'd forward that to everyone!

Well done - S&F

[edit on 4/26/2010 by SquirrelNutz]

I very well may do that, and I have quite a bit more, in the way of research and events that tie into it all, and the Roman Empire Conspiracy.

History has always been a favorite subject of mine, and politics and conspiracies have always been a passion. For a long time in fact, I felt the conspiracy was simply a corporate conspiracy, the bankers, the industrialists operating together in some tight knit consortium to influence and corrupt to political process to their gain. While that is very true, and I unearthed much evidence to support that, what I initially put together for decades in fact, was why they were operating in that fashion. I had assumed that is was merely a byproduct and outcropping of collective greed on their part and to a lesser extent a path that once they were on, for their own protection, there was really no way to get off, save to admit their malfeasance and crimes and suffer the collective consequences.

Yet, when researching early America to try to ascertain, how we like the Roman Republic and then Empire had strayed so far afield from our founding ideals, the Treaties that established and formalized America, the Treaty of Paris and then the Treaty of Ghent turned up conclusive proof that we were in fact nothing but an incorporated state of the Roman Empire, and that the corporate, banking, conspiracy, was all a part of that master shadow government.

It was pretty shocking, even for a person such as myself who had been researching conspiracies, searching for hidden truths my whole life and already previously in possession of a number of them few people would dare to dream or want too.

Yet what was more shocking was the fact that as I stood back, and took a look around, how obvious it truly was and is. It literally surrounds us in everything, on our money, the edifices of our halls of governance and power, and finance, written into our laws, and into our religions.

What’s the old saying, not being able to see the forest through the trees?

So I began to speak about it, and write about it, as each different element existed. A thread about this smaller related conspiracy that is apart of it, or a thread about that smaller related conspiracy that is apart of it, that I could see how it was all tied to that one master conspiracy of Rome, yet the people discussing the conspiracy, could only see as far as the circle of that singular contained conspiracy. So I would explain how, that one conspiracy tied into Rome and the larger conspiracy, and at first, few people could see that. After all we love our theories, and we do tend to be singularly focused on just one element at a time and not how the bigger picture really looks and is all tied together and interconnected. But as time went on, more and more people here on ATS would say, Proto, I see what you are saying in relations to this little picture, how it makes sense and ties into the bigger picture you are hinting at, but show us the bigger picture, so we can really make sense of it.

Of course the big picture, is a really big picture, and there are a few people, who are concerned even still that some elements of the really big picture have been left out. But the truth is, it is a very big picture, and my opening piece, a 35 page dissertation, and entreaty, basically boils it down into perhaps its most compact main elements, for the sake of brevity for harried and time challenged people so they too, can find enough time, to take a few important and precious minutes, and see what it looks like as a big picture, and how it plays out as a big picture, and how it all ties together as a big picture.

People here on ATS have been asking me for months to show them the big picture, and do it in a big way, and I have tried to do that, while at the same time for the sake of brevity, not to make it so huge, in its details, it would be just too much for people to wade through all at once.

So I will go ahead, since this is really so important and crucial to our times, and lives and quality of lives, go ahead and continue to expand and fill in and broaden the base of all this, and put it together in one comprehensive centralized source, but in the meantime….

I am not alone; I am not alone in recognizing these things, and sensing these things, and researching these things. Many of the members out there have individual elements of the conspiracy that they have researched long and hard that were just missing this one tie in element, to really make sense of it, sense as far as motive, opportunity, and reason.

A number of members can help, and I expect will help, to bring even more corroborative and supportive evidence and to post it to this thread, and a number already are doing that, and in so doing, once placed within the context of the bigger picture, we really will get an even more definitive and detailed picture in the process.

This is the thread to really make that discussion, and research a place to come alive and be seen and read and heard!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, and post and comment.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Originally posted by daddio
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

One quick question, I have read the post and it IS, as usual for you, quite fantastic and very complete, would you have this in book form?

I have several friends who are history teachers and I would like to get them a copy of this post. Great work again, will be back.

Hi Daddio, no I don't have it in book form. I wrote it all in my word processor program late last night.

I might be able to email you the entire document, but it's like 35 pages.

I wonder what your history teacher would say?

Thanks for positng my friend.

If you would e-mail it to me that would be great. I have given them some other stuff I worked on and they thought I was nuts. But they understood where I was coming from and where the information came from. This would be great if I got it to them. Nice job again.


posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by Rockpuck

But anyways.. I still believe you are entirely wrong on "secret societies" .. the most destructive forces in the world are any thing but secret.. simply because it's easier to hide it in plain sight. Like the Bilderbergs, or Committee of 300. We know they exist. We know they are progressive Globalist.. and we know they have the money, power and ability to control. Anything but secret.

