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Can Anyone Convince Me?

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posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 11:24 PM
Friends, I am a child of the 60s. I remember it only too well. We had the following things:

1. An unpopular war for somewhat sinister reasons.

2. Much dissent and demonstrations in the streets of the Capital.

3. A rampant drug problem.

4. A government that committed crimes on a daily basis.

There are the things I can most easily see today:

1. An unpopular war for somewhat sinister reasons.

2. Much dissent and demonstrations in the streets of the Capital.

3. A rampant drug problem.

4. A government that committed crimes on a daily basis.

Can anyone convince me that History is not repeating itself, right before our very eyes?

Can anyone convince me that that our government is not corrupt, and engaging in criminal activities?

Can anyone convince me that that Afgan heroin is not making it into our cities, via CIA aircraft, and even in the commercial aircraft that files our skies?

Can anyone convince me that the States are not stone, cold broke?

Can anyone convince me that that things are not going to get better unless We The People make it better ourselves?

Can anyone convince me that a violent uprising is the right thing to do?

Can anyone convince me that a peaceful way of taking back our country is the wrong thing to do?

Can anyone convince me that automobile manufacturers cannot make cars that get over 50 miles to the gallon?

Can anyone convince me that Extraterrestrials did not visit Earth long ago, and it was they who built the giant monoliths all over the planet?

Can anyone convince me that Jesus Christ was a real human being bearing that name? And that he will personally come save us all?

Can anyone convince me that our children are not getting hooked on drugs by their parents and doctors every day?

Can anyone convince me that in several generations our children will have forgotten our rich history and past achievements?

As I said in the beginning of this post, I am a child of the 60s. I started school in 1959 in a two room school, and thought that the world was mine for the taking. I was taught that if I got a good education, and worked really hard, I could have a good paying job for as long as I wanted one, and I could also have a nice house, a nice car, and live in a safe city for my children. I was promised the American Dream. I served in the Army. I worked very hard, for 38 years I slaved under the hoods of cars for people who needed them for work and play. I performed the jobs nobody else wanted, and I loved every, single minute of it! If I could today, I would do it all over again. Times were good, anyone who wanted a job could have one, I was often asked if I could start the job today.

I watched as Dr. Martian Luther King and his people marched for Civil Rights for All, and an Equality for all men and women. I watched as the Women asserted their own Rights, and burned their bras in protest. I saw my friends go off to war and never come back, and the ones that did come back didn't really come back at all. I watched as an American president was murdered in the streets of Dallas Texas. I watched as soldiers came home to the world from Viet Nam were spat on, and called "baby killers." I watched as a sitting president was impeached, and fired from the office of the presidency. I watched as college students stopped a war by protesting it every day, and keeping it in the news. I watched as my Rock Heroes died from drug overdoses. I watched as my country, the country many have died to keep free, was stolen from me, and the rest of us too. Taken over by the world's biggest employer, and by executive orders and acts of fascism perpetrated on the American people. I watched as president Clinton signed NAFTA into law, and open the southern border, and millions of illegal aliens streamed into my once fair country. I watched as taxes got so high, even General Motors and Ford had to build factories in other nations, to escape the tax. Through all this, I saw professional politicians, read that professional criminals, and rich elite bankers completely took over the country, enslaved the American people, you know, the same people that revenged Pearl Harbor, and won two World Wars, the same people that invented some of the best things every built.

I watched my America as She died, and her people did nothing to stop it. I saw my America become a Police State, with no work for the workers, and only more wars for the youngsters, you know the ones, they still come home and don't really come home, and they still come home blasted apart by an enemy they never see, for a cause they know not.

Mr. Obama, I would like my America back please. Congress, do your job, you work for us, not the other way around. Supreme Court, make all of your decisions based on the Constitution. Recall our children, our Fathers and Mothers.
Let's make my America great once again.

posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by autowrench

No one can convince you of any of those things.

Go spend several hours on google - there you'll find the answers you seek.

posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 11:50 PM
I'm afraid I can't convince you of anything, other than how your words have moved me.

