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When Predictions Fail

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posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 08:27 AM
I came across an interesting story in a book called "Seizing The Divine Moment". I dedicate it to those living under predictions of doom.

The author was about to go on a plane trip the next day when his sister wakes him up in the middle of the night in tears: she said that she dreamed he will die if he goes on the plane & begged him not to go one the plane. Then his mother calls and said that she had a premonition that he will die soon on a trip. Then his wife tells him that a couple of weeks ago she had a dream where he had just died.

It was an unusually windy, tempest-tossed day when he boarded the plane..he began to wonder if he really was going to die. On the way to boarding he spied a machine that sells instant life-insurance to passengers (in case the plane goes down) -- he never remembered seeing one of those machines before & wondered if that was a further sign of his doom.

But he made it on the plane, though a nervous wreck. He picked up his Bible for comfort and chose a passage at random to read and give him a "message from God" regarding this situation. The passage began, " are going to join the Lord soon..."

Now he was frantic, but the plane had already begun to take off. And it made the journey in one piece and everything was fine.

Trying to make sense of the prediction-that-wasn't, the author came to the conclusion that it was a test of faith from God.

And if such a seemingly "iron-clad" prediction did not come to pass, I suspect there could be others that would not come to pass as well...and maybe God really is just testing us with some of them...

Just a thought.


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