I think context becomes important my friend Rockpuck, and you are certainly a learned and considered person.

Yet, much to all of our own chagrins, no matter how uniquely and independently clever or intelligent we are there is always someone more intelligent and clever out there. It’s the law of averages.

So the very real potential exists for all of us, to be duped, or manipulated, and to not see, how the singularity of our actions, or even the collectiveness of our actions, ties into a bigger picture, that we aren’t really focused on because of the circular nature of the encapsulated environment most of us dwell within, when it comes to social, communal, business, familiar and political circles.

These self contained, peer oriented validation networks, often are in fact designed to play to our own egos and sense of cleverness and intelligence. After all everyone within that contained network is usually engaged patting one another on the back, saying how clever, and smart each other are, because they are all likeminded in their thoughts, ideals, and philosophies and networked together into a self supportive, mutually shared environment.

Yet the inherent danger is, that the more intelligent and clever a person believes themselves to be, the harder it becomes for them to believe the very real and constantly present danger that they are being manipulated in their perspectives and then goals, because they don’t really believe anyone else, that much more smarter, or more clever who could possibly deceive and manipulate them in such a way.

Yesterday I caused dear Dagar to burst out loud laughing when I said “If all the telephone poles are leaning to the right, the Proto pole automatically leans to the left”.

Why, would Proto do that, it is quite simple, it’s the best vantage point to then see all on down the line. Try looking all down the line, at the back and into the back of one telephone pole ahead of you and behind you, and your view is going to be obscured, you are only going to see so far, tilt outside of that line though, step apart from it, and take a look and you see a whole different picture.

It’s good that you are qualified to a degree in hinting that yes, the possibility exists that the Masons in some way could be involved, but how well can you really qualify that with a Masonic viewpoint, with your view some what obscured by that?

If you can see that other organizations and secret societies like the Bilderbergers represent a clear and potential danger, because they are so organized, and have interconnected auxiliary networks then you are capable of understanding how a large network of like minded, influential people, of means and shared philosophy can become a force unto themselves, that stands outside of what we view as the traditional governing body.

Where the Masons are concerned, with a vast network of lodges spread throughout the world, loosely organized into a shared hierarchy, replete with rules and system to govern membership, if I were taking over the world (no truth to the rumor I am), I certainly would want to corrupt such an organization, all organizations in fact, at the top, and use each one, for a singular purpose, that in fact, because I would be putting them on a collision course with other organizations to create a outcome out of conflict using synergy utilizing Hegelian principles, they themselves wouldn’t even understand to what extent they were corrupted or to what end, including even those few at the top of the hierarchal chain of command, I issued my marching orders too.

You are a decent sort, for steadfastly wanting to defend and promote the virtues of your brotherhood, but are you really wise in being that steadfast in it?

Lean to the left a while Rockpuck, take a good look, don’t worry, we won’t let you trip or fall.

Watch out for the banana peels!

Thanks for posting my friend.

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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:30 PM
Please Proto, what do you have on the all seeing eye symbol like on the one dollard bill, we can find many of them in Roman Catholic Churches. is it a representation of Rome's power and control over the world? Tks

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:48 PM

Originally posted by ZeroKnowledge
This is very good reading and took a lot of imagination, but since you surely know that i do not like when "wrong" facts are disregarded since they do not go with ones story - few corrections:
1) First recorded conflict in Human history was not Troyan war. It was Sumer vs Elam and happened thousand years earlier. And there areother examples,again - before Troyan war and in different regions. What it got to do with Rome?

2) In Troyan war Sparta and Troya were important. Athens was not, and its king (democracy, was it...) is not mentioned as one of 5 leading commanders of Achaeans. How it is symbolic?

3)Why Troy represents gods? Every side had their own gods.

4) How Rome was more multicultural then Athens that preceded it?

5) Why Hebrews were not semites and what famous Hebrew Masons
roamed in Rome or outside it? Even first Temple was built by Phoenician.

6) Israelite kingdom predates Roman Republic and empire. And tribes were there before the kingdom. So how Hebrew tribes could teach Roman Republic anything if those are two totally different epochs? Like saying that modern Italy learned about usury from pre-Muslim Arabian tribes.

