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I Had a Dream of the "Aliens" and the Shaman

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:23 AM
Last night (between 24/4-25/4).

It's all pretty fragmented, but I'll do my best to piece it together:

I was outside, somewhere. It was bright day light. White fluffy clouds on a blue marble sky.
I hear someone call out and I looked up.
There I could see a strange looking airplane. It looked like a 767 or any other airliner, but on the place where the engines usually are (on wings), there were two massive, spear-like devices with discs in declinging sizes (from back to spearhead). It looked like those classic "retro" lazer guns.
The plane stood still, hovering in the same spot.

Then came these bright spheres rushing by at the same altitude as the plane.
They were apprently not of human origin.
With a huge electronic sounding "BOOM!", and I recall the sound very clearly, the plane fired its beams at the sphere. I don't know if it hit, but the sphere danced across the sky and disappeared.

I remember feeling worried and angry at the hostillity shown against this unknown object.

The plane started moving around in the sky. It's flight pattern was more like that of a helicopter than that of an airplane that size.
All of a sudden, a second sphere of white light raced through the air and the process repeated itself. But this time, I had a camera!
I remember taking pictures and desperatly trying to fix the settings so that the camera would go from still pictures to recording film.
This time, the UFO got hit and as it went down, it passed just above our heads.
I remember thinking that I was mighty happy for taking the best UFO pictures ever!

The UFO crashed just where we were standing.
It turned out to be a small disc-shaped object, about the size of a small car. The light came from some sort of glowing layer of energy.
A hatch opened and there sat one "alien" looking right at me.
It was a very small being, maybe up to my waist in height. It's head was very odd to see; flat and square shaped. It was hard to pinpoint where the eyes were and no mouth was visible. It looked like some sort of robot, but I understood later that the being was wearing some sort of armour.
A grip of total terror struck me as I was confronted with this foregin life form.
I remember feeling stiff, struggling with my breathing. I tried to take some more pictures, but my arms felt numb with fear.
The "alien" seemed to understand this. It made some sort of excusing gestgures with it's tiny hands, like it felt sorry for scaring me.
It started fading away, becoming invisble, and as it did so, my feeling of fear slowly faded as well, and I started experiencing an immense joy!


It was dark, and I was outside in the forest.
I was not alone; there was at least two more persons with me, and one was the Shaman (his name is Eagle Bear and I know him in real life).
He knew of my encounter with the "alien" and now he wanted to help me come into contact with these beings. According to him, they were not aliens, but Gods.
He held up a massive snake; an albino boa constrictor, but with a difference; this one had huge fangs.
I held out my arm and let the snake bite.
I felt a burning pain as the teeth sank in. The Shaman looked at me with calm eyes, telling me not to worry.
As I retracted my arm from the mouth of the serpent, I saw that I had gotten thousands of small puncture wounds...and they seemed to spell something out, like letters of a word. Couldn't make it quite out...
I started feeling dizzy from the venom, stumbling away through the nightly woods...


I was still outside in the forest, but this time, there were more people there. The Shaman was amongst them.
We were sitting in some sort of circle. The people around me seemed to busy themselves with random stuff. There was a very relaxed mood among the crowd.

In the middle of the circle started to emerge on the of "aliens".
It had clearly come for my sake.
A tremendous feeling of tranquillity and love came over me. Almost to the degree that it felt like my heart would burst. I could feel tears of joy coming to my eyes as I looked at this strange creature.
It held out its arms in a gestgure of peace. It told me something but without words, speaking directly into my mind. I can't remember the exact words but it was about not being afraid and that they have come with nothing but peace and love in mind and that love was the strongest force in the universe.
The warm feeling that flowed through my soul felt like universal love. It was amazing!


(This part really screws up the timeline, but I think I dreamed it in this order)

I was still outside. I think I was in company with my girlfirend. At least someone was with me. Everything I had dreamed before was now a dream, and I was now awake (but still dreaming, of course).
Suddenly, we saw the Shaman and we walked up to him. I wanted to speak to him about the snake and everything, but my company (that might have been my girl) interrupted and started talking to him. I patiently waited for them to finish talking, but when I got my chance to speak with him, my English got extremely poor and broken and I coulnd't speak out half of what I wanted to say. The Shaman gave me a curious look, nodded and said something like "Okay" and walked away.


(This part of the dream is pretty fragmented)

Walking around some sort of open-air museum.
Everything I had dreamed before had happened (I was living in the same dream again). I was walking in some sort of haze, feeling high on the "universal love" I had gotten from my last encounter with the "alien".
The puncture wounds from the snake bite had now turned into deep, deep scars and they clearly showed letters of a word I still couldn't make out (or remember).
I also had numerous tattoos on my arms (can't recall what they were).
I met with my mother at some point as she was at this museum on a field day (she is a primary school teacher).
I knew about the "aliens" and that I could get into contact with them at any time I wanted. All I needed was a quiet place for me to concentrate, and they would arrive.
I felt so happy... I couldn't wait to meet with them again. I thought about the questions I wanted to ask them; that they would reveal the secrets of the universe to me...

Then I woke up.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:37 AM
Awesome post. I bet your mind must have been reeling when you woke up. Many things in your post strike a chord with me.

This may sound strange, but did the shaman have any kind of shamanic tools with him? and if so, what was it?

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:38 AM
Sounds really nice!
Thanks for sharing.

I had a dream about ufos aswell, very twisted and vividly surreal though.

I was watching the sky after someone pointed to the sky and saw some light flashes and streaks that i couldnt make sense of and then suddenly i saw the whole sky fill up with HUGE UFOs and they were flying all around the sky from right to left and i knew it was the "disclosure" done by the aliens so we know they are here.

Can't rewmember anymore

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by SolarE-Souljah

Hmm...I don't quite remember clearly.
The snake was kinda the center of my attention

But I think he wore his regular, rather plain, clothes.

As I wrote before, I know this guy in real life. He looked like the last time I saw him (no, he don't walk around in animal hides and a feather crown, lol).

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:25 AM
You just had a dream, probably means nothing special...

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by TruthSeeker3


Absolutely no thanks for the input

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