Just know that your heart is in the right place. Please don't let the world in all this madness, drive you mad.

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by autowrench


Just plug into cable TV for 20 hours a day, with super-sized portions of FOX News and, for "balance," MSNBC. Make sure you leave your clock radio tuned to talk radio while you sleep. You see, the problem isn't that history is repeating itself, it's that you have become to old and lost in oldthink to appreciate the joys and advances of the new Millenium doubleplusgood newspeak newthink reality. But don't worry, FEMA re-education crisis camps are coming to an abandoned railway station, water treatment plant, or soon-to-be-closed college campus near you! Camp Director Tommy will put on your eyeshades, stick in your earpiece, and you know where to put the cork! And don't worry, you are automatically signed up by registering to vote, or by using a major credit card in your local Target®, Walgreens®, or Walmart® stores.

In the FEMA re-education camps, you'll be gently shown the error of your oldthink oldspeak ways. It seems to me that you are suffering from a lack of memory loss, and a tragic emphasis on your individual thoughts and perceptions. This is very bad and can lead to conditions such as megalomania and bipolar disorder. Are you getting enough fluoride in your water? Ask your state-sponsored health professional for a fluoride supplement. (It's been reclassified as an essential nutrient and it's much cheaper than Prozac®!)

The war in Iraq is very different than the war in Viet Nam. The main goals of Viet Nam were to stop the domino progression of communism in the world, control the world's heroin production region, and defoliate that region so that the production could be moved to the middle east. Once that was accomplished in the 80s Viet Nam could be industrialized (you know, it's amazing how clean industrial waste looks after you've spent a few decades up to your t1ts in Agent Orange and burnt bodies...) And it wasn't that the taxes were so high that GM and Ford had to move their factories, it was the cash incentives the government was giving away to get them to move! And lets face it, why pay $30/hour to some community college drop out who is always going on about his "rights" when you can pay $30/week to a family of 12 who know they don't have any?

Now, here's why the Iraq and Afghan and soon to come Iranian wars are nothing like Viet Nam: they are a way that the dope and oil cartels can join forces and work together to dominate one area without challenge, rather than some cartels working over here in this corner of the world, and some working over there in that corner--believe me, you don't want some upstart South American cartel vying for a piece of the worldwide action, or playing one of the established megacorps off against another! You can't have a free, safe, and American democratic hegemony with that crap going on! And it's good for America because it encourages cooperation over competition! And don't forget about diversity! All those refugees help hide the illegal immigrants, and that's all good for diversity! It makes us all more American! More doubleplusgood melting pot!

Today's drug problems are nothing like the drug problems we had back in the 60's and 70's! Back then, the problem was finding enough that was "quality" stuff. Many people had to raid the medicine cabinets of old people for good stuff, which was bad because--can you believe it?--the old people back then paid for their own drugs out of their own pockets?!?!?!?!

Now the problem isn't finding enough "good stuff," because it is everywhere, they even advertise it on TV--no, the problem is since everyone is out of work, finding the money to buy them! And don't think you can just go rob someplace, because nobody has any money these days!

So, far from history repeating itself, it's really nothing like when you were younger. Your memories are wrong, and frankly, dangerous. You might even be attempting to use agitative speech to inspire homegrown terrorism in impressionable young people who don't have the experience to know how wrong your worldview is and not even know it. Has your carry-on been packed or attended to by anyone other than yourself today?

Please remember, it takes a village, and your silly notions of individual lifestyle and perspective is just too carbon-heavy to have a place in our brave new world. Are you up-to-date on your mandatory adult vaccine schedule? We can't have an old fart like you spreading hep-C or polio around the ol' FEMA camp, can we? And please don't worry about a thing, once nationalized mandatory health care has been shoved down your throat, death panels will be elected in each camp and candidates for cheap, painless euthanasia treatments will be nominated by block committee members on a weekly basis! In the meantime, "a dram is better than a damn!"

[edit on 4/25/10 by without_prejudice]

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