7) Why Romans needed to learn usury from Hebrews if it was known world wide from much much earlier times. Like laws of Hammurabi that mention it?
If Romans learned it from Hebrews, then their word for it would be the Hebrew word. Not Latin one. Modern European civilization learned stuff from Muslims , thus - Al-gebra, Al-cohol. Al-chemy and ctr. No neshek in Latin

8) Caesar died 50 years before Jesus is claimed to be born. "Jewish king" at the time was Roman official named Pilate. Since Judea (that later would be renamed to Palestine) was just a Roman province then. Not very hard to find out , really.

9) Judaism was not "little known religion" at the time, it had lots of converts in Rome and outside. Including some famous Roman patricians. Well documented , unlike totally unsupported theory that Jews demanded to burn Jerusalem.

10) Sacking of Jerusalem is depicted in Rome on original arch to this day,
there are coins and most importantly no biblical source mentions it. Since it happened much much later. Roman historians however do mention it, though not in such details as totally-non-semitic-looking Josephus Flavius.

11) Jerusalem was Jewish capital for almost thousand years, minus 50 years of Babylonian capture. There are numerous archeological evidence for second temple period. This is 500 years at least.

Well, here since you stopped mentioning facts and simply let your rich imagination take over completely - i stop asking questions. Just as i would not question Tolkien or Prattchet universe, i will not question yours.
I just do not get why you consider Jewish "overlords" so intelligent (creating all major religions and plans that work after thousands of years) and all others so dumb and incompetent. I do not think that even most hardened Jewish supremacists would go that far. But maybe it is just to get plot moving on, since otherwise it would simply crumble?

Thank you, you made my day.
I was reading this yesterday and I didn’t see a single person mention all of those facts and was waiting for someone to do it.

[edit on 25-4-2010 by ZeroKnowledge]

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Well Done!
This is what ATS is all about. Thanks for taking the time to construct a well researched and thorough thread.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by mick1423

The symbol for the one eye, or "Eye of Providence", is prominent throughout several mythologies and it dates to the Egyptians with the Eye of Horus.

Horus is said to have been blinded in one eye, and this represents the new moon.

Horus is associated with light or the daylight.
Just as Lucifer is the "morning star" and Jesus called himself the "bright morning star". (the Sun or the Son)

It is interesting to note that Odin, from Norse mythology, is also said to have been blinded in one eye.

The Qur'an speaks of the Dajjal, or Antichrist, as having "one eye".

This symbol is much, much older than the Church or Freemasonry.

Unless, of course, these institutions represent something much older than themselves.
They are simply the most current or refined form of something that has been the object of God Kings and rulers since the dawn of civilization.

A one world empire and government.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 01:06 PM

Originally posted by mick1423
Please Proto, what do you have on the all seeing eye symbol like on the one dollard bill, we can find many of them in Roman Catholic Churches. is it a representation of Rome's power and control over the world? Tks

Personally my friend, I myself have always striven to in essence be the all seeing eye.

How many of us are really objectively looking at the world, and looking at everything?

What does your eye see, what you want it too, or what is there, or what is there that makes you feel good and right about what you believe or want to believe.

In Norse mythology, Odin the Father of the God's traded one of his eyes that he was bade to pluck out and offer up, in exchange for all the widsom and knowledge of the ages.

He was left with but one, one eye, but with an eye capable of seeing and understanding everything.

The all seeing eye can be interpreted in so many ways, by so many different schools of thought, most of them intimidating in the thought, that we are being watched, we are being spied upon, and that who ever is, knows everything that is going on and everything about us.

The truth is, we are all trying to hide something, and we all feel what ever that is, will be revealed.

We hide things because we do not believe in the truth at all times, that people will reject us or stand in the way of who and what we are if we just tell them the truth, so we lie and hide who we really are, through masks that we dawn, designed to portray a picture to others that we feel will make us, and what we want more palatable and acceptable to them.

The concept of the all seeing eye that sees through all that, is terrifying to people.

And in most of it's contextual uses, it is in fact meant to intimidate and terrorize people into the notion that someone still sees what you are really doing and who and what you are.

In fact we all see everything, we are just good at alternatively ignoring some of what we see, denying some of what we see, and lying to ourselves and one another about we see.

It is really just a reminder that no matter how good or how often we do that, the truth is there, and for someone who has an eye to see, and a mind to accept, you will in fact at that point, be on the top of the heap, instead struggling your way up or down, through the lies and masks we all trick ourselves into wearing, and the roles we all trick ourselves into playing.

Hopefully one day the all seeing eye will be you.

The all seeing I.

Hopefully that holds true for each and everyone of us, and a day will come, when the lies, and games stop, and the masks come off.

Would you rather be afraid of the all seeing eye, or would you rather be the all seeing I?

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 01:17 PM

Originally posted by jibeho
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Well Done!
This is what ATS is all about. Thanks for taking the time to construct a well researched and thorough thread.

There is nothing in here researched, its tidbits of Wiki and other smaller sites, attached to threads other have authored.... If what you are saying is remotely true, then there is evidence somewhere. Scrolls, tomes, books is a well researched thread I see none of that here.

Now I can agree with some of things The Rothschild’s and some NWO stuff, but even if what half of you say is true, were screwed regardless of what we do. Right?

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 02:25 PM
Nice effort.. I learned something new

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by poedxsoldiervet

Some of the Members are spiritual in nature, while others are not, yet regardless for those who are or who are not I am delivering a simple message and a premise that I truly believe will ring true, instinctually and inherently with all that read it and consider it.

A Long Time Ago a Story was Written

First it is important to understand that conceptually we have a poor grasp of what time truly is in our temporal states, so when I say a long time ago, its important to understand because of our temporal concept of time, time itself truly can’t be measured in a way that defines how long ago, long ago is.

So let us just say a long time ago a story was written.

The oldest definition of a person is an actor wearing a mask.

We are all actors wearing masks taking part in this story that was written to give us both a conceptualization of time, and a meaning and purpose for our existence.

In other words, it simply was not enough, to awake in the morning, scavenge, forage and hunt for some food, eat, defecate, make love if at all possible, then go to sleep and do it all again the next day. Without reason with out purpose, without a goal, our true limitless potential had no direction, or aim to realize our true limitless potential.

That potential needed to be harnessed.

So a Story Was Written, a Play Was Written

A story that would allow each person a part no matter how big or small, a story that had a beginning, a story that had a middle, and a story that had an end and goal to harness that potential, that collective ability, to achieve limitless and wonderful, and yes horrible things to, through cooperation together, in a Play that we would all play a part, to discover just how resilient, and limitless we in fact truly are, to teach us, that we are, that we exist, and that since we are, and since we exist, we should exist and stand for something.

We All Have a Part in This Story and Play

That’s right, we all do, we are all here, in mask, in character, playing out a role, we often choose or agree for ourselves that fits into the story.

Why? Because a story was written for us to do that.
Along the line, our collective energy, has been harnessed, and then guided, to develop, and learn, and to develop and learn by ROAMING. This is what Rome is all about.

Who is Rome? I am Rome, and you are Rome, because in fact, all of us, on this world, are taking part, in the story, in the play, that Rome has written.

Most of us, whether we fight against it, or reject it, or are in love with it, or deeply immersed in it, or only are touched or suffer or profit on it at it’s edges are all effected and all a part of the story Rome has written.

And Roamed We Have

We have sailed the shining seas, and climbed the highest mountains, and carried this story, while acting out our parts in it, to every land to every hill, to every dale, to every island, no matter how remote or how far.

What Have We Learned

Hopefully you have learned that you in fact are, that you exist, and live, and are part of this infinite universe.

Ideally you have learned how to love, and love more than just those things that make you feel good or satiate you, but to appreciate through love every part of the infinite universe that you are in fact a part of.

Hopefully, as you have taken part in this story, a story that was written for you to take part in a long time ago, you have learned to understand that you are, and that love is a magical and wonderful thing as the universe itself is, and how to learn through your part in the story.

Hopefully you have gained some wisdom, hopefully great wisdom, in observing the often tragic folly of how some have acted out their parts. Hopefully you have learned through them, while learning of them, and learning about yourself, and have deduced that some things are sheer folly and madness, destructive, and counter productive, lack love, compassion, empathy, or kindness, and these are the things that life would be better without. Hopefully that wisdom is constantly evolving and teaching you to be wiser and more compassionate in exercising your limitless and infinite potential that has been harnessed and governed up until now, through the story, and your role in it, so you can only do so much harm to yourself and others in this role.

The story is about giving you the opportunity to learn how to love, gain wisdom, and compassion.

So What Have You Learned?

Here we stand, stand upon the world, that this story is about, covering it from one end to the other, many of us immersed in our roles, some of us to that point, that we are desperately doing everything possible to make the conclusion of the story come about. Some of us who love the story so much, as a basis to give meaning to our existence, and contain the essence of our infinite and limitless possibilities and potential yearn to see it come about to validate their passion for the story.

The Story is Just a Story

To help you learn and help you grow!

The Story Was Written With a Bad Ending

The story was written with a bad ending because part of your limitless and infinite potential is not just to love, love wisely and compassionately, but to jealously and vengefully and greedily hate and covet.

Which are You Really?

Most of us are somewhere in the middle, caught up in our roles, roles that often require we make bad decisions, replete with penalties and rewards in order to learn the real value of Love, Compassion and Wisdom.

The Story of Rome Does Not Have to Have a Bad Ending

Though lost and immersed in ones roles in love with the drama and spectacle of the story, and fraught with a multitude of temptations, most will concede that the story has to end badly, that we have not learned, and while some of us believe I have learned, because so many others haven’t learned, we must play out our parts to that bitter tragic end!


In fact no you don’t have too, not at all, you in fact can right here and now, tomorrow or the next day, or anytime in the future…


There comes a time, when yes, you can realize it’s all a story, and you are but an actor in it, and that you can simply take off your mask, relinquish your part and close the book.

Of course, that would shut down the play if a lot of people were to do that, and as we have seen on this thread, some people so love this story, that they insist it’s not just a story!

It really is just a story.

Your Infinite and Limitless Potential Allows for Us to Rewrite the Ending

In fact the most foolish thing in the world would be to not rewrite the ending, which is why it’s truly incredible so many people want to see it end this way.

We are Rome and we were born to Roam and we can Roam right into a world of peace and love and wisdom, and peace and prosperity, the minute enough of us have taken off our masks and will no longer play out our parts.

The minute we go back to just being, and being who we really are, instead of the part, and our role in the story.

Your Scriptures are Stories and Plays Written for You

Whether it’s Yahweh or Odin, Enki or Enil, Amen-Ra, Buddha, or Caesar or Jesus…it’s just a story. A story for you to play a part in, a story made for you, because you haven’t achieved a degree of love, and wisdom, and compassion and sentient understanding to make your own.

We Really Have Learned

Come on folks, we aren’t all A students but take a look around, is this the best we can really do, look at what we have collectively accomplished, the science, the technology, the systems, that would make life so productive if we but simply stopped playing these cruel roles we have adopted.

Write a New Story

We can write a much better story, and we have the means to do it all by ourselves and for ourselves.

It’s on You!

Yes you, if your reading this, you, stop sitting there pretending and acting, and shirking and waiting, and hoping the next guy rewrites the story for you. Take off your mask, and stop and think, and decide whether you really want a story with a bad ending to take place, and guess what, you, yes you, are the one who has to stop and make sure it doesn’t, because unless you will take off your mask, and let go of the story, there isn’t a thing any of us who are, and will can do.

Together We Stand

Look we aren’t all alike, but we aren’t all that dissimilar and since everyone is blaming all that’s wrong on everyone else, as being the one that doesn’t want to get along, it means deep down you do want to get along, and you can, once you stop acting out the part in the story, that was just written for you to help you to become aware and to learn how to really love, with compassion and wisdom.

Nobody’s Fault but Mine

That’s right, I will take 99% of the blame, it’s a hokey stupid story, with a bad ending, and I am as responsible as the next person for it having gone this far.

Now if everyone else wants to take off their mask and be big enough to admit the same…

The World Can Become a Better Place!

In fact there is no valid reason for it not to be except for all the excuses and fear, don’t worry, we will all get used to and enjoy the next story even more!

So Let’s Write a New One

Because after all it is our world! Stop pretending it isn’t and that someone else owns it!


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posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 02:44 PM
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So in a very long winded way, your saying that we can stop something that has brought us the past 2000 years of World History? Not happening, if they can plan these events over time, there is nothing any of us could do.....

Wont you be pissed when you find this out.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 02:53 PM
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As per usual, this is a load of BS from this OP. True, he writes a good story, but that is all he writes ...... a story. There is no actual facts anywhere in his story, he cites internet sources, who lets face it, anyone can write and the rest is just plain made-up.

How you lot can fall for this line, beats the hell out of me.

ATS used to be a good website, where all 'theories' were researched for and against until 'proven' or 'debunked'. I long for those days again.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by poedxsoldiervet
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So in a very long winded way, your saying that we can stop something that has brought us the past 2000 years of World History? Not happening, if they can plan these events over time, there is nothing any of us could do.....

Wont you be pissed when you find this out.

I am not exactly sure what you are saying my friend, would I be upset if people took off their masks or would I be upset if people didn't?

Take your time, lay it all out for me, if you would please